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Hornig Co Inc - 13 Reviews - 1000 W 22nd St, Minneapolis, MN - Property Management Reviews - Phone (612) 874-4400

Hornig Co Inc

1000 W 22nd St
Minneapolis, MN 55405
(612) 874-4400
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I'm honestly surprised that Hornig has... 1 star. I called maintenance about a clogged shower. They didn't respond. I emailed maintenance to check in a week later- a really ple...


The buildings are decent but management is horrible. Unresponsive and you leave with a feeling that they ripped you off (or are trying to). Not a deal breaker if you need a plac...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/4/2013

I had insect problems several months after moving in and the bldg on 3520 grand is old and has a crackced foundation in back on garden level.. Mold issues as well. Also has weeds growing into windows and the outside maintenance is not done well, Parking lot was never sanded properly in in winter and , grass is long, trashy place. Paint is always peeliing especially in the 3rd floor. The took several weeks to srpay for pests and 2 months to paint for mold. Emergencies were done quick but maintenance is Horrible! I would never live there again. The front and back doors do not close all the way in humid weather and scumbags get in the bldg and steal UPS packages and shoes that tennants leave outside their door!\r \r NEVER AGAIN with Hornig!!!!! more

Ohh where do I begin with Hornig Companies? 2/16/2012

Is it possible to have 0/5 stars? - To say they are the worst is an understatement. I?ve read other reviews when moving in, and brushed them off as just a couple bad experiences out of tons of residents. I should have known better that these reviews were right. I understand not everything is perfect, sometimes apartments can be noisy, the landlords sometimes aren?t the best, but hey that?s living. It?s hard to irritate someone like me to take the time out of my day to write a complaint. The rental company themselves; Hornig Companies are the most greedy, unwilling to work with company I?ve ever dealt with. READ the contract before you sign the agreement to rent. One of my family members experienced in the corporate real estate sector and couldn?t believe some of the things they have in there for simple tenants. - The company themselves will mysteriously lose your rent check, and you will get charged no matter what a late fee, this seems to be a common practice they have, as I heard with others this happens all the time. This actually happened to me, and guess what? For the next couple checks I wrote, I literally TOOK A PICTURE and VIDEO of me doing dropping the check off as proof. The management is non-responsive to any of your needs. Literally, unless they ?need? money they will not talk to you. I tried multiple times to ask for receipts or where I stood with my rent and they never ever responded to me, unless they needed something. If they needed something they didn?t just ask once, they THREATENED with legal action. Wow really? Which by the way, even the Landlords of the actual buildings sometimes have no idea how to get a hold of management. I moved in when there was a deal special, I gave my cashiers check with the special price for the first month; came back to my new apartment 5 days later with a huge LATE DELIQUENT RENT NOTICE on my door. It took more than 3 weeks to clear up this mess, as the Management had no idea of the specials. I had to find the advertisement to prove it. - Maintenance requests? well I moved in my apartment a year ago, problems from the previous tenants (damaged walls, rusting sink, etc) had yet to be taken care of. I wouldn?t be surprised if the previous tenants were charged for this anyway. They claim they will address it, but they don?t, ever, it?s ridiculous. There are no notices of anything. Randomly was taking a shower one day and the water turned off for 6 hours. Hello? I?d like to know about that next time I run / work out before I head to my job. The one time they did somehow fix something in my apartment, they left all the old parts in my apartment, for me to throw away, strewn around my apartment like a junk yard. The main front, and back door of the apartment building slammed shut each time it was opened. Not a soft eventual close where it?s minimal noise. This annoyed everyone in the building because you can hear the door rattle the building structure. I had a loud fan on when I slept, because of this problem and could still hear it, thus being woken up at all hours of the night. Watching a show or movie almost became exciting because you randomly would be startled. Never was fixed even though the landlord put in a request to fix it. To this day I am so glad I moved out of that apartment controlled by Hornig Companies. I can?t believe I wasted that much money for a one bedroom apartment, and when I looked on Craigslist to see how much they wanted for my specific apt (which by the way the photos are from a totally different unit) they upped the price by 75$!! Take my negative experience as a lesson, and do NOT go with Hornig. Think of it as someone that wants you to take their services, then once you go with them, they could careless for you. They know as long as they have your signature for a year to stay in their apartment, they have you. more


I lived in one of their St. Paul properties for 1 year. Aside from the maintenance guys from being a step-up above a box of rocks, their management (PARTICULARLY CRYSTAL!) is ridiculous and rude. I had to put in maintenance requests for the same thing AT LEAST 6 times in order for someone to come out. I had a faucet that was leaking steadily for 2 months, and after multiple requests for one of their moron maintenance guys to come out and fix it, I finally lied and said my bathroom was flooded with a foot of water, hoping they would come that day. No...they came out the following week. Dear Hornig, if you can't find time or employees to get crap done in the St. Paul neighborhood then you just shouldn't own any properties out there. NEVER EVER AGAIN. more

Extremely poor maintenance! 11/2/2011

If it wasn't for the fact that I hate to move I would already be gone. They do not believe in preventative maintenance or upkeep. The same things keep breaking and instead of replacing the defective equipment as they should they just put a temp fix to get by and end up coming back a month later to fix again. They have no problem raising in the rent every year and yet in over 5 years that I have lived here there has not been a single improvement to the property. The same bulbs remain burned out, the same gutters are dangling from the roof line, area is disparately in need of repainting both inside and out. I will give them credit for addressing the mouse problem that had plagued the property for years now if they could just do something about the ants. I would not recommend renting a Hornig property more

All About Location 9/21/2011

My wife and I lived at a Hornig property in Uptown for 2 1/2 years and had a pretty good experience. We knew going in that this wasn't a ritzy suburban complex that was modern with nice amenities. It was an old building with very creaky floors. We lived here for one reason only: because of the awesome location. Yes, the people giving Hornig low ratings have reason to gripe about some things. There were fewer parking spots in the lot than there were units, which sucked in the winter trying to find street parking. There was one washer/dryer for 12 units to share, and that got really annoying. Our downstairs neighbor constantly pounded on his ceiling every time I walked across the room because the floor was so creaky and noisy. There is no dishwasher, and our freezer didn't have a shelf. There were no outlets in the bathroom. The building manager got a little bit of a power-trip towards the end of our lease and kept posting annoying signs on the doors threatening to tow cars and such. But all that said, we enjoyed our time here. I never once saw a rodent or bugs. The few maintenance problems that came up were attended to very promptly. I think a time or two we were given a couple days grace period on rent, if we were out of town or forgot to turn it in. Would I rent from a Hornig property again? No, but that's just because I'm nearly 30 and the Uptown lifestyle is kind of a thing of the past. I'd probably spend more money and live somewhere less accessible in the burbs. If you are between 22 and 28 and don't mind a little noise and don't need to spend extra on community amenities, go for it. We had fun while we were there. more

I Pretty Much Hate Hornig 4/21/2011

I?ve rented from an Uptown apartment building (circa 1915) for many years. I used to love living here, but now my $800/mo seems an extravagant waste. I'm looking to move because: * Several outlets are not grounded. After my UPS and computer were fried, I complained. An electrician and a Hornig maintenance employee verified the outlet lacked grounding. I was scolded for using ""too many"" appliances and advised computers often short out due to static. The electrician said ""off the record"" to use an extension cord from a grounded outlet to power my replacement computer. I later learned this would violate my lease. * The electric service for each apartment is spliced from a single input in the basement. I'm no electrician, but to peer into the electrical closet is to see 100 years of history. I've been told much of our wiring is original to the building, or at least very old. A hair dryer, one light, and a television can cause a fuse to burn out. I have to change mine in the basement about once every three months. I have repeatedly been told not to use more than one appliance at a time. * When my refrigerator died one Friday, my building manager offered a replacement the following week. Not wanting to lose a $100 in groceries, I insisted on an immediate replacement. I was told Hornig doesn't keep stock refrigerators, and another was brought in from a vacant apartment. It fit the space and I was happy with it. The manager insisted on a new fridge. It did not fit the space, so he sawed a hole in the wall and the kitchen door trim. This hole was not been patched. The freezer door faced the wrong way, so the manager changed the door's orientation. It now it swings open every few days while I'm at work. * The fridge died due to a faulty wall outlet, which runs off 30 amp service. As a temporary measure, the fridge was plugged in to a 15 amp wall plug. After two months, the bad outlet has not been fixed and my written request for explanation or repair has been ignored. * Last summer, my kitchen sink clogged. I cleared it. I learned the drainpipe was broken. My building manager demolished a section of the kitchen wall to replace the pipe and left the hole to ""air out for a few days."" After two weeks, the debris remained, so I cleaned it up. The wall was not repaired for several weeks. After repeated requests for a patch, I bought particle board and patched it myself. * Months later, I was repeatedly shocked by stray current when I touched the sink and the floor. Eventually, I heard a ?POP!? and smelled electrical smoke. The manager knocked out another portion of kitchen wall and pulled back wallboards to replace faulty wiring. Debris remained after the repair and the hole and wallboards were left. After two months of complaints, the hole was patched. I was told someone would repaint the wall. It never happened. * During the kitchen wall repair, an electrical outlet was installed under the sink --3 inches from the stove gas outlet valve. Safe? * Recently, Hornig told me I hadn't paid my rent. I am rarely if ever late with payments and walk my check to the Hornig office each month. I suggested the check was lost or stuck in the Hornig mail slot. Staff (rudely) suggested I hadn't paid and that I owed a late fee. I stopped payment and walked another check to the office. When I complained to management and insisted I wouldn?t pay a late fee, I was told ""We're human, too."" I now photograph myself placing rent in the Hornig mailbox. * The roof leaks. Hornig screws dry wall over the ceiling water damage, which is spreading. * I had a broken window for 6 months during winter. * The fire door leading to my floor has had broken hydraulic arm for the past 4 months. It makes a loud ""clunk"" noise. The adjacent tenant props the door open at all times. * Not all pipes in my building are copper -- many are lead. * I have surrendered a cabinet in my kitchen to a family of mice. more

I've had a great experience with Hornig. 3/5/2011

I'm honestly surprised that Hornig has... 1 star. I called maintenance about a clogged shower. They didn't respond. I emailed maintenance to check in a week later- a really pleasant man came an fixed the drain and the light fixture, and made small talk. Our apartment manager is awesome. Busy, but awesome (and textable). We got hit with a small bout of bedbugs... I completely freaked out... called everyone... and within the long end of a reasonable amount of time they've exterminated the apartment and surrounding units 3 times. Completely handled and covered. Our apartment is a 1930's building. It's not a condo. Some of the doors don't latch all the way... but the place is reasonable (not cheap) and feels like home. We sued our previous landlord (I know bad ownership-- NEVER rent from Associated Enterprises). I've had to be persistent a few times... but I wouldn't hesitate to rent from Hornig again. more


DO NOT RENT from these guys! Sure the rent is cheap, you get parking, and you're in the best parts of Uptown, etc. but it's not worth it. We had mice our apartment, which I had notified management of multiple times. The only thing they would do is bring us traps, plug a few holes, and set poison out (like leaving in on the carpet, tile, etc.). Let's put it this way, they kept coming back. There were holes we didn't even know about, but instead of calling an exterminator they just left it. Finally, I contacted the city and they were required to have someone come. I don't know if this every happened since I moved out. Further, the apt. underneath me was becoming flooded because our pipes from our bathroom leaked causing their apartment's ceiling to collapse in. I asked the repair guy what they were going to do and he said patch the ceiling, hide the mold, and paint. Good deal, because black mold can cause respiratory issues so that's cool. Finally, they charge you for carpet cleaning which you CANNOT be charged for outside of normal wear and tear (I spoke to two attorneys). They did not make my roommate pay this when he moved out, but when I went to they all of a sudden told us we owed them money. Do not rent from these guys unless you want to deal with pests and mold! I filed a BBB complaint on them before I left, but the BBB said they don't deal with management companies, so good luck. more

Horrible Management Company 10/5/2010

Don't rent from any property associated with Hornig Companies!! I have rented a townhouse from them for the last year, & they are a horrible management company. In the past year, I have not had one person from Hornig ever return a single phone call. Even when I have specifically requested a call, they don't call back! The on-site property managers are nice people, but they don't know what they're doing. They refuse to make decisions and refer everything back to Hornig, who will never talk to you. Their website says they ""nurture a culture of genuine concern for the best interests of our staff and our residents,"" but that is not true. They are only concerned about getting your money and they care less about the services they provide to you in return. Avoid renting from Hornig Companies if at all possible!! more

Bad Management in Uptown area 8/12/2010

Management at the office was very rude for the area I lived in. (They were not helpful at all, and did not return calls. Caretaker for the building I lived in did not want to do anything when asked. Just looked like she was getting a nice deal for being the care taker and was kind of creepy. Apartment was nice. Living situation is great if you do not have to deal with management. they could take some lessons in customer service. more

The reviews are kinder than they should be 1/5/2010

I've rented an apartment from Hornig for about three years only because I have a very high tolerance for BS and hate moving. During these three years I have seen the management become progressively worse. Maintenance requests often take weeks or months to be taken care of unless they believe it will damage the long term value of their property (and even then you have to have your bathroom completely flood to get them to come out after hours). Also if they tell you that your rent includes heat you shouldn't assume that means they follow the Minneapolis statute of keeping it AT LEAST 68 degrees. My apartment was typically around 60 and when I complained I was told ""It is warmer than outside"". The on-site management is also non-existent and when you do see them they are usually rude. There are many other great rental companies out there without having to deal with one that only cares about your rent check. I'm glad to finally be moving next month. Pros: Location Cons: Very poor management more

Bullshit company 11/20/2009

I recently rented from this unprofessional ridiculously money hungry company. I rented for approximately 1 year (Nov. 1st 2008-Oct 31st 2009) & in that time found/trapped roughly 30 mice in my small 1 bedroom apartment. I called the company everytime I saw a mouse & they responded to my calls, ONCE. Finally after a sign was put up outside the building saying WE as tenants needed to keep the door closed because WE were letting mice in, someone else living in the building responded to the note saying that this was there problem that had been going on for sometime and that THEY were the ones responsible.There was also a deceased mouse in the small unventualted entry way for 3 WEEKS. It stunk up thy entire area even after it was removed. I would literally hold my breath as I walked thru. I also called in May when it got so hot out & my air conditioner was broken & didn't get a response for almost a month. It was an incredibly hot month. The hottest month of the whole summer season. Also 2 weeks into me living at this residence I found black bugs in my kitchen drawers. Then I discovered them in my cabinets. When I first moved in the landlord walked the apartment with me & picked out things that needed to be fixed...which never got fixed thy entire time I lived there. We were also promised a 2 bedroom when one opened up. Many opened up, but we were never allowed to move into one because we had already started a lease despite what they have previously promised. Then when we finally went to move out we slipped our 1 month & 1day notice under our landlords door (early) & that somehow magically disappeared so we were stuck with another months rent. When I tried to call the company about our moving out issue he was a rude arrogant a hole that didn't return my phone call for a few days on this ""very important matter"" If your apartment searching DO NOT consider any of the horning company buildings. They are a NIGHTMARE to work with. Pros: I wasn't living outsides Cons: Everything else more

Do not rent from Hornig Companies-AVOID DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM. 10/11/2008

Unethical, Corrupt, Disorganized Business. These individuals lack customer service skills. The rents may be cheaper in comparison to other properties, but in the end it will not be worth doing business with them unless something changes. It's very possible the things they do are illegal (this is currently being looked into). Pros: Location and previous landlord. Cons: Property Management Company more

Avoid if possible! 10/4/2008

The buildings are decent but management is horrible. Unresponsive and you leave with a feeling that they ripped you off (or are trying to). Not a deal breaker if you need a place, but I probably would have paid an extra 50 a month to avoid the hassle. Pros: Decent apartments with cheaper rents Cons: Management is horrible, basically no on-site management even though you pay for it more
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