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Hong Kong Tea House-Rstrnt - 36 Reviews - 565 W 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT - Family Restaurants Reviews - Phone (801) 531-7010

Hong Kong Tea House-Rstrnt

565 W 200 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 531-7010
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I was craving chinese food and searched on line for different chinese restaurants in Salt Lake. I grew up in the San Francisco bay area and once you have had Chinese food there n...


I've been here 5+ times over last several years. This visit may become our last... We ordered ""snow pea shoots"" which we love, however, we got something totally different and we...

First Time and in Love!!!!! 9/8/2011

I was craving chinese food and searched on line for different chinese restaurants in Salt Lake. I grew up in the San Francisco bay area and once you have had Chinese food there nothing else compares. OMG, everything I ordered is absolutely amazing. I am vegetarian but not a big fan of tofu. After ordering the tofu with greens I love the tofu at Hong Kong Tea House. I will be going back there for sure. more


Well -- if you've ever been to San Francisco's China Town - then you know what Dim Sum is -- well needless to say -- being a native of the Bay - getting homesick for the yummy goodness is easy to do in SLC. I found HKTH -- and I have fallen in love. Its one of my favorites - not just in UT, but even in CA!! Its amazing. I love it. The service is great, the ladies after they know you are wonderful. They even notice the little things - and know what you prefer as far as drinks and your ""normal order"" Its a wonderful place to eat. I highly suggest it :) As far as the complaints on price -- it really isn't so bad compared to most the places I have eaten at... a full meal for 2 here is about 25 dollars ... back home? At Yank Sing - you are looking at close to 50. Need I say more? more

wasn't that good... 5/18/2011

I've been here 5+ times over last several years. This visit may become our last... We ordered ""snow pea shoots"" which we love, however, we got something totally different and we weren't notified. We know what's ""snow pea shoots"" looks like and taste like... it wasn't snow pea shoots. Their Dim Sum was just ok. They used be good but not sure if we want to go back. They are kinda pricy, too. more

Best Dim Sum 9/23/2010

Best Dim Sum in all of Utah. This place takes care of our cravings for these delicious mini servings of all our favorite flavors of Chinese Cuisine. Service is just a bit slower but is well appreciated. Dim Sum is made fresh as ordered. Being from Hawaii, the flavors we experienced is just what we were used to. We love that we can now get it right here in Utah. Well worth the drive from Spanish Fork for a Chinese breakfast any weekend. Atmosphere and service was great! more

First time successful! 5/8/2010

We visited this restaurant recently after reading the Zagat reviews. It isn't the largest restaurant, nor is it elegantly decorated, but the service was fast and courteous and the food was great. We had the pork steam buns to start and they were cooked fresh. They tasted home made. The wontons in the soup were flavorful and authentic. I've never had wontons that tasted so good. We also had pan fried noodles. Very light and tasty. In other Chinese restaurants, the food is sometimes heavy with corn starch and sauce. Here it didn't need to be disguised in sauce. We are going back for dim sum soon and can't wait! Pros: Fresh, tasteful,authentic Cons: nothing more


Firstly let me say that I love ?Chinese? food, both Americanized and Authentic. I was really looking for ward to eating here (based on other reviews). However it turned out to be WORST Chinese meal I have ever had. I am originally from Great Britain, and grew up eating a lot of Chinese. I have worked in Hong Kong, Beijing, Taiwan and Singapore, so , in my own humble opinion, I consider myself to have a good amateur knowledge of Chinese food. We went to the restaurant on Valentine?s Day 2010, I choose this because my Wife loves Peking Duck and I had heard that they sell it here. The restaurant was deathly quiet, I mean there was NO background music and the staff stood near our table the whole time.. I was like speaking in a cave, every word could be heard by everyone at every table. I know that this is not a huge problem, but my advice to the owners (should they ever read this) would be to put on a little music, so people feel a little more relaxed. THE FOOD: We ordered the ?Sweet & Sour Chicken? for the kids, a Special Rice to share and the with great anticipation the ?Peking Duck?.. WHAT IT SHOULD BE: For those of you who have never tried a Peking Duck, here is what you SHOULD expect. It is a whole duck (sometimes you can order half ? but NOT here), prior to cooking the skin is separated from the fat and hung for 24 hours to dry. Then it is roasted (sometimes deep fried) for 45mins at very high temps (525 F) until it is crispy on the outside but lovely and tender in the middle. After frying it is de-boned and chopped up for easy eating. It is served with thin pancakes, spring onion, cucumber sticks, and a hoisin sauce. If you are lucky enough to find somewhere that sells ?Aromatic Crispy Duck? this is even better and crispier. WHAT WE GOT: When the duck arrived in 20mins (which should have rung alarm bells, it needs to cook for 45mins!) The skin was very fatty (as it was not separated from fat) and so it was NOT crisp at all. Most of the bones remained and the meat was very pink in places (not fully cooked). It was served with about 10 pancakes a TINY plate of sauce and a TINY plate of onions. We were determined to make the best of it so we tried to be optimistic. I am sorry to say the taste did NOT overcome our initial reaction. Very bland, undercooked, fatty and lots of cartilage, gristle and bones. I suspect the duck used was very old and sick.. It may have even been a seagull (joke). In total there was only about 2-3oz of edible meat on the duck. When we tried asking for more onions, sauce etc our server informed us that it would be $10 extra more! T he duck, which is billed as a meal for two, and costs $30, a BIG waste of money. I complained, but to no avail, they refused to help. The other dishes, well the Sweet/Sour Chicken was about what you would expect from PANDA Express, nothing special at all, the sauce was a little like wallpaper paste. The rice appeared and tasted day old re-heated , you know how rice gets ? it get a little hard and the oils separate and so it is oily too. I am not going to pretend that I was NOT angry, I was and still am. This was supposed to be a special occasion and it was ruined. But this review is honest and I want to warn people about the food quality. Perhaps other dishes are better, or perhaps it is a new owner or chef. The bottom line is this place does NOT deserve the high reviews that it once had. Steer Clear of this one. Pros: Free Parking was about the best I can say. Cons: Horrid Service, Horrid DUCK more

Not my night 2/22/2010

Ordered three dishes including what was supposed to be fresh crab. The pork and eggplant was great, the appetizers and other two dishes flavorless, and the crab was so old the flesh stuck to the shell and was stiff. They expected you to eat off saucers and when we asked for rice bowls due to the saucers being too small, they brought out tiny tea bowls. We also thought they would move us to a bigger table because our dishes wouldn't fit, but they squeezed everything on the table and even moved the condiments we needed to the next table rather than move us. We asked for some sauce for the dumplings and the waitress' response was, ""the dumplings already have flavor."". Hope y'all have a better experience there. more

Is coming to town for a conference & dim sum! 10/10/2009

I was driving cross country last year and drove into Salt Lake City, tired and a little homesick. This place was like running into a lil home slice just when I least expected it! The dim sum was memorable as was the tea. What a great find. (This was life before iPhone linked to Google local for me) See you there again soon! Pros: From SF Bay Area and loves this place... Cons: Airfare to get here makes it a lil tough more

Best Chinese Food in Utah 9/23/2009

I spent some time living in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is the only chinese restaurant in Utah that I feel would survive in the Bay area. The food was authentic and fresh with no added msg. Also a good value for the money. Pros: food and service Cons: Parking, had to back into parking space more

Great food!!!! 5/25/2009

I have been a long time regular of the tea house and have always been impressed with the food. For Dim sum i would recommend the BBQ pork bums and the fried sesame ball. For diner the peppered beef is great. Spicey and savory. Pros: Dim sum is out of tis world along with the pork belly in hot Cons: parking. more

i love the dimsum 5/14/2009

it is really really good, it is the best dim sum in UTAH, really awesome selection of TEA, you can order or wait for them to bring stuff around and see if you want it. Pros: great food Cons: iif it is a slow day, you wait for new items to come around more

Wonderful Diem Sum 5/12/2009

After reading the reviews we went to Hong Kongs today and had their Diem Sum. We weren't disappointed. It was terriffic. I, too, have had Diem Sum in large cities Chinatowns (San Francisco, Los Anglese, Vancouver, Victoria, Sacramento) and this was as good, if not better, than the ones I visited in these larger, urban areas. The selection is impessive and everything was served right out of the steamer/fryer. The service was very good with friendly and helpful servers. The place is very cleam and attractove and the ambience (decor) was impressive. I would recommend Hong Kong to anone who ikes Diem Sum (and to those who never tried it) and Chinese food denerally Pros: Good food, good service and good ambience more

Dim Sum Delite 1/16/2009

If you think your going in for a fast lunch then you may want to choose some place else. I ordered 4 different dim sums: Steamed Pork (4 for $2.25), Fried Leek and Shrimp (3 for 2.95), Steamed Shanghi (3 for 2.95) and the Steamed Homemade (3 for 2.95). After a 45 min wait then the fried Leek and Shrimp showed up and it was quite good. Alot of leek flavor because it was packed full of leeks. If you don't like onions then you probably won't like this. The rest of the order came up 10 min later. The Steamed Pork was by far the best dumpling in this meal and had a mixture of pork and shimp in it. The Steamed Shanghi was not bad, but it was a bit bland and the red vinegar sauce that came with it was not a good compliment to the dumpling. The Steamed Homemade was not very good, it had cut up green beans, hamburger (or ground pork), peanuts and bamboo shoots, with a seasoning that reminded me like a mince meat pie. Delicate and quality care was put into every single dumpling, but for my tastes I would choose the Steamed Pork Dim Sum. Pros: Quality Food Cons: Time waited, and price was a bit steep more

So Delicious! 1/3/2009

My husband and I stumbled on this place a few weeks after it first opened. We have loved it from the first time we stopped in. The staff are fantastic and totally on top of service. Besides which they are friendly and get to know their return customers well. The food is spectacular - by far the best Chinese food in Salt Lake. Once you drop in (don't let the outside/location put you off) you will NEVER look back. The interior is gorgeous and very comfortable. We only occasionally eat Chinese from anywhere else - and only if we absolutely must. Pros: fabulous food, great service and fantastic ambience Cons: absolutely no cons more

Worst dim sum I've ever had 11/24/2008

I am originally from Vancouver, and coming to Hong Kong Tea house was such a dissapointment. I went in for dim sum after reading the reviews and just thought it had to be the worst dim sum I have ever had. The service is friendly and the servers are pretty attentive. I had ordered the larg shrimp dumplings (har gow) which weren't large at all, and pretty dry. The fried dumplings were large and tasteless. The pork spare ribs were kind of flavorless. The sui mai the pork dumplings were dry and tastless. I am sorry everything I ordered was just not what I expected. I went with my boyfriend and he agreed that not only was it the worst dim sum ever, but one of the worst food ever. I would give it a second chance though, and probably go for dinner instead and see what their food is like. I suggest avoiding dim sum entirely unless you have no idea what dim sum tastes like. more

Truly Authentic!! 9/21/2008

Don't let the location scare you, the fact they are still in business should tell you something. This was the start of an evening dine around to several different restaurants, and we could have easily stayed there the entire evening. We ordered several appetizers and 9 out of 10 of them were prepared perfectly. The servers were great, and were very knowledgeable on the dishes on the menu. The decor makes a great statement of how authentic this place is, not to mention we were one of two tables who were not Chinese. I will highly recommend anyone dine here. I have already referred many out of town guests and they came back with great reviews. Pros: Truly a Chinese restaurant Cons: They should remove the fish tank, it says nothing of their restaurant more

Hong Kong Tea House, and Restaurant 7/21/2008

If you go at lunch time (before 2:00 pm) and order off the Dim Sum menu you will get some of the best Chinese food in the valley unless you are just a meat and potatoes person who can't stand a little variety. You can order multiple courses so when you find one that you really love you can order more of it. 2 people can get their fill in about 4 to 6 courses. It was really fun trying new things. All the courses were good and everybody will find some favorites. You might also discover some tea that you have never tasted before. Pros: Great chinese food, try the Dim Sum at lunch time. Cons: Street is under construction more

Two Words: FISH TANK 7/9/2008

I tend to judge a place on how well they keep up their fish tank, if they have one. This place has one. In fact, it's the first thing you see (and smell) when you come in the first set of doors. I had to look twice to see that their were actually fish in the tank. I seriously couldn't see them, that's how thick the green stuff was in this tank. Pros: Near a TRAX stop. Cons: Dirty Fish Tank, Rubbery Chicken more

Most Delicious Sesame Chicken Ever!! 1/18/2008

The sesame chicken is so good it's like they use magic dust to make it! I've never had it better anywhere else!! The service is so nice but the only thing is they take a while to get back to you. But the food there is absolutely amazing. It's such a treat to go there because it's modestly prices for such quality food! Pros: Amazing food Cons: A little slow service more

This is where the Chinese people go!!! 3/10/2007

CLEAN, FRESH, Great Service, and it's where the Chinese locals go!!! Pros: GOOD DIM SUM and GREAT Service. . . just be paitient. Cons: A few amazing dishes of Dim Sum is only available on weekends. more
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