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Honey Child Salon and Spa - 69 Reviews - 735 N LaSalle Ave, Chicago, IL - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (312) 573-1955

Honey Child Salon and Spa

735 N LaSalle Ave (at Superior Street)
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 573-1955
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Honey Child Salon and Spa - Chicago, IL


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Ever since my stylist moved over a year ago, I have been searching high and low for a new stylist. I'm very picky when it comes to my hair so I decided to take a risk and try Hone...


I love my stylist and colorist at Honey Child, but WTF is wrong with management? This place is going downhill fast. I have been going to this salon for years and I can honestly sa...

This place needs a Tabitha Take Over ASAP!!! 11/14/2009

I love my stylist and colorist at Honey Child, but WTF is wrong with management? This place is going downhill fast. I have been going to this salon for years and I can honestly say, it is in a massive state of disrepair, filth, and deferred maintenance. more

Filthy and Terrible Customer Service 5/24/2009

I along with 6 other girlfriends had a spa party today at HC to celebrate a friend's birthday. Let me just say that I would NEVER and I mean NEVER give any business to this establishment again. Upon arriving at 9:30AM, which was an INSTRUCTION by the spa, I was told "Were not open." Uuuuuummm...I had to tell her that I was here for a spa party and we were instructed to be there by 9:30AM. She then let me in and ask me to sit in the salon area and wait for the rest of my party. Not at one time did she come back to check on me or even to let me know that the rest of my party had arrived. It ticks me off when they ask you to arrive on time, but they don't provide their services on time. I was scheduled for a 10AM body scrub, but was not seen until 10:30AM. Our spa party cost around $1200 and they didn't provide any bottled water or any fruit etc. Our Party "officially" started at 10:30AM and we were done at 3:30PM and we did not receive anything to eat or drink. The water given to the spa clients came from a Brita pitcher that was sitting out in the hallway which was also covered in dusk and even the water was not kept on ice or anything. It was literally room temperature. One of my friends had to request cold water and one on the employees went upstairs to get a glass of cold water. WTH? You would think they would at least have cold water for their patrons. There was no place to store our items, so we literally had to carry our things with us everywhere we went. There was a small brown dirty futon in the spa area for you to wait, but since their was 7 in our party, some of us had to stand up and wait for our services. Also, because that was the only place for us to sit, it was kind of distracting when receiving your services because you could hear conversations from the hallway. Some of the party was asked to leave the "little" sitting area and sit up in the salon....WTH? Sit up in the hair salon in their spa robes to wait for services?....This is utterly ridiculous. First of all, the place is FILTHY! There was dusk and dirt everywhere. I mean even on the jewelry and hair products that were for sale, upstairs in the hair salon and on the third floor in the manicure and pedicure area. I wouldn't recommend anyone getting a manicure and pedicure there because it's obvious that adequate sanitation practices are not implemented or followed there. Their customer service is lacking as well. For the price of their services, you would think you were going into an upper echelon spa.....NOPE not at all. I've been to various spas with prices cheaper than HC and was treated like royalty and the environment was clean, sanitary and relaxing. The only positive thing about this spa is their masseuse Elijah. He's excellent at what he does and his talents can really be used somewhere else. This place is truly unprofessional and tacky. Patrons beware! Do not spend your hard earn money here. It can truly be used at another spa that REALLY puts their clients and customers first. I can't believe that this place was featured in such magazines as Essence, Ebony, Allure and there was even a mention in O. I was told the salon opened in 2001. I don't how involved the actual owner is with the salon but the people they have in place managing this salon are terrible. Pros: Elijah the masseus Cons: Customer service, cleanliness, prices more

bambi is a snob 4/9/2009

i have never received any services from honeychild but i took a resume in seeking employment.Bambi appeared to be nice at the time of the interview but oh she lets the claws out when you are on the phone and shes on her throne.She gave a day to come into the salon and i had to perform three haircuts.My aunt died and her funeral was scheduled for that day. when i called to reschedule this womens response was if i did not make it the next time she told me that if i did not make it there would not be a next time .GASP.I am not angry with Bambi this industry is a very difficult one ,but i hope Bambi reads this .I met Bambi when she first opened she was nicer ,heavier and a lot more humble.With time some of us and im guilty of it become puffed up with pride when you have a gift for creativity and this women is very ambitious and has drive im proud of her .However Mrs Bambi if you do not humble yourself GOD will because he makes all things possible and if you abuse others because you have lost incite and you do not deal with everyone in love you will not last.Reading some of this reviews i know they may be a bit enhanced by disgruntled customers but if you read them there are some consistent complaints.My dear sister keep your head up ,but check yourself before you wreck yourself .PEACE AND LOVE Pros: good location wonderful concept Cons: nasty staff more

Overpriced and below average customer service 1/4/2009

I bought my younger sister a gift certificate in which she used for a pedicure. All of the receptionist were very polite and professional over the phone as well as in person. However, we arrived for her appointment 15 minutes early and ended up waiting close to 10-15 minutes after her scheduled appt time before anyone acknowledged us. After checking in, we were instructed to wait on the top floor and that her nail technician will be with her shortly. After waiting a total of 15 minutes, a shampoo girl or an assistant of some sort, just so happen to see us waiting and asked us if we were waiting to be serviced. The nail technician that she was waiting for didn't even bother to come over and greet us. If the assistant didn't happen to see us, we would have been waiting a total of an half hour before the nail technician came over. Granted, I understand if the technician was running behind due to her prior client, but isn't it common courtesy to take a few seconds to come over and greet your client and tell them you will be with them shortly if you are running behind schedule? Also, when she did finally begin on my sister, she didn't even apologize for making us wait. If we were at some random nail salon in the hood on the south side, where we usually go, I would expect to wait and not receive the best customer service but for the prices that they charge, I was just expecting a bit more attentiveness from their staff. She received a basic pedicure and even though it was nice, you can get the same kind of pedicure for half the price in your own neighborhood. At least with those places a basic pedi includes a short foot massage. Overall, I do not think the prices are justified and felt the need to write a review because some clients would see the hoopla and media mention this place gets and be greatly disappointed when this place does not live up to its expectations. Pros: Nice atmosphere and polite receptionists Cons: Overpriced and lacking in staff attentiveness more

Not impressed 11/19/2008

I was dissappointed and will not return. The shampoo girl took out an unneccesary amount of hair just combing my hair and when drying. I don't get it when shampoo girls tug at your hair when it is wet and most fragile, especially relaxed hair. I come to get my hair styled not pulled and broke off to be on the floor. more

I love Bambi!!! 9/4/2008

Ever since my stylist moved over a year ago, I have been searching high and low for a new stylist. I'm very picky when it comes to my hair so I decided to take a risk and try Honeychild. I called first and asked who would they recommend for a bob. The person recommended Bambi. My appointment was at 4:45 and I was leaving at 5:30, wash, blowdry, cut and style! This was the best experience at a salon I have ever had! Bambi was everything I'd been searching for professionalism, efficiency and an overall FANTASTIC stylist. Everywhere I go I get complimented on my new cut! I don't have to search anymore because I've found my new stylist. It was a bit pricey for the cut ($100) but it was well, well worth it! Pros: No long waits, Great shampoo, Professional Cons: Parking more

Rip Me Off Why Dont You 7/5/2008

For starters Honey Child claims that they are a taste of southern endearment and southern comfort and with their attitudes that is definitely not the case. I went to have my hair done and decided to have a consultation for extensions which I was never told was priced and is free in most salons, even the ones downtown. So I waited in the waiting area for about 45 minutes to just have my hair done (my sister was having a pedicure and it was almost finished) before someone noticed that maybe I was there to have my hair done. The lady who did the consultation (which was suppose to last 30 min) spoke with me for a good 10 minutes and made me sign a paper that said I would pay 50.00 for the consultation. My feelings were hurt because I could not afford that fee and my hair as a college student, and no one told me about the price. I still needed my hair done for an event that I was attending, so I had to get it done but the stylists still had said nothing to me even by this time. I had to go back to the receptionist to ask her who was suppose to do my hair and the lady who was suppose to do it said to me how she didn?t even notice me sitting there probably because she was busy playing with the owners hair. I was thinking I am almost 6 feet tall she couldn?t have missed me, but I kept my composure. The stylist did nothing extra fabulous and she brushed my hair way too hard to the point that I heard it pulling as she brushing it out to blowdrying it. I was so completely hurt and dissatisfied that I was conned into paying 50.00 for a 10 minute consultation. I thought I should have at least been notified and their excuse that I was not was because I was a walk in and they must have thought that I already knew the price since I asked for it right away. My feelings are still completely hurt! I do not recommend this salon, there are so many better ones with better quality service! Pros: learning that just because a place claims they are good doesnt mean that they are Cons: Having my faith in Good salons weakened...I was so ready all to be dissapointed! more

Learn how tospeak to your customers 6/27/2008

As someone who has worked behind the desk at a few salons, I fully understand how important it is for the receptionist to have a good attitude. He or she is the lifeline between happy customers and big pay checks for the staff. Well I don't know who was picking up the phone on June 27th but she needs to get an attitude check. I asked her a few simple questions, all I got were short answers in an ignorant tone. Look I'm just looking to spend some money. As a customer I would appreciate a warm response. Don't talk to me like I'm an idiot............. I have never been to your salon before, I am looking for information. The only information you supplied me with is that my money could be best spent else where. Thanks and Have a Nice Day! more

Would have loved an appointment but....NO ONE bothered to return my calls or e-mails!!!!! 6/14/2008

i read about this salon in a haircare magazine and was so excited. I live in Minneapolis so I had planned to fly to Chicago to plan a weekend around the spa/hair appointment. I left several, SEVERAL voicemails and even sent a few e-mails to the link provided on their website but never received a single call unprofessional. Pros: i wouldn't one ever called me back to set up an appointment Cons: Unprofessional more

I was shamed!!!!! 5/14/2008

I was completely embarrassed by this salon. After a much anticipated appt. I took my braids down and headed to honeychild. Lets start off to say I have a very dry scalp and I've had this all my life. The owner (no names) Was convinced I had psoraisis (if im spelling it right). I tried to convince her and plead with her that I just took my braids down and my scalp is always like this. She told me that she wasn't going to be my hair and that she can't work with hair like this and how dare I come here with hair like this, In front of everyone. I started to cry and no one comforted me and assured me that it would be okay. I* was so looking forward to get my hair done. After I consulted with a dermatologist whom said it was what "B" thought it was Psoraisis, he assured me it wasn't that. I called honeychild again and told then. I asked to speak with the lady whom was suppose to do my hair and she avoided my calls and would accept me making future appointments. I felt so hurt and betrayed. A real stylist would know how to treat their clients and know whats what in there hair. I couldn't believe it. I will never patronize this salon again. Very arrogant, nasty customer service, and left me in tears. BAMBI was nasty and up tight too. Pros: nothing Cons: NASTY STAFF AND THEY WILL SHAME YOU!!! more

wimberly is a great stylist 10/16/2007

Wimberly is a fantastic stylist. She is very skilled in short hair cuts. I just had my hair cut by her, and I am hooked. She cut my hair exactly liked i wanted, and she is very friendly and professional. The service was great, I highly recommend her if you want a great haircut and style Pros: Great stylist Cons: None more

Was I in the wrong salon? 8/23/2007

I am so surprised at all of the positive reviews! I moved to Chicago almost three years ago and finally worked up the nerve to trust someone with my long, naturally curly hair. Since I don't have any girlfriends with similar hair, I went online and did quite a bit of research. Hoping to find a new, permanent salon I booked an appointment to get my hair washed, deep-conditioned and trimmed. I explained that I was looking for someone with experience doing curly hair who could give me some styling tips to keep my curls in place at home. Now, I understand there are the master stylist and the less experienced ones, but considering the price, ALL of the stylist should be fairly skilled. The young lady I was booked with had to ask another stylist several times what she thought would work best and then how to do it. Apparently, she couldn't do what the other stylist recommended so she rinse the product out of my hair so she could "start over." The result was disappointing, and I couldn't help thinking "I paid $100 for this." The only reason I gave them any stars at all is because she was sweet and tried to be professional. I was even willing to give the salon another chance so when my mother wanted to do something nice for me and give me a gift certificate to a salon, I told her to call Honey Child. She said the receptionist was extremely rude (she called twice and was told they were extremely busy and she would have to call back) and the receptionist made an obnoxious comment when my mother asked if she could pay any way besides credit card. Like another reviewer said, I will definitely do my part to let everyone know: Honey Child isn't all that sweet. Pros: Decor Cons: Everything else more

Great Customer Service 8/11/2007

Overall this location is about a 7 out of 10 for salon appearance. As for the stylist I would say they rate a 10/10 for service. The stylist were phenominal. Now on the other hand, when you expect to pay as much as the salon charges, you expect a certain amount of quality in a salon. I just didn't get that elite feeling of a salon, like I expected. Erica and the colorist Maya were great. They can lay some hair, and are very professional at what they do. Sadly to say, parking is horrible! Pros: Excellent Hair Stylist Cons: Parking more

Amazing spa service! 6/10/2007

i had a pleasant experience starting with the initial phone call! the lady i spoke with was super sweet, and on the day i came in, everyone greeted me and was very friendly. i loved the mojito scrub and came out so relaxed i couldnt rememer my own name! They will definitely see me again soon! Pros: relaxing environment Cons: parking more

Not Professional. 6/8/2007

The first telephone call i made to this salon was the dealbreaker, whoever was on the other end of the line was probably on a mission to put off potential clients.She lacked telephone ettiquette.l did not have to step into the salon after that conversation.l had a perfect idea of what i was going to experience. more

My Spa Experience 6/7/2007

Great customer service began with my phone experience. Knowledgable staff helped me choose the perfect pedicure and massage to start my summer. Tia did a fabulous job on my feet and and when I smudged the same toe twice, Lisa did a fabulous job fixing it. Next I had Daniel for my massage and his hands were a Godsend!! He's my new angel:) I've had massages at MANY places and this massage was hands down (no pun intended) the best massage I've EVER had. He was very careful not to smudge my toes. I look forward to my next experience at Honey Child! Pros: Helpful staff, great teamwork! Cons: Parking lot needed more

A HORRIBLE WAXING and PEDICURE experiance compounded by ABHORENT MANAGEMENT!!! 5/25/2007

I have to begin by saying I have been (along with SEVERAL referrals) a client here for over 5 years, just for Pedicures. In the last year the turnover in nail technicans is a little unsettling. The only person left I would let touch me is MIA. I recieved a pedicure last week that not only left me with toes looking they were polished by a fourth grader, but enough frustration to prompt me to sign up with City Search and write this review. I also went for a brazilan wax ( which I have been doing for the last 12 years). RHONDA was not only terribally slow but OVERWAXED my bikini line. While happening it was more painful then normal but just thought I was having an off day. I left after my services, did my errands and went to go to the gym. I changed my clothes and was shocked to find why I was in so much pain. I was OVERWAXED. She went over the same are TOOOO many times and my skin was raw and ripped off. When I looked closer at my toes the polish had seperated ( which is what happens when you don't remove all the oil from the nail before polishing). It was so horrific I called two of my gf's over to witness. I decided to do something I NEVER have done and call the salon the next day. The inital call was not even for a refund, however I went in and they examined my bikini and toes. I was told my money would be refunded and I was more then kind . Then I recieved a call from the RECEPTIONIST, not even the owner telling me that they would refund my waxing but only 10% of my pedicure, she actually left it on a voicemail and didn't have the professionalism to speak to me directly. I called back and exlained how long I had been a client and said that was unacceptable. I requested to have the owner call me, that was one week ago. I have recieved NO RESPONSE since. NOt only did they lose a customer of five years but EVERYONE I know, and I have made it a point to inform every woman I come in contact with. I am BEYOND insulted. Thank god for word of MOuth!!! Pros: Mia is a GEM!! Its a shame I will not see her again Cons: INEXPERIANCED technicans and HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT!!! more

stick with body treatments and facials 5/22/2007

I visited Honey Child for almost a full day because I was redeeming a certificate for a spa package which included a massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure. I also added an eyebrow wax as well. I had two experiences that were just as different as the settings they were in. First, on the bottom floor of the spa, there were the rooms for massages and facials. My masseuse and esthetician were absolutely wonderful. The masseuse took the time to make sure I was comfortable every step of the way, checking the pressure he was using and asking about trouble spots. My esthetician was very knowledgeable and made sure to cater to the unique features of my skin. She did a great job with my facial, extraction, and eyebrow wax, and she gave me some extra tips on daily care. However, when I moved on to the top floors for my manicure and pedicure, the service changed completely. I have had many pedicures before, and this time it hurt! Also, she was going to fast with everything and did not bother to clean up the extra nail polish. In the end, the polish barely lasted a few days before it all chipped (both on my feet and hands). Therefore, my suggestion would be to definitely go for a massage and facial, but find somewhere else for your nail work! Pros: soothing environment for facials and massages Cons: noisy and busy upper area more

Love this Place! For Bikini Wax, Daina was GRADE A 3/21/2007

Having hearing about Honey Child for years, I went for my first bikini wax there after reading all of the reviews here....I was nervous about how painful it would be, but I felt at ease as soon as I walked in because it was such a nice, relaxing, beautiful atmosphore. Daina, the lady who did my wax was GREAT. She was so nice, personable, and made conversation with me so that i wouldn't be thinking about her ripping my hair out from my most sensitive area. Yeah it hurt, but no where near as bad as I thought..(take aspirin before you go). The pain didn't last at all, and the bumps were gone by the time I got home. I was very satisfied, I Highly recommend asking for Daina if you are doing waxing, she will make the experience as enjoyable as possible! I'm going back later this week for for the spa services...I can't wait! more

amazing skills. 1/23/2007

I've had several different experiences with waxings before....Although none were bad, I had no idea what I was missing until I tried Diana. She gave me the best bikini wax ever! Diana made me feel completely comfortable in a situation thats very akward. Waxing is obviously not going to be painless, but with Diana my mind was kept off the pain....she was very quick....very efficiant...and so sweet. Diana has a client for life. You have to try her! Pros: on time. comforting atmosphere. kind front desk. Cons: parking is not easy to find. more
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  • The Space
    Rich brown tones create a calming atmosphere at this three-level spa. Flowing cream sheaths cover windows, shielding guests from busy La Salle Street. Friendly and dressed mostly in stylish black, staff isn't too hip to be straight with advice. Honest opinions on hairstyles and skin treatments bring out your best.

    The Services
    Expert hair coloring or highlights will have strangers fooled, while your new cut will make you want to kiss the mirror. For naturally curly or chemically processed hair, try the Honey Quench. A lovely private area is reserved for massages like the Honey on the Rocks, which uses hot stones and hot honey oil to deep-treat muscles. Swedish, shiatsu and deep tissue massages are also available. The Honey Buns treatment combines exfoliants, rich balms and warm paraffin for a supple rear end.

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    Tue, Sun 10am-6pm Wed-Fri 10am-9pm Sat 9am-6pm
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    Visa, American Express, Master Card
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    Central, Near North Side