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Honda of Serramonte - 14 Reviews - 485 Serramonte Blvd, Daly City, CA - Honda Dealers Reviews - Phone (888) 442-6819

Honda of Serramonte

485 Serramonte Blvd
Daly City, CA 94014
(888) 442-6819
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Honda of Serramonte - Daly City, CA
Honda of Serramonte - Daly City, CA
Honda of Serramonte - Daly City, CA
Honda of Serramonte - Daly City, CA
Honda of Serramonte - Daly City, CA


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I purchased a new Pilot from this store about two weeks ago, and thought it was a great experience.\r The price was fair, my salesperson (Ken), was great. I submitted an online ...


I love my Honda. It's a great car, and I'm glad I bought it. However, the process to get the car was less than desired. The salesman was completely the stereotype of sleaze that c...

Avoid at all costs! 3/31/2009

I brought my wifes' Honda in for a recall, and while I was there I thought I'd ask them to see if they could fix a problem with the powerseat because the gears were grinding after adjusting the seat past a certain point. They quoted a price of over 400 dollars just to take a look at it because they had to ""take the whole seat apart"" - then, after they looked at it, the quote would come to fix it. I passed on that one.\r \r Roughly a year later I brought the car back for another recall, and that's when the real problems started.\r \r When I went to pickup the car, the driver that brought the car out was ""flooring it"" -- he was easily going 40 MPH and it sounded like he was ""redlining"" the car in second gear (bring the RPM level up until it reaches the red part of the gauge -- and not good for an aging car). In addition to this, there were people walking around outside, and if they had been in the wrong place, or had stepped out at the wrong time, someone would have been hurt badly.\r \r Then on the way home (after driving for one block) the engine light came on. I turned the car around and confronted the service department manager at this point. I'm not an auto engineer, but I wanted to know what was going on, and why the light started showing up only after bringing it to their service department. He told me that for them to diagnose this it would cost me over 1000 dollars, that's right, more than One-Thousand Dollars, to take the entire engine apart and that's the only thing they could do. I didn't believe him so we went to the head mechanic and he verified that it would cost me MORE THAN One-Thousand Dollars for them to just take a look at it. The repair would be an additional charge.\r \r They were closing the store at this point, so I had to leave. I made a couple of appointments with the manager to discuss this further over the course of a week, and to make a long story short, the manager was ""doing me a favor"" by talking to me about this problem, and they have no desire to deal with customers after they get the money.\r \r While I was there I ran across another person that was there, in person, to complain about the service department, and while waiting to talk to the manager, it sounded like he was on the phone with other customer complaints.\r \r I called a good, and honest, mechanic and he immediately said the problem was probably the sensor -- the parts and labor cost was around $25 -- and had it bundled with my car service.\r \r There will always be problems with cars, but the test of consumer value is how a company takes care of it's customers when there are problems. They tried charging me more than $1000 for a $25 repair.\r \r I like the Honda car itself, but will never set foot inside this dealership again. I plan on buying another Honda in the future, but will absolutely not get it from this place. Cons: tried to rip me off, no respect for personal property more

Serramonte Honda Management needs to change its bad service culture at the service department. 1/1/2009

This is the worst car service I have ever received although I still love my new Honda. I think the service representative at the counter was not courteous and try to get me off his back because it was a ""warranties"" work that the company probably only allowed certain predetermined time to fix the problem. Honda of Serramonte was not able to fix the steering wheel problem the first time, and probably had to ""eat"" the extra cost if they had to fix it again... I noticed the very same steering wheel problem right a way when the car was returned to me. I went back inside and told the representative the problem... The service representative was trying to give me a bunch of computer print out and told me how they tried to fix the problem per the ""factory setting"". The representative was either lack of technical knowledge or just trying to get me off his back. I didn't tell him I am an engineer and also fix car as I was trying to ask them to fix the problem and not looking for a fight... He told me the car was fine and the problem was fixed, and refused to fix the problem and even told me that he had spoken with the general manager already!? Facing this unacceptable service and attitude - I just told him, ""I am not satisfied with your service and the car problem was not fixed, AND I am going to take my car to another Honda dealer to fix the very same problem."" I also told him that I will file a complaint once it was verified by another Honda dealer that there is ""problem""! ""I knew the bunch of the computer print out had nothing to do with the problem I wanted you to fix here..."" He was mad, then he told me I was going to have to wait ALL day now since I have to go back to the ""line""... Oh well, I got the car fixed finally and I did spend all day there! ;-( I do not recommend this dealer to anybody unless the management will take a look at the service attitude and culture of its service dept. The part department was OK though if you just want to get part there! Pros: Part department was OK if you only trying to get parts there. Cons: Pulling teeth to try to make them match internet price. Service Depart. was the worst! more


i will never be a customer at Honda Of Serramonte ever again. they provided me with the worst service i have ever received. i was a repeated customer until this guy named BRAD REID ruined my perspective of their services. i went to Honda to get my seat belt changed and when i got back to pick up my car, there was a crackk on my windshield. Out of curiousity, i asked BRAD what happened to my windshield and he said we didn't do it angrily. then he took a pen and started pointing out all my rock chips on my windshield. He just gave me so much attitude when i just simply asked what happen. i wasn't expecting them to pay for it or nothing, i just wanted to know what happened. then i talked to the service manager and he was also giving me attitude. ALL I WANTED WAS A SIMPLE APOLOGY AND SOME DISPLINARY PUNISHMENT. then i went to talk to the general manager and he KNEW that it was their fault, but he did not even do anything. he said he was going to have a ""TALK"" with BRAD, but all they did was laugh about it inside while we were still outside watching them. they gave me the worst service and i would NEVER go there ever again. BAD SALES BAD SERVICE. *****ONLY THE PARTS DEPARTMENT HAVE THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE.***** \r \r P.S. if you guys ever need service, go to Honda of San Francisco and look for a guy name Aaron. he gave me the BEST customer service and treated me with respect. Pros: PARTS DEPARTMENT - BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE Cons: SERVICE DEPARTMENT - WORST WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE more

Worst Dealership I have ever dealt with 8/6/2008

I purchased a used vehicle from Honda of Serramonte. Sales staff treated me fine. A. got it home and it started to overheat. B. found out the water pump was completely shot and had been bad for a long time (no fins on the pump at all! (replaced it) C. Engine began to knock 500 miles after leaving the dealership. D. Emails and telephone calls regarding the above problems were never returned. E. 40 days later I am notified by the dealership that the vehicle needs to be smogged? I need to take it to a ""Test Only"" facility (they did reimburse me for the cost, not my time) F. 60 days later they notified me I need to surrender the license plates? \r \r I understand the vehicle is a 98 with 98K miles, however I have never dealt with such an inept dealership who doesn't correctly deal with DMV issues before releasing a vehicle for sale. I paid $7100 for the vehicle and am facing $4000 in repairs..............least they could have done is returned my call or answered my emails. Pros: Sales staff is fine Cons: Emails and calls go unanswered, too many DMV issues more

So that's why used car salesmen have that reputation 5/27/2007

All was fine until it came time to get to the paperwork. I told him about my bad credit as soon as we shook hands outside but that I could/would put 50%+ down to make it work. He said ""no problem"". and said they had 50 cos they go thru. He wanted to do the credit app right away & I said sure. Then he comes back & says I need a co-signer. I said what happened to the ""no problem"" 10 min ago. He tried to blame his boss & came back 10 minutes later with a 70-75% down payment. I said that seems high but is acceptable and do-able - but why the deception re the co-signer? I either need one or I don't - right? Probably had to do w/ his loan origination commission.\r \r Then he wants to talk $. I said give me an out-the-door # & we can go from there. He refused. He said whatever price we figure will not include tax, license, smog, paper prep, etc. I said no way. I'm not going to let you nickle and dime me for 3 pages of BS. Figure out the price and we can go from there. After 10 minutes of psuedo explanations, he finally said he'd give me a # and I immediately said ""again, why the BS?"" I began to find it pointless to explain business ethics to a used car salesman. I told him I wasn't interested anymore in his version of a transparent & honest business deal.\r \r He was dishonest & predatory in the way he handled everything. I pointed out my 100% honesty from the start & the # of ways he'd lied & tried to make the transaction opaque. I told him he gave used car salesmen their rep & if I would get my car thru another Honda dealership on principle. \r \r He said ""fine, go ahead then"" (verbatim), got up and walked out on me. ALEX GRINBLAT - He sabotaged a deal that he knew was handed to him by the ""new guy"" who I happened to be a friend of a friend of. He tried a range of tactics to corner me into a bad deal & I just got sick of hearing his BS. I went there w/ the $ & desire to get a car then/there & only found a 22 y/o vulture. \r \r There's ALOT more but I'm limited by word count.... more

Great experience 5/8/2007

I purchased a new Pilot from this store about two weeks ago, and thought it was a great experience.\r The price was fair, my salesperson (Ken), was great. I submitted an online inquiry and he actually called me back! I sent emails to three other Honda dealers, and got no response from any of them. If you are tired of not getting service, I would highly reccommend this dealer. I love the car!! Pros: good people, big selection of cars more

Not so scary! 5/1/2007

I am also a first time buyer, and my friend Jessica referred me to them. I was helped by the an asian salesman, and he was great. My finances aren't that great, and they were able to put me into a honda! I was also scared, but my fears quickly went away after I saw my new (used, but new to me) car. I have had the car for a few weeks now, and I love it. I did have one issue with it, but Rami in service took care of it quickly and without any charge. Also a free car wash, wow! All in all, a great place to do business more

Wonderful 5/1/2007

I am a single mom, and got the run around from numerous dealers.\r I called and made an appointment with a sales person and they had my new car waiting for me when I showed up! The price was very fair, and had a great experience. I can't believe how easy it really was! I would definately reccomend them to my family and friends. more

Shady Business...Management/Salesmen/Service Dept. 9/28/2006

I have had the pleasure of dealing with a HUGE HEADACHE when I tried to give my business to this dealership. To make a very long story short, I spent 5 hours trying to work a deal since I wanted to trade in my old car, left with a nice used vehicle (since they told me that I was approved for the car), only to get a call from the manager two weeks later telling me that I needed a co-signer otherwise I would have to bring the car back because my loan was denied (supposedly I submitted false info on my application). Sounded "iffy" since I was told that everything was kosher when I left. I returned the car that night and asked to see the application that I filled out. To my surprise, the salesman that I dealt with wrote up a new application, changed my income and personal reference info and FORGED MY SIGNATURE!! They were SO unprofessional. Told me that no one forged anything and that whatever they were doing was perfectly normal. (HELLO, I should know my own writing style and the actual n more

Beware of Service Dept 8/31/2006

I did not have a positive experience at this Honda dealership. I initially met with Rami Alsharif. My Honda Pilot was 4k miles over the warranty period and my engine warning light was on. This usually happens if the gas cap is not placed on tight and it may take 3-4 days after the cap gets tightened before the warning light goes away. When I went to Honda of Serramonte, Rami mentioned that it would take about $140 to do a diagnosis. And that amount would NOT be applied to any related repairs undertaken by the dealership. I?ve not heard of that one! Most dealerships credit any initial work undertaken towards final repairs. So that was strike one ? the first negative. The diagnosis was completed after about half day and Rami mentioned that the probable repair charges would be in the $600 range for putting a new gas cap and connector pipe. Plus the original $140 for diagnosis. Needless to say, I wasn?t too happy. I was only 4K beyond my warranty mileage. Then Rami did the goo more

Satisfactory is a high rating for a car dealer 11/4/2005

I was able to negotiate an excellent price with these folks on an inexpensive Honda. When problems arose, they jumped to fix them as though I had bought a top-of-the-line model at full price. I'd certainly do business with them again. It was annoying, therefore, that there were lots of the usual underpredictions of how long things would take, as well as a hard sell on an extra warranty which misrepresented what was covered on the regular warranty. All in all, though, better than a lot of the other options out there. more

BEWARE !!! 8/28/2005

We are a family of 5 and we really needed a good car. Our mistake was going to this dealer...Our salesperson was great! and that was the only good thing about our experience! Once the sales manager got a hold of us, we were not able to talk about the price of the car...NO NEGOTIATIONS!!!! he laughed at us...then the loan person was just as bad...gave us on Percentage and jerked us around for 7 hour!!!!! Finally giving us a VALET key and sending us on our way...5 days later we had to go in for another 4 hours to sign a new contract...1.5 months loan...return it or else!!! what the hell it that all about????? oh yeah, if i wanted new keys to use on the WHOLE car...3 hour wait and lots of $$$$ involved!!! Pros: salesperson Cons: sales manager, loan officer, bunch of liars more

Hondas as cars are great, salesmen here are not 6/21/2005

I love my Honda. It's a great car, and I'm glad I bought it. However, the process to get the car was less than desired. The salesman was completely the stereotype of sleaze that carsales people are imagined to be. Slimy is the word I would use, and he really pushed the limit in making us wait to get an estimate of how much we were going to pay for our car. Unhappy was my experience here. Go to another Honda dealer, please. PROS: CONS: Slimy sales men more

Worst Car Shopping Experience Ever! 7/21/2003

This was a horrible experience shopping at Serramonte Honda. The sales lady was fine and I agreed to buy the car but hadn't decided on the color. Sales manager walks over, decides on color for me, and walks off saying take it or leave it. I left it. Will be writing complaint to AHM. Such jerks that work there. Pros: clean Cons: sales manager, high pressure tactics, customer relations more
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