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Honda Of Clear Lake - 24 Reviews - 20233 Gulf Fwy, Webster, TX - Honda Dealers Reviews - Phone (281) 338-6666

Honda Of Clear Lake

20233 Gulf Fwy
Webster, TX 77598
(281) 338-6666
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I just bought my new Civic Coupe with them today. It was a pleasant experience. I really enjoyed working with Doug Dahlstrand and his manager, Bennett Johnson. They have been know...


BUYER BEWARE!! I contacted Scott Campbell, internet sales manager at HONDA OF CLEAR LAKE. He offered to sell me a 2009 Honda Civic with 3k miles for $14000. I ran a carfax and the...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/11/2014

Very bad experience. The only good experience was with the salesperson, who has since left. Service Dept. is one of the worst - starting with Service Manager and down to Service writers. Had a missing key that was ordered when we purchased and supposedly ordered. We waited several weeks and when I went down to pick up plates, found out that the key had been there and no one ever called. Parts Dept. failed on this one. Next, the first time I went for service, I pulled in and had to go inside to find a service writer - too lazy to get up from their seats to assist. Better dealers have writers outside in bay to assist. The only reason I go back to this dealer is for free oil changes. I will be going to other locations for any other types of service. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/2/2013

DRIVE AWAY AS FAR AS YOU CAN! Worst car buying experience ever!!!\r \r They raised the price, refused to gave us copy of the contract when by law they need to provide (we didn't know yet). from 18,500 now we owe more than 22,000.\r \r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/20/2012

While I do love my 2012 CRV, I am terribly disappointed with the customer service at Honda Clear Lake. BE WARNED ? customer service is over the moment you drive your car off the lot. more


BUYER BEWARE!! I contacted Scott Campbell, internet sales manager at HONDA OF CLEAR LAKE. He offered to sell me a 2009 Honda Civic with 3k miles for $14000. I ran a carfax and the MILES HAD BEEN ROLLED BACK. When I informed him his reply was ""It's still the cheapest car within 500 miles. Maybe I should look for a car with more miles"" more

Great car, great buying experience, helpful sales team! 3/10/2012

I just bought my new Civic Coupe with them today. It was a pleasant experience. I really enjoyed working with Doug Dahlstrand and his manager, Bennett Johnson. They have been knowledgable, helpful, straight forward and very cool with a demanding customer (like me, i know I am). Doug even made extra efforts to make all arrangements ahead of time to save my time at the dealership. I look forward to having the similar level of service at Customer Services later. Strongly recommend the team of Ben and Doug when you buy with Honda of Clear Lake. more

RUN FOR THE HILLS!! 3/1/2012

Reviews Pros: Salesman was personable. Good selection of Certified Pre-Owned. Provided window tinting to work with me. Cons: (In Order) ""Certified Vehicle"" = $400 - $750 extra charge on your bill. Not included in the advertised price. The morning after purchasing my vehicle we see the same exact vehicle listed on Auto Traders website for $1600 less that we purchased it for. I went up there the same morning only to find out that our salesman from the night before had been terminated in the 15 hours after we purchased our vehicle from him. Then I was told we they would not sell me the vehicle for the price it was advertised for on Auto Traders website unless they were to pay me less than the amount we agreed on for my trade. After speaking to 2 managers and the internet salesman I was provided a free window tint to try and make amends which was a good gesture but obviously not $1600 value... After explaining that the ""Certified Vehicle"" we purchased the day before and the same vehicle my wife and 2 year old son will be transiting in every day pulls very bad to the right side (next day after purchase) I was told there was no more money left in the deal to make it drive as a normal vehicle should (much less a Certified Vehicle) and to see the services department for a quote on an alignment of the vehicle. Not good business and a danger to the customer. No follow up call at ALL! We wanted to finance through our credit union and we were told that was no problem at all but apparently because the final price was more than 120% of the appraisel price of the vehicle they wanted us to put $2300 down. I was not told this until I went up to the dealership 4 days later to get the window tint done. By this point they had submitted our credit to ""only"" 2 other banks WITHOUTus ever signing anything additional or anyone ever calling to tell us this was happening or to get our permission. In other words they are doing things that directly affect your credit without ever notifying you of it! I am probably the most anal person you will ever meet in regards to my credit so I have now I had to order a copy of our credit reports to make sure we were not shopped around to a bunch of banks. We will see I guess if the finance guy was being honest or not when he told me only 2 additional banks. Found major damage to the underside of the ""Certified Car"" that was never pointed out or revealed and was not on the car fax report. GRRRRR!!! (was raining the date of purchased or we would have seen it before purchasing) Overall: The overall experience my family had with Clear Lake Honda was the most horrible stereo typical ""Used Car dealership"" experience I have ever been through to date. This being my 8th vehicle purchase since 2001 I might add. I am scared to go get the ""free oil changes for life"" (that you do not receive loaner cars for) as I do not trust them at all and would not recommend that anyone deal with them. They are deceiving, dis-honest, un-caring and simply have no aspect of customer service. more

Worst dealership around...BIG RIP 9/28/2011

They deceive you from the time of sale to the time of maintenance....sell you warranties they have no intention of covering...Titanium way to qualify to be repaired. Salesman lied. not try to get service from their rude inefficient service dept.(service writers- Jason Bell was ours). ] I bought my car April 2009. It was a 2008 Civic. I was the first purchaser. I brought my car in for repair Sept 12, 2011 with 30,500 miles (STANDARD 3YR 36,000 MILES). I was told I was no longer under warranty.That they only honor the date the car arrived on their lot from the factory...that is ridiculous... I pulled out my warranty book that clearly states warranty begins from the date of sale. ( mine clearly shows April 4, 2009) They rejected this and said it was out of warranty. We verified with other salesmen that this is their common practice, but they do not tell their customer this when they purchase the vehicle. I was forced to go all the way to American Honda company to get this issue settled that my warranty really was from date of purchase. I wonder how many people just accept this dishonest policy and don't fight to get what they are due in service. This is not a company that prides itself in good customer service. This is the last time I will deal with them and I will be sure to share my experience with my friends and anyone else that might be interested in buying a Honda. They also gave me a list of over $2000.00 of unnecessary maintenance that they wanted to sell me because according to them my warranty had expired. CUSTOMER BE VERY AWARE WHEN DEALING WITH THIS PLACE. MY ADVICE: take your business elsewhere. Good car...bad dealership. more

One bad apple ruins the bunch! 9/26/2011

Good cars, good service as long as you are aware not to deal with a Sales Manager named Tuan Le. Ask for a sales person who is not on Tual Le's team in order to have an exceptional client experience. Tuan Le has zero customer service interaction skills and will make you feel stupid. Had to go up two levels of management to make them aware of the situation and to have the original deal honored. Other than having to interact with Tuan Le, the outcome was good. Our sales person, Giovanni, was exceptional and the only reason we agreed to return to discuss giving the dealership the opportunity to do the right thing. Ruben Sanchez in Finance and Matt Collins saved the deal and came through by doing the right thing by my 80+ yr old mother-in-law. The only problem is that Giovanni works on Tuan Le's team. So if you want to deal wtih Clear Lake Honda, specifically ask for a sales person who is not teamed up with Tuan Le. Or get Giovanni (the best) and ask him to request working with a different sales manager for your deal. more

Love our new Honda Pilot! 8/7/2011

We drove into Honda of Clear Lake not even thinking we were going to purchase a car from them. We had been looking at Mid-size SUVs to replace our mini-van which had 180K miles on it! We were thinking we had finally settled on a Toyota Highlander or a Chevy Traverse when we drove by Honda Clear Lake just to see what they had in stock. We asked one of the workers if they had a used Pilot we could test drive & he directed us to Shawn Day to help us! Shawn pulled up in a 2009 Pilot all decked out w/the works...leather, sunroof, flip down DVD player...everything we were ""dreaming"" of, but couldn't find for the right price! We test drove it & fell in love w/the Pilot! It was exactly what we had wanted. We were nervous if it would go over our budget, but when he wrote down the number, we hardly had to negotiate w/them at all! It was just what we were wanting to spend on our next car! We felt like we got a beautiful vehicle for a fantastic price! They were not pushy at all, & Shawn was a lot of help making sure that our new car looked perfect to drive away that same day! This is our 2nd car from Honda Clear Lake & we are very happy customers! :-))) more

Terrible service in the service dept 7/26/2011

This is a review of the Service Department not Sales. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ATROCIOUS!!! THE SERVICE PEOPLE ARE RUDE AND CONFRONTATIONAL!!! I bought a 2011 Honda CR-Z in Arkansas four months ago, and recently moved to Houston. I love the car! It fun and fuel efficient. However, after a few cleanings a plastic panel located to the left side of the steering wheel (behind the buttons to adjust the mirror) became discolored. It looked as though something was sprayed on it that had stripped away all the shine and turned the plastic a strange color. This was odd to me because I use very few products to clean the car- Windex, Armor All, and soapy water. No other plastic had discolored and the buttons directly on the plastic had not been affected either. It seemed simple to me- a defective part. No worries. I needed an oil change, so I brought the car into Honda of Clear Lake to get my service (which also went poorly) and to ask them about replacing the defective plastic on the dash. Carlos, in the service department, sat in my car and said, ""Something was sprayed on this that ruined it."" I can see. I explained that I only use a couple of cleaning products and that no other plastic was discolored. I told him I felt as though it was defective and had nothing to do with my cleaning. Carlos argued with me for 5 minutes in the service bay. He accused me of lying. He said that the discoloration was my fault, because I'd used a product that ruined plastic. ""Maybe you didn't mean to, but you sprayed something on here,"" he told me. He told me that the warranty would not cover it, but he'd talk to his manager. I insisted over and over again that it was a defect while he ran his fingers over the whole console pointing out every smudge and fingerprint saying, ""See, there's a film on this..."" After a word with his manager, Carlos came to tell me that they would replace the plastic part, but added that they would only do it once and that I needed to stop using the cleaning product that discolored it. Angry and a little humiliated, I had to bite my tongue. He was still calling me a liar, but at least I was getting it fixed, right? Then came the second round of poor customer service... Carlos told me that because I'd reached over 9000 miles before needing an oil change that I'd actually missed one. He said that oil changes are due every 5000 miles. He told me I needed to get the 10,000 mile check up which cost approximately $160. However, my oil light had only just come on saying that I was at 15% oil life. Like a fool, I agreed to the ridiculous check up because he said I'd driven it too much. Stated plainly in the manual, you only need an oil change at 15% oil life. The car tells you when you need a service. It does not need to happen every 5000 miles. This is a rip off! The services they provided (at a cost of $160) were completely unnecessary for a 4 months old vehicle!! In summary, this service department is rude, expensive, and aggressive. Do not take your car here. Go somewhere else! I wish I could give it no stars instead of 1. more

And how do they stay in business? Unbelievable... 5/26/2011

Some salesmen have a great knack for hiding dishonesty and putting on a sincere demeanor; surprisingly some (or atleast one) of the salesmen here do not even possess this ability. One of the most outrageous things to me about the company in it's whole was the dishonesty with website pricing vs. actual pricing. The website had decent prices on a number of vehicles that I drove an hour to go see. Upon arriving at the dealer, I found out after deciding to buy one of the pre-owned vehicles that the website prices on each were low by 10 or more% (thousands of dollars); they are a gimmick to reel you in. I could not even negotiate a sales price that was near the online price and ended up purchasing for higher than advertised price. When I asked about the dishonesty it was dismissed as very recent technological ""website malfunctions"" but I had been seeing the same price online for a month....REDICULOUS. Even worse, the online trade-in value is another joke of a gimmick to get you in, I was told that I would only get HALF of what the online trade-in price was quoted, that is a HUGE difference. I do not think anyone can deny most car salesmen are dishonest at least to some degree, but the one I had was beyond unacceptable which is one of the main reasons I am disappointed (he even started making up stories about a competitor dealer which he forgot admitting to me the previous day he had never even HEARD OF). Not to mention extremely rude also. Besides having the painfully obvious rationale of a child, I cannot count how many rediculous lies he told me (as if I didn't know he was lying), and when I got fed up and started questioning him in detail about what he was telling me, I got him to contradict himself so many times and he just stopped talking after realizing he was making a fool of himself. You have to pay close attention to what they say and ask details and get as much as you can in writing because they will deceive. If you are careful and play it smart, you can outwit them because, or at least the salesman which I dealt with possessed an astonishingly substandard IQ (is there even an employee screening process?). Absolutely ANYTHING will be said to make the sale, MONEY comes before ETHICS here and I am disappointed in my experience with both the sales and loan staff. Now as for benefit of the doubt, I understand that I might have just been assigned to the most rude, dishonest, and least competent member of the sales staff; maybe some of the salesmen are better but I think everything points to one root problem...lack of upper management care/resposibility and customer appreciation. It has appeared that upper management is lazy and I was very surprised at how little communication there was between all parties involved. If Honda of Clearlake does not correct some of these issues, its future success could be tainted. Dismal, dismal. To end with a very few of the pro's I believe I owe them after this bashing, I would have to say they have a good pre-owned selection and I now have a beautiful pre-owned truck. After all, I did make my purchase with them, only because they had the perfect truck for me and you can't be as picky about dealers if you're in the used vehicle market. However, I dread the possibility of having to deal with them in the future for any warranty isses, etc. You can come out just fine if you are skilled at negotiating and have extremely good background knowledge in all auto issues, just know you might run into some disappointing service along the way. Lastly, keep in mind that for some of them (cannot in good conscience say all or even most), the core business philosophy that I and apparently a number of others have observed is one thing: MONEY before ETHICS. Happy hunting. more

Worst car buying experience ever 3/25/2011

We showed up to look for a Honda Accord. We were approached by several different salesman. To make the long story short , they asked what is our price range. Finally we agreed upon a price of $17,500 for a Honda Accord and we did all the paper work. We are in the final step of signing the paperwork and notice they added $3000 to the price of the car after agreeing on the price of 17500. The Japanese looking guy, I believe he is a manager was so rude when we confronted him with the price change. He said they need to make profit. All I know is if you are dealing with customers wether customer is right or wrong you shouldn't raise your voice to your customer. That manager needs some customer service training. Dont waste your time going to this dealer. more

Undercover Boss Should Go Here.......... Very Bad 3/18/2011

This dealership should be on the next Undercover Boss!! Whoever is the General Manger here should be ashamed. Tuan Le who works in the finance department is a joke. He is arrogant, rude and I bet he couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it. He is what you call a out for yourself person. He only cares about what is in it for him. He is a very convincing person and wants to control the conversation and the situation. Most people are easily persuaded and I bet if you went back and checked with everyone who he helped get financed it would show he is constantly playing the shell game with his prospective buyers. I only hope that everyone reads this and stays away from this horrible place. I have read the reviews and he is mentioned several times and it seems that as long as he keeps getting people qualified he will continue to get away with the things he does!!!! Even the better business bureau gave them a B for their business. 23 Complaints against them. You cant always make everyone happy, but it is how you treat them that will either make or break you in the long run. I wonder if the General Manager even see's what is going on? I see that they just won the Presidents Award? Whoever voted on this should spend a day talking to the buyers coming in. I will never ever set a foot in this dealership again!!!!! more

Horrible Experience!! 1/23/2011

Stay away from this dealership! I The salesmen are very tricky, pushy, and dishonest!! They don't care if you are happy with the purchase or not, it's all about making the sale! I tried to back out of the sale and they convinced me that it was too late! Worst experience of my life!!! There is a reason you won't see any sticker invoices on the windows of their new cars- they get you in a room and add on tons of ""extras"" and you will pay thousands of dollars over MSRP! It should be illegal! They're crooks! more

Would never buy from them again 7/30/2010

I purchased a new car (2008) the paint is defective (2010) and the car is under warranty and they will not fix it. They want me to believe it is water spots that is causing the paint to crack. Then I called American Honda and when they investigated they told me people looked at the car that had never seen the car. So, either they lied to American Honda or American Honda lied to me, either way bad business. Crooks! The one star I gave them was very generous. Pros: Close to where we live Cons: They do not stand by their cars that are under warranty more

place to buy honda 6/24/2010

My husband and I are big fan of honda b/c they are reliable and affordable. so we went shopping for Honda cr-v. First place we went was David Mcdavid honda b/c we bought several hondas there. this time, experience there was bad!!! so, we walked out of there. Next place we looked was Honda of clear lake. Now, I was little hesitant at first b/c I read some bad reviews. To my surprise, we met a wonderful salesman name, Robert Deberry. He was very professional and knowledgeable. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy new hondas. He did not waste single minute of our time. straight to the point!!! Manager was pretty tough on the price. But we got a great deal on our new crv thanks to Robert Deberry. Finance team was wonderful. Sometimes it is good to try new place and new people. Folks, try Honda of clear lake if you are looking to buy honda. Salesman makes all the difference in the world. We were very happy with our service. Pros: friendly and very very professional!! Cons: tough manager and no frapuccino! more

""deals are not made by handshakes"" 5/14/2010

Now I know why Robert, manager of pre-owned wasn't concerned about the ratings I'd give-they already stink! So all I'm gonna say is they are total time wasters and don't communicate between sales people! This guy actually said ""Deals are not made by handshakes anymore"" after I'd shook quite a few of his colleagues hands on a deal that he renegged on after 3 hours of bargaining! Get everything in writing so they don't add 700 in ""fees"" to ur deal! Pros: nice sales guys Cons: too many tricks more


TUAN the finance officer is a liar, had to redo contract three times.I wanted my Trade-In back but was told they had already sold it. Was forced to do business with this so called dealership. Forget talking to the owner, have left numerous messages never a response. Pathetic.No management that I can tell, they talk a good game but when it comes down to it, thats all they do. My A/C has been worked on 4 times, the blower motor has went out two times in the last year, the door actuators have been replaced twice now, stereo had to be replaced as well and when they did that, they managed to put gashes in the dash. Of course that had to be fixed.DO NOT DO BUSINESS HERE!!!DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THESE CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: NONE THUS FAR Cons: FINANCING, SERVICE, SALES more

No Ethics or Morals here! 10/19/2009

My husband and I went looking for a small used 2nd car to drive to and from work. We found an older model Accord at this dealer ship. We had been having difficulty getting financing because of the car price range we were going for. We signed with them to get financing for the Accord. Not approved again because of the mileage on the car. The sales manager spoke to my husband about another car that was double the price range we were willing to pay. My husband told him we were not going to finance anything in that price range. I began receiving notices in the mail from various banks and finance companies with approval denials. I was under the impression that we were trying this one time and one time only. Apparently if you sign their ""privacy policy"" you are giving them the okay to attempt finance through anyone they choose and for any amount. Legal or not, it isn't ethical. We have been on the road to repairing our still good (but not excellent) credit but now with all the inquiries that they have just put on there, I'm not sure how much longer it will take. Anyone that can, in good conscience, do that to struggling hard working people need to go straight to hell. Where are peoples morals anymore? And everyone wonders what is wrong with America. I too would have given them a 0/5 if that was an option. Cons: Everything they represent more
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