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Hollywood Palladium - 18 Reviews - 6215 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (323) 469-8408

Hollywood Palladium

6215 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 469-8408
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Hollywood Palladium - Los Angeles, CA
Hollywood Palladium - Los Angeles, CA


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i used to go here all the time but hated it cause of the security and the sound. since they've re-opened they fixed both! security is actually super nice now. the sound is good n...


For a venue of this size and stature, the owners should invest in a decent sound system. If you stand in the back of the hall, the music is distorted. From the sides is all echo. ...

typical LA venue, no idea how to respect their customers 3/18/2010

phakecta Provided by Partner
The Palladium is a classic example of disappointing LA nightlife. Staff is rude to the patrons, shooing them and treating them more like dogs than people. "Don't walk over there! Don't sit over there!" Hello? We paid good money to see a show, not to be treated in such a manner. Have you ever heard of customer service? Fortunately not all LA venues are like this, but it's becoming all too common. Whatever happened to the Cali chillness? Pros: high quality, if somewhat too loud sound system Cons: staff on the floor is rude to patrons more

Worst venue in LA 11/7/2009

Foment3 Provided by Partner
The new Palladium suffers from some of the same problems the old one did. UItra aggressive staff and tape lines in the venue herding you into specific spots to stand. In other words, you get in and can't see a thing and all of a sudden some flashlight is in your face saying that you can not stand there. Try this the whole night everywhere you go. This equals a lousy experience and I will never go back no matter who is there. Stay away from this zoo and go to the Wiltern, Fonda or the El Rey and enjoy the show instead of being hassled by some junior with a light. Lousy venue and terrible policy. Pros: None Cons: Staff, size, parking, prices more

easy to find 10/13/2009

samestrangejack Provided by Partner
the Bob Dylan show was great. The security harassed us for sitting on the rail,only us!Once you leave they won't let you back in to buy merch. They allowed children(8yrs,old) and families in and they carried on as if they were in their livingroom-very annoying to everyone else.Prices of drinks($12) makes you head for the water fountain and settle for the contact high. There are no seats in spite of what is printed on the tickets-NO ROWS and NO SEATS.A plain wooden floor only. Your feet are really gonna hurt cause you can't move around much unless you go to the dance floor where you cant see very well.If they have someone I like a lot I'll return. Pros: good show Cons: high prices more

Not nearly as crappy as before! 5/12/2009

superdilfer Provided by Partner
Had a great time at The Shins on Sunday...the vibe there was great. I had some problems here in my younger days - the security was so heavy handed I swore I'd never go back. But I did, and now I'd go again. Pros: Sound, Security, Short Drink Lines Cons: Parking more

cool new place to see a show 5/12/2009

Souxsie Provided by Partner
I went here on Mother's Day to see Keane and wow how this place has changed. Low key security, and a cool new retro vibe. The sound was AWESOME and even though we were standing in the back we had a great view of the show. My one beers was pretty expensive, but not more so than other concert places like Nokia. The whole place was really clean and easy to get around. Everyone who worked there seemed super nice too. I will definitely be going back! Pros: great sound, clean, no lines for bathrooms Cons: expensive drinks more

WOW 5/12/2009

PhillisKiller Provided by Partner
I was one of many who vowed to never return to The Palladium. I was talked into going back to the place of so many headaches just recently. WOW....what a change. Remember the JackA$$ Security?...It is NO MORE. I will be going back. Pros: Great sound Cons: Drinks still $$$ more

The Palladium is GREAT! 5/12/2009

CraigB Provided by Partner
Saw Keane at this recently renovated venue last Saturday. What an amazing place to catch a show. I loved the fact that there was TONS of parking, friendly security, minimal lines for drinks AND clean bathrooms. I couldn't recommend a better place for a concert. more

so much better! 5/4/2009

claire82 Provided by Partner
i used to go here all the time but hated it cause of the security and the sound. since they've re-opened they fixed both! security is actually super nice now. the sound is good no matter if it's jay z, bloc party or flogging molly. i was lucky enough to see all three shows! Pros: sound, security, bands more

Old but grand dance spot 11/23/2007

jericsmall Provided by Partner
I've only been to the Palladium for big dance events, so my view of the place in general is probably not typical. The Palladium though makes for a fantastic special event venue. The dance floor area is large. The crowd flow is great. There's a big outdoor smoking/resting area to chill out. It could use more bars, though I've never waited for a drink. Facilities need expansion. Lighting is surprisingly good for the vastness of the place. And I love being able to chill up on the balconies or in the wings and soak in the action and people watch. more

Palladium 10/5/2007

ziggyman65 Provided by Partner
Don't know about everyone else but I had a blast there. I went to see Morrissey "after" reading all these bad reviews. I guess it must depend on who you see because I had great time . The lounge was cool the A/C worked just fine and we were dancing. Security was just fine. I got to see the last act to book there before they close it down, what a shame. To be able to be as close as we were was so ultra cool it made the show so very personal. I sure hope that the new owners reopen the place. What a loss. Pros: great if you get there early Cons: tight and packed near the stage more

Worst Customer Treatment in LA 12/12/2006

socalboarder Provided by Partner
I saw the Wolfmother show there last night even after reading all of the previous reviews. I went in knowing that the staff would be heavy handed and rude but the treatment I saw left me appalled. We went with a large group and were waiting outside the door for the last guy because we had his ticket. After repeatedly being told by security to go inside or "get off the property" (their words) we were escorted to the sidewalk and told we had to wait outside the property. So we did, only now security at the edge of the driveway yelled at us that we couldn't stand on a public side walk and kept threatening to call the cops. Now all through this we did not even acknowledge them, so it's not like we were arguing back and forth and causing a scene where they would need to call the cops. Finally our friend arrives and we go to go inside. You have to take everything out of your pocket to get frisked (standard) but if you have anything other than a wallet, cell phone and keys they make you throw it away or they won't let you in. No gums, chapstick, etc. The frisker even gave me a hardy "sack tack" to make sure they were mine. One of the girls even had the woman stick her hand up underneath her bra. So we finally make it inside and its chaos. While I applaud their effort to sell as much alcohol as possible by putting a bar every 6 feet, it makes it nearly impossible to get through, and this wasn't even a sold out show. The band started up and it was immediately obvious the sound system was sub-par to say the least. Luckily Wolfmother has a crunchy sound; otherwise it would have been awful. The show was good but the second it ended all the doors flew open and security started pushing the crowd out. The guitar sustain was still ringing when shouts of "You can't stay here" sounded. They don't seem to realize we are paying customers and not the enemy. Worst music club I've ever been to. If you don't like concert goers, get out of the concert business. Never again! Pros: Good Bands Cons: Ghestapo-like Security, Overpriced Drinks, Terrible Sound Sysyem, $20 Parking more

awful staff--not a good place 10/30/2006

binman69 Provided by Partner
i have seen a few shows here and the staff is so mean and rude. i wouldn't even bother going back again. the security is super tight! more

Worst Venue in LA 10/23/2005

citydroot Provided by Partner
Terrible sound. Awful staff. Awful parking. Ridiculous security - no GUM?!! Long lines. Want to have a drink and chat with your friends in the lobby while the opening band plays?Forget it - the doors to the gymnasium-like main room are wide open and the sound system is like an AM radio blasting from a Gremlin. I saw Bloc Party there in Sept and it was a depressing experience. Thank god I'd seen them before. The Kills opened and of course sounded like crap. I saw them few weeks later at the El Rey, which has glorious sound, and it was like seeing a completely different band. Don't even THINK about going to a show here. Pros: absolutely none Cons: everything more

horrible 9/12/2003

flip Provided by Partner
the security here is a bunch of nazis. they'll take your car if they can get your keys from you. once you get past the gestapo, things dont get much better. the place is crowded and hot. the sound is distorted. it amazes me that they do any business at all. i refuse to go here anymore, no matter how good the band is. Pros: getting out Cons: crowded, security nazis, sound system more

People actually pay to go here 2/8/2003

losangelescritic Provided by Partner
I have never hated a venue more than this place! The people there are so terrible. You get searched beyond beleif... I am not a thug or a stoner but still have been treated like a criminal. They will take your shoe laces if they feel inclined to do so. The sound is terrible as well. They dont spend money on the comfort there either, it gets hot as heck in there after the third song and is so unbearable. I have tried to enjoy this place so many times but now i refuse to go there no matter what. The Beatles could come back from the dead and I would still skip the place! Pros: not one Cons: hot and gross, intense security, bad sound more

don't waste your time 11/16/2002

dogface Provided by Partner
It's like a police state in there. You can't bring ANYTHING in with you, so leave it at home or sneak it in your undies. The sound is bad, the drinks are weak and overpriced, and there are a hundred fat girls who think they can push their way to the front. Oh, and if your ticket says 6:30 showtime, that means the GATES open at 6:30, but the show doesn't start for another 3 hours. Don't go early or you'll be standing outside in the sun for a long time. On the way out, you'll find very sympathic security guys who admit the club sucks. more

size matters 5/21/2002

fragglesmonkey Provided by Partner
Perfect size venue for a good rock show, $5 or so beer way too small, but still possible to have a good time more

Sound Off 5/15/2002

For a venue of this size and stature, the owners should invest in a decent sound system. If you stand in the back of the hall, the music is distorted. From the sides is all echo. The best place to hear a live band at the Palladium is front and center, if you can survive the mosh pit, that is. more
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