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Holly Hill Hospital Adult Campus - 2 Reviews - 3019 Falstaff Rd, Raleigh, NC - Psychiatric Hospital Reviews - Phone (919) 518-9850

Holly Hill Hospital Adult Campus

3019 Falstaff Rd
Raleigh, NC 27610
(919) 518-9850
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Holly Hill Hospital Adult Campus - Raleigh, NC
Holly Hill Hospital Adult Campus - Raleigh, NC
Holly Hill Hospital Adult Campus - Raleigh, NC
Holly Hill Hospital Adult Campus - Raleigh, NC
Holly Hill Hospital Adult Campus - Raleigh, NC
Holly Hill Hospital Adult Campus - Raleigh, NC
Holly Hill Hospital Adult Campus - Raleigh, NC
Holly Hill Hospital Adult Campus - Raleigh, NC
Holly Hill Hospital Adult Campus - Raleigh, NC


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STAY AWAY from this nightmare at all costs! NEVER commit your child and get stuck here. It's like a cheaply run YMCA camp, with inept nurses, and lazy social workers. Nurses fudge...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/1/2015

If you honest need help this is not the place. Its jail. Most do not belong there. much is on you. you do not get care . you have to beg for anyone to help. many are there for real stupid reasons . One guy hit his land lord. one was there on here say someone said he said he wanted to die. a few were there for panic omg my kid has them my husband has them they take somthing for it . Not sent here most peoples rights are very violated .they are sent here against there will. me the ER sent me with a brain injury they never checked i had to beg to get a ct scan it starts with a hospital who does not care see your head and face are black and blue. I could not recall anything that was a wake up call. they put a vidio dr in my room who yelled at me i could not recall his number . then holly hill. I had TBI. This was the start I was put there againt my will by a bad hospital central in NC. my lawsuit will be on them. But this place is so sad most cry break down there. I did not . there is a group of most normal people who are milked of there insurance. You can put yourself in but they will hold you and change it to involantary .the food is bad you cant get a new food if you dont like it. they control all of your life and take people off there meds to play chicken with peoples health. one man coded for this one died all in the 10days I was there yes !0 I have no history of depression the brain injury was the cause . Employees over worked some mean so ok. your just put in here and fend for your self and save others as no one is helping in staff. the people take care of you in there not staff . The case worker what a joke . Nick. what a joke. one he said we are going to help you . NO he called my daugher told her i was with my own nurse and it was like a spa they lie to family . my daughter looks reviews up she came and found it was no spa and no help. anyway the real problem is many are there for small problems and do not need to be there as they may have a deal with hospitals for clients. so if you go to er you better be sick or you end up here or on 3rd party here say.This is MONEY SCAM insurance scam. I was never crazy they push pills no real one on one. If you love someone dont send them there. But the real fight is how we got there .Thats the real crime . more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/14/2015

Took my spouse - a senior - there with serious anxiety and depression. She was discharged after 5 days with no noticeable improvement - I didn't expect much - just something. There was no change in her drug therapy. She said the nurses were distant and uncaring. There were no instructions given upon discharge. An assistant brought her out, handed me her bag and said goodbye. Never again for my family and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who needed serious help. It was a mistake on our part to go there. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/30/2015

Big family fight over money! I was put there druged up! Yes I did get a lawyer sued the dr and the hospital and I won! This dr was a asshole broke all the laws there was! I hope they close this place I was there 7 days 7 days of pure hell put there by a mother and brother who did not want me to have my father money to hell with this place take them to court you will win! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/17/2015

I am 17 years old. I had reached the point where I wanted more help. I took myself to the ER to get assessed by my OWN CHOICE and I was sent there and marked under ""involuntary"" which means you can not leave NO MATTER WHAT until the doctor says you are allowed to. I was put in for ""suicidal intentions"" even though I made it extremely clear I did not want to kill myself or even hurt myself. I just wanted to seek further therapy. Going in my family was told I was be seeing a therapist, psychiatrist, doctor, along with therapy and group therapy. WRONG! I was there 5 days which is the minimum stay and I did whatever I could to get the hell out of there. Along with every other person there they lie their way out. They say to get released you are suppose to show improvement but how do they expect you to get improvement when there is no therapeutical aspect? I saw my therapist once for 10 minutes. Met with the doctor a few times for about a minute each time. The only goal they have there is to keep you “safe” which means basically locking you in a room to watch nickelodeon. They were incredibly slow and lazy. The process of everything was very slow. The only reason I got out was because I did not need to be there and my grandparents called and had a very stern conversation with the CEO and expressed that the reviews were very accurate. The place needs to be shut down. You are nothing but neglected there. STAY AWAY. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/21/2014

My daughter is here she is taking cold showers and she don't eat the food so she is going to bed hungry, then when I go to sign her out she has to still be in there 72 hours after signing discharge papers even tho she was already cleared to leave in a few days. This is a horrible place, I know it just opened but it looks better than it really is, if I were you I would try any place than have your child come here. As soon as my daughter is out I'm not trusting any place after her experience here!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/27/2014

I personally witnessed a girl fall and hit her head while staff neglected to come help. They refused to let her see a doctor even after she started violently vomiting and complained of a severe headache, and refused to let any of us talk to someone in charge. If anyone is not aware of the severe, potentially fatal complications of head trauma, please read up on them. No testing was ever preformed on this patient.\r A particular tech member, by the name of Paul, needs to be immediately fired. He plays with his lighter in the ward he works on (which is strictly prohibited), flips off patients, and has proved in this instance his complete lack of empathy or even care for the livelihood of the patients who entrust their lives in this facility. \r Another girl experienced multiple asthma attacks while in the same ward. The techs would not help, and refused to give her any medicine. I and another patient had to carry her up the stairs ourselves due to their refusal to help. This all happened in ward 2-east. I will testify in court if I have to, this behavior needs to stop. \r Please, no one send their loved ones here. If something happens to them, there is a good chance there will be inadequate help. Sooner or later, someone is going to die in this hospital, if they haven't already. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/23/2014

I had a terrible experience here. I woke up on Christmas eve with a pillow over my face- my husband was trying to kill me. I grabbed the phone, called 911, & taken here in handcuffs. I had nothing on but my nightgown and it was in the 30s. Nobody gave me a blanket. I sat in the waiting room for at least 6 hours freezing. When I finally got to the floor, I was given an ice-cold\r meal- 2 red hot dogs & soggy fries for Christmas dinner. They kept me for 3 weeks even though I said I was NOT suicidal or homicidal. They didn't change any of my medications or do any therapy. Basically I sat around and watched TV and colored. The patient rights poster said that we had the right to be treated with dignity and to have some outside time daily. In three weeks, I never went outside ONCE! I wrote a long letter of complaint to the patient advocate and received a letter back saying my concerns were being addressed- so much for that. And I have a physical problem requiring me to wear gloves to have a bowel movement. I asked for one every day but they never ""got the order"". It was humiliating. And I forgot to mention the strip search- I had to completely take off every stitch of clothing in front of two strangers while they looked over every square inch of my body and recorded all scars and marks. No compassion!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/31/2013

This place should be shut down. It is positively filthy. The assistants use profanity (including the F word) regularly. I was more afraid of the assistants than I was of any patient. My bed was ripped, the sheets did not fit and I found a dead roach on my mattress. Assistants barked at patients, even those who were compliant. Mold was growing on my AC unit. Several assistants turned a blind eye to some patients that managed to smuggle in weed and they smoked it on the floor. Every patient I spoke with spent 5 to 10 hours waiting to be admitted. I waited for 6 hours. The chairs in the waiting room had vomit on them and there was about 1/2 of an inch of urine on the floor in the holding area bathroom. My case worker was the only good thing about this place. Entertainment consisted of crayons and paper. I felt like I was living a nightmare. These are only the high notes of this horrible experience. more

STAY AWAY from this nightmare at all 6/11/2012

STAY AWAY from this nightmare at all costs! NEVER commit your child and get stuck here. It's like a cheaply run YMCA camp, with inept nurses, and lazy social workers. Nurses fudged records to make it look better. Psychiatrists are over-worked and almost always miss the mark. It's unsafe for any adolescent as it is understaffed; fights and arguments happening regularly. This place will CAUSE more problems than it will ever help resolve. Their business office is downright NASTY, and mean. STAY AWAY! This place is a nightmare worse that anyone's mental or drug abuse issues! Pros: null Cons: null more

Staff "ok", finance department horrific 3/20/2012

Had I known when a family member went to Crisis and Assessment/Hospital that I would not have any say in where she was admitted, I would have gone to the facility I wanted her placed at myself (Moses Cone or UNC). Finance Department was obnoxious within 2 days of this family member being ADMITTED, not discharged. Called regularly about payment that insurance wasn't covering. Even told me that if I pay everything today it will be less than $700.00, but if I wait more than 2 days, it is $1400.00 (this is all while my family member is still in the hospital). I said that they could go ahead and charge me the larger number, then the finance person recanted and said they would give me longer. Which is it? I will NEVER go there again. My family member also reported that a staff member assaulted (slapped) a patient. When I visited, the facility was not treatment based and didn't appear to be until we went through our discharge counseling session (these types of sessions would have been great if they were occurring throughout my family member's stay). Overall, thumbs down. If you unfortunately have to receive services in a psychiatric facility for yourself or someone you love, take the drive to UNC or Moses Cone if at all possible. Moses Cone was a phenomenal experience compared to Holly Hill. Pros: null Cons: null more
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  • Welcome to Holly Hill Hospital. For more than 30 years we have been working to improve the lives of those in our community who are experiencing psychiatric and addictive disease concerns. Currently, we provide specialized treatment programs for children, adolescents, adults and the geriatric population. The Holly Hill name is one of comfort and quality and I'm proud to say that we are constantly evolving, growing and enriching our programs to continue in this tradition of providing excellence in clinical behavioral health care.

    It is our priority at Holly Hill to provide our patients with the treatment and resources needed to return to their communities as healthier individuals. To accomplish this goal I am joined by a team of clinical leaders who are experts in their field and share the vision and passion necessary to provide the best possible programming for the patients in our care. As a community resource, we also provide around the clock, no cost assessments to ensure that those who need services can find the appropriate placement and level of care.

    We hope that our site provides you with the information you need as you search for help for yourself or loved one. I invite you to contact us today with questions or to receive more information on our programs and treatment team.



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