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Holiday House Pet Resort - 19 Reviews - 380 N Shady Retreat Rd, Doylestown, PA - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (215) 345-6960

Holiday House Pet Resort

380 N Shady Retreat Rd
Doylestown, PA 18901
(215) 345-6960
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Holiday House Pet Resort - Doylestown, PA
Holiday House Pet Resort - Doylestown, PA
Holiday House Pet Resort - Doylestown, PA
Holiday House Pet Resort - Doylestown, PA
Holiday House Pet Resort - Doylestown, PA
Holiday House Pet Resort - Doylestown, PA
Holiday House Pet Resort - Doylestown, PA
Holiday House Pet Resort - Doylestown, PA


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We visited many kennels while looking for a place for Rock to stay. Holiday House, far and away was the very best we found! There was no cages or crates. When we took the tour,...


I have been a Holiday House customer for a few years now. I recently picked up my dog from her 3 day stay. She always acts a little distant after being in the kennel, so I didn't ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/13/2014

NEVER AGAIN!!! After getting a 1 yr old rescue, we needed a kennel. We toured 5. We were appalled at what this ""resort"" showed us! A 1950's style bathroom stall was better! Subway tile giving a tiny area which lead to a chain link fenced run, also cement. I didn't see blankets, beds, mats... just concrete. We chose another kennel in Richboro. \r \r So, now grooming. Didn't think they could screw that up. It took TWO WEEKS to actually talk to someone to make an appt. Took our cocker spaniel in, explained how short I wanted it. It was Oct and I wanted it to be thick for JAN/FEB and ready to be cut again by mid March. When I picked him up, the cut was so long, He needed another 3/4"" off his boots/legs AT LEAST! I guess they think I was coming back every month. (NOT for $65!) And, an extra charge they we weren't told about. (Another reviewer was appalled at this, too!) So, it's now Feb, dog is matted, he would have to be shaved to get them out- and it is way too cold to be shaved! So we cut them out by hand. (His hair is funky and doesn't comb/brush well when it is this long) Can't wait til it warms up, he'll be shaved down.. but NOT at HH!!!\r \r THANKS FOR NOTHING HH! Maybe teach your staff about customer service and LISTENING TO CLIENTS and NO SURPRISE CHARGES! All in all, the energy of the place is very cold, like the concrete they want our dogs to stay on 24/7! (exception is the guy who runs the day care- briefly met him while taking a ""tour""- very nice!) more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/5/2012

When I called Holiday House Pet Resort, I spoke with Fran who was very courteous, professional and knowledgeable in regards to the resort operations. This gave me the reassurance and confidence I needed to entrust our family members Tigger and Trinity to their first stay away from home. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/17/2012

Holiday House was a wonderful experience for our dog Moe. In years past we boarded him with our vet and he came home twice very anxious and very ill. He even required medical attention and medicine. This June we boarded him at Holiday House and scheduled playtime for him. He came home happy and healthy. We loved it so much that we are taking him back again this summer for a short stay while we are out of town. Moe is our baby , is very spoiled at home,and we are happy to say that he had such a positive experience with Holiday House. more

We visited many kennels while looking 5/25/2012

We visited many kennels while looking for a place for Rock to stay. Holiday House, far and away was the very best we found! There was no cages or crates. When we took the tour, the young man took me directly to see where my dog would be staying. It was not stacked boarding like other facilities and my dog had not only his own indoor suite, but also a 20 foot outdoor run. The staff was courteous and kind and the guy who gave me a tour made me feel comfortable about leaving Rock. He is our baby! And the thing we liked best was that Rock was happy and well adjusted when we picked him up and got him home. Since our first stay, Rock has been back for obedience training, grooming, and the Daycare(which is really cool) Thank you Holiday House!!! more

Our doggies give Holiday House 2 paws up! 3/18/2012

After a terrible experience with another pet boarding facility, for our recent vacation, we decided to pay the extra to have our doggies pampered at Holiday House. I was a little worried after reading the reviews, but there were more positive than negative, and I had a personal recommendation from a friend, so we signed up our pooches for the week. When we dropped them off, the staff was friendly to us and the dogs, patient and informative through every step of the registration process. They did try to upsell us on their premium services, but we expect that from any business trying to make money in this economy. When we picked the dogs up, they were happy, with tails wagging and they looked and smelled great (to be fair, we did pay to have them bathed on pick-up day.) They almost didn't want to leave the place and were playing with the staff members as we were trying to get them out the door. It is a bit on the pricey side, but I felt totally at ease leaving my sweet doggies there, and after seeing how they acted when we picked them up, I will definitely use their services again! more

Never again 1/2/2012

I have been a Holiday House customer for a few years now. I recently picked up my dog from her 3 day stay. She always acts a little distant after being in the kennel, so I didn't think too much of it until I found 2 scabbed over marks on her leg, and a larger round one on her neck. No one mentioned anything when I picked her up so I called. I was told there was nothing in her file, but that they would check and call back. They never called back............ I waited 2 days to give them the benefit of the doubt. No call, so I called back. I was then told that they had 64 dogs checking out that day, so they'd have to get back to me the next day. Clearly they board more dogs than they can handle and don't take enough time to notice a dog being returned with mysterious scabbed over wounds. I will not be giving Holiday House my business and will not be referring them to any of my dog-owner friends. If you want your dog to be more than just a number I would recommend finding another place to board. more

Shocking Neglect 12/25/2011

I boarded my cat there for about a month while i was in the middle of a move, so she would have safe consistent housing. I regularly visited and she was fairly well cared for, although her litter box was not cleaned as often as it should have been, i was not alerted when she needed litter and her nails were never cut, but aside from that she seemed fine and to enjoy they toys and caretakers. When i went to pick her up her face was covered in blood, fur was missing, there was a large open wound and so much swelling it actually tore my cats lip. I had not be there for several days to check on her due to my work schedule and i was not notified of what happened. my cat was never taken to the onsite vet, and it was never documented what happened. she must have screamed in agonizing pain for hours and according to the manager, the my cat only liked her rear end scratched so they never saw her face. This is animal abuse. When i finally found out what happened, apparently a cord that had already been bit was taped up, and they left my cat unsupervised to play for hours. Now, it was a nice thing they were trying to do but giving my cat extra play time and space, but it resulted in ELECTROCUTION. She will never be the same, her behavior has changed drastically, she lost a fair amount of weight from not being able to eat, is in huge amounts of pain still, and will have scarring and other permanent damage. All because the care staff never too her to the onsite vet, when they had my credit card number. And now after promising to pay my vet bills, i haven't been spoken to, seen anything paid, or had any part of my stay refunded for the UNSAFE Facility, ABUSE, or NEGLECT, they put my two year old cat through who now has to spend the rest of her life crippled. more

Thank you Holiday House Pet Resort 8/6/2011

I have been taking my German Shepherd dog to Holiday House Pet Resort for the past 8 years and even though I now live over an hour away from Holiday House, I don't think twice about making the drive to board her. When we walk in the door we are greeted by the friendly staff who knows our dog by name. They are organized and make the drop-off and pick-up process smooth for us and our dog. Holiday House offers a great variety of activities for the animals, our dog enjoys a daily nature walk, and we laugh when return and read her daily report cards that tell us what she did on each walk. One feature I love about Holiday House is that each dog has its own inside and outside kennel area, I would feel horrible leaving my dog for a week if she was not able to get fresh air on a daily basis. They seem to be very aware of the needs of different breeds and they do their best to make each dog comfortable while they are visiting. Holiday House also has EXCELLENT groomers. Our dog always comes back looking beautifully groomed. We love that we can schedule her for a full groom before we pick her up. My dog is a part of my family and I would not just trust her with anyone, I highly recommend Holiday House Pet Resort!! more

Long time customer - Won't Go Back 4/7/2011

I have to agree with Nicksr1200rt's review. I have been a customer for 3 years, but my last visit this March will be my last. Their service is at best inconsistent and at worse negligent. For starters, I used their online RSVP form which sent me a confirmation of my dog's stay. When I called the day before just to confirm, sure enough, there was no record in their system of my reservation. The woman I spoke to this day was lovely and helpful. She assured me that my older JRT could use his muzzle, which I explained is the only thing that relaxes him once he starts barking out of nervousness and which the kennel was bound to make him feel. When I arrived for drop off, however, the director returned my muzzle telling me they wouldn't use it. I re-explained my dog's need for it, and he REFUSED! He didn't even consider that I know my dog! I also had to ask 3 times for the dog toy that my dog selected to purchase please be included in his room, but I never saw it go back with him. (However, it was returned to me upon pickup, stained with feces.) After 5 days at the kennel, I picked up my dog. The female attendant at the counter this day was aloof and somewhat rude. I asked about a $5 charge, which no one had told me to expect. No customer likes that! I was told all customers are charged that fee. Then they need to be informed about it in advance! But what upset me most was that my dog, as expected, barked the entire 5 days. He had 2 abscesses on both sides of his lips from the constant rubbing of his teeth on that soft skin. I showed the girl who brought me my dog, but she just said to keep an eye on it. No one had noticed this. My dog was weak and completely hoarse. He didn't regain use of his vocal cords for 4 days. I was livid! There is no excuse for my dog to have experienced this when I specifically told them how to calm him down and what he required. With his muzzle, he relaxes and takes a nap, and that at least reduces the physical stress on his vocal cords and lips. To add insult to injury, I forgot to leave his leash in the car, and at pickup I needed to use one of theirs, which they asked me to return. For a $200 stay, I think they might let me keep a cheap leash, or at least have complimentary rope ones. I drove back the next day to return it, adding more expense to my dog's stay. I am searching for a new boarder now. And these review boards shouldn't be stalked by Holiday House employees and the owner who seem to comment or post a favorable review in opposition to the upset customers. They need to allow us to voice our concerns to the general public, and then change their customer care, which has deteriorated rapidly, in my opinion. To review readers, please listen to those customers who take the time to tell their stories. We're not out to make up tales and bash a business. These are real experiences, and we hope to prevent a bad one for you. Holiday House used to be a great place for my dog and the only place I would use (I used to tell others about it too), but after this time, there's no way I would send my pet back. It's just too inconsistent of service and comes at the expense of a member of my family. more

First Time - Happy Customer 1/28/2011

I just moved to Doylestown and was very nervous about leaving my two dogs, but I had an unavoidable trip. I came in for a tour, and they were in the middle of power washing so everything was pretty messy and wet. I liked that they took me right back and showed me all of the boarding areas where the dogs were - I had just taken another tour at a different facility and was only allowed to see a ""sample"" room. Mostly, I was very worried about how my dogs were going to be treated and what they were going to do all day. The young man who gave me the tour talked me through the various options for activities for my dogs. Some of their packages were more than I wanted to spend, but I found one that I thought would keep my dogs active and happy (it was even called the ""Happy Dog""!) I called every day to check on my boys, and the staff was very reassuring. They really got to know my dogs - what they liked to eat (mostly treats), and what they wanted to do during their playtimes. Best of all, when I came to pick up my dogs they were relaxed and happy. They smelled good, and when I took them home they settled right back into our normal routines. The manager was there when I picked up, and she was professional and so caring. I am so glad I found Holiday House - we will be back! more

Very Disappointing 1/23/2011

For over 20 years I have been bringing our dogs to this place, the last time before this experience was March of 2010 and like the times before we were very satisfied. Things sure have changed since then. \r Holiday House is all about making a pet owner feel guilty and they now take full advantage of that guilt. We were quoted one price for boarding at check in and a price for their deluxe package of options which includes a cozy bed, 3 walks, and some treats. You are really given a sales pitch to do much more then this but at almost $60.00 a day one has to draw the line somewhere. At check out we were not given a itemized bill only our credit card receipt which seemed high to us, the itemized bill was e mailed to us. Upon review we realized we were being charged an additional $4.00 a day because the Martin Luther King day occurred during his 4 day stay and we were charged an extra $28.95 for the day we picked him up for the deluxe package even though we picked him up before 10:00 AM. They told us that they did give him his three walks and all of his treats before 10:00 AM. We found that hard to believe and it makes one wonder if they really do any of what they describe. Contacted the front desk clerk and this nice guy turned rude in short order, contacted via email the manager and received a very condescending letter but she did however refund $44.95 back to our cc card.\r If this is the ""new"" Holiday House then we won't be back and I truly believe that their new ""business model"" is destine to failure. If you don't believe me find out for yourself with a phone call or visit. more

Holiday House Pet Resort Ears Best of Bucks 1/17/2011

Holiday House Pet Resort Truly earns their Best of Buck/Mont Award. I recently had my dog lucky, who is elderly and nervous, signed up for a bath and nails. I was nervous at first because she gets very anxious with these sort of things and hates going to the vet, but the staff made me believe that she was in good hands. When I picked her up she looked great and smelled great, she looked a good five years younger. I would recommend Holiday House Pet Resort for dogs of all breeds and ages and would not think twice about boarding or grooming with them. If Lucky was younger I would even put her in their lovely Doggie Daycare center because all of the dogs there look like they are having a blast. Top notch service and care all around more

A Happy Dog is a Happy Owner A+ 11/12/2010

No matter what experience you have had there, or what reviews you've read here, give them another chance. I have been taking my year old Lab there for the day care so that she can play with other dogs for several months now. We had a problem. They separated my dog to play with a male dog and she didn't want to be separated from the group, as, she's a dominant dog with a pack leader personality. She barked go get out of 'solitary', didn't want to play with the other dog. The staff person didn't like that she barked and put her inside. She didn't want to be inside and barked. When I picked her up she told me my dog had a barking problem. I told her I'd never heard her bark and didn't agree but she said I needed to 'do something about that.' I was upset about it.I told the staff in the office immediately and they gave me the number for the director of day care. I didn't get to speak to her and thought, ok, they're not going to care or give me a chance to let them know what happened. I stewed for about a month wondering ok what am I going to do now. At that point I decided that if I took her there again, but this time specified what it was that I needed to see happen and NOT happen, I would give them another chance. I took my dog in, told them not to separate her, went through the whole thing and they said ok. Then I went into the office to find out why I wasn't called back and the person in the office asked for the whole story and turned out she was the owner. She said she'd look into it, that she absolutely calls back, apologized and couldn't be more helpful, apologetic and professional. She understood my frustration and thanked me for speaking to her and letting her know and promised that my dog would have a fun doggy day. Then she said that whenever there's a problem I shouldn't hesitate to let her know and asked who the teacher was that day. I didn't know but we decided that she could look up when I was last there, and she could see who was scheduled. After that I did speak to the director who came to find me (!), and told me that she did call me back but got voice mail, and, that she knows full well that my dog doesn't have a barking problem. So all in all, it was resolved with a best case scenario and my dog won't be put into a smaller area away from the pack again, the person in charge that day was spoken to, I was invited to voice concerns, I was treated with respect, I felt better that my dog has somewhere close by to play, and all of the supervisory staff now knows not only me and my dog and are very nice but also know that they need to be mindful of what doggy language is telling them. I say, give them a 2nd chance if something went wrong, tell them what happened in a nice way and see if you can't resolve anything that may have happened in the past. I was doubtful to go there in the first place after reading some of these reviews, thinking Oh my goodness, how can I take her there, but I decided to just try it, to judge for myself and when something happened, I took it up not with the girl in the room but with the directors and owners. Everyone has a bad day, I get that, and all in all, these people love dogs. We all know that. I hope you will give them the opportunity to make you and your pet happy. more

Best of bucks! 7/15/2010

I have been working at holiday house for almost 3 years and I have been using Holiday House to board my pets for over 10 years. The staff is so wonderful, very kind, and extremely patient-- i would know!\r \r Everyone working in the facility treats the pets like their own. I most definitely reccomend using Holiday House if you want your dog or cat to be in a good hands. They really go the extra mile with taking care of our babies! \r \r We keep HHPR as clean as possible! We get many compliments on the cleanliness. If you don't believe us drop in anytime for a tour and we will show you around!! Pros: clean facility, caring staff, more

Your pet's home away from home 12/16/2009

As a previous kennel supervisor of this facility, I can vouch for Holiday House that when you sign up for something, it is guaranteed to be done. Feeding and medications are all done in a timely manner and very close attention is paid to dosages and instructions when giving medications. Pet's have nice spacious rooms with cozy beds for their overnight stays and even their own outdoor runs to stretch their legs during the day. Nature walks, playtimes, pool time and even tuck-ins are all completed as per the instructions you leave when you drop your pet off. Many if not all of Holiday House's staff have their own pets and understand the type of care and commitment they would want given to their pets when they are away. Holiday House is an excellent place to leave your furry babies when you are away and gives you peace of mind knowing they are in great hands. Pros: diligent and caring staff, spacious facility,great amenities more

Good Service Nice place 12/8/2009

The young man who checked me in was polite and well mannered. He mentioned he had been working there since he was 14. He knew the other pets that came in after mine by first name. I was also given a on the spot tour when I asked which is something I found other facilities won't do. Many newer facilities do not have the indoor outdoor rooms like this one does. That is important for my young dog. I had a good experience and it seems my dog did too. Pros: Vet owned and operated, huge outside runs Cons: Limited Sunday Hours more

Any Breed Friendly 12/3/2009

We have been going to Holiday House Pet Resort for many years now and just want to say how wonderful they are. My current Rottweiler, Rocci suffers from anxiety and going to the vet for his annual physical can be an ordeal. Recently he is under the care of Dr. Laura Weiss. With the help of the doctor, her assistant and our very favorite Melissa Frank, Rocci almost enjoys it. I know these people actually care about my animal and this makes all the difference in the world. \r I would especially like to recognize Melissa Frank for making it all happen. \r We also board Rocci at HHPR when we travel, and have been doing so since he was a puppy. Between Melissa and her assistant, Jake, I know Rocci is getting the attention he is used to. Thanks guys!!\r Pros: Handles each individual personality! Cons: N/A more


We called to make an appointment to board our dog and to ask some questions, the woman at the front desk was very rude and uncaring in any of our questions.It is the first time the dog is being boarded and we are nervous.She could care less about any of our concerns,\r \r we decided to take out 9 month old puppy elsewhere, when we go on vacation I do not want to worry about our dog. \r \r If she is that rude to me I would hate to think how my puppy would be treated,there loss more

No Pet Resort! 8/18/2009

This was the second (and final) time we boarded our dog at the Holiday House. The day of pick-up it was pouring rain and as I walked up the steps I looked over and seen our dog laying all curled up in one of the outdoor kennels just getting drenched from the rain. I also noticed several other dogs just sitting in the rain. The front desk clerk was rude and unprofessional when I told her what I had help or concern for the welfare of our family pet. Once I brought her home I noticed a long two inch gash on her stomach that looked infected. We were lucky enough to get her into our Vet as it was infected and needed immediate attention. When we called the Holiday House and told them about the situaton they said that it didn't happen at their facility, and therefore, were not responsible for any Vet bills. In fact, she said it probably happened as the dog was getting into our car, unbelievable! I would not recommend this kennel to any dog or cat owner. I wouldn't even give it one star. STAY AWAY!!! Cons: unprofessional staff, dirty facility more

Think twice before boarding your pet at the Holiday House 7/21/2009

From the time we walked into the Holiday House the staff was rude, especially the front desk clerk. She literally threw our paperwork at us and never asked any questions about our dog and his daily routine or if there were any special instructions. When I told her about his daily medication she cut me off by saying ""just put it on the paper"". I was appauled by her attitude. At this point I didn't want to leave our dog, but we were leaving for the airport and therefore, unable to find another kennel. I reluctently left my baby in these people's hands and as a staff member pulled him back through the door I had to leave, as tears began pouring down my face. Needless to say I didn't quite enjoy my vacation as I should have, spending a lot of time worrying about my dog. We called three times, twice I left a message and no one returned my calls. The third time a staff member hung up on my husband. When we returned my dog was a mess, dirty, smelly and contaminated with flees, which he didn't have a week earlier. His mats were so bad that I had to take him to a groomer who worked on him for four hours. The worst part was they returned his medicine bottle and it was full. For ten days my dog went without his heart medicine!!!! If they didn't give him his medicine I am sure he didn't enjoy the play times and perks I purchased for him. I have never in my fifty years of kenneling my dogs seen such a horrible facility. Please think twice before sending your pet to this kennel. Cons: Dirty Facility, Rude Staff, Inadequate Animal Care more
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