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926 NW 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 619-0580
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bluefin tuna belly and secret sauce is unbelievable! quality of the cut is hard to obtain, well worth the price. We had about 8 different rolls and nigiri. Everything fresh and d...


I've never paid 45 dollars to only end up going somewhere else for dinner right afterwards. The portions are tiny, like, smaller than happy meal sized. For 12 dollars my com...

Good food 10/14/2010

Food is great! The only thing may be the portions are really small for what you pay. If you want to have some good and unique sushi, it would be a place to go! more

portion sizes for hobbits 8/20/2010

I've never paid 45 dollars to only end up going somewhere else for dinner right afterwards. The portions are tiny, like, smaller than happy meal sized. For 12 dollars my companion for 3 tiny pieces of overcooked, chewy beef and 2 spears of asparagus. Rice costs extra. I ended up paying 9 bucks for what must have been 2 oz of the saddest tuna ive ever seen. The flavors were not well seared in, the dressing was too sparse. At the end of the meal, we paid and went across the street to lovejoy bakers and had a lovely dinner for 20 bucks. The salmon roll we got was nice, that was the only saving grace. more

good sushi, not overpriced 1/11/2010

We hesitated to try Hiroshi based on complaints that it was too expensive. I am so glad we went! $100 before tip for 2 big guys and myself. We had appetizers and lots of nigiri and rolls, saki and beers. We were absolutely stuffed and left a couple of pieces on the platter. Based on my sushi experiences, it was a decent value for high quality sushi. No more than other quality sushi restaurants. Pros: unique rolls, great service, fresh fish Cons: add philadelphia roll more

Just great food 10/9/2009

bluefin tuna belly and secret sauce is unbelievable! quality of the cut is hard to obtain, well worth the price. We had about 8 different rolls and nigiri. Everything fresh and delicately presented. Mrs Hiroshi's desserts were absolutely wonderful too! \r Overall, a great dining experience. No rudeness, no evil eyes. Maybe we get what we give? Pros: great sushi more

Want sushi, not extinctions for lunch 9/9/2009

The first thing we saw on the menu was so called ""Black tuna,"" which is a common name for Bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus). The species is not only recognized as an endangered species (see Seafoodwatch program) but is known to carry elevated levels of mercury and PCBs. Yummy! The second thing we saw was a dish called ""wild Tasmanian salmon."" When we asked the waitress about such an interesting new type of salmon and noted that we thought wild Pacific salmon only originate from the North Pacific (not South Pacific near Australia), she responded with ""That's what our distributor told us."" Well, young lady, maybe it’s time for a new distributor? Because there are only two options here: one, the fish is farmed, which means you are mislabeling your product. Or two, it’s an escaped farmed salmon that is now spawning in the wild! Tasty!! Third thing I saw on the menu. ""Oregon salmon roll."" I’m thinking, heres something I can feel good about eating. Surely during the peak of the wild salmon run in Oregon your dish called Oregon salmon roll is using our local salmon bounty. Or, at least its using Alaska wild salmon. But not at Hiroshi. ""Sorry,"" she said. ""Its made with farmed Chilean salmon!"" Check please! When will these sushi restaurants realize that as a purveyor of ocean species, they have a obligation to learn where they get their fish, how it was harvested, and whether the species is in trouble or not. Lets make sure we have sushi around for our kids and grandkids. I’m going to Bamboo Sushi instead. Pros: Unique dish Cons: Destroying fish stocks more

Best sushi in Portland 8/7/2009

My husband and I have been faithful customers for 15 years. Hiro is always creating new dishes with delicious sauces. His new creations aren't always on the menu, so your best bet is to ask for chef's selection and let him make selections for you. Dinner will take up to 2 hours, so plan accordingly. Pros: incredibly creative dishes, excellent quality more

It's not the best after they changed the menu. 8/5/2009

They changed the menu. I can't believe it.\r \r If you were Japanese, you wouldn't enjoy their nigiri anymore. I was really disappointed.\r \r I could see they are trying to attract American customers.\r \r Now I have to find another sushi restaurant again in this city! Pros: Still serve sushi Cons: Not acceptable to Japanese customers more

horrible, don't waste your money 7/21/2009

this place needs to relocate itself. We ordered the baked scallops and ate a small bite and gagged, knowing we'd get sick off them and sure enough, the next day, we paid for it. The fish was not fresh, the wine list was horrible, and the prices, come on, go to LA with those prices. The edimanes I know have a subtle flavor, but they do go a lot farther with a sprinkle of salt. The server was ok, definitely didn't go out of his way to make sure when we left within 30 min of arrival that everything was ok. Wouldn't recommend this place at all, you can find better sushi by going to the pruveyor belts. Pros: none to speak of Cons: to big for their hype more

Menu items have changed!! 7/5/2009

I hadn't been to Hiroshi's in a while. I dined here recently and was surprised to see some new items on the menu. What once was strictly sushi now served Izakaya style small appetizers. I had ordered the gyoza dumpling because my daughter loves this! It was very tender and juicy with a variety of vegetables inside along with the meat. I also tried the Washugyu (Japanese beef). This was my favorite! The beef was cooked just right and the sauce was amazing! Everything was priced lower as well with appetizers starting from $5. The atmosphere seemed much casual than before. I will definately be back again for the pork asparagus maki, tempura roll, and beef tongue that I did not get a chance to try. I cannot wait! Pros: Affordable Izakaya style appetizers Cons: Parking more

Best Sushi (and Sushi Chefs) In Portland 6/12/2009

My wife and I have eaten here nearly 30 times in the past two years, so it's time for a review. The food has been consistently wonderful every time. We always eat at the bar in front of either Hiroshi or his incredible chef Nabi. Allowing them to give you recommendations based on your tastes is always wise. We were there last night and the highlights included yellow tail tuna and a lightly seared salmon. My wife had a salad made with octopus that was amazing. Also of note is that Hiroshi's is lowering its price in both food and wine (they feature white wines starting at $6.50 which are of excellent quality and reds starting at $5, which is unheard of in the Pearl). Our bill with one large beer and two glasses of wine was $52.50 before tip! \r \r Hiroshi is also adding beef to the menu and we'll be heading back next week to sample the Kobe-style meat he's adding. It's true that the place looks a bit sterile to some, but the food and service is terrific and very welcoming. Make a reservation to sit at the sushi bar - you'll be thrilled with your experience at the best sushi restaurant in Portland. Pros: Food, Service, Atmosphere Cons: Can be tough to find more

tasty and terrible 3/2/2009

Restaurant is beautifully understated. The food was gorgous and tasted wonderful to a point. That point being $300 for 4 people, with nobody leaving full or drunk. The sake and wine list are a tiny joke, especially since the waitress couldn't help us out with our questions. The some of the food is great but the portion sizes are as understated as the decor, and our plates of food had huge dirty fingerprints all over them. The pieces of nigiri were so coated with wasabi I couldn't taste the flavor or freshness of the fish. The chef's choice appitizer was enough for the 4 of us to have 2 bites each and cost $25. The black cod was cold and oily. The soft shell crab roll was amazing. The chef's choice sashimi was fresh and a perfect combination of unusal and common types of fish but we ordered for 4 people and only got 2 pieces of each type when we were told that we would get 4 pieces of each type. All our food took 45 minutes, then we got everything at one time, except the miso which came 30 minutes before our sushi when we asked for it at the same time. Not what I would call a fine dinning experience. \r Pros: food is great but not consistent Cons: wasabi, wine/sake list, service more

This is the best???? 2/4/2009

This did not taste nor feel like a fine dining sushi expereince, it tasted and felt like eating at expensive fast food sushi. Walking in the place smelled like a combination of old fish and moldy mop. The tray that our fish came out on was dirty, and a few of the pieces had fallen over looking very unappetizing and sloppy. The fish itself was good, but didn't seem to carry the freshness that other reviews raved about, tasted like fish from any other high end sushi restaurant. The pieces of toro we were served were nothing but fat barely covering the rice, kind of falling over the sides looking like it was stretched out to fit. The raw sweet shrimp tasted like it had been sitting out for awhile. Spicy tuna roll was good, not coated in mayo like most places, but nothing you couldn't find any place else. The service was not that great. All of our food came out at the same time - appetizers, soup, sushi - we had to pile plates in order to fit it all on the table. Felt like they were trying to rush us out, even though the place was almost empty. Overall, I have no idea what other people see in this restaurant. Pros: Black Cod Cons: Dirty, Wine List, Service, Didn't taste as fresh as it should for the price. more

What happened?? 1/30/2009

I have been to Hiroshi's on a few occasions, and usually reserve going there when I want to wow out-of-town guests. It is the best sushi in Portland, although a bit out of my usual price range. But the most recent time I went, just a few days ago, not only was the service awful, but the food took forever to come out! We ordered a bottle of red wine, preparing for the great meal ahead of us and were disappointed to find out that they only had one of the five listed reds available. Previous visits had been so enjoyable, mostly due to the extremely knowledgeable waitstaff, but there was not a single server I recognized, and not only was our server unable to answer the questions we had about the sushi, we overheard the other server tell her table the same thing! The appetizers were great, but when the main course of sushi and nigiri finally arrived, almost 40 minutes after we ordered it, only half of our order was ready. The waitress offered us free edamame and apologized, but by the time it came out, we had gotten the second half of our order and were full. As we left, both sushi chefs (one of which I think is the owner) were talking to each other and didn't bother to acknowledge us. No customers at the sushi bar, so what took so long to get our food out? Now that we're going through a recession, it won't be worth my time or money to go back to Hiroshi, even if the sushi is the best I've had in Portland. Pros: The food Cons: Bad service, rude sushi chefs, expensive more

Perfect Japanese Style Sushi Restaurant 1/15/2009

I was in town on business and looking for a good sushi place. I always check out city search and this time I found Hiroshi. Let me start by saying I am American and travel to Japan at least three times a year. I sat at the sushi bar. Hiroshi is a very traditional style Japanese sushi restaurant. In Japan, you order what is on the menu and do not ask the chef to change things. To ask the sushi chef to change something is insulting and Hiro (the exectutive chef) is no different. We in America are used to asking the sushi chef to make that dish we had three months ago at the little sushi place around the corner, you know the dish, it has that white looking fish, with the green things sprinkled on top. Hiro has no time for this nonsense and why should he. The fish here is awesome. Everything I got was top notch including the shrimp cucumber salad, the Aji (Spanish Mackeral), the Toro (tuna). The wait staff was very nice (Ara waited on me), and while she did not have all the answers she was still helpful, courteous, and quick. If you get the chance ask to meet Maumi (everyone calls here mama), Hiro's wife. What a joy she was to talk to. She made the experience even better. So in conclusion, if you are a first time sushi eater, this place is not for you. If you have some experience and are willing to try some new things than give them a try. I can promise you will not find better sushi in the city. Pros: Great Freash Sushi, great service Cons: Not for the beginner sushi eater more

Food is good, BUT.... 1/7/2009

We were really looking forward to eating here after hearing such praise from friends - the food, once tasted, was wonderful but the wait time and service are not worth the $100 for two people. \r \r The food was scrumptious. Soft shell crab roll was crunchy not at all greasy and had an unusual wrap of daikon around it . All of the fish tasted very fresh and beautifully presented. The sushi rice is some of the best I had ever had - sticky without being mushy, slightly vineager tasting instead of non-existent. The Buri Belly is soft and delicate tasting - a wonderful surprise since i have never had it and the server couldn't tell me what kind of fish it was til I was done eating (it's yellowtail). The Baked Scallop can be skipped. A mush of chewy scallops drowning in mayo dripping over the edges of a shell. yuck. Only disappointment with the food. \r \r Everything else is another story...\r \r Server was not very well informed on the menu or sake and our food took FOREVER! Our server didn't know the difference in the sakes, and we had to go with our 3rd choice on wine because the first two were unavailable. Our server couldn't answer our questions on the different kinds of fish or the menu except to tell us what was ""popular"". 35 minutes after we ordered, we finally got our main sushi order - 20 minutes later the appetizers arrived! We never recieved our soup and the server never once explained what was taking so long or why our appetizers came out after our main sushi order. The lighting is too bright making the restaurant seem cold and sterile, while the music was too loud and very bad.\r \r Next time we'll sit at sushi bar with earplugs and sunglasses. \r \r Pros: great food Cons: service, atmosphere, wine list more

A great experience! 10/6/2008

I love sushi and I try to eat at other sushi restaurants but am always dissapointed. Hiroshi's sushi is the freshest sushi in PDX. Hiro has a great sense of humor and the staff is so helpful and friendly. Hands down the best sushi! Pros: Great staff & great food! Cons: I can't eat here enough more

Remember the Evil Soup Guy from Seinfeld? 9/7/2008

WOW! Does this guy hate white people or what??? We've gone a couple times and endured\r the stink-eye from the owner. I think because we're not of Asian descent we're not lending any\r 'sushi street cred.' The foods pretty good but not worth the racism. Give the business to\r Sinju - they're great no matter what you look like. Pros: Sorry - I tried to think of one! Cons: Stink Eye's Customers more

But this is Portland 9/6/2008

There's something very shocking when the staff can only estimate the price of an entree, and something arrogant when it arrives at $80, with seven bites (exactly) for two people.\r \r Yes, they were seven great, exquisite bites, but in a town of great chefs and long-time foodies, one has to wonder who they really think they are.\r \r All of us left hungry and non-plussed and considerably poorer, and ran over to Belmont to buy another dinner. Don't waste your time here.\r Pros: lovely sashimi (all 7 bites of it) Cons: vastly and confusingly overpriced, with a heaping portion of attitude more

Horribly overpriced 8/23/2008

As sushi lovers who have been used to spending a pretty penny on high quality sushi (and have seen the California prices of sushi that would make most Oregonians, like us, blush), we were looking forward to Hiroshi after a good experience at Sinju. We sat down, opened the menu, and saw appetizers priced at $50+. I don't care if it's served to me on a gold platter, that kind of blatant elitist pricing doesn't belong in this town (even in the Pearl). We got up and left. Cons: Overpriced beyond all sanity. more

Best Sushi Restaurant in Porltand 8/21/2008

By far, bar none, the best sushi restaurant in Portland. I've been to Yoko's (the fish was good but the service was atrocious, the restaurant was dirty (which freaked me out a bit) and the sushi chef's at the bar area were downright snotty and mean -- I'd never go back). I've also been to Masu (it was good, too, very clean and the sushi chef's were all very nice), but Hiroshi wins hands down when it comes to the freshest sushi, best service, cleanest restaurant, friendly wait staff, and all around best sushi chef's. The fish is always fresh, fresh, fresh with to die for salmon, yellowtail and tuna, and the spicy tuna rolls are out-of-this-world GOOD! I read one review here where a reviewer was complaining about the food (the chef's special) not being up-to-par. I can only say this, I have never had a bad meal here, ever. The portions are more than fair in size, the fish always, always fresh (and I eat here at least 2-3 times a month), and although it may be a tad bit more expensive than some other sushi restaurants around town, I'd really find it hard to complain about that myself, seeing as I really feel you do get what you pay for (especially when it regards raw fish), if you know what I mean. You can't beat the cleanliness of the restaurant itself, the fresh fish, the friendly wait staff and good service or the sushi chef's. It's a great place to dine. I highly recommend Hiroshi. Pros: Freshest fish in Portland, good service, friendly, helpful wait staff, great sushi chef's. Cons: I can honestly think of none. more
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