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Hired Hands Day Spa - 46 Reviews - 1920 Broadway St, Pearland, TX - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (281) 997-0767

Hired Hands Day Spa

1920 Broadway St
Pearland, TX 77581
(281) 997-0767
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Hired Hands Day Spa - Pearland, TX
Hired Hands Day Spa - Pearland, TX
Hired Hands Day Spa - Pearland, TX
Hired Hands Day Spa - Pearland, TX
Hired Hands Day Spa - Pearland, TX
Hired Hands Day Spa - Pearland, TX
Hired Hands Day Spa - Pearland, TX
Hired Hands Day Spa - Pearland, TX


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Was interested in coming to Hired Hands only because I was referred by a friend to see Kimberly for waxing. When I called to make an appointment it was then I was told that Kimber...



Ken Simpson, LMT Rocks! 1/22/2012

Ken Simpson, the massage therapist who worked on me twice within the past two weeks. I had a deep tissue massage AND a Swedish massage and I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful job he did, not only with the massage but also with making me feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. It's obvious that massage therapy is not just a job for him. He seems to really care about people and helping them feel better. I had my first professional massage several years ago at another well-known day spa in the Tanglewood area of Houston, and although it was pretty good, it was nowhere near the quality of what I received with Ken. My therapy with Ken has resulted in me making massage a higher priority in my wellness regimen. Here's why: 1. Ken's not in a rush to get you "in and out". He has a genuinely warm, calm, sympathetic and friendly demeanor and he takes the time to talk to me about my needs before each session..... but not in a cold and clinical way. It's like talking to a friend that I've known for years. He also does an excellent job, letting me know what to expect during the session. 2. It's all about me! He takes the time to find out what's going to make ME most comfortable from the lighting to the temperature of the bed. He even talked to me about the best way to preserve my hair style during the session. He's all about the details. 3. He's experienced and talented. During one of our very pleasant conversations, he mentioned that he has been in the massage therapy field for 14 years. He's not a novice and it really does show in his skill and professionalism. He did a great job identifying my tight spots and loosened them up. Ken uses a lot of AWSOME strokes that really helps relieve the tension in my body caused by daily responsibilities and my stressful office work. 4. Ken welcomed feedback during my session. Periodically during my session, he checked in with me about how I was feeling and whether or not the pressure needed to be adjusted. Everything that he did was always perfect for me, but it was nice to know that I could tell him if I needed anything done differently. 5. He's just a great person in general. He's such a pleasant person to chat with before, during or after my appointment. My second appointment was a 90-minute session and I felt like I was with a good friend, not just a massage therapist. I know that a lot of people probably belly ache to him about being stressed out, but he didn't make me feel that way. It was like I was the only client that he had that day. I recommend him to anyone who needs a good, attentive massage therapist. I'm a conservative female and was a little nervous about having a male massage therapist at first, but Ken is great. VERY professional with a caring and humble personality. He'll listen to what is most comfortable for you and abide by it. My first professional massage was with a female therapist and she was great, but now I'm "hooked" on the strength and the depth that a male therapist can provide. I hope this helped. more

Simple..Plain..Not very impressionable 7/25/2011

Was interested in coming to Hired Hands only because I was referred by a friend to see Kimberly for waxing. When I called to make an appointment it was then I was told that Kimberly is no longer working there, the lady was very rude in being direct with me that they have no information on where Kimberly is now located or if she is still doing esthetics. So I was booked an appointment to see Ann..Walking in I wasn't sure what to expect based on the reviews that have been posted previously but thought I would give it a try. Not very clean in the lobby area but it is very much so in the spa section. My treatment went well but felt it was a spa service I had gotten and not so much a spa experience. On my way out as I was checking out I could hear the manager give a lecture to a nail technician about her attitude always being negative..not a conversation to take place in the lobby for clients to hear. Very unprofessional! Nothing to really complain about nothing to really rave about. The back counters behind the front desk were very cluttered. Very plain and simple on the outside. I will probably go back only if I do not get recommended to another place for it is close to me and the prices are exactly what they should be. more

"Kinda what I was looking for" 5/17/2011

I will have to visit at least two more times before I'm completely sold. I have several pros and cons to share. I was looking for a place that was not commercialized like all of the national chains, so I googled searching for a unique place. After my search I narrowed it down to three locations I would research further. The website for Hired Hands was a big plus for me and the pricing seemed to be good compared to the other two locations in my final three lists. I was still a little skeptical considering the mixed, leaning toward bad reviews for this place but I decided I would give them a chance anyway because some of the bad reviews where things that wouldn't bother me as much. But I must say I am a stickler for great customer service regardless. However, I called made my appointment for that same day, which was good for me also because I know that could have been next to impossible for other places. My first impression of the outside of this place was ok, it seemed to be serine and quaint, exactly what was on the website another pro. My first con came when I walked in and I saw dishes in the sink that was located behind the receptionist desk, this was the kitchen area of this converted house. I understand this is a converted old house and I have no problem with that because it adds character to the entire set up, but if you’re going to have the kitchen exposed, you should not have dishes in the sink. This I find very unprofessional. The second con came when the receptionist gave me a clipboard and pointed me to the waiting area to fill out my personal information. Not good, you should always escort your clients and offer them something to drink. I managed to overlook these mishaps because I was trying to give this place a chance. After sitting and waiting only a short while for my therapist, my sessions began. I must say the hour long massage I received was great, my therapist seemed to be very experienced and meet my expectations. I would recommend a close friend to her. I also had a pleasant experience with my esthetician, she seemed to be very knowledgeable and answered every question I had. Like I said in the beginning of this review, I will have to visit this place at least two more times before I'm completely comfortable giving it a greater star rating. All in all I left relaxed and I felt great. I think with a few tweaks to the customer service at the receptionist desk and a nice screen to cover the sink area, this place really could be a diamond in the rough! more

Definitely was not for me 3/10/2011

My name is Brittnay and I hope that many people see this review I am leaving and take it into consideration before trying out this spa. Besides being underwhelmed by the landscaping and outside appearance, the inside is not cozy, not relaxing, not calming. I believe a spa should be all three of those things. While waiting for your appointment there is tea and water but they actually leave it out for you to help yourself. Where is the customer service in that? I had a hard time determining who was an employee and who didn't work there. My allergies were riggered by the dust and filthiness on the shelves and floors. I was taken back ten minutes late and my service was shortened also...both due to not my fault. I believe my therapist had another appointment right after me. I can hear what sounded like a child or children upstairs stomping. Loud and distracting for a place that is meant to be a "Spa." What made my experience worse is that my therapist handed me a business card with her handwritten information on it telling me she sees people at home and another location because it is better than seeing them there. So the employee does not like working there and makes it known to a client? She goes on how she has only been there a few months and is very new. Very unsettling. Yes the people behind the front desk was friendly but they were loud, lots of laughing and carrying on. Several people standing behind and to the side. Just not a place that should market itself to be a day spa. The service is not the only part you should be feeling relaxed in. While waiting for you appointments you have to hear the traffic coming from the hair salon and the front desk. Was not serene. My massage was only half decent and not enough for me to give it a second try. The entire place is poorly setup and displayed. more

Prices are low can see why 1/17/2011

This spa is on the smaller end - nothing special or unique about the interior I wouldn't recommend it. Had heard so-so things but booked an appointment because for Christmas I recieved a few gift certificiates. I had an appointment scheduled for an hour massage with a certain therapist only to find out after I arrive (after waiting all day for my nice relaxing massage with a certain therapist) that my massage was switched without my approval to another therapist. This is rude and unprofessional.They should have atleast called and given me the option to reschedule, but instead was stuck with a terrible person. My therapist was not very good at all. She appeared to be very new. She talked a lot, and was just really awkward. She just didn't give a good massage. more

Stay clear of this spa 12/30/2010

Took my mother here for her birthday before Christmas. We did a mother/daughter spa day, and left unsatisfied. The massage was mediocre. I originally made an appointment with one therapist, but ended up with a completely different therapist when I arrived. This didn't surprise me considering the problems other people have had with the front desk. The massage itself was actually stressful. The therapist didn't ask me about any massage preferences. I wrote on the form that I had stress in my neck and shoulders, and I think the therapist spent less than 5 minutes on it The mani/pedis were probably the worst I've had in the 10+ years that I've been getting mani/pedis. Both my mother and I had chipped nail polish within the first 24 hours. Will not be back. more

Great Services, says CMT 12/17/2010

Spa visits and massages are so great for health and relaxation that I went to school to become a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT). With that knowledge and having experiences in spas all across America, I continue to be positively surprised by the great service I receive at Hired Hands every time! The atmosphere is tranquil and comfortable, and the people are warm and welcoming. I've been happy with all the treatments I've received, which makes this in my opinion one of the best spas to visit. I'm not sure what weird agenda some of the reviewers before me had, or why they wanted to advertise for other spas here, But, I got all the robe, snacks, and water I wanted + PLUS, I've only ever had Vichy Rain Massages here, and they are wonderful. So, take it from me, a CMT, that Hired Hands Day Spa is the place to get great services in Pearland, or the greater Houston Metro area! more

I don't get it 12/15/2010

I do not understand all the reviews that give praise to the massages here. Very basic, not memorable and do not leave a positive lasting impression. I have been to Bergamos where they have you lie down on a heating pad, they use hot stones to rub your back, wrap your feet and hands in hot towels after they massage them and end your massage with a luxiourious face and scalp massage in addition to have a spa area to undress, put a comfy robe on, slippers and enjoy hot tea, water and some light food. I suppose it is my fault for not inquiring about these services beforehand- but all I am saying is... I feel like I am getting more for my money with all the other things- and that to me is much more relaxing. more

You can find much better 12/8/2010

After reading such mixed reviews, I decided to risk this spa for myself. I wish i hadn't. I went in for a facial and pedicure. I was left in the sitting area for about 20 minutes, yet no one came by to check in with me. This wouldn't bother me, but I was the ONLY client waiting to begin their appointment on a Saturday. I also had to wait for about 15 more minutes when I moved from the facial to the pedicure, only now there was one other client in the waiting area. I had two different pedicurists who just kept switching off on me bc they were running behind, and every time they did, I'd be left sitting with my feet in cold water. For the price (50 bucks!) I should have gotten a fabulous pedicure.One of the pedicurists did work to make me feel a little pampered. The facial was meant to be an hour long but because the esthetician was running late it cut into my time. This wouldnt bother me so much though when booking the appt I asked for the latest possible time which tells me that I was the last client to be seen- I should have had the full sixty minutes. When I asked to speak to a manager I was told there wasn't one at the time she would be in on Monday. What business on a Saturday does not have a manager looking after the place? I have not tried calling to speak to the manager about my experience but do plan on doing so for the front desk girl did tell me a manager has to approve a refund or credit. Even though this spa is just minutes from where I live, I won't be back to get services. The experience was not relaxing at all, making it a waste of my tightly-budgeted spa money. more

Below Average 12/7/2010

My husband and I went in for a couples massage. The spa is located in a very old house that is creaky and hot. As new customers, normally you expect people to show you around and where to wait etc. Not this place! The front desk girl made me feel rushed, and she was texting on her cell phone when I walked up to her. She made me feel like I was a bother to her. While waiting for our appointments in the sitting area we can look out at the back porch and see employees standing around smoking which was a huge turn off. While waiting for our appointment to start I decided to go up the front desk to ask some questions about certain services in their brochure. I was inquiring about the chemical peel to correct some minor imperfections. She, I believe her name was Vanessa, was pushing everything they offered in a very high pressured way from laser treatments to very over priced products etc. There's a way to upgrade and sell- being pushy should not be one of them. Inside, the lady that gave me my massage never said a word which left me uncomfortable and my wife's technician was just the opposite. She wouldn't stop talking. We also overheard unprofessional conversation coming from other areas upstairs. Every time anyone walked outside the room the floors would creak, there are stains all over the wooden floors. It just doesn't look very sanitary and clean. I would recommend going someplace else. more

Now I know why she was voted #1! 12/3/2010

Being a long time patron of Hired Hands- 9+ years I FINALLY decided to try some body waxing. I was referred to Kim by a friend who sees her as well. Feeling a little vulnerable to expose myself to a stranger, Kim made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed. She is very professional but still down to earth. I'll be back for my next visit in the next few weeks and will refer everyone I know to Kim! more

Best Birthday Gift! 12/2/2010

My husband gave me the best gift for my birthday (yes, even better than the Brita water pitcher! lol!) - a gift cert for some pampering & a promise to actually *watch* the kids! This was my first time at Hired Hands & I loved it! I was immediately greeted, signed in, and since I was a little early, I had some time to look around at all the wonderful little things they have. (Even found several fun gifts for my besties!) The massage was fabulous! Being a new mom, I have a lot of new aches & pains and my therapist was wonderful at getting all the knots out! I went outside & relaxed on the beautiful deck before my pedi. (Which was also wonderful!) All in all, I didn't want to leave! It was a great day of pampering & I loved not feeling like I was in one of those commercial spas where you just feel 'pushed through'! more

Refuses to wax men 12/1/2010

Bad salesmenship! After inquiring on Monday about a waxing service, I was told by the receptionist after being on hold for several minutes that the technician doesn't do mens bikini..even though I was already told she had openings. Have heard good things but I don't like hearing I can make an appointment on another day with someone who will choose to take me. more

Relax, Shop, Play and Get Gorgeous 11/28/2010

I've been going to Hired Hands for the past seven or eight years. Everytime I'm there I don't want to leave. The service, the atmosphere and the variety of packages are outstanding. The service is warm and welcoming from the moment you walk in the door. As a repeat customer, you are greeted by name and your every need is taken care of. The atmosphere is inviting and charming. It's not the typical euro-sleek spa, it's much more like a cabin in the woods where you connect with nature and feel all the stress of your day melt away. (Even though it's located on a major street.) The little shop has some great gift items for holiday shopping too. Even if you don't have time for spa services, it's a great little boutique for Birthday gifts, "I love me" presents or really any occassion. And the variety of services and custom packages are fantastic.Everything from their exceptionally skilled massage therapists, (we all have our favorites and three of mine work here,) rejuvinating facials, to salon services, laser treatments, the best tans and med spa options to erase'll walk out of there with new friends and looking more relaxed and better than ever. Grab a group of girlfriends, a bottle of champagne and spend the whole day getting gorgeous. Their spa parties are fantastic. Great idea for a bridal shower or just a personal escape. I've referred several friends and they are all repeat customers now. ****************************** Wow! I just read some of the other reviews and I have to say that the negative comments are way off base or they went somewhere else. And so many on the same day I was there. (That's odd - something is off there.) This place is great and so are the people. I'd be surprised if any of the people writing the nasty comments have ever walked through the door. more

Great Prices-Friendly Service Providers 11/27/2010

Was a first time Hired Hands client today. I came with a girlfriend of mine and we got massages to relieve some of the stress from our families and the holidays- ha! Cute on the outside. Had some very cute retail items. Probably will be back to do some browsing and shopping for Christmas. Was taken back about 10 minutes late for my appointment and my friend got to go right happens so no big worries. I did request a hot stone massage when making my appointment and they didn't have me down for it so I ended up getting a deep tissue but LOVED it anyways. Overall was pleased. Front desk did have what looked like young girls working. Will be back based on the prices and location..very convenient. My massage therapist and my friends massage therapist were both very kind and both gave great massages. more

Management needs a severe overhaul! 11/25/2010

Came in this week for the first time to get a massage. When i first walked in I thought tacky!!! The display table loaded down with items for sale on the front porch should have tipped me off. I walked in the spa and waited for a good five minutes before the person behind the desk would acknowledge me, then I had to wait another ten minutes before my so called therapist came to get me. It was the least relaxing spa I have EVER gone to. During the massage, there was loud talking in the hallway outside the room---very annoying. I try to get a massage at least every major holiday break for I am a teacher and I love trying new places. I made an appointment to get the one hour therapeutic massage but decided last min to add hot stones - I should have saved my money . The technician was clearly not interested in being there, several times during the massage using one hand and she never applied pressure to help the areas I told her needed working. Long story short, I paid to have someone apply lotion. Bad service, felt like the staff is not properly trained, major cleanliness issues. A girlfriend of mine says she has had problems and the manager of the front desk and the manager of the spa do not follow through with legitimate complaints. They promise they will take care of the problem, and get back to you, but they don't. They come across as disinterested. One could tell that organization and communication is beyond lacking in this place. more

Not Again 11/25/2010

The past few times I have been in for services I have left very dissatisfied. I was debating on writing a review or not, but after I looked at some of the city search reviews below, I had to write something. I can agree with some of the previous posts when it comes to rude and disorganized front desk. I was in with a party a month or so ago and a girl claiming to be manager of the front desk was literally so rude, it blew my mind. Based on the reviews I have read I sense a lot of changes have been made, especially with the departure of a manager that seemed to do a great job and so I question does the owner even know about the downhill spiral? The girls at the front are constantly on their phones, and the bathroom was a horrible mess. I come to believe that the owner will deal with some of these issues, because I know that a good business is ran by a solid foundation, not a cracked one. This establishment has many cracks-poor customer service, unprofessional demeanor, and unorganized management. I can't even begin to tell you about our party planning that was not even correct and it was even confirmed. Very unpleased. more

What is the point of having a manager? 11/25/2010

I will never go here again. I walked in and it took forever for the first employee to notice that I was standing there. Rude staff. i will never return. I scheduled my whole day around my appointment at the end i was never on the books... no apologies were given. Front desk did not seen to care. I finally got in for the apt after they had to call a massage therapist in last minute, the lady started my service, she rambled on and on during the massage about how the staff is unhappy, I shouldn't go through the front desk, everyone there misses the old manager, they all want him back so many problems have happened since his departure, he was the only one that knew what he was doing-- really???? Does the entire staff talk about this kind of stuff to all of the clients?? I felt very uncomfortable. Although this spa is convenient and is aesthetically pleasing, I was extremely disappointed. My experience at Hired Hands was terrible for many reasons, and when I calmly tried to relay this to the manager she matter of factly told me that the service had already been done. Nothing more. When a business doesnt provide the service you ask for, they arent on time they arent the ones who should be on the defense. There is no excuse for being short or matter of fact with a customer, especially when they are being respectful to you. The manager kept interrupting me as I was making my point and asking me time and again, "what would you like me to do for you?" How about listen!! more

Poor customer service, inexperienced staff 11/25/2010

-I have been to this spa several times for massages and facials. The last time I was there the facial was semi miserable. The girl was inexperienced, rough, left me alone in the room with a cold towel on my face. Needless to say, it was not worth my money or my time. I tried to place a complaint with the check out staff and received very little support, they had not comment cards either. They took my name and number on a post it note and told me the "boss" would call me. I called several more times. I never received a return email or phone call. -Unfortunately, I received a gift card from my husband from this place. I went the following day to request a refund secondary to my previous experience. Guess what? There was no one that could authorize that, no manager to talk to. The manager apparently is never there and when she is all I hear from other customers is that she is very disconnected-kind yes but manager material absolutely not! So once again I left my number with the front desk, and haven't heard from anyone yet. I was a constant customer of this spa for several years but after the summer something definitely changed. The atmosphere was different- not welcoming, unfriendly, you get the impression from the staff that they obviously do not want to be there. The owner needs to pay attention more to the management and front desk and start from there. more
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  • Professional spa and salon for full-service hair and nail care, massage, facials, permanent makeup, tanning and laser hair removal.

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