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931 Monroe Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 872-0060
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Highlander - Atlanta, GA
Highlander - Atlanta, GA
Highlander - Atlanta, GA
Highlander - Atlanta, GA
Highlander - Atlanta, GA
Highlander - Atlanta, GA


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Has been and always will be my favorite bar in Atlanta! The staff is great,food is good and the drinks are strong.\r The day regulars and the night regulars always make it intere...


We went there a while ago, maybe their toilet is fixed now, but it really was not a pleasant experience and it still taunts me even now... \r \r I don't remember much of the foo...

Pretty Cool 8/2/2010

I've been here a few times after seeing new movie releases in the movie theater in the same shopping center. They smoke inside - which doesn't really bother me even though I am not a smoker. The place is very laid back, with a very diverse crowd and you can hang up at the bar and make some buddies. more

Greatest Movie Ever. 7/29/2010

Not only is ""The Highlander"" the recipient of the Oscar for ""The Greatest Movie...Ever Made"" according to Ricky Bobby of 'Talladega Nights', but it's also the name sake of a strange, rough and tumble rock n' roll bar. Strange for it's Virginia meets Monroe shopping center locale, and strange for it's goth, neo-nerd, anti-establishment facade. But something is working, the bar just turned legat at 18 years old. That does wonders for ones curfew. Come hang out before or after your Midtown Art flick, and don't forget to say hello to the Beta fish at the bar named, ""Butt Munch"". Pros: No Pretention, All-u-can-eat crab leg night, Stands out Cons: Parking more

Favorite bar in Atlanta 6/4/2009

Has been and always will be my favorite bar in Atlanta! The staff is great,food is good and the drinks are strong.\r The day regulars and the night regulars always make it interesting and if you know them you know them for life.. When the Highlander parties it parties like there's no tomorrow. Pros: Location more

#1 dive bar, great food, loud music 9/8/2008

this is my fav late night place to hang out and grab dinner or a quick/cheap (pbr pitchers) beer. the hot spinach salad is delicious. ive also had the burgers, veggie quesadillas, and mozz cheese sticks. all very good. the best part is they serve food very late so if you are looking for a really tasty good late night snack, this here is your place. also, the staff and decor is slightly punk/goth but it shouldn't bother you too much unless you are trying to ""see and be seen"" (this is not that kind of place). also, don't go if you aren't into dive bars and can't handle very loud music blasting while you eat. Pros: great food, pool tables Cons: loud music more

Great room,..good bar food....other then the ridic TV viewing...ugh 9/2/2008

Legendary joint here in town, mostly living off past accolades for food, but still a solid spot for ""really bad for ya"" food. Salty bartender, but palatable, so no need to gripe about them, as they take pride in it.\r Will go back, but please, please, do not show the flippin Aninmal planet channel on the 50 inch big screen while eating and trying to socialize. I know this isn't exactly a sports bar, but gimme a we really need to see when ""wild animals attack"" during a hungover weekend lunch.....geeeeezzz...ugh. If they still don't cooperate and change it, then simply eat on the patio and the point is moot. Pros: Great dive bar atmosphere Cons: Rampant abuse of TV channels and viewing more

Good beer selection, obnoxiously rude bartenders 2/29/2008

Been going here for years to play pool before a movie at midtown art. Beer selection is decent and hole-in-the-wall atmosphere is well-done.\r \r The other night however, went for a drink before a movie. Ordered a Smithwicks and it was flat, watery, and tasteless. They clearly needed to change the keg. The bartender mocked me and told me I didn't know sh*$ (been a waiter and bartender for many years) and after quite a bit of haggling poured me something else. \r \r Tatortots and chicken fingers were smashing good for bar food (make you get the honey mustard dip with it). With all the bars in atlanta, the highlander is unremarkable albeit its dirty, loud, and raucous atmosphere. Pros: Good tator tots and billiards Cons: jacka$# bartenders more

Nice patio and good selection 10/8/2007

so if you are not open minded nor easy going then dont go to the highlander. we went on a fall friday evening, sat on the large patio, and had great food. the crowd was very mixed, a little biker, a little country, and a little yuppy. the menu had a lot of sandwiches and pub grub. we had grilled cheese and tater tots, which were great! we will definately return. Pros: Selection and patio Cons: Allows dogs on the patio more

Nice Chill Spot!!! 6/17/2007

Me and my boyfriend go here all the time and we enjoy the atmosphere and the people. At first I was a little nervous about going because we're African-American and the crowd there is majority caucasion, but after I got the feel for it, it was easy for me to relax. They have numerous of tv's, and arcade games (we love playing the ice hockey game). On Tues. they have ""All you can eat"" crab legs for $20!!! and the customer service is pretty average. You have a choive to sit outside or inside. The atmosphere is pretty dark but it's a nice place to chill w/out all the noise and the large crowds. This is our #1 place to go when we just want to relax. The pitcher of beers are very cheap (PBR:$6:50)!!! I don't drink but my BF does, so I usually get the lemonade or a glass of water. Pros: Nice menu, games, prices, and tv Cons: dark atmosphere more

Cold Beers, Good Music, No BS 5/17/2007

I just moved to town and went to this bar on a whim before a movie. It was great. People of all types, strong crowd of regulars (the true sign of a good bar), and rock and roll music. I didn't try the food or the arcade games, but I'll definitely be back often. It sure beats some of the other poor excuses for bars around here. \r \r Some of the other reviews give the impression that this place is ""intimidating"" or ""scary"" or a ""dive"". I did not get that vibe at all. In fact, just the opposite. I definitely felt comfortable and welcome here. I guess people who are uptight or rich might not like the Highlander, but that's fine by me! more

Changing my review from bad to decent. 2/18/2007

I was very hard on this place the first time around. Since that review, I have moved to Midtown. My friends and I like this place on the weekdays. I first drank at this bar on a Saturday night. The difference between the two evenings is incredible. The music during the weekdays does not cut through your brain. The place is quieter and attracts a more neutral crowd. Playing Drunk, which is just a form of Bingo, is great on Monday nights. The Drunk announcer keeps the game exciting and is really cool. The service is great, and the people are funny. During the weekends this place may attract some people who are a bit more annoying. The people are a gothic type people, who seemed to be a bit washed up, and the music on the weeked, is way too friggin loud. I love loud music, but to the point where I can't here the people next to me seems a bit excessive. The place has its positives and negatives, but overall this place is a nice relaxing place, and remember I feel that this is the case only on the weekdays. Pros: Beer selection is limited Cons: the weekend crowd more

Wannabe Douchebags who can't fit in anywhere else 11/13/2006

hmmmm..... The pitcher prices are not bad. The bulk of the staff is ok too. As far as the people who hang out there.... well, it's your basic strip mall-gone-south-fare. It's not hard to open a place that caters to 30-something washed up goth kids. I mean, there is a f-ing football game playing on the big screen for f-s sake and a bunch of tattooed old people playing bingo. Fun times! Who loves gay? Mid town does. Take it there!\r \r Anyways, the food is ok bar fare, the service is a ""mediocre"" at best. But what bar can't fry up some mozz cheese sticks? But wrapped in pasta? Novel! Amazing! \r \r As if midtown needed anything gayer?!?!?!?!?!\r \r \r \r \r What about rockabilly tattoos? Got Pros: The wannabe surferpunkabillly artwork looks the same as every astroman 300 album you love Cons: read the reviews more

Good before/after movie drinks and snacks 10/29/2006

Okay, after reading some of the stuffier reviews, I have to disagree. My husband and I definitely lean toward the preppy, but The Highlander is our favorite place to hang out before or after a movie at the Landmark. The service has always been good, and while they don't kiss your behind, they're certainly not surly. It's a bar, not a five-star restaurant. It's a million times better than their neighbor, Apres Diem, where the attitude is a substitute for service. Pros: Proximity to theater Cons: None. It is what it is. more

The toilet flooded... 8/10/2006

We went there a while ago, maybe their toilet is fixed now, but it really was not a pleasant experience and it still taunts me even now... \r \r I don't remember much of the food itself, average bar food. The service was not warm and fuzzily pleasant, borderline rude. Actually the whole place gave out the vibe of if you are too ""clean cut / preppy"" you should not be eating here / be scared. The worst part of course was when I finish using the female bathroom, the toilet water flooded out of it after flushing, continuously. I was chased out of the bathroom by the water. It was like a classic horror movie scenario. At one point I thought I wasn't gonna make it since the latch of the door was a bit stuck...\r \r Don't eat there if you are remotely clean / takes shower everyday / wears clothes without holes or fishnet parts. Pros: Average bar food, maybe opens late Cons: Awful bathroom, rude staff, unfriendly crowd more


went to highlander to eat with wife. First impression with waiter was bad as he essentially threw the menus at as he walked by. I ordered the reuben and she ordered some turkey dish. After 30 minutes the ""waiter"" mentioned that they were out of sourcrout. I took it in stride and said i'll have some simple such as the chicken sandwish. I said i needed it quick as we had an appt. The waiter seemed bothered by the fact that we wanted to remain. Guess what happened? After 15 minutes, he said the manager didn't like the the chicken looked(?) and decided to start over. The waiter was unapologetic and seemed more interested in his next smoke. We stormed out. After about 15 minutes, I decided to call the manager directly. She knew exactly who it was. She was very blunt with me and unapologetic as well. She said ""she guessed it was time to fire the kitchen manager"". I waited for an apology and it never came. She wanted to know what they could do for me. Since I would never eat there again, I told her I would make sure to let EVERYONE know about the customer no-service. Pros: 0 Cons: NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, INCOMPETENT MANAGEMENT more

I love this place 4/12/2003

The Highlander is the place to go if you love a good steak or burger surved up with a cold beer and a shot of Jagar. The Misfits and Jonny Cash on the juke box, men and women sportin hard core ink on whatever parts you think. This is ""the best bar""ever. This is not the kind of crowd that if you're wearing a oxford button down that will make fun of you. Everyone is welcome just dont be a dick. This barhad me thinking about moving to the ATL. I'm still thinking about moving there, I want to work there that's how much I thought of this place. If you own or manage The Highlander and would like a northern guy, 30 from Pittsburgh PA, 10 years bartending under his belt I would love to come there and kick some ass behind your bar. more

Not bad for a strip mall bar 2/14/2003

This place is pretty cool and not pretentious at all. The game room is fun--a little too expensive but great videogame selection. Varied crowd. One of the better bars in Atlanta that is low-key and not too ""fru-ey."" Pros: Type of crowd, Game Room, 2 bars Cons: Location, Slow Service more

my lunch nook 12/17/2002

I'll have to preface this by admitting the Highlander is my favorite restaurant anywhere and that I go there 3-4 times a week for lunch. But there is a reason: it's amazingly great. It may be an acquired taste, but it gets even better as you become part of the family, and there is a definite bond among the patrons and the staff, day or night. The food is excellent and diverse, particularly the specials, and the burgers (when medium rare) are the best in town. The ""shots"" are practically doubles, and if your server is still sober after a night of drinking there, you are doing something wrong. It gets crowded on weekend nights, but it's nearly empty weekday afternoons. The only thing that really bothers me about the Highlander is when I get there for lunch a bit late and someone has stolen my usual booth :) Pros: great food, beautiful waitresses, jager on tap Cons: parking, last call more

The Dysfunctional Family Circus bar 7/23/2002

The Highlander is a place where I'm glad to be a regular. Punk rockers, bikers, yuppies, geeks, college students, goths and even some normal people mix here. The food is excellent, the drinks are good and the staff is unique. The attitude can be a wake up call for people who expect undying respect from their waitrons. Become a regular and they are not just your servers, they're your friends. Pros: great bar food, cool staff, open very late Cons: weekend parking bad more

Great Jukebox! 5/21/2002

The Highlander has one of the best jukeboxes in town. The place may look a bit scary, but the people are interesting and for the most part, friendly. Plus, it's open late! Pros: Lots of attitude, No Buckhead kids Cons: Limited parking, Stripmall Ambience more

There can be only one! 5/12/2002

The Highlander is my favorite bar in Atlanta. The drinks are strong and the jukebox is great. It looks more imposing than it really is, although I wouldn't mind if it were a bit scarier to keep away some of the preppie types that show up, obviously ""slumming it."" If you got rid of the game room, it'd be a lot cooler. Parking on late weekend nights can be a real hassle because of the movie crowds, and the great-looking waitresses can be slow. But on the whole this is a friendly place with a great vibe. Pros: Atmosphere, Great jukebox Cons: Service, Parking more
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