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Hickory Trail Hospital - 6 Reviews - 2000 Old Hickory Trl, Desoto, TX - Hospitals & Other Medical Facilities Reviews - Phone (972) 298-7323

Hickory Trail Hospital

2000 Old Hickory Trl (at Located on 4 lush acres minutes South of Downtown Dallas)
Desoto, TX 75115
(972) 298-7323
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Hickory Trail Hospital - Desoto, TX
Hickory Trail Hospital - Desoto, TX


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All reviews seem negative


I wish that I had taken these reviews more seriously before I sent my sister to this facility. She was admitted for a suicide attempt, and stayed at the facility for 5 days. Sad...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/3/2014

Background: here I am a hard working professional with a bachelors degree working in a hospital making 66K per year with work experience as a DoD civilian working on military bases with 14 years experience and then five more with the veterans. I am also a single parent. I moved to TX for work which I did a great job at for over five years. At which time I became stressed out (not seeing my family from New England during that time). I needed some family time and a break and probably an opportunity to talk to an out patient counselor. My dad arrived and not knowing what to do because it was a holiday took me to the hospital. The only thing that was open to see me was the emergency room. Because I showed up they admitted me and from there referred me to Hickory Trails which was a big mistake. I voluntarily checked myself in because after taking to them Psychiatrist (possibly Indian/accent) insisted that I come in. When all I needed was some family support and outpatient counseling. They ended up requiring I take medicine continuously and didn't give me a choice to refuse it (so much for patient rights). I only met with him maybe for five minutes a hand full of times and I kept asking what does it take to leave. He finally said you need to take a shot and then I will let you leave. I asked what it was and was given a long slip listing all the possible side effects. I said I didn't want it and after a few days I finally took it to go home. They kept me in patient at least 2-3 weeks. All the psychiatrist would ask is, ""Are you taking your medication?"" The place was horrible inside the patient rooms and living room (which family doesn't see). They stuck me on a unit with others who were extremely out there. \r \r My dad was very distraught because he had very limited contact with me and they released no information to him despite his requests stating HIPPA. My poor daughter must have been worried sick. Once they finally released me from inpatient care, they milked the system again requiring I go to out patient care for a month. This was making me more stressed because I was missing more work and had to explain it. (I am the only supporter of my daughter, no child support and needed my job). The outpatient counselor I went to after observing me for two weeks said that I didn't belong in there and let me go two weeks earlier than the Psychiatrist wanted me to go. \r \r Then they required I continue to see them and follow their prescriptions. I ended up loosing my 66K job, we had to move from Texas back with family and my daughter had to leave her wonderful school and all her friends there and at church and camp. Now I'm unemployed. One of their counselors (an intern) said you can always collect social security and she pointed me in the direction for that. So after spending my whole life preparing to become a therapist and working successfully in that field double majoring in RT and psychology going there messed up my whole career and life. Please think and research the best place for you or your family member to go before letting someone just send you there. In my case I believe they kept me as long as they could and make the most money they could from in and out patient services. It was a totally bad, horrible experience that I wouldn't wish on anyone. And I see they are advertising for a recreational therapist. I would never want to work in that position for them. My recommendation is to take a through tour of all the facilities and see all the units before you decide to work in that place and read all the reviews from family and patients. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/5/2014

I've been a patient at Hickory Trail 49 days. I have seen a doctor 3 times. That is all. Instead I see a nurse practitioner who constantly changes my medications which has led to the length of my stay. I've read other reviews about staff sitting around. That is true. The outpatient programs, both partial hospitalization and iop are a joke. You do not get well there. You do not get better there. I feel at this moment (3:00 a.m. because I do not sleep because they do not give me the right meds) that I will just have to go into another facility if they ever release me from Hickory Trail for help. Why am I here after 48 days? I am sure it is because they are billing the crap out of medicare. I have already received one invoice for $30,000.00, and that was just for inpatient. Baylor brought me to Hickory Trail. They did not ask me where I wanted to go. They brought me to Hickory Trail in handcuffs (because I had suicidal ideations the night before), so I do not think much more of Baylor. I never saw a doctor during my emergency room treatment at Baylor. Just a nurse and a social worker. \r \r Am I upset? You bet I am. Run, don't walk, if anyone suggests you go to Hickory Trail for help. You will not be helped. You will more than likely come out worse off than when you were admitted. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/2/2014

They don't do anything there but sit around more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/11/2013

How do you get your family out of HERE? My 84 year old aunt had a bad attitude and they sent her here. We were never told were she was going. In fact no one knew. We had to call the police to find out where she was. Then they wouldn't allow us access to her. Last night my aunt called and the other lady in her room had taken her oxygen cord and wrapped it around her neck. The police were there when we got there and they did nothing. The staff didn't even know who we were talking about. they were incredibly rude and unhelpful. How do you get assistance in a situation like this. I feel like we need an attorney!!!\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/31/2013

The staff here are psychos. I had a Dr.(?) visit my room and awaken me @ 1;00 a.m. one morning. Apparently, he was covering for a coworker who was ill/on vacation, don't recall the exact details. The so-called nusing staff were unprofessional, arrogant,and condesending. One middle-aged little chubby nurse even mocked me when I requested a PRN anxiety dosage. Another night nurse accomodated me with a PRN anxiety to the tune of 3X my Rx dosage, I became semi-comatose, was unable to speak, walk or stand without assistance. Luckily, another client observed my outrageous behavior and notified the nurse. I was lifted from the sofa on which I was slumped over and ""dragged"" by the night nurse Rachett and her mini-her assistant Rachett, slung onto the bed, feet and legs still hanging off side of the bed, fully clothed, the bed was not turned down, nor was I covered up. My roommate at the time was awakened by the ruckus; was gracious enough to remove my shoes, turn the covers back and lift my dangling legs on to the bed. \r I have a reoccuring nightmare from time to time that ends with my being commtted there again. I awaken and begin to pray thanking the Good Lord that I had only dreamt of that Alctraz like prison. \r *****PLEASE, PLEASE IF YOU HAVE EXPERIECED AN INCIDENT LIKE MINE - GO AHEAD AND WRITE/POST YOUR REVIEW. HOWEVER, THE ONLY WAY TO HELP STOP THIS ABUSE IS TO NOTIFY THE JOINT COMMISSION AND SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE ALONG WITH DATES OF YOUR ADMISSIONS HERE. IF WE ARE NOT PAT OF THESOLUTION, WE ARE PART OF THE POBLEM.... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/10/2013

I have really learned a lot about the proper times to take my medicaion and the support of each and every staff member here so I just want to say thank you and god bless you all very much. \r \r I would recommend this facility to someone needing treatment more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/1/2012

I need to sue this hospital and doctors my son came out worse than he went into this hospital. I would love to see this hospital shut down and the doctors loose their medical licence. Baylor Hospital sent my son there had no choose they told he would be there no more than 24 hrs will he was there weak and half. I try to get him out and the doctor said, he was going to call CPS on us. All he needed was a change of medication don't know why Baylor would not change it or let us call his doctor to have it change instead of sending to hickory trail. I have two amblance bill and two hospital bill do to the fact the school send him without getting hold of me. Baylor would not let us take him to Hickory Trail or another hospital they said, he had go by amblance there was nothing wrong with him other than his medication needed to be change. more

BUYER BEWARE! 2/10/2012

I wish that I had taken these reviews more seriously before I sent my sister to this facility. She was admitted for a suicide attempt, and stayed at the facility for 5 days. Sadly, her mental state was worse when she left than it was when she arrived. She literally spent 30 minutes with a Dr the entire time she was there. She did attend a few group therapies, but never received individual therapy. I spoke with her Case Manager a few times, but she was never able to give me any accurate information, as she also had not spent any time with my sister. It was a complete waste of time and money. Honestly! She spent most of her time playing cards and watching movies, and left feeling like she has no mential issues in comparison to some of the people she encountered. Totally counter-productive. I can't stress to you enough how disaapointed our family is in this experience. DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONE HERE! more

I will join any court procedeings 11/18/2011

I was admitted here and sadly it was not the first mental hospital i have been at. I have to say that when i first was admitted i was not volunteerly admitted i wanted to go home but the lady who was admitting me told me that if i didnt sign myself in they would get a 72 hour hold me from the doctor and then i would have to go through to see a judge who could make me stay for up to a week. So she said if i signed myself in that i would be out in 24 hours. Well this was the first time i had been in one as an adult and i didnt know that wasnt true. When i was in there they put me on wht the staff and patients called ""the really crazy"" side. I had other patents walk in on me while i was in bathroom and the staff did nothing when patients would touch me. One night i was havng a severe reaction to a medicine and i fealt as if i could not breathe i requested medical attention and they did nothing i had to sick through it and i was not allowed to speak to a doctor or go to the hosptal as i requested. I was told to sit and breathe. I ened up getting discharged when i was able to tell the nurses they were full of it and that if i did not speak with someone to sign myself out that i would seek legal action for false imprisionment. all of a sudden i am sane and coherant and i was allowed to sign myself out. this place is a load of crp and a scam, i would love to see it shut down so no one else gets bullied into treatment. more

treated like dirt 10/17/2011

This place is a joke. First of all it took me 6 hours to be admitted, nothing was offered to eat or drink. Most of the Techs are rude and hateful and talk down to you as if you don't matter, and when you ask for things, even necessities you get a bad look or are told that they need to rest for a few minutes. We could not have coffee on the unit in the mornings but staff came in with their Starbucks or McDonalds cups...doesn't seem fair...we had to wait until 8:00 when we went to breakfast. Those who smoke got a smoke break from 8:30 to 8:45, and not another one until until 12:45. This seems unreasonable especially since there is only 1 group in the for 3 hours there is nothing to do. On Thursday & Friday I got the wrong dose of medicine but I didn't question it because my Dr said he was going to increase my medication. Then on Saturday when another nurse came on duty and I asked for my meds, she cut the pill in half, I asked her about it and she showed me that the orders for that particular medication had not been increased. It took until Sunday night for me to get someone to write an incident report. This same nurse Eunice, was on duty this morning, I tried to stay away but I needed my medication, so I asked for it, she slapped the counter and dropped her pen on the desk and ask me""why didn't you ask for it earlier?"" It is a as needed pill. I told her I was sorry and walked away and my Dr just happened to be standing there and he asked her about it and her reply to him was that she had to go to another unit to get the medicine. She was raising her voice and being very hateful. I was in tears by this time and after a couple of minutes she brought my pill with a cup of water to my room and said she was ""just playing"" I told her no she wasn't..she actually sat the cup of water and the pill on my bed and walked out.she told me that I should be grateful to her for bringing my medication to my room...just as my Dr was walking in my room. I asked to talk with the Director of Nursing and she said I would have to go through her..I never did get to talk to the Director. The same thing happened this morning with another patient needing half of a pill instead of a whole pill, also last week the same nurse gave the wrong medicine to the wrong patient..when will it stop? When someone has a bad reaction? We as patients trust that these nurses read the dr's orders and comply with what he writes, and most do..but this one is out of control. She even leaned over the desk, raising her voice at me when I told her about the wrong dosage last week. and if a sporting event is on t.v. you didn't get any help or anything you asked for because the male Tech wasn't getting out of his chair. I was there 7 days and never seen or talked to my case manager until this morning when my Dr changed my discharge date from tomorrow until today. I never received a handbook but you have to sign for one. There was not any hand soap in the dispensers, so we had to go out to the dayroom to wash our hands. I would not let anyone I know go to that place This was not my first time in a Psych Hospital as my depression is recurrant, but I am in worse shape now than when I went in 7 days ago...Please be careful where you or your loved ones go for treatment more

just a little heads up about this dump 7/16/2011

just so you know i am a home health aide and my client was a patient here after a suicide attempt, Neither myself or any family were ever once contacted by ANY staffers during his stay, getting information was like pulling teeth My client also fell in the shower and laid in the floor for an hour before he staffers found him....This person had just attempted suicide a few days before WHY WAS HE UNSUPERVISED????????when we were sent home we too were sent without medication, and with some other patients discharge papers. I would not let hickory trails treat my dog-much less a member of my yourself a favor and RUN DO NOT WALK as fast and as far in the opposite direction of this place!!! more

Do Not Use This Facility 7/14/2011

My son was discharged from this facility yesterday. The staff are unprofessional. As a nurse, I can say that. The doctor discharged my son with no medication. Last night after getting home, he had a complete breakdown. When I visited my son the day before his discharge, it was very obvious that he was not stable, yet the staff acted like he was just fine. He told me that his meeting with the doctor that day consisted of the doctor asking ""How are you doing?"" followed by ""Well, you will be going home tomorrow"". That was it! My husband and I are in the process of obtaining legal representation to file charges against the providers at Ft Hood and we are seriously considering action against Hickory Trail as well. more

Unprofessional Staff ! 7/9/2011

These are some of the most people unprofessional clowns I have had a chance to speak with,they have made the experience horrific! Pathetic! Monkey at the Zoo are much better. more
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  • At Hickory Trail Hospital our goal is to provide a safe and therapeutic environment for children, adolescents, adults and senior adults who are experiencing mental health and chemical dependency challenges such as:

    * Major Depression
    * Bipolar Disorder
    * Alcohol and Drug Dependence
    * Schizophrenia
    * Dementia Related Mood Disorders
    * Anxiety
    * Behavioral Problems

    Ours is an intensive program of therapeutic interventions and medical management designed to support the patient and family. Individual treatment plans are formulated by a multi-disciplinary team serving as the foundation for intervention, stabilization and recovery.

    We provide a full continuum of care beginning with inpatient treatment, transitioning to day treatment programs and intensive outpatient programs. Our physicians have unique specialties and experience to enhance our therapeutic interventions with advanced medication management.

    * Inpatient
    * Partial Day Programs
    * Intensive Outpatient Programs
    * Private Psychiatric Practice On Campus

    * Mental Health & Chemical Dependency Treatment
    * Inpatient and Day Treatment Programs
    * Children, Adolescents, Adults and Senior Adults

    Hickory Trail Hospital provides innovative treatment for mental health and chemical dependency disorders with specialized units for children, adolescents, adults and senior adults.

    * Inpatient
    * Day Treatment Programs
    * Most Insurance Accepted

    Call to schedule a complimentary assessment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Hickory Trail Hospital
    2000 N Old Hickory Trail
    Desoto, TX 75115

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