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13355 Lake City Way NE A
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 365-0582
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Hertz - Seattle, WA
Hertz - Seattle, WA
Hertz - Seattle, WA
Hertz - Seattle, WA
Hertz - Seattle, WA
Hertz - Seattle, WA
Hertz - Seattle, WA
Hertz - Seattle, WA
Hertz - Seattle, WA
Hertz - Seattle, WA
Hertz - Seattle, WA
Hertz - Seattle, WA
Hertz - Seattle, WA
Hertz - Seattle, WA
Hertz - Seattle, WA
Hertz - Seattle, WA
Hertz - Seattle, WA


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In 2006 I purchased a new 2006 V6 Base, Toyota Rav4 from Rebecca, and the experience was easy, professional and seamless. After 3 years of trouble free issues with the car, I gave...


Reasons why Toyota of Lake City does not do good business: 1) They will promise you things that they can’t deliver on. 2) Don’t know what they are talking about, and will try to...

Experience was easy 11/10/2010

In 2006 I purchased a new 2006 V6 Base, Toyota Rav4 from Rebecca, and the experience was easy, professional and seamless. After 3 years of trouble free issues with the car, I gave it to my Mom, who needed a dependable vehicle. After the Toyota, I thought I wanted an expensive, maintenance-riddled Land Rover / Range Rover HSE, and after 1 year said 'enough was enough'. I called Rebecca, and admittedly, I had reservations to go back to a Toyota after the "Range Rover Experience". Rebecca made the transition painless. I requested copies of invoices, various vehicle demos, different pricing scenarios, *etc., etc.*, and after about a 1-week process (my doing), she absolutely maintained her professionalism. I've been to other stores, and if you're not ready to purchase, after an hour of grueling sales pitch - don't let the door hit you on the way out! My favorite quote from Rebecca: "I'm here to help, and as much as I'd like to sell you a vehicle, I'd much rather have you totally confident and comfortable about your decision." I was sold! I called her, and had her come into the store -on her day off-, to purchase my new Rav4. I was so happy with the vehicle, and the transaction, I showed it off to my good friend - who purchased an identical vehicle from Rebecca, the next day. From past experience, Greg at the Gold Team is incredible; Duane in detail works magic on the scuffs and bumps of life. All in all, I'll keep recommending 'Toyota of Lake City', and they have my future business. Good job! more

Best experience I had 11/2/2010

This was by far the best car purchasing experience I had. The sales person was extremely helpful. She was able to locate the exact vehicle I wanted - with all the features I liked. I had no trouble with the negotiation process at all. I had researched and found a price point that I was comfortable paying. The sales person agreed to that price instantly and there was no haggling/discussions what so ever. For financing, I had also found and interest rate/payment plant that I was happy with - and the dealership offered me a better interest rate. I hope to build a great relationship with this dealership and also hope that I make future purchases from the dealership. I have a 2003 Toyota Camry that I might look into upgrading in 2/3 years time. more

Wax and gas 10/25/2010

Got the vehicle we wanted at the price we wanted. It was a nice touch to wax the car and give us the tank of gas. more

Listened to 10/15/2010

Our negotiation was handled fairly and respectfully. We felt we were listened to and we never felt rushed. We were very happy with the negotiation process and all who were involved with that process. more

Wonderful experience 10/8/2010

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a new Prius from your good company and I wish to take The opportunity to thank your excellent staff for a wonderful car buying experience. We all expect the best effort from our staff, however there are staff members which exceeds our Expectations and as such I am pleased to compliment your sales manager Melissa and her sales And support group. It is refreshing to conduct a business transaction with knowledgeable people and who can Think “outside the box. I had previous contact with other Toyota dealerships in the area and I am pleased to note that Toyota of lake city demonstrated a superior customer service. I am looking forward to a long relationship with your good company. more

Extremely friendly and helpful 10/4/2010

Brad was very knowledgeable on the vehicle and was able to answer all of our questions. Dealership was willing to work with us toward our goal. Ultimately, we reached a compromise and were happy with our purchase. Nate was very helpful in understanding all of the final paperwork. He was very friendly and courteous and well-mannered, even when our 10-month old son was being antsy. Overall, this is a great dealership. EVERYONE here is extremely friendly and helpful any time we go there. more

Absolutely great! 9/27/2010

Brad was absolutely great! The sales experience was the best we have had making any purchase. We will refer both our friends and family to Brad and will look nowhere else for all our future vehicle needs! more

Responsive 9/22/2010

The sales person was by far the best sales person that I've worked with. She was responsive, addressed all my concerns and offered me an excellent price for the vehicle. She also offered her contact information and urged us to call her any time if we ever had any concerns with the vehicle. more

It was great. 9/20/2010

We came in at 8:30pm on a Wednesday evening, knowing that the dealership was supposed to close at 9pm. Eric O, who we worked with, made us feel like it was the middle of the day and he had all the time in the world to answer our questions, let us look at the car, take us for a drive, etc. No rush. It was great! more

already recommended 9/16/2010

Diego was our salesperson and he is the reason we returned to Lake City Toyota to purchase the Prius. He was knowledgeable, respectful, courteous and friendly. He took us on test drives, answered all our questions, and was extremely professional in our dealings. we never felt "pressured" by Diego. We would buy from Lake City Toyota again based on our experience with Diego. We have already recommended friends to Lake City Toyota based on our excellent experience at the dealership and our introduction to the service department. more

excellent experience 9/10/2010

My whole experience from Diego to the management at Lake City Toyota was excellent, making sure I found the car that was perfect for me. Diego was amazing. I went to a number of other dealerships and he was the only person that didn't try to pressure me into terms that weren't going to work for me. more

very happy with my experience 8/24/2010

I am very happy with my experience at this dealership and my new little Yaris and I would definately recommend Toyota of Lake City to my friends! more

top notch 8/24/2010

There service is always top notch. From drop off to pick up you feel very welcome. Always tell you the easiest way to fix a problem. Very honest! Thanks! The always deliver on their promise. Their prices are fair, they also keep you up to date on diagnosis. more

recommend this dealership 8/23/2010

I would recommend this dealership to anyone interested in a new Toyota. Why? 1. I got the best deal. I traded an '06 Avalon Ltd for a 2011 Avalon Ltd. I got quotes from three other dealers and none came within a thousand dollars of Lake City. 2. I dealt with a salesman who was cordial, responsive, and who did what he said he would do. 3. I have had great follow-up from the dealership's Customer Relations Representative. more

Very Dissatisfied with the dealership. Avoid if possible! 12/14/2009

Maybe this situation occurs rarely, but here's my experience in December 2009. The salesman was dishonest about the location of the vehicle and the mileage on the odometer (claimed it was low/under 10 miles). He tried to sell me another similar vehicle that he claimed was being detailed at their dealership so I couldn't see it yet. Apparently, this vehicle was on another dealership's lot at the time of the purchase (vehicle had over 160 miles on it). The manager claimed that it was an error in communication, but no one informed me of the mistake until I requested to see the vehicle upfront the following day in the afternoon. To make up for their mistake, the manager offered to get me another new vehicle, which I accepted, but when the vehicle finally arrived, they decided not to sell it to me after waiting for 2 weeks for it to arrive at the dealership. Their reason was that I seemed too dissatisfied with their dealership and they couldn't do anything to make up for it. Of course I was dissatisfied, they lied to me and wasted my time. You have been warned so beware when you go to this dealership. They seemed nice at first, but becareful when you finally make your purchase. Look over everything carefully and ask questions if you feel unsure of anything! more

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They want your business 3/13/2009

After days of negotiating at Michael's Toyota, I gave these guys a call. I live in Redmond, so I told them I won't come in unless you have a deal that'll make my time worth while. In minutes I was on the call with sales manager and she actually quoted me really good price. It wasn't good enough, but later on she called me back offering few more options. I took few offerse from other dealer and brought it back to her. She really wanted my business because they were willing to go under just to have my business. This is for Prius, which Toyota claims that they dont sell under or even at 'invoice'. I don't buy car at 'invoice', let's be fair, dealers get the kick back, mark up and space fee back from the manufacture. SO why should I pay for them? But I made sure my pricing inclued a 2-3% profit margin for these guys. It's win-win situation. Dealers should be able to run great at 2% profit. I just love their attitude of wanting to serve their customers. more

Great Dealer!!! 3/7/2009

Easy and Great Prices!! more

Surprisingly Generous 1/26/2009

I never expected to find an auto dealership that was soooo generous! (usually 'car dealer' and 'generous' don't even belong in the same sentence. I went in A YEAR ago knowing exactly what I wanted (yaris) and exactly what I could pay for it. They made it happen for me. The night I came home with it, I woke up to find the side window had been SHOT out (yes, with a bullet). After calling my husband and the cops, I called the dealership. They replaced the window for me for just the cost of the window, NO CHARGE FOR INSTALLATION! Plus they did it that morning! I only missed an hour of work. My only complaint is that they haven't sent out any service reminders. more

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Liars, Cheats, and Thieves 12/13/2007

It took me several attempts to purchase a car at Toyota of Lake City. Each visit I left when my tolerance level was reached. These people are rude. There was absolutely no sales or information from the warm bodies they have there. I wanted a Toyota Prius. Toyota of Lake City was the obstacle I had to hurdle to buy it. On one attempt a young kid actually had a conversation with me and we took a test drive. It was great. The paper work was a challenge. You have to be talked down to quite a bit to get the paper work done. It was another challenge to get the financing in place and all of the staff there want to look like really tough guys. It's a junior mafia kind of atmosphere. OK the purchase was complete. I got a survey which didn't go well, I hate the place. Then I got a call from the service department. You get a free service with a purchase, thank goodness I didn't buy the service package. Buyer beware, these people are crooks. My mechanic warned me about the service department, but hey it's included in the full retail price you will end up paying. These people will do nothing for you. There are no deals. They lie. It was free so I made an appointment two weeks in advance for 10:30 AM. When I got there at 10:00 AM the cars were backed up. I waited, When a guy walking by was told I was there he asked if it was 10:30 yet at the top of his lungs. I waited. Another gentleman was dropping off his car. He had parked it in the lot, went to the service counter and was told he had to stay with his vehicle. He asked me if I could back up to allow him into line as he had been there before me. I said sure. We all waited. I finally got out of my car to look into the service department and was shocked. There were cars stacked floor to ceiling. They have four; count them four, service desks for a service department the size of a Jiffy Lube. It was a circus of mismanagement. Obviously they were there to take my money, oops; it was included in the full retail price I paid for the car. I finally got out of my car to look into the service department and was shocked. There were cars stacked floor to ceiling. They have four, count them four, service desks for a service department the size of a Jiffy Lube. It was a circus of mismanagement. Obviously they were there to take my money, oops, it was included in the full retail price I paid for the car. There was no way, for the amount of technicians I saw working, to do a decent job on the cars that were already there. Still there were over booked vehicles backed out into the street. When i got back to my car, Jeff, came up to me. I asked if there was a less busy time to get my car serviced. He said that had I been on time, and if every one else would stick to their assigned time there would not be a back up. I asked if there was a back up how long it would take to service my car. He guaranteed me that my car would be in by 10:30 AM and out by noon. I have no doubt he was serious. My doubt is that if I left my car with him it would be properly serviced. Jeff was threatening me. I had upset Jeff's little power play. I left to return at the end of the day. At the end of the day it was worse than the morning. Cars were still floor to ceiling, packed in like sardines. The mechanics were wandering around looking busy. There was no sweat, no urgency, just the same complacent satisfaction of mechanics getting a pay check without consequence. There was no way anyone was serviced that day. It was obvious there was a total lack of concern, to be confirmed by Jeff. He said, "you're back," I said, "yes." Then i asked if he had in fact lectured me in the morning about being on time for my appointment and he said he had not. He did say that an appointment is like when you go to the doctor. If you are early you have to wait. I asked what that had to do with the fact they had over booked the service department. He said with an earnest expression that they had not done that. It was obvious there was a back log of cars still in the service department at 4:30 PM. It was obvious that those cars were being held over to morning and the circus would begin again. Had i been late, I could get it, being early who cares. Take my keys, let me park, and be on my way. He pointed out the early morning drop off, but keep in mind you have to be there before the service department opens, or you have to wait. It gets better. I want to see the owner. I have been bullied to beyond my limit. I want to see the owner. I want to meet the person, who has so much money, and so much contempt, that they put on this charade every day. I'm angry with myself for giving these very creepy people my money. I want my money back. I now hate my car. How could I have been so stupid to be swindled like this? How can a business like this stay in business? Why do people go back? more

Nice people, no pressure 6/14/2007

I had a great experience at Toyota of Lake City. I live in the area, and had been looking for a used Highlander for some time to fit into our household budget. I had shopped at several dealerships, but returned to Lake City because my sales person was very nice. I do not like the pressure sales tactic I found at several places I visited, and got a great deal at Lake City. It was a very unexpected positive experience! There are several sales women who work there which also made it a less intimidating atmosphere for me. more
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