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Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 785-5488
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Hertz - Las Vegas, NV


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It's a great hotel but if any of you are looking to save some $$ then book it at They have some of the best hotel deals on the web!


THe Rain storm is the only thing about this hotel that i have to rave about. In the middle of the hotel by the shops they have like an indoor pond looped off.And on the ceiling th...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/14/2014

My favorite hotel to sit in and eat at the cafe. It's a smaller hotel with a mall attached. Very classy for a Vegas place. The stripper show was good according to my girlfriend. I was too sick to make it which was just sad all around. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/10/2014

The hotel is very dlicely with many people playing at the tables. This is one of the hotels that offer entertainment while playing blackjack. They do have a nice pool area for guest at the hotel. more

The younger crowd loves it 3/23/2012

Music blasts throughout the casino....sometimes a bid loud for the ""older"" crown but the place is alive a kicking. It's a great hotel but if any of you are looking to save some $$ then book it at They usually have some pretty good deals on there! more

Great hotel BUT.. 4/7/2011

It's a great hotel but if any of you are looking to save some $$ then book it at They have some of the best hotel deals on the web! more

Planet Hollywood has the best party atmosphere for a casino 4/3/2011

Shining in the spotlight of the Las Vegas Strip, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino boasts gourmet restaurants, world-class shopping and dazzling entertainment that has hotel-casino patrons cheering for an encore. more

Surprisingly Good 1/5/2011

I've decided to book Planet Hollywood Hotel because they had the after Thanksgiving online sale (can't remember if it was Black Friday sale or Cyber Monday sale) and it was 20% cheaper than any other so-called ""cheapest rate guaranteed"" travel site prices. They also stopped charging the stupid Resort Fee, so it was a very good deal. Because we're already in Vegas since a night before, we wanted to check-in earlier. When I emailed to inquire about it, they emailed me back and said although they can't guarantee there would be a room available before their normal check-in time, they made a note about it and would do their best to accommodate it. They also told me to drive to the Valet Parking and drop off our luggage at the bell desk so we don't have to carry them from the self parking garage through the casino to the hotel lobby. When we did so, the bell desk gave us a ticket and said just to call them when we get into our room so they could bring our luggage for us. Since our luggage was taken care of, instead of checking in early, and we were there when it's their check-out time, we decided to shop first and come back later. Once we checked in to our room, we called the bell desk. I expected it to take awhile but my sister needed a nap so I didn't mind waiting for awhile. But when it didn't show up for over an hour, I had to call them again. When I hung up, they called me right back to double check the tag number and I knew something was wrong. Another half an hour past and it still didn't show so I called again. Finally the bell man arrived and said we checked in our luggage at a different building but not ""this"" building. I still don't fully understand this but my guess is PH has two different buildings(?) and we were staying at South and our luggage was at Westgate or somewhere like that. I followed the valet sign and it said Planet Hollywood so I don't understand why I was at the wrong bell desk... Anyways, luckily, this luggage issue was the only problem we had with this hotel. To be honest, before I stayed here, I always thought PH to be a very cheesy Vegas hotel but it wasn't. Sure, it may not be Bellagio or those new fancier hotels but the room was well kept. The size of the room was ""okay"" but the bathroom was big! In the bathroom, they have separate shower stall and toilet. I didn't use it but the bathtub was also pretty big and deep. The bathroom was nice but because it was very spacious, the bedroom felt a bit smaller with queen size beds and furniture and therefore the room size was ""okay."" The room was nice and clean and had posters of an old movie from 70's and the props from the same movie were displayed in a coffee table. I wonder if each room has different movie and its props. The amenities were simple but it seems like majority of hotels in Vegas have cut down on them also. Overall, we were very happy with this hotel and its value. One thing that stood out during our stay was everybody and I mean everybody from the casino staff to the front desk and even the bell desk guy who was covered with tattoo were very nice and helpful. Was it a coincidence that we encountered all those pleasant people? I don't know but PH should be very proud themselves for having such great staff and definitely should keep it up. Because when all those hotels on the Strip have similar prices and amenities, I will choose and come back to PH because of the staff and their services. Oh yeah, and of course, no Resort Fee helps more

Planet Hollywood - one of the best hotels in Las Vegas! 3/23/2010

I like Las Vegass' Planet Hollywood a lot and I'll tell you why. Because (a) it's in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip and (b) it's not too big compared to other hotels and thus way harder to get lost in. The silly part is that Aladdin still surfaces in random of details of the redesigned hotel. Our room was big, it overlooked the pool and we could even hear the live DJ in our room! By the way, the pool at PH is a good one. I could literally romp in the water and lay out on the huge daybeds all day if there weren't so many other exciting things to do in Vegas! The lettuce wraps and Szechuan beef at the PF Chang's in the casino were excellent and overall, I am glad we stayed at Planet Hollywood. I'd stay here again! more

For Families only. No good for singles/ couples. 7/7/2008

Heard it was a new, hip place. It wasn't. When I checked in, noticed all the families with kids. They were having one of those pathetic ""dress your 3 year old like an adult"" beauty contests. Kids (3-12 years old) in the Casino, kids @ the pool. Kids EVERYWHERE!!!\r Checked out PREVE. Nothing like Miami. Had Bottle Service reservations, yet still gave me run-around @ entrance even though club wasn't full. (Just like L.A!). The girls were mediocre @ best. \r The food @ the coffe shop was mediocre. I went with buddies. Met two separate couples who also said they were never coming back. TOO MANY KIDS!!!! Pros: Ok if you have kids Cons: Terrible for singles/ couples more

Lovin' it! 3/23/2008

After a horrid experience at the Las Vegas Hilton, I salvaged the rest of my trip and came here. I don't regret it at all! The bathroom was a palace in itself, with a private toilet and a Jacuzzi tub, but the bedroom, along with the view, was awe-inspiring. Also, the Spice Market Buffet downstairs is pricey, but the food and variety are amazing! I wouldn't gamble here, but if you came to see a show, do some great shopping, or have a nice relaxing room, by all means, come here! more

A Well Located Hip Deservedly 4 Star Hotel 1/5/2008

Just returned from Planet Hollywood. We stayed for two nights, I thought the staff was excellent, the room was very nice (large and well decorated with a wonderful soak tub), I agree with the other posters about the oddness of some of the memorabilia in the rooms (we had the shirt that Macaulay Culkin ""actually wore"" in some movie I had never heard of). The casino was beautiful, interesting tasteful bars and small restaurants and cafes all around. The tables and the machines were about as good as those at any of the other casinos. The location is fantastic. You are right in the middle of where you want to be. Overall, we felt it is a very nice hip hotel with a well trained and attentive staff. We went to dinner one night at the Spice Market Buffet which is one floor down from the casino. There was a line to go and stand in a line, to go and stand in another line (probably a total of a 30 minute wait), but I must tell you, the food was absolutely outstanding (fabulous rare standing rib roast, King Crab legs with drawn butter, fresh oysters, properly cooked salmon, lamb, duck, shishkabob, I can't even remember all of the available entries. Just everything that is a favorite was there and wonderfully prepared. more

Stay ANYWHERE else 9/25/2007

I happen to travel to Vegas for business once a month or so for the last 5 years and this was the first time I stayed at PH since the remodel. I found it very unsaftisfying compared to other locations in Vegas. \r \r The signs in the elevators have the old information so you never know where you are going (example, the sports book is not on the third floor anymore). My room smelled like turpentine and the trash hadn't been taken out (which in Vegas is very disgusting). Still, the room was large and the bathroom was nice. The spa facilities were subpar, the men's dry suana haad loose floorboards, the steam sauna was broken and wouldn't shut off making it impossible to stay in there, and the whirlpool temperature was lukewarm. \r \r Worst of all was the service at the gaming tables. The ""executive casino host"" Lorna was rude and condensending and basically lied to me. I am by no means a high-roller ($50 a hand), but the pit boss called her over to ""rate my play"". She said it was nice I was playing so much and that I would be able ""level up within a couple of hours"" with that amount of play. Many hours and dollars later I was told that it just wasn't enough and that at that dollar amount it never would be. I don't really care about the rewards program (free use of the subpar spa is not worth it) and I never had the expectation of getting any rewards, but I felt very betrayed when they told me it would happen and didn't. \r \r To end on a positive note, it is located in a great spot on the strip; next to all the good hotels. Pros: Convenient and varied shopping in hotel, view of Strip Cons: Everything else, spa, room cleanliness, rude staff more

Tank Girl? 9/7/2007

They really need to make some changes if they don't want to go bankrupt... again. First of all... it is impossible to even drive into the hotel without getting lost, with all the construction going on STILL! How long is this going to take? They should have shut down and just got it done, but it's taking forever and I'm sure they're losing money because of it. I had to specifically ask for an upgraded room and it is so half-a$$ed. The tiling in the bathroom has been downgraded for unclear reasons. The fixtures are still Aladdin themed. The extremely large and dark furniture makes the room look much smaller... as does the tiny window. My room was the ""Tank Girl"" room, with two framed stills from the movie... the movie ""Tank Girl??"" WTF?\r \r When I first arrived I had to call a technician to replace the tv box because the movies weren't available to me. I will say it was done relatively quickly... but still an inconvenience. The pricey internet was extremely slow (dial-up slow at times) and totally unreliable. It kept wavering in and out. The casino upgrade is fine but the surrounding walls are so dark with zero art on them. It's kind of depressing. Like an office building in the seventies. The slot machines are all older and cheap looking. Nothing new at all. The new Miracle Mile mall is less than half finished with lots of the old themey stuff hanging around... and why does it close so early? Vegas is a 24 hour town, isn't it? The worst offense of all came when I decided to stay an extra night instead of drive back to Los Angeles on too little sleep. They made it so difficult for me to spend more money in their hotel! I had to go down to the front desk where I was treated as though I was trying to cheat them. The clerk was rude and short with me. She acted like she was doing me a favor. It was almost worth the effort to pack up and move to another hotel! But then I remembered how hot it was outside. I hope they get it together soon. Pros: This might be better when it's finished. Cons: Shut down and finish the construction already!! more

very nice rooms 8/16/2007

I stayed here right after it changed to Planet Hollywood. At first I thought the new theme was lame (does Planet Hollywoood even exist anymore?). But once we saw our room I was happy. The bathroom was huge and very nice. The beds were pretty comfy. The room had movie props and posters decorating it. Ours had a bomb prop from Batman. Anyway, I like the new Hollywood theme. The reception area needs some work, but it had this cool light changing back wall. The buffet was VERY good. I usually don't like buffet shrimp, but they were good. I think once the remodel is finished this hotel is gonna be hot! Pros: huge bathroom Cons: under construction more

Love it 11/16/2006

Great hotel, You want to shop this is the place. There is not a long casino that you have to walk thru. It is great to shop in the stores. The rooms are great also you get a view of the fountains in most rooms. Pros: shopping Cons: not enough shows more

Split personality 11/13/2006

So the Aladdin's not really going to be the Aladdin for much longer. It was supposed to have already switched over to Planet Hollywood, but the most evidence I've seen of that is a lot of the slots have Planet Hollywood written on them. They are kind of lost inbetween 2 identities and it shows. When it was just the Aladdin, it was pretty bland for me. When it's Planet Hollywood, it's probably going to be a sleeper for me still. more

NICE BIG ROOMS 11/11/2006

this is a very nice afforable hotel, the rooms are large and clean, friendly hotel staff, nice restaurants,the dessert passage is a really cool shopping mall. nice spa, my one complaint is the parking, the garage is very nice but it is about a half mile away from the hotel rooms!! it is a long LONG walk from your room throught the casino and then all the way throught the dessert passage! a good 15 min walk to get from your car to your room! but that is my only complaint , i would stay here again any time. Pros: great value Cons: distance from your room to the garage!!! more

Great Value! 11/10/2006

Stayed there back in February of 2006, and will be staying again in December of this year. Not a whole lot of ""wow"" factor in the casino, as it is partly under construction, but the rooms are GREAT! They're 450 sq feet (as opposed to the usual 300). The bathrooms are HUGE with a seperate tub and shower (the tub was big with high walls - ideal for actually *taking a bath*!). The beds are extremely comfortable (even the pillows were comfortable)... but best of all, the rooms are *quiet*. I head a room almost directly across from the elevators, and could hardly hear any noise from the hallway. The location of the hotel can't be beat, the rooms are truly 4 stars, and you can usually find a competitive rate to stay there. One of the best values on the strip! Pros: Location, Rooms, Competitive Rates Cons: Lackluster Casino more

Good value 11/2/2006

We stayed at the Aladdin just two weeks ago. It was a decent room, niced big bathroom. It was a little cumbersome getting around due to the construction. However, the staff were friendly, and the location is good. more

Decent value 10/31/2006

Good for now will be better after construction is over.Value is good for club members. Location is very good also. more

best deal on the strip 1/4/2006

We stayed @ the Aladdin for X-mas/New Year's and it turned out to be our best trip to Vegas yet. Its grandeur is a notch below the Bellagio which makes it luxurious yet approachable. The Desert Passage Mall (my favorite along w/ the Venetian's) is spacious, full of exceptional dining (Commander's Palace, sushi buffet, mexican, etc.), has myriad shopping choices (ABC for cheap H2O/snacks, stores for all budgets as opposed to ultra high-end @ Wynn, etc.), & transports you to another time & place (amazing attention to detail). The Casino is my fave b/c of high ceilings, friendly yet unobtrusive staff, & lucky slots. The breakfast buffet was awesome but steer clear of Zanzibar. The Elemis spa was beautiful and my treatments were fantastic. Bottom line: best location, affordable luxury, crowds not overwhelming, large & clean rooms w/ gorgeous bathroom, etc. Pros: prime location, excellent value, less crowded Cons: smoking (vegas) more
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  • Planet Hollywood hotel has two pools, making it fun for kids, but these pools are open to the public (for $20 entry), which causes it to...

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