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Hermitage Animal Clinic - 19 Reviews - 4231 Lebanon Pike 150, Hermitage, TN - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (615) 942-3155

Hermitage Animal Clinic

4231 Lebanon Pike 150
Hermitage, TN 37076
(615) 942-3155
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Hermitage Animal Clinic - Hermitage, TN
Hermitage Animal Clinic - Hermitage, TN
Hermitage Animal Clinic - Hermitage, TN
Hermitage Animal Clinic - Hermitage, TN


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What can I say. I have taken both of my dogs to Hermitage and Dr. Burch and Dr. Mannis are WONDERFUL! They are very kind and very personable. Recently, one of our dogs was diag...


I can't even put into words how hurt I am. We lost our precious dog on Saturday, 9/15/2012. He was 7 years old. My mother took him for a cough on Friday and a male Dr. diagnosed h...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/7/2013

I do not know a thing about the doctors I have not been there and will never go there. The person who answered the phone was a complete moron. I was calling concerned that my Granddaughter may have had contact with a rabid cat, this idiot told me I shouldn't worry my Granddaughter would show neurological signs if she was exposed. By the time someone shows neurological signs it's to late to do anything about it. THESE IDIOTS ARE DANGEROUS! more

Lost my respect and business 9/17/2012

I can't even put into words how hurt I am. We lost our precious dog on Saturday, 9/15/2012. He was 7 years old. My mother took him for a cough on Friday and a male Dr. diagnosed him to have "allergies" and gave him an antiobiotic and then dismissed him. He kept talking about how busy his weekend will be.\r Needless to say our baby was not any better on Friday, Sept. 14, only worse. My mother took him back the next morning and said something just isn't right. A female Dr. saw him and began noticing signs of Autoimmune disease and then ordered labwork and xrays. Once this was done they deemed him in critical condition and stated he needed a blood transfusion from a different clinic. They were closing for the day so they couldn't help him. Oh but they made sure to have my mom pay the bill before giving our dog back to her. They had no sense of urgency to his condition. My mom left and called me and said I am tkaing him to the clinic it is 22 minutes away. I said I'll meet you there immedia more

Hermitage Animal Clinic is top notch 3/12/2012

What can I say. I have taken both of my dogs to Hermitage and Dr. Burch and Dr. Mannis are WONDERFUL! They are very kind and very personable. Recently, one of our dogs was diagnosed with a large mass in his belly that needed emergency surgery. Dr. Mannis was so caring and compassionate. She spent time talking to both of us and told us the options and gave us wonderful advice. While our dog was in an aother hospital recovering from surgery, she kept in communication with the surgeon to check on his condition. Words can't describe how much Dr. Mannis and the staff at the clinic are appreciated, thank you so much...Custard says hi! more

Dr. Burch is Wonderful 11/6/2010

I really think some of these ""reviews"" are written by the same disgruntled cat person. I have taken all of my animals to Hermitage Animal Clinic for a number of years, and have had no complaints. The entire staff is wonderful and I encourage anyone in the Hermitage/Mt. Juliet area to go here. It is not a fancy office, but you get top notch service. more

hermitage animal clinic 6/3/2010

We have used Hermitage animal clinic for 25 yrs + and have only fabulous things to say about them. Dr. Wilder and Dr. Fenwick are absolutely fine Drs. They have alway's taken great care of my pet's and alway's take time to explain everything in detail and answer any questions we may have. Through the years we have had several of our pets we had to put down and thier empathy and concern was very heartfelt. The entire staff is wonderful. I reccomend them any chance I get if anyone is looking for a veterinerian. I will also say that thier grooming and boarding facility is great.\r We have nothing but very positive things to say!!\r Will continue using them forever.\r Pros: Wonderful Doctors Cons: 0 more

She Kills Animals 2/18/2010

My sister and I have been using Hermitage Animal Clinic when it was just Dr. Wilder. This was in the 80's, and loved it when he added Dr. Fenwick.\r This past October 2009, my sister's cat Crickett has a little shortness of breath, when taken to Vet Burch said heart, Dr. Fenwick said Pneumonia. She was put on an antibiotic and was getting better. Burch said she need ECG/Echo on her heart, my sister said yes. I didn't know it was legal to have someone drive around with the Scanning machine in her car. ( Will Check onThat). My sister said do not give her heart medicine, but we believe she did. This was late October, she died November 2,2009.\r Burch killed her, and she is not the doctor everyone thinks she is, wait unil you disagree with her and see what happens. She said heart, and made sure it was by doing something to her. I would not trust her with anything, especially a animal I loved. Because of her we now have to find a new Vet, We won't go back to where she might be near another animal we love. Crickett was like a child to my sister, we both loved her so much. We are going to file a complaint with the Vet board, against her. Her is a crack, phony, doesn't know what she is doing.\r I know what I am talking about, and have been going there longer than any of you. Dr. Wilder was the best Vet there is, but his hiring her - well everyone is allowed a mistake. Cons: Arrogant bad Vet, never trust her, she kills more

Excellent service and Friendly staff 12/21/2008

We just recently, with in the last 6 months change to Hermitage Animal Clinic from another vet in the Hermitage/Donelson Area. We made the change and have been very pleased. We have seen most of the vets on staff (we have several animals). Dr Burch is excellent. We took a litter of puppies in to have them checked and receive shots prior to selling. They took extra care to check each and every puppy. This is the reason we changed from the last vet. They only wanted to see the larger puppy and the smallest. We wanted all of the puppies checked and weighed. We have since taken three othr adult dogs to them and have been very pleased with everything. I would recommend the clinic to anyone wanting quality care, vets who take their time to listen and offer true solutions and treatment options. Pros: Everything from service, location and staff more

Dr. Burch is Excellent, Honest and Compassionate 12/4/2008

I've been to Hermitage Animal Clinic mu;tiple times for both routine and emergency visits and have personally been seen by Dr. Burch. She is a fantastic vet and very compassionate with my pets...I would highly recommend using her for your veterinarian...As far as previous poor reviews...I find it interesting that Gretchen333's bad review is remarkable similar to her previous review posted by ""whoatemyham"" on 2/6/2007...Let it go lady! You said it once, that's plenty...\r Bottom line, if you want a honest vet who will go the extra mile like she has with my pets, Dr. Burch is your person. more

Lack of Listening and Flexibility 11/28/2008

When we moved to Hermitage we were given many recommendations for HAC. It is a fine facility, with friendly staff, but we felt from the very beginning there was not a lot of listening to our concerns or a flexibility in treatment. One experience in particular was extremely frustrating involving medication for our dog. She has a medication she takes on an as needed basis and her prescription (from our vet in the state we used to live in) had run out. We asked HAC to refill it which the did with no problem. When I looked at it in the car it was for a dosage four times what our dog normally took. When I went back in to tell them it was the wrong dose I was informed that was the dosage for her weight. I explained that we had spent a long time figuring out with our other vet which dose worked and the one HAC gave us was way too much and would cause a lot of damage to her. Again, I was told that was the dose prescribed and it was cheaper in the bigger doses anyway. I ended up leaving the clinic with the wrong dosage because they would not give me the correct dose. I haven't been back since. We have moved all of our animals to Two Rivers Veterinary Hospital and have been incredibly happy there. Pros: Location Cons: Inflexible, do not listen more

BAD clinic - go somewhere else!!! 11/14/2008

I have to agree with the person below who said Dr. Christian was wonderful - she was! But she is no longer at the clinic. She was replaced years ago by Dr. Burch and I also agree with the below that she is HORRIBLE and her lack of knowledge and willingness to learn is a detriment to the animals she treats. I had a similar experience to the person below in that my dog had a rare and relatively unknown disease. Dr. Burch was unable to think beyond her college text book and told my husband that this medication was always the way it was treated. Our dog continued to get sicker and sicker - until we took him to the Animal Care Center in Mt. Juliet. Their prices are much cheaper, and their doctors collaborated with a specialist at UT Knoxville on our case. The treatment they came up with was inexpensive and worked wonderfully - and was considered ""unorthodox"" by some. Our dog lives a happy, normal life now. I strongly believe if I had continued to let Dr. Burch treat him, he would be dead now. Doctors should be open minded and willing to research and find ways to treat the animals in their care - Dr. Burch is none of the above. Pros: Close to my home.... that's it. Cons: Bad vets with big egos, mediocre office staff, overpriced more


I have been taking my dogs to Hermitage Animal Clinic for 25 years. Through the years my dogs have seen every doctor in the clinic. I have liked them all and never had a preference when scheduling appointments. That is until Maize entered my life. I will be the first to admit that my Maize is not an easy dog. Maize is 9 and has been at HAC longer than Dr. Burch. A few years ago, Maize got heartworms (even though she received preventive medication). Dr. Burch was the doctor that treated Maize. She made it through tx and is now heartworm free. Maize also had health issues earlier this year which ended in blindness. (SARD) I was on the internet daily and Dr. Burch always listened to my questions and concerns. She also took my calls and showed genuine concern in trying to help Maize. Just recently, Maize got her tail cut and Dr. Burch had to do an emergency surgery resulting in partial amputation. When I picked her up she was feeling great with a smile and a (partial) tail wag. My Maize, which I have admitted to not being a great patient, has had excellent care by Dr. Burch, which I greatly appreciate. My other dog, Madison, is a good patient. She too has had excellent care from all the doctors at HAC. I now live in Madison, but continue to drive to Hermitage so my dogs receive the type of care they deserve. I cannot forget to mention the front desk staff and the techs - they are great contributors to the HAC team. Pros: ALL the doctors are great, friendly staff more

Great Place! 9/10/2008

I have been using the Hermitage Animal Clinic since about 1985 and have always had great experiences. Dr. Wilder and Dr. Fenwick have always listened very carefully to what I have to say and have always been very informative. I have 3 dogs and take them there exclusively. They are compassionate and truly care about the animals that they see. more

Dr. Burch is simply the best! 5/14/2008

After reading the below negative reviews of Dr. Burch (can you at least spell her name correctly?), I had to respond. I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Burch twice while Dr. Christian was on leave. I brought my dog twice to see her, once for his yearly checkup, the 2nd time for some allergy issues. She was such a pleasure to deal with. I have to make an appt for my dog and am planning on making my appt with her (or any of the other fine vets at HAC!). I have been taking my animals to HAC for 10 years, and have had to deal with numerous illnesses (from putting my beloved cat to sleep, to neutering my dog, etc.) and do not have one single complaint, only the highest praise. My animals have been treated by not only Dr. Burch and Dr. Christian, but also Dr. Fenwick and Dr. Wilder...simply the best!! Do not believe the below reviews regarding these great docs...I am a nurse and would not hesitate to have my animals treated there. I guess Dr. Christian is no longer at the practice as she is not listed on the sign, but I was happy to see Dr. Burch 's name in her place. Yay!! Pros: Excellent doctors, caring staff, convenient parking, boarding service Cons: Can't think of any! more

Very Happy with Hermitage Animal Clinic 4/18/2008

We have been taking our poodle there since he was 9 weeks old and my husbands dog he had as a teen went there as well and now we take of course our poodle and our chihuaha mix there. I've always been impressed with their attention to detail. And our puppies love the vets that care for them. more

Wonderful, Caring Vets 3/18/2008

While I can not speak for others who may have a left a review in this space, I can say that I have been taking my 2 dogs to Hermitage Animal Clinic for over 4 years. While this may not sound like much, I should tell you that the older of my two mutts, Dolly, has had many medical issues over the years. From hip displasia to numerous allergies with vary difficult to determine causes.\r \r \r In all that time, I have received nothing but incredible, caring service from the vets there. They are also very gentle and sweet to my girls. Also, they are very knowledgeable and explain all the issues in detail. When I ask questions or make suggestions, they are always great about explaining the reasons for their diagnosis and decisions.\r \r \r I, like most pet owners I am sure, regard my dogs as my children. I would not hesitate to walk out of any vet clinic that I did not wholely believe was providing me with the best care and service.\r \r \r If you want caring, knowledgeable vets and an awesome support staff taking care of your loved ones, I would definitely reccommend the Hermitage Animal Clinic. Pros: Great vets and awesome support staff Cons: None that I can think of more

Best new technology: laser declaw 3/12/2008

Many animal activists will hate this, but for the rest of us that live in the real world... I had my cat declawed to avoid her hurting my family, my other resident cat (that is also declawed on all fours) or destroying my furniture. I had her declawed using the laser technology. She had to stay one night for observation, but came home the next day acting like a kitten! She had no bandages to fuss over and no medicine to have to fight her to take. Dr. Burch placed a time release pain control patch on the back of her neck. Best of all, she came home and was RUNNING (I mean literally, RUNNING) all over the house. Within minutes of getting home, she was playing with all of her toys, my laptop wires, me, my son, etc. I was VERY nervous that she would be in pain after all the things I've ever read about declawing. However, I doubt she had any pain to speak of. The patch came off a week later and she is still acting totally normal. She still makes air bisquits, purrs like mad, jumps, plays with all of her toys, etc. I highly recommend this type of surgery and Dr. Burch performing it if you choose to do so. \r \r PS: it is a bit more pricey to have the laser declaw, but well worth the extra few bucks. \r \r Dr. Wilder is our primary vet (and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE us some Dr. Wilder). However, he did not perform the laser surgery, we had Dr. Burch perform it. Beyond the vet care we receive which is top notch, I could not sign off without giving kudos to the staff. Each and every time I bring my any of my four cats in, the staff is very friendly and fun. They are always attentive, interested and treat me like family.\r \r I will continue to recommend the clinic to my friends and family. I also hope more people that are going to declaw their cat use this technology. I believe it is much easier on your pet than other declaw methods of the past. Pros: Early morning drop offs and later pick ups, open on Saturday without appt. Cons: None to speak of with the laser technology more

Response to ""horrible"" post 1/11/2008

I work at Hermitage Animal Clinic and was there to witness the event this lady is describing on the post labeled ""horrible"". Dr. Burch is an amazing doctor. She is a doctor that takes time to really try and understand what is going on with your pet who can't tell us what is wrong. She can only do as many tests as the owner will pay for. If Dr. Burch thought that the animal needed this certain exploratory surgery then she is just basing it off of the test results. Why would she want to do an dangerous surgery on this cat if she didn't think it needed it? The man who picked up this cat was very rude. I heard him saying that we didn't care about animals and we just wanted money. I was so offended by that. I don't know another group of people that love animals more than the staff at Hermitage Animal Clinic. It's a wonderful environment with caring people. They have always taken good care of my pets even before I was an employee. Now that I am behind the scenes I can really see how amazing and smart these doctors are. The man was demanding things from us and Dr. Fenwick came up and told him that we didn't want to deal with him or his cat anymore if he was going to speak to us in that way. He was very accusing and disrespectful. Dr. Fenwick did not shove the cat in his face. This lady wasn't even there for this experience and I hope people don't base their opinion of our clinic from this one person. You can't please everyone! Pros: wonderful doctors and staff Cons: not able to please everyone more

Best vet there is!! 12/14/2007

Dr. Wilder has seen me through 3 dogs and I would take them to no other place. Dr. Wilder is very compassionate regarding his treatment. The staff is friendly and talks to my dog as if she is my child. I have been going there for years when it was only Dr. Wilder and Dr. Fenwick and have no complaints with their treatments. I would recommend them to anyone for number one pet treatment. more

for the health of your pets, please stay away. 2/6/2007

Dr. Birch hates it when I ask questions and come to her with research I have done. She refuses to listen to my thoughts, and takes an ""I'm the doctor, and I know best ""attitude with me, even though I always present things to her in a sincere and professional manner. I brought her some printouts from medical journals (found on lexus nexus online) regarding a gene mutation that could possibly be causing my Australian Shepherd's seizures, and wanted to get her thoughts on the medical research that had been done by the University of Washington. She refused to read it simply because I found it on the internet - saying ""you can't believe what you read on the internet"" and then she dismissed me and the medical research because she'd ""never heard of it before."" She refused to read it - even though it clearly points out that common medications like Heartguard could K I L L dogs with this gene mutation. I have an epileptic dog that needs excellent medical care. I need a vet that will work with me to help him, not against me. I will NEVER return to this facility. Pros: Dr. Christian was wonderful, but sadly, she no longer works there. Cons: Inexperienced doctors more

Best vet in town! 11/12/2006

Dr. Wilder has been treating my dogs for ten years! I lived in the Hermitage area for seven years and he has seen me through two dogs. My dogs are like my children and between he and his staff they have always been compassionate and thorough. I'm so attached that I now live in the Brentwood area and I still drive my dog to Hermitage to see Dr. Wilder! Pros: Knowledge and bedside manner more
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