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Herb'n Health

3759 E Lancaster Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76103
(817) 535-1152
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Most people don't eat that well, this is a great place to turn that around. Dried cured-fresh herbs,supplements , refrigerated items and cold fresh fruit , as well as some Dr. Bro...


I truly can not believe the experience I had at Herb n Health.. three days later and I'm still a little shaken up! I had read some pretty terrifying reviews about this place and t...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/4/2013

Karen Foley (owner) can be a Godsend... she cure my shingles for very little using massage, exercise, and handfuls of alfalfa tablets... it was so bad I couldn't work, was in constant agony. (hospital charged me nearly $1000 and I got worse! their painkillers even made the pain worse.)\r ... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/16/2013

I totally disagree with all of the posts here! Oh what an absolutely wonderful experience it was visiting with Ms. Karen. Here we have a woman who is EXTREMELY passionate about her fellow Americans returning to nature as God intended. This is totally refreshing to me, since I am learning to eat more vegetarian. Ms. Karen will chastise you for poor eating habits, but if you flow with her, ensuring that you will work at transitioning, she will not beat you too bad. :)\r If you cherish the bad eating lifestyle, then you better get ready! LOL. She is a God-Send and I am so grateful for her. more

Terrifying experience! 4/29/2012

I truly can not believe the experience I had at Herb n Health.. three days later and I'm still a little shaken up! I had read some pretty terrifying reviews about this place and told myself that I would never go there, but when my aunt told me that although the owner, K. Foley, was a little crazy, she still had the best and freshest herbs. Upon entering the store, I was taken back by how beautiful and peaceful the little shop was. Five seconds later, though, a crazy-eyed woman with a rash covering her entire face began yelling at us and rambling about how if we have cell phones on us we better turn right back around and leave them in our car because our ""little radioactive oven phones"" were killing all of her precious bees and that we were killing ourselves. She even looked at my aunt as we were walking out and yelled ""Don't be stupid! You know that cell phones kill my bees!!""\r \r For some odd reason, after putting our cell phones back in the car, already a little shaken, we decided to go back in because I had a list of herbs I wanted to get. When K. Foley saw my list she got in my face and demanded to know what I wanted. I told her I was looking for Rhodiola Rosea because I had read about adaptogens and that they were amazing herbs. She barked ""I don't have that here and I don't want to hear anything about what you read on the internet. Internet is MAN'S information and it's all filth so how dare you come in here trying to get some of my plants when you are killling yourself with your cell phone addiction and constant junk food eating!"" Mind you, I never said anything to her about my cell phone or what I ate. She then glared at me and said ""Look at you, you have these dark circles under your eyes. I always tell girls like you that they'd be pretty if they didn't have those darn rings under their eyes. You think you can continue killing yourself and the rest of the world yet come in here and take my healthy plants? There's nothing I can do for you here and this is the only place you can find violet leaves like this!"" As she waved some floppy leafe in the air. This led to a 30-min rant about how unhealthy I was and how I needed to leave her store because I was killing myself. \r I could not believe that someone who didn't know me at all yelled at me in her store about my life choices and addictions, when she had no reason to believe that any of it was true! She has the most beautiful garden, the most adorably warm little shop, and works in a field that is supposed to promote healthy living and happiness, yet when you leave Herb N Health, you feel angry, hurt, and abused. She isn't spreading light or love. She is an angry, combative woman who I'm 99% positive has mental illness. I am so sad that her beautiful line of work is wasted on such a mean person. more

Owner is a psychotic bully!! 5/30/2011

I appreciate Ed sticking up for K.Foley and her business, but that does not excuse her from deserved criticism, nor should it stop reviewers from giving their honest opinions. I too had a horrible experience after stepping foot in her beautiful store. It looks so inviting, but K.Foley is anything but. I don't mind eccentrics, or passionate people, but she is not only eccentric and passionate, she is also a very angry, combative, and threatening woman. Her vile behavior is counterproductive to the healthy living movement that she apparently cares about. Because for one, she kicks people out the door before they can even purchase their item, browse, or become educated. Secondly, what unhealthy person would ever want to adopt this woman's habits for better health, when she is obviously mentally ill and extremely stressed? I have a long list of herbs, yoga exercises, and meditations that she desperately needs to incorporate into her lifestyle before she has a heart attack! I had a list of herbs that I wanted to purchase from her written down on a scrap piece of paper. I had my newborn son in my baby sling and I was drinking out of a starbucks to-go coffee cup. She asked my husband and I (rudely) if we needed anything, and we said no thanks. She then literally breathed down my neck and stared at my notes and said, ""why do you need catnip and passionflower? do you even know what that is used for?"" I laughed in disbelief, and I said, ""well i have a book that said that catnip can help with insomnia and passionflower can help with postpartum depression..that is why i am here"" Mind you, i did not really feel like giving out this private information in front of other customers, but her threatening presence forced it out of me. She then told me ""you need to throw out that book, that is all wrong. we don't have anything for you in here, please leave."" I was SHOCKED. I said, ""am I being kicked out...and why??"" She said, ""you probably can't sleep and are depressed because of that toxic plastic you are drinking out of, and honestly I don't want you and your plastic cup invading the air in my store. GET OUT! GET OUT!"" Having given birth less than a month ago, and having been breastfeeding round the clock for the first time in my life, I was emotional and left crying. My husband yelled at her, I cannot remember what was said, but we left in hysterics and my son was frightened. The funny part is, I am still learning and I would have loved more information about the plastic entering my body, but not at all in the way she handled it. And I spoke to a herbalist and catnip and passionflower ARE in fact perfect antidotes for those purposes, and did wonders for me! I cannot emphasize this more, do not go into this store unless you want to be harassed and degraded by a mental patient on the loose!! more

Shop @ the better Herbs and Health {OPED} 1/28/2011

Most people don't eat that well, this is a great place to turn that around. Dried cured-fresh herbs,supplements , refrigerated items and cold fresh fruit , as well as some Dr. Bronner items. I'd order on-line but going to this place is just too much fun/adventurous; One day a week the store is 'officially' closed. It's usually Monday or Tuesday but that may can change it anytime. ! Expect some passion from the people that work there * (K.Foley-owner) puts her heart and soul into that little[Big] store and anyone entering the threshold can or may get a good no-nonsense mini-lecture; the embodiment of the title,'better herbs and health ', anyone with a closed mind should stick to the conglomerate shopping/company store. Herbs and Health, a refreshing plus to my life! Ed Eichinger. ftwth/Arlington been going to this store to buy whole natural products 20+ years I give it FIVESTARS ***** This should post first on the City Search website instead of the bad review posted a year ago- this place is awesome - if you cannot take the passion from the people that work there shop somewhere else... more


Visited this business earlier this week to pick up several items suggested by my physician. Upon entering was Yelled to by a woman (K. Foley-owner) she was closed only to those in the class, and she wasn't answering any questions so if I knew what I wanted get it or otherwise come back some other time! Mind you the door is open and the business hours stated 5p and it was a little after 430p- I responded the time to her and I did know what I needed. She blatanly ignored my response. I should have left then, however DIDN'T want to drive across town when this was on my route home. While she's teaching a class regarding her 100.00 flush a car passing by was playing loud music. She became very aggressive, slammed the jar she was drinking the mixture from and charged to the front area of the store where I and another customer were looking for our items and talking amongst ourselves. SCREAMING! ""SOMEONE HAS A PHONE AND NO PHONES ARE ALLOWED IN THIS STORE"" ONE OF YOU HAS A PHONE!!!!! The owner K. Foley, very provokingly stood in my face, eyes bulging, face red, screaming about the phone. Composing myself I stepped back and stated ""Maam"" the music is outside not in here, you're in my space. Realizing but not caring she was clearly wrong in front of her audience, seemed to become angrier that she was wrong and began a loud, tirade of a sermon about cell phone users and thats whay they're sick, etc., etc, etc...I left in order to not be apart of her scene nor stoop to her level.. The next day purchased the same items on the westside of town at a lower cost with much better customer service. She may be knowledgeable of natural remedies, etc.. and I like so many others am trying to live a healthier life and am willing to pay a more for natural items vs. prescribed. However, nothing is worth the POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, LACK OF RESPECT, RUDE, NASTY,PROVOKING AND AGGRESSIVE disposition of this business owner. I informed my physician of the nightmare of an experience I'd had. Needless to say I will not be back nor refer anyone I know to this business. Pleasant experiences are worth the drive! more

hmmm... 3/10/2010

Herb'n Health is a sight for sore eyes while driving down Lancaster, it's outside appearance is welcoming and lovely. Beautiful landscaping with lush garden and artfully placed stone paths lead you to the door of what seems like a groovy little herb shop. However upon entry you quickly realize how chaotic and uptight it truly is. My whole intention was to get a detox, but things were just scattered about with no rhyme or reason. I meandered the store because no one offered help or even a hello. They offer some produce,a selection of organic foods, and toiletries(but nothing that can't be found at whole foods.) While they do have a large selection of whole herbs don't try and get them yourself or else you'll be ordered to ""sit down and don't touch anything by the herb table!!!"" I don't mind eccentricity but when it prevents me from purchasing what I need that's when it becomes a problem. I'd heard about the Royal Flush Revival from a friend and asked the owner what products were needed, (HUGE MISTAKE) I suppose this gave her permission to shout a thirty minute tirade about the injustices of the food industry, all while making me eat handfuls of twigs and herbs. I soon gave up on my pursuit because there was a group of people waiting in front of me to check out, and to her this just meant a larger audience. SO if you do want to shop here know what you want and be direct. Or you'll just end up leaving with a migrane and twigs stuck in your teeth. Pros: Organic products and whole herbs Cons: horrible customer service and bad vibes more

Customer Service STINKS!!! 12/22/2009

I thought I was crazy until I read other reviews of this business. I walked into the store today which I thought was open because there were cars in the parking lot and there was no sign on the door indicating it was closed. As soon as I opened the door the owner shouted at me -""We're not open!"" And as I looked around at the two other people in the store. She said ""We're only open for our regular customers, do you know what you want?"" I told her that I had just wanted to walk around and browse she promptly told me, ""Yeah, I don't have time for that-we'll be back after the 2nd."" I was just shocked at how rude she was. Even though this place is VERY close to me I will NOT be returning!!! Pros: Pretty herb garden Cons: customer service, the owner more

Customer Service Lacking 7/18/2009

A friend recommended Herb 'N Health so I called to get store hours. For Saturday hours it showed to be 11:00 to 5:00 pm. I arrived at 11:45, the door was unlocked, and so I went in. After walking around for about a minute, a voice yelled out ""What are you looking for?"" I commented, I was just looking and a woman came from the back and told me they were only open for their “regular” customers who knew what they needed and asked me to leave - if all I was doing was ""looking"". She commented she would not be ready for ""looking"" customers for at least another hour. Giving the impression I was not worth her time. \r \r Customer service is what makes or breaks a business. Did you not see Pretty Woman? Living on the East Side I was excited to know we had an herb store with pizzazz. How hard would it have been to stop what you were doing, if it meant gaining a new customer? One minute, maybe two? First impressions are everything. It's sad, but I'll take my business elsewhere. \r Cons: Who are your customers? more

Try the flush! 3/9/2009

Going to see Kanen Foley (store owner) is the best thing that you can do for your health. The Flush does WORK though you have to be highly motivated as it can be very hard to stick to... though if your serious about your health than it is definitely for you! Whatever you do don't go into the store with chewing gum in your mouth or your cell phone..haha.. you'll know what I'm talking about if you test it.. Lol. The only CON would be the hours!!!! The store is closed Mondays and the hours are hard to work with. more

Best Herbalist in DFW 6/17/2008

The owner of Herb N' Health, Karen, is absolutely a Saint! Karen knows so much about natural medicine, and I am nearly convinced that she can cure anything if you are willing to play by the ""natural world's rules"". Sometimes she gets swamped in the afternoons, so go early if you can- believe me, it is worth taking off an hour or two of work to go see her. It also doesn't hurt to call before you go as somedays, she gets busy with inventory but it is also fine to just show up. If you go, she will most likely want to start you on ""the flush"" to help clense your system before you can start healing. I will leave it to her to tell you all about that. Great selection, almost everything is organic, and she has a beautiful garden in the back. Pros: Beautiful setting for healing Cons: Hours are a bit tough more
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