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Henault Hypnosis & Wellness - Austin, TX
Henault Hypnosis & Wellness - Austin, TX
Henault Hypnosis & Wellness - Austin, TX


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I've struggled with panic attacks for 9 years now. I've tried counseling and ativan. I ended up getting addicted to the ativan an struggled to get off of that. Keli completely ...


If you go here , remember this service is not for deep and serious or long-lasting problems . Helpful yes , but not if you've had a lifetime of problems . You must have a specific...

Henault got rid of my panic attacks 8/14/2014

I've struggled with panic attacks for 9 years now. I've tried counseling and ativan. I ended up getting addicted to the ativan an struggled to get off of that. Keli completely healed me of my panic attacks. I have no more panic attacks and my life is so much better. I feel at peace and very calm in my everyday life. The things that used to bother me don't anymore. I highly recommend Keli as a person and hypnotherapist. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/14/2014

Best weight loss program I have yet to find. I've struggled with my weight for years and this is the first time I've actually been able to lose weight! I'm shocked to report that I've lost 15 lbs. in 7 weeks. Keli got rid of my cravings for sugar, carbs, and breads. I'm totally happy and grateful. R.M. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/27/2014

Although I was skeptical about using hypnosis to lose weight I am now very happy that I did so. I signed up for a package because I got one session free and I had my third session today. I'm very pleased because Ii no longer have any of the bad eating habits I used to have and I've also lost 7 lbs in three weeks. Keli got me off of sugary foods, off of cokes, I no longer eat between meals, I not longer have cravings, I no longer obsess about food, and I am happy eating small portions of food. I can honestly say that I couldn't be happier. I have 3 more sessions left in my package and I'm sure I will continue to lose weight once I'm done with the hypnosis. Keli explained to me that hypnosis is the catalyst for change and I will continue to lose weight once I am done working with her. She also told me that I could continue to work with her if I wanted to. It feels very wonderful to be in hypnosis so I may want to see Keli for other things in the future. I hope this reviews helps anyone who is considering losing weight with Keli. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/25/2014

After 20 years of being unable to use a public restroom, thanks to Keli he is now able to use public restrooms. His problem was quite complex and I had him working with a psychologist for several years but were unable to make any progress. A friend of mind told me about how Keli helped her daughter get over her fear of sleeping alone so I figured I would try it. I'm amazed that after only 6 sessions my son's problems is 100% cured. It's a pure miracle if you ask me. Keli is very professional and really knows what she is doing. I'm couldn't be happier for my son and it's the best financial investment I've ever made. I would recommend Keli to anyone who wants to get rid of problems they have been struggling with. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/23/2014

My 9 year old daughter used to have such a fear of the dark that she would not go to sleep by herself. As a matter of fact, she's never been willing to go to sleep by herself. After seeing Keli for a few enjoyable sessions, my daughter is now sleeping alone and sleeps deeply! I'm really impressed and Keli's hypnosis techniques are advanced compared to the hypnosis I had in New York 5 years ago. She actually went into my daughter subconsciouis mind and found the actual past events that were causing her fear. She then did all kinds of things to that information once she discovered it to get rid of my daughter's fear. I wish I could explain this process better but there's quit a bit to it and I only understand the basics. I hope this reviews will help others be willing to try hypnotherapy with Keli. She's wonderful and easy to talk to and my daughter instantly liked her. She's very good with children. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/22/2014

Dr. Kelli knows her stuff! I was really impressed by how friendly the staff is and how easy it was to get a session scheduled. I would definitely go back again. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/10/2014

I am very pleased with the hypnosis session I received from Dr. Kelli. I saw her because I wanted to quit smoking and she was successful at helping me to succeed. I'm amazed that I now have no desire to smoke even though I've smoked for 14 years. A friend of mine went to see Dr. Kelli about a year ago to stop biting her nails so I figured I'd give it a try. I wasn't ready to quit until now. Hypnosis wasn't what I expected yet it was a very pleasant experience. I would recommend this course of treatment for anyone who has a bad habit they want to change. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/28/2013

I am writing this because I would like everyone to know how wonderful I feel and how much my life has improved as a result of Dr. Keli's help. Normally, this is not something that I would talk about but I feel so great that I feel compelled to share this with others.I have been struggling with debilitating IBS symptoms that prevented me from being able to leave my home without worrying if I was going to be able to get to a restroom in time. I've been dealing this these debilitating IBS symptoms for 8 years now and have not been able to be helped much my conventional medicine. My IBS symptoms required me to quit my high powered corporate job to become someone who could only work part-time out of her home. I am pleased to say that as a result of Dr. Keli's help my IBS symptoms are completely gone. My anxiety is completely gone. My self-esteem has tripled and I feel like I am alive again for the first time in a long time. I almost feel like I've gotten my life back. Hypnosis is a wonderful and healing experience. I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience it. more

Austin's #1 Hypnosis Center 5/9/2011

What can I possibly say about Dr.Keli Henault....You have to experience her for yourself.After struggling with depression,anxiety,fear and lack of help from several therapists in Austin,I decided to give Dr.Henault a try.MY LIFE IS CHANGED IN A POSITVE WAY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr.Henault was able to access the core reasons for my issues in a way no one else could or quite frankly was willing to try and in a very short time!!!!!!!!!! I owe her in ways I will never be able to repay her.It is very hard not to become extremely emotional when I think or talk about the incredible changes she brought to my life through Hypnosis.Give her a try.It will be the best decision you have ever made. more

Best in Town! 2/22/2011

I went to my local Walgreens and was talking to my pharmacist. We starting talking about hypnosis and she told me about Dr. Keli. She said, ""She's supposed to be the best in town. I sent my husand there for public speaking and now's he's doing awesome. I also sent my daughter to her and she stopped her from having really bad nightmares."" I went to see Keli because I was really overweight and constantly obssessing about food. I really felt comfortable with Dr. Keli and I saw her for several sessions. After the first session, all my eating habits changed and I stopped obsessing about food. This is a first for me! The following sessions were focused on healing that little girl inside that felt the need to stuff her mouth with food. I don't want to write a review that's too long but I will tell you that my entire attitude about food has changed. I am really comfortable around it and I no longer need junk food and sweets and sugars. I no longer snack at night or eat in between my meals. I've already lost 27 lbs. and it's only been about 6 weeks. The nice thing is that it's really easy. I'm grateful to Dr. Keli and my pharmacist for my new attitude toward food and my new weight loss. This time I just know I'm going to keep it off! more

I quit snuff and cigarettes in 2 hours! 2/12/2011

I can't tell you what the doctor did to me much she worked her magic and turned me into a new man! After 2 hours I was free from snuff and said goodbye to cigarettes. I had no withdrawals and it was super easy. Dr. Heanault is a fabulous person and I loved her voice. By the way, I saw her for my session July 22nd of 2010 at 3 p.m. That's the day I quit killing myself with snuff and cigarettes! I remember the day well. I can't thank Dr. Heanault enough. My wife and children and pleased as well because now I'm healthy. My advice to all who reads this is to go see Dr. Heanault because she's the best hypnotist in town! more

R.N. Case Manager improves self-esteem 2/12/2011

Hypnotherapy proved to be the most positive and healing experience I've had in my life thus far. When I first went in to see Dr. Keli I had the following symptoms: Nervousness around team members when presenting my cases, low self-esteem, negative self-talk and lack of confidence. Most of these issues manifested during my teen years. Certainly, I was not yet a registered nurse, however, all the other symptoms were present. When I was a teenage my mother brought me for counseling for a few months but it didn't prove to be helpful. I saw Dr. Keli for a total of 4 sessions. The deep emotional healing that I experienced as a result of the work that I did with her was life changing. All my original issues that I sought Dr. Keli's help for have completely dissipated. I now have positive self-talk, feel really confident, and able to speak up with ease and grace when presenting my cases to my team at work and my self-esteem has completely improved. For the first time in my life, I believe in myself! I find this to be amazing. Dr. Keli is a highly skilled and ethical professional and it is obvious that she truly loves what she does. I felt comfortable with her immediately. She has a ""powerful presence"" because she exudes tremendous confidence but she is very gentle and sweet. She appears to be a very genuine person to me. I highly recommend this hypnotherapy process to anyone who has similar issues or other issues as well. I'm sure Dr. Keli can help many people with a variety of problems. Thank you Dr. Keli!! more

13 Year Old Daughter Improves Cheerleading 2/12/2011

I brought my daughter to see Keli after she helped me improve my LSAT scores. My daughter had problems in cheerleading because whenever she would go to tumble she would be unwilling to do it because she was afraid to get hurt. She never had a problem with this until about 6 months ago. She saw Keli fro 2 sessions and she is 100% better. She is no longer afraid to get hurt and she will confidently ""throw it"" (cheerleading term). Hypnosis really does work and I trust Keli very much. She is very ethical and she has a great deal of experience working with children. I know many people are afraid to send their child for hypnotherapy but it work well and works quickly. I recommend Keli because she is a mental health professional with years of experience. more

Nurse w/ Irritable Bowel Syndrome gets relief 2/12/2011

Thank you Keli for inviting me here for this Valentine's Client Appreciation event. You've got quite a spread here and I feel like a VIP! I've had stomach problem for over 17 years and had symptoms of bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea during that entire time. The medical docs had diagnosed me with a variety of problems like gastritis and IBS. The last doctor I went to (not sure if I should put his name) told me that he had sent a few patient to Keli and they reported complete relief of their symptoms. The doctor told me that sometimes modern medicine doesn't work for everyone so it's a good idea to try alternative treatments. I saw Keli for about 6 or 8 sessions. The first session was 90 minutes and the other sessions were 50 minutes. All my symptoms are totally gone after the work I did with Keli. I went every two weeks and we did different things every session. I totally enjoyed the sessions and felt very relaxed and in control. Keli is highly professional and very skilled. To me, she's a walking encyclopedia! I told her she should go on the show ""Want to be a Millionaire."" I recommend hypnotherapy with Dr. Keli for anyone with emotional and physical problems. I know that most people wait and use hypnotherapy as a last resort but I would suggest that you save yourself time, energy, and money and go before rather than later. I also want to add that Keli...or Dr. Keli...has a beautiful and soothing voice. more

Quit eating sweets & Dr. Pepper and it was super easy! 2/12/2011

I came to see Keli because my sister came to her to lose weight. I think she may have also written a review on City Search. My sister lost 57 pounds with Keli's help. I did not have as much weight to lose. When I came in to see Keli 3 months ago my goal was to lose about 22 lbs and I'm happy to report that I reached my goal. I was a fairly healthy eater and always loved to jog but I was totally addicted to candy, sweets, and Dr. Pepper. All I can tell you is that it was super easy to quit all these behaviors with hypnosis. I can't stress the work ""easy"". I saw Keli for 3 sessions. After the first session my desire for all sweets, candy, and Dr. Pepper was 100% gone. It was so easy it's hard for me to believe it myself. The 2 sessions that I had with her were different even though we were reinforcing my new, positive, eating habits. We did some really interesting things like cutting cords to certain foods. I highly recommend hypnotherapy to help you change your eating patterns and to lose weight. more

Anger and irritability gone and feel connected to God 2/12/2011

This is a prime example of how calm and relaxed I am. I was almost done writing a review on one of Dr. Keli's computers in the other room and it crashed so I lost my review. I'm now in another room rewriting the review and I'm not even upset. Plus, she's got some yummy Valentine chocolates and she says chocolate raises serotonin! I came to see Dr. Keli because I used to ""fly off the handle"" at the smallest of things. I saw her for 4 sessions and got excellent results. My anger and irritability is totally gone and I feel much more connected to God. Come to find out, my anger didn't have anything to do with what was going on for me in my current life. It had to do with old stuff that my conscious mind had repressed. Once we got to the root cause of the problem (I was about 2 years old) and we healed that it was almost like my anger went away instantly! Sounds too good to be true but hypnotherapy with Keli does work. I don't know about other hypnotherapists because I did a great deal of research and anyone can call themselves a hypnotherapist even if they clean toilets for a living and have no training or experience in human behavior. I came to see Dr. Keli because she has spent her entire life helping people and has a great deal of training in human behavior. By the way, I did go to a counselor for a few years. I hate to say that it didn't work but it didn't work! The counseling was helpful in that I really liked having someone to talk to and give me all that attention but it didn't help resolve my anger at all. As a matter of fact, when I went to counseling I got even more angry. I guess I was always ""processing"" and ""reprocessing"" all the bad experiences in my life when I was going counseling and that made it worse. What Keli does is totally different than counseling. I know that Keli used to be a counselor but she finds hypnotherapy to be more effective and healing so that's why she does it. She's right because it does work and work very quickly. As far as my connection to God, I get a sense that Keli is highly evolved and spiritual. She doesn't talk much about that because the focus needs to me on me but her powerful connection to ""spirit"" which she doesn't talk about was healing in itself. It made me get more connected to God because I had abandoned him when I was a child. My family was one to throw religion down my throat so I always hated religion and I guess I always thought I hated God. Dr. Keli gave me a different spin on spirituality and God and it really worked for me. To end this review I'd like to tell all who reads it that hypnotherapy with Keli is profoundly healing and a wonderful investment in your life happiness. I recommend Dr. Keli's hypnosis without reservation. more

Depression, Anxiety Gone/ Motivation Up! 2/12/2011

I went to a psychotherapist in 2008 and was diagnosed with depression. I did not have much success with that so I wasn't sure I wanted to try another type of treatment. A friend of mine came to see Dr. Keli to lose weight and she was really sucessful so I decided to give hypnosis a chance to help me. I'm glad I did! All of my problems started in 2002 after my mother died. I could never understand why I couldn't get my act together after she died because she never really wanted me anyway. The work that I did with Dr. Keli was profoundly healing. We went all the way back to when I was a little boy and healed him. I'm not one to cry but I found myself crying during every session. They were tears of joy though. Tears of relief! The end result of my work that I did with Dr. Keli: No more guilt (I always felt guilty about everything), no more depression, no more anxiety, I accepted myself and liked myself and I became very motivated to created positive changes in my life and move forward with starting my business. I am extremely pleased with the work I did with Dr. Keli and I highly recommend this process for anyone who needs to alter simple behaviors or heal complex emotional issues. more

Quit smoking pot, cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol! 2/12/2011

Yes, Run and don't walk to see Keli. I came to see her last July because I smoked too much pot, smoked too many cigarettes, drank about 2 pots of coffee a day and drank about a bottle of wine every night after work. I still can't believe what Keli and her hypnotherapy techniques did for me. My friends can't believe it either. They say I'm like a totally new persona and it's all good. What can I say about Austin's Hypnosis Healing Center, Keli, and hypntherapy? I can tell you that she's a terrific gal (beautiful inside and out....I did have to tell her before we started our first session that she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen). Anyway, let me stay on topic! I saw her for 5 sessions total and in my opinion what she does is magic! Oops...she says it's not good to tell people that. Well, it's not magic and she's not a magician but she is sharp as a tack and got rid of 4 addictions that I had in 5 sessions. Can I say anything else to support her and tell you that if you have been struggling with any behaviors that you don't want anymore I'm really sure that Keli will help you and that you will get a great deal out of your financial investment. Yes, I'm frugal and at first I thought it was not so cheap but considering that I was seeing a psychologist for 8 years on and off for these issues and got about 0% success rate out of that (even though I only had a $25 co-pay per session) I ended up paying the psychologist much more than I ever paid Keli. She helped me 100% and he helped me 0%. You decided what's best for you but I think hypnotherapy with Keli is the way to go if you really want to change behaviors and get rid of destructive addictions. I feel awesome now and endless energy. My mind is clear and I wake up with a positive attitude. No more hangovers from too much booze and butts and my lungs and throat feel great without the cigarettes. I don't have anymore anxiety either because I'm not drinking 2 pots of coffee anymore. All of this is because of the wonderful person in the next room who is talking to another client explaining to them how to write a review on here. Thanks Keli. Coming here today and writing this review is the least that I can do for you. In a way, I think you saved my life or at least added many more years of happiness to it. more

Best experience i've ever had 2/12/2011

I came to see Keli, I don't think she was a doctor yet ,because I came May of 2010. I came to see her because I was having problems at work with confidence and motivation and feeling good about myself. My boss told me that I was a good manager of Sam's Club but I was always overwhelmed with everything and left work feeling really bad about myself everyday. I think I had 3 or 4 sessions with Keli and the end results were awesome. After the work I did with her I lost all negative self-talk and always felt good and confident. My energy level increased and I got promoted at work becuase my communication skills improved so much after the hypnotherapy I had with Keli. Hypnotherapy was a great experinece for me. I had to heal old ""programming"" from childhood because I had a really abusive father so no matter what I would try to do or what I would try to tell myself, before the hypnotherapy , I would always start feeling bad. The results of the hypnotherapy were long lasting because it's over a year now and I still have the same great results. It's almost like there's nothing or nobody that can make me feel bad anymore. I'm just really confident. It's also improved my relationship with my wife and kids. I guess because I really like myself now I have more to give them and I can show them my love and affection much more now. Thanks Dr. Keli for all your help. You have been the best help I've ever gotten from anyone and me and my family are totally grateful. I pray that you will stay well and continue to do this great work with people. I have told many people about Keli. She really cares about people and puts in allot to help that is very obvious. Also, this is a great thing she's having today for client appreciation. more
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Keli has over 20 years clinical exp. helping everyday people with everyday problems heal their mind and your body in only 2 to 6 sessions!

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  • Are you tired of feeling sick and tired? Have you had enough of not reaching your full potential? Are you interested in solution focused treatment that is short term and potent? Have you struggled with Anxiety, Emotional and Physical Trauma, Embarrassing Habits, Weight Issues, Addictions and Self-Esteem? Have you ever had a panic attack that was so powerful you felt like you were going to die or spent too much time and too much money in the emergency room? Are you struggling to play your best Sports game?
    Hypnosis-Therapy is the solution to your problem.
    Keli is a licensed mental health professional with over 20 years clinical experience in the mental health field and has been utilizing hypnosis-therapy (hypnotherapy) exclusively to help people just like you heal from past traumas and present problems.
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  • Keli Henault, Ph.D., LMSW is a psychiatric social worker and clinical hypnotherapist. She is also a Master Hypnosis Trainer and provides ethical and advanced services and training in the art and...

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