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Helga's Pampered Pets

703 Providence Blvd
Clarksville, TN 37042
(931) 647-0913
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Helga's Pampered Pets - Clarksville, TN
Helga's Pampered Pets - Clarksville, TN
Helga's Pampered Pets - Clarksville, TN


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Ok, I got almost all my dogs from this lady. There is absolutly nothing rong with the place. Dont let these dumb comments ruin your desision about this place. The dogs here are we...


So I bought a maltipoo from helga's about a week ago. it's the sweetest dog. but when I first stepped into that place... oh my goodness it stunk so bad. All the puppys were in old...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/27/2014

I worked for helga a few yrs back for only about 5 hrs..... she is cruel to animals and her store is disgusting.... she runs a puppy mill at her home and i know this bc before we knew about her and her ways she bought a poodle from my mom.... she bred her multiple times then gave her back when we confronted her about it all... she should of been shut down years ago! Anyone who could defend her imo must be just like her. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/1/2013

Please Don't Buy From This Place\r \r I didn't pay attention to the negative reviews about this place and now regret doing so. We bought a puppy from Helga's and quickly realized she was infected with tape worm and very sick. We have spent hundreds in vet bills. These animals are obviously not taken care of properly. This place does both customers & animals a disservice by staying open. more

helga's hell hole part 2 4/26/2012

THIS DOESNT EVEN DESERVE ONE STAR! i tried to play with a puppy here and it took around 3 minutes to wake up. The animals live in squaller, i have seen pigs play in stys and be cleaner than a puppy at Helga's hell hole! SHUT DOWN HELGAS!!!! we will picket 12-1 everyday monday through friday just to get her shut down! PLEASE JOIN US! I deep;y encourage a peaceful shut dow. If she does not comply, other ways will be used. Helga's Beware, your gonna need a new day job more

Just Bad Luck 2/15/2012

We bought a puppy 2 weeks ago. Come to find out she is infested with a parasite and we caught it in time. Let alone we found a copy of the receipt of the previous person who purchased her for a lot less from the same place but returned her. So beware, if you buy a puppy here be prepared to spend over $200 plus $200 in vet bills. Because with them treating the puppies in the store and not by a vet is not doing any good. more

:/ 10/7/2011

I bought a dachshund from them about 7 months ago. He is the sweetest dog I have ever owned. Although, when we got him, he was infested with worms. The free vet we took him to said he was fine and didn't have worms. The next day we took him to his own vet and found out he did in fact have worms. I do love my dog to death and have been lucky he did not die like others from that store. I recently went back. It smelled horrible, and was extremely hot. I felt so bad for the puppies. I wish there was a way to save each and everyone of them. more

not clean!! 1/8/2011

So I bought a maltipoo from helga's about a week ago. it's the sweetest dog. but when I first stepped into that place... oh my goodness it stunk so bad. All the puppys were in old nasty kennels. Very cramed in there with the owner, not very nice at all. They deff need some improvment! more

This place is fine 1/1/2011

This place is a fine place to get a pet. I got my cat here and he is perfectly healthy and happy. I get my mice for my snake here as well. The lady who runs it is as sweet as could be. I am planning on getting another kitten there shortly. more

I hate this place 11/2/2010

okay,my friend got a cat from there and it had rabies as soon as they got it. I hate this place. I went there 2summers ago and as soon as i came in there was 2 pit pups in a cage about 2 ft, 2 ft cage they were suealing also a cocker spaniel was to shecouldnt fit her legs had to hang out i hate this ferkin place. more

Everything is just fine..... 8/26/2010

While no pet store can be perfect....this lady has been in business since I was a little girl--passing inspections and everything else that is required by law....I bought my Chocolate Cocker spaniel from there back in December of 2009 and he is doing great!!! A lot of people think that it is easy to care for a pet soon as you buy him or her from a store or anywhere but you have to take your pet to the vet right away....and your pet gets a serious of shots with in a one year time frame----along with regular check ups for worms and such....Helgas offers you your first visit free within a time frame at the Kraft Street Vet who I have continued to go dog did have to be treated for worms once and I had to spend quite a bit of money to take care of all his shots....he has also had to have two eyes surgeries for something that is common in Cocker Spaniels....just like taking care of a child----you gotta spend money!!! You have to have time to spend with them, to watch them and to learn them as a pet to see if they need medical attention or not....anyone who is complaining about the smell of a pet store is insane.....they are pets!!! They will not be without a smell when you come to look at them everytime...I mean seriously people?.....Do you have OCD or what?.....LOL!!!!! more

Don't believe the hype! 8/8/2010

I bought a shih tzu from this place and she is a complete DOLL!!! When we bought her there, granted helga's shop wasn't the best looking place in town, this puppy was so lovable and she has been since! I don't believe that the place makes the pup! more

helgas is a great place! 4/5/2010

Ok, I got almost all my dogs from this lady. There is absolutly nothing rong with the place. Dont let these dumb comments ruin your desision about this place. The dogs here are well taken care of, and i have no Idea what that person is talking about of dogs walking on fesses and puppy mills and such. The puppys that come from this lady are from BEEDERS. Not so called""Puppy mills"". And I know this, because i have sold her 2 pomeranian puppys before. I am NOT running a puppy mill. dont let these liars ruin someones LIFE! Pros: very great place to get a pet! Cons: nothing! this place is great! more

Puppy Mill 3/29/2010

I can't believe that such a business could exist in today's society. These animals were kept in despicable conditions the least to say. This is a pure example of a puppy mill operation. By ""saving"" these animals you are merely contributing to its operation. Please adopt your family pets from a rescue organization. If you are looking for something specific that you feel that a shelter cannot provide do your research before buying from a pet shop. Stay away from the backyard breeders. If anything try to find someone who genuinely cares for the animals and not the subsequent profit. For those that have had bad experiences or just think that this place is foul please contact someone. Collect photos or videos of this disgust and send it to an organization that will fight for the cause...such as PETA...or the authorities. Something must be done about this! Pros: no visible death/illness Cons: ALL more

helga's is a nasty place and the poor animals are pitiful 3/27/2010

I just left Helga's and the place smelt bad.... the poor animals looked pitiful, the old lady that was working was very hateful and not friendly at all... i felt so sorry for the animals there.. laying and walking in their own feces and urine very uncalled for... i wish i could buy every animal there... she does not need to be running a pet store.... there is no telling what kind of infections those poor animals have... i wish she would get shut down.. please don't buy from there...... Pros: cute dog clothes Cons: evrything more

It was ok 2/14/2010

My bf and I went to the store in Dec right before xmas and she was selling some tea cup yorkies and we got our dog from there. He is still alive and pretty playful...of course when we got him we had to give him a few baths so the fleas wouldnt spread but now he is a good dog no problems so far. Pros: good selection of dogs Cons: smelly more

Helgas hell hole 2/2/2010

I bought a kitten and puppy the kitten died a horrible death luckely the puppy survived dont go there. more

HATE THIS PLACE 12/17/2009

so i bought a kitten from here about a month ago. the minute i got home she pooped on the floor and guess what? she had diarhea! so i figured maybe it was because she was in a new home? different food? i wasnt sure...but no i took her to the vet and she had parasites. on top of that her blood count came out abnormal. i called helgas to see exactly what they were feeding her for future reference they said they didnt know!! ru kidding me? they didnt care about my satisfaction or the health of the kitten. they said ill have the owner call u! did dhe? NOOOOO!!!! the kitten still till this day is sick shes been on medication de-wormed everything and is still sick. helgas shop looked decent when i came there but did you know in TN a pet store actually doesnt have to do anything to their pets. which means the pet doesnt even have to be healthy for people to sell them because their counted as property!!! this is BS! i will never go to helgas again. yes i did save this kitten but i also paid helgas to stay open! please do not buy from this pet shop! lets shut her down!!! everyone ive talked to even my vet. says they get sick kittens and puppies from helgas all the time! its rediculous a human being would sit by and do this to these poor animals just to make a buck!! i have nothing good to say about this place nor the people who work there. i hate this shop with a passion i just didnt read the reviews before i went! buggest mistake. LOL. sorry its a long article i hate people who do this crap own up to your name! your lousy people!!! BTW i had to rate lol id never give this place any stars or anything whats so ever Pros: None what so everrrr Cons: everything possible!! more

My poor kitten 11/8/2009

My boyfriend and I came here to get a kitten. The employee working was extremly friendly and the place looked clean. She gave us a great deal, however the problems started the second we got home. Our kitten was infested with fleas, had pink eye, and worms. I would never purchase another animal from here again unless I was going straight to the vet to make sure it wasn't also sick and infested. I'm glad I saved my kitten from this place, but it wasn't fun getting a kitten and the next day racking up a huge vet bill more


my husband and i had purchased a baby chihuahua a little over 3 weeks ago. she was barely going to be 7 weeks when we got her. we took her to the free vet check and they had told us that nothing was wrong with her. well we had her we took her back to helga's, our pup wasn't right. well needless to say our pup had passed away because they DO NOT TAKE CARE OF THEIR ANIMALS LIKE THEY SAY THEY DO!!! if i were any of you i wouldn't purchase animals there. bad enough my daughter was devastated from this. more

Helga's is Horrible. 7/20/2009

The place was filthy and it smelled horrible. There was an impolite, young woman helping us who stayed on the phone the whole time. We saw the poor puppies, in their awful states, and sleeping and playing in their own waste! It was pitiful and soooooo sad:( I want them to go out of business! I dont know how but I feel terribly bad for those little puppies:( dont go there! Pros: none! Cons: everything! more

Helga's is a puppy mill outlet full of filth and disease 6/26/2009

Too bad I can't put negative stars! Pros: The only pro would be her never being allowed by pets again! Cons: That she is still in business more
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