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Healthy Kids Pediatrics - Deborah Z. Bain, MD - 19 Reviews - 4851 Legacy Dr Ste 301, Frisco, TX - Doctor Reviews - Phone (469) 269-5533

Healthy Kids Pediatrics - Deborah Z. Bain, MD

4851 Legacy Dr Ste 301
Frisco, TX 75034
(469) 269-5533
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Great Doctor! Knows her stuff! No, she is not going to thrown a prescription at your child every time you come in, but she will make recommendations using homeopathy, vitamins, ti...


I've been looking for a holistic dr for a while. I made my appointment which took 3 month. The day of the appointment finally came, and to our worse luck a big accident happen o...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/9/2016

Would NOT recommend. I was a huge fan for 8 (!!) years but she finally pushed me over the edge after I gave her the benefit of the doubt over and over again. Sadly, I agree with every negative comment on here. She has changed and it seems to be getting worse. Extremely rude to me and my son. Disrespectful and talks down to you no matter what your question!!! Stay away!!!!!!!!! Trust me! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/3/2015

Don't waste your time and money to be treated like a idiot. For her mom's concerns are not important, she does not listening to you, she does not look to the kids eyes, she is in the wrong business, for sure. \r I have heard so many bad things about her, but I decided to give it a try because she is the closest holistic doctor. How disappointing! She is expert in being rude. She rushes the appoint. It totally worth driving far to see a good doctor and have the appointment our kids deserve! Be aware! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/27/2015

Healthy kids is a top of the line practice. Very holistic and personal to each child. I LOVE Dr. Bain and her PA, Michelle. Anyone who wrote a bad review is really missing out (or maybe just crazy). Seriously the BEST pediatrician in North Dallas! Takes a while to be seen as a new patient because she is highly regarded and has so many consistent, loyal patients. I recommend her to all my friends with kids! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/6/2015

Sadly, we had to leave Dr. Bain's practice after a very long time of trying to work with her. We started seeing her because of her philosophy of care. We preferred the more natural route she took and the holistic approach she used. When we first became patients in her practice, I couldn't say enough good about her. She was kind, attentive, thoughtful, and really listened to parents. \r \r However, something changed in her, which lead to a massive change in her practice. She started to ignore parents, blow them off, and even say rude things about their questions. She ignored serious medical issues with our kids. She refused to refer us to anyone that might give a second look at what our kids were presenting with telling us there was nothing wrong with our children. In actuality, there were many, many things wrong and every time we self-referred, the specialists said we made the right decision and found what the issues were so they could either fix or begin treatment. I never heard one word from her after she received their reports about continuing care through her, her being interested in what was going on with them, or her input. She completely swept the incidences under the rug like they never happened. \r \r She flat out told me our questions weren't important and she wouldn't take the time to answer them even though she knowingly took us on at patients knowing we had children with special needs. \r \r She physically removed my son's medical food from him once stating he might spill it (it was in a closed container and she allows breast and bottle feeding in her office). She wouldn't let him drink it (his only source of nutrition and she wrote his prescriptions for it) in her office. This was medical food, not juice or candy. \r \r We left and found another holistic doctor who actually listens, cares, understands what he is seeing, refers when it's necessary, and is exactly what a pediatrician should be. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/1/2013

What an excellent doctor who knows her stuff!!!! Dr.Bain comes highly recommended by many in my Mom's Day out Program, the only thing I was warned about is she is very busy (that just proves to me what a great doctor she is) so schedule our yearly physicals way in advance. The office staff is helpful too and try to get my children in the same day if their sick and it is wonderful living so close, I can run to grab them from school and be there in 5 minutes. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/25/2013

I am so happy that there is a new practice similiar to Healthy Kids Pediactrics that believes in holistic and traditional blend. It's opening next month with some of the doctors that used to work there. Dr Naidoo and Christie Potter are at Shine Pediatrics at George Bush and 75. Three of my friends that I referred have been treated with such disrespect and rudeness, not only by the staff, but Dr Bain as well. I cant believe it!!! I am joining my friends and leaving and heading to Shine. Yeah!! Finally another choice!!! more

Happy with doctor 4/26/2012

We've been quite happy with Dr Bain. It can take a bit too long to get in if you want to see her and not the other doctor or nurse, but we are happy with all of the staff. more


Great Doctor! Knows her stuff! No, she is not going to thrown a prescription at your child every time you come in, but she will make recommendations using homeopathy, vitamins, tinctures,massage, stem baths, etc. to help your child get through the problem. If it is absolutely necessary she orders prescription meds. It seems to me that people care more about how they are treated than their child! Sad to say but there are alot of people out there that think they are the bomb! Get over yourselves! This doctor does great work for her kids and explains to patients what to do. Perhaps that is also a part of the problem. Parents have to work to help get their kids well!! more

Unapologetic and arrogant office staff 4/10/2012

I've been looking for a holistic dr for a while. I made my appointment which took 3 month. The day of the appointment finally came, and to our worse luck a big accident happen on the highway which delayed me. i called to notify them I running late. Once i get there, they just told me i was late over 15 minutes so had to reschedule. THEY couldn't tell me that over the phone and save me my time, gasoline, and money. I ended up rescheduling for a couple of weeks later. I called to verify the time, as I had no confirmation call and they told me there is no appointment. The Receptionists recalls that at some point my kid was scheduled and something happen w/ the computer. Well they just asked me to reschedule for another couple of days, Completely unapologetic of their mistake, and pretty arrogant. I just gave up w/ them. As i can read in other reviews i 've not being the only one . So much for a HOLISTIC Dr, i guess it doesn't translate into kindness and basic customer service. Luckily i called and didn't drive over 60 miles roundtrip for another wasted appointment. Please look into google reviews as well i should've believe them before wasting my time. more

Sanctioned-tread carefully 1/13/2012

As of 11/11 Dr. Bain has a sanction with the Texas Medical Board. Tread carefully if you take your children there. more

WONDERFUL! Wouldn't take my child anywhere else 12/13/2011

I have taken my daughter to Dr. Bain's office twice. She has seen Dr. Bain and Dr. Naidoo. Both are EXCELLENT. If you want a natrual approach to raising your child, this is where you should be. Both Dr. Bain and Dr. Naidoo had excellent bedside manner and actually listented to what I said, rather than discounting my opinion because I wasn't an MD and ""only a parent."" Other reviews have commented about the office staff: I do have to admit that the front office staff is not very friendly over the phone. They are much more helpful in person, but still not of the level I would like to see. However, I would much rather deal with this downside than to send my child to a doctor who is going to pump my child full of unneeded medications! more

Go to a different doctor, there are lots of others in Frisco 10/28/2011

I really like that Dr Bain does holistic solutions for illness but her bedside manner is not good. The front desk office staff is not friendly or understanding. I called ahead to let them know I would be late b/c I had a newborn who had just been hospitalized and she needed to nurse since she had not been eating the last day very much due to an illness. They said they would cancel my appt if I was 15 min late which I understand is standard for a lot of offices but it wasn't like I was going to be late to get a breakfast burrito at McDonald's. I even explained that I was pumping milk so that I could feed my baby there who won't take formula but that she was crying so much that she needed to nurse for just a little while before we got in the car. I also said that the hospital said that she had to be seen by the doctor that day. When I got there, I had left that all behind me and decided to be the bigger person even though she screamed the whole way there and spit up everywhere since I didn't have a chance to burp her. Then I waited about 5 minutes and no one was in the waiting room. I didn't mind waiting and I was about at the most 8 minutes late. The nurse came out and I said I needed a few minutes to just finish giving my newborn who won't eat (and I explained the whole thing) just a little more b/c if I moved she would stop taking the bottle and I may not be able to feed her for awhile and she would get upset etc. etc. The nurse was quick to say ""well you were late and we are backed up today."" I was very nice and kept on feeding her b/c that was more important to me than a couple of minutes when I had to wait anyways. I also had a 15 month old with me as well. I was still polite when she came back to get us a few mintues later and I acted like it didn't bother me. But really I felt like crying b/c I had a newborn who hadn't been breathing or eating right and had to go to the hospital and the front staff didn't seem to care at all. I understand that if they make exceptions that their schedule will be all messed up all the time but I thought that at least they could have been more polite about everything. Also the nurse probably spent less than 3 minutes with us and seemed very rushed as if all she care about was getting out of the office early that day. The office should understand that if they are overbooked or if a lot of kids come into the office sick that day or if a doctor or 2 can't come in to work or whatever the case may be is that they work with people who have kids and their kids are the most IMPORTANT thing in their life and the last thing they should act like is that they don't care and rush through your appt just to get onto the next one. I also want to say that this is the first review I have ever written b/c I really hope that this office gets a makeover for some of the employees who are rude and rush you through your appt like you and your kids are not important. Also, this was my child's scheduled well check up appt but since she was sick they still made me pay my $20 copay. I told them that I was planning to go to a different doc b/c of recent problems there and they acted like they are used to that comment and don't try to work with clients to keep them. Also, Dr Bain was rude to my husband at a different appt about one cheerio on the flooor that he was going to pick up but wasn't able to at that second since he was holding our 15 month old. There have been other issues but I am not able to write about all of them since it would take quite awhile. more

DR. BAIN ... DISAPPOINTING !!! 8/14/2011

I have taken my son to Dr. Bain since he was one week old, on the recommendation of a friend. At his 3-year well-visit, I found her comments to be rude, condescending, full of assumptions and delivered with a less-than-professional air. I WILL NOT go back to her, she now has other doctors at her practice and I will only ask for someone else, anyone else. I appreciate the holistic approach of the office, but Dr. Bain's bedside manner needs a major overhaul! more

Worst Dr. In Dallas 5/2/2011

We just got done with ""treatment"" with Bain. She is rude, and worse off, completely clueless. She mis-perscribed our conditions. I was also made aware that she has sent 2 kids to the hospital for mis-diagnosis. She should lose her license... One would think she at least be nice! Stay away! more

What A Breath Of Fresh Air 3/4/2011

We have two special needs children. These are kids that need a good doctor, one that sees the bigger picture, and one that listens to us as parents and realizes we are the head of this medical team. After dealing with two doctors that were horrible and totally ignored huge issues (a child that suddenly can't speak, a child that has diarrhea so severe he had skin peeling on his bum, and so on), we were wondering if we had impossible expectations. more

Poor Bedside Manners mixed with bad Patient to Doctor Ratio 2/14/2011

I have several issues with this practice. Lack of office management, improper patient to doctor ratio resulting in 2 hour waits PAST appointment times, poor bedside manners by more than one doctor, & over ?drugging? child even with natural alternatives. more

Better than you think 1/5/2011

I am a mother of 7 and have been with Dr. Bain for about 4 years. She was fairly new in her practice at that time so I have seen her grow through the years. First of all, Dr. Bain wants to partner with parents in the health of their children. Dr. Bain doesn't operate as a puppet to the pharmaceutical companies. She wants parents informed of this decision and thus doesn't try to lead them in one particular way. She's open to vaccines and is great at offering alternative schedules other than the scary one the CDC put out for kids. That is why she recommends the parent research first. It's not because she doesn't want to help you out. She wants you informed of both sides of the issue before you get them. She doesn't have the time to inform parents because she is a growing practice. Be the parent. Dr. Bain's beside manner went through a period of great stress. As a long time patient I even noticed it. She was stressed and she was overwhelmed. She brought on a new pediatrician in fall of 2010. It takes time to find people that share your philosophy of medical, health, and wellness. That is more true when you take a more holistic approach to medicine than any place else. It's hard to find pediatricians that share these views. Dr. Bain has a passion to share what she has learned through her own health journey to defeat cancer. She is open to all sorts of alternatives that most doctors are not. Her main goal is get to the bottom of health problems and take children back to a life of wellness. I wonder how many parents who come out disgruntled with Dr. Bain truly understand this. Dr. Bain is a good doctor who loves children. Christie is great as well. My experience with the new dr, Dr. Naidoo, was positive as well. I met him over the phone in an emergency call. He worked to keep us from having to take a child to Acute Kids. In my many cumulative years as a mom of 7 I have come to realize that there are 2 types of parents. . .both of them love their children intensely. The first type wants and believes the drs should make all the decisions and give all the information. The other type of parent is the type that does all the research they can before going to see the dr. And they are willing to learn where it's needed. Dr. Bain is perfect for the latter type of parent. She wants parents informed but she doesn't have the time to educate. She offers seminars periodically that do educate parents if they so desire. But she's not going to make the decisions for their parents. What does she offer as a doctor? She does work exceptionally well in helping parents move toward a lifestyle of wellness. She is a strong advocate for proper nutrition for children and works in various ways to educate the parents in this. She will work with you when there is illness. She does work with allopathic medicine as well as alternative. Do your research before going to any dr? Although the reviews given here can have some value and merit to them, don't just judge by them. It takes time to get to know a dr (even after an interview) and sometimes the relationship just doesn't work out. Dr. Bain isn't a bad doctor and her practice is simply not to be avoided as some would suggest. If you've received a referral to Dr. Bain, schedule an interview and get to know her. Do your research and ask hard questions. Then allow you experiences with her to determine if she's the right fit for you and your children. more

Don't bother is right!!! 9/22/2010

She has no bedside manor. Refuses to listen to mothers concerns. Changes the subject to what she wants to discuss or what she knows about. My grandson was having reflux problems and my daughter went into the office many times to discuss this problem and she said there was no problem. Reception is rude!!! They answered the phone after looking at caller id ""Hello Mrs Blank"" as if she was an annoying mom calling for nothing. more

Too big for her britches 8/3/2010

She needs to go back to a small practice where she knew her limitations and worked well with other doctors. Now, she's gotten so big and such a big head, she think she can do anything. She treats us parents like we are idiots, and any other doctor is stupid. There are WAY too many good doctors around for anyone to see her anymore.... more
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  • Healthy Kids Pediatrics is an integrative, holistic pediatric practice,utilizing alternative and traditional approaches to medical care. We were named Best Pediatrician in Denton County by! We're working together to raise healthier children.

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