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Haven Of Mercy Rescue Mission - 9 Reviews - 123 W Millard St, Johnson City, TN - Social Services & Welfare Reviews - Phone (423) 929-0616

Haven Of Mercy Rescue Mission

123 W Millard St
Johnson City, TN 37604
(423) 929-0616
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Haven Of Mercy Rescue Mission - Johnson City, TN
Haven Of Mercy Rescue Mission - Johnson City, TN
Haven Of Mercy Rescue Mission - Johnson City, TN
Haven Of Mercy Rescue Mission - Johnson City, TN


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Pastor Grant preaches alot about ""entitlement""..and i think alot of the things people have said on here FEEL they are entitled to certain things in life..ive stayed at the Haven...


This place is just a joke! It is run by 2 druggies who go around stoned all of the time and kicking people out for doing just what they do. And that joke of a preacher that runs t...

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/17/2013

hello to all. i stayed at the haven for 2 yrs i think, and i enjoyed every day i was there. i got closer to the lord, made new and great friends. i helped at the thrift store, helped during christmas with the toys and stuff, i think the haven of mercy is a blessing to alot of people, includeing my self. im on my own now and to be honest with every one, id much rather be at the haven then be on my own cause the people out here in the world can be so cruel and hurtful. when i was at the haven i felt the love of god around me all the time, there was people there to talk to when something was bothering you, and they would actualy sit down and listen to you. as soon as i can, im going to be going back to the haven and im never leaveing there again. god bless you mr. grant and your family and every one at the haven, miss yall alot, and the haven will always be my home. more

Pastor Grant preaches alot about 6/6/2012

Pastor Grant preaches alot about ""entitlement""..and i think alot of the things people have said on here FEEL they are entitled to certain things in life..ive stayed at the Haven on and off for three years..i have SEEN and witnessed different miracles there...and if NOT for Pastor Grant and the staff have been dead a LONG time ago..that man walks with Christ every day of his life...and ignorance is a communicable disease...i hope you find a cure soon!!! his only wish is for every man to stand on their own two feet, and walk with faith was shattered when i got there...and now i believe and pursue God every day of my life..peopel that have known me all my life have seen a whale of a change in my beliefs and attitudes...i just hope one day, your attitudes will change also..ill pray for you!!!! more

Haven is Just a Drug House run by Druggies 1/21/2012

This place is just a joke! It is run by 2 druggies who go around stoned all of the time and kicking people out for doing just what they do. And that joke of a preacher that runs the place lets them do it because they kiss his butt. Then he goes and preaches that you must do good and as long as you turn in your drugs and money to him you can stay there. He takes all of the retarded people on disability and controls the checks and don't give them but 2-3 bucks a week and makes them beg for it. He needs to be turned in for a investigation of the retarded people checks. He makes one person live in a closet with ne bed and a small tv. Don't let your friends or family stay there and don't give them no money. They already sell the food that is give to them, so BEWARE of this wwolf in a sheep skin. more

Pastor Grant and Haven of Mercy 10/31/2011

I stayed at the Haven of Mercy for 18 months and want to say that it saved my life there. I was able to restore my relationship with my family and most of all, Pastor Grant showed me how to resore my relationship with God. Pastor Grant is a Godly man who asks for nothing for himself, and doesn't want praise lavished upon him. He gives all of the glory to God. This is a man who will take the last 3 dollars out of his pocket and give them to you. Do you have to follow the rules there, you bet you do. The Haven of Holy ground and you must abide by the rules and they apply to everyone!!!! And if you mess up, Pastor Grant will extend grace to you and hug your neck and tell you that he and God still loves you! I have moved on from there by the grace of God now but I still go back and visit when I can and will help in any way I can! Keep up the work there, to many people out there that needs you! more

Pastor Grant is a Con-man. 10/24/2011

Pastor Grant is one of the biggest con-men on earth.There needs to be a full investigation of this place.It is infested with bedbugs, roaches, and rats.The people that live there are about 60 percent druggies and thieves.If you refuse to serve as slave labor, you are summarily dismissed.They dismiss you usually during a ""House meeting"", in public, in order to instill fear and obediance in the others.This was a favorite method of Hitler's. Pastor Grant is a charlatan of the highest order.He speaks in tongues (total Bull) and has healing cerimonies, ala Benny Hinn.His thrift store takes in thousands a month, and he and his wife drive around in very expensive cars.The IRS should take a good look at this man.He only helps those who follow his every order without question. If you question him, you are declared to be an ""unclean spirit"", and you are immediatly escorted off the property by a huge caveman named ""Porkchop"".This man deserves to be UNDER a prison, for giving so many people false hope.Dont believe me?-Just go to the homeless comunity in downtown Johnson City, and ask around. They will tell you. more

pastor grant 1/19/2011

Whoever hollywood 19 is you are a lair . Thats why you didnt give your real name . I stayed there 4 2 weeks ,nothing you hollywood 19 said is the truth,To be honest Pastor Grant is my new HERO!!! I am 38yrs old and I will tell you my name it is Terry Shook He is the only person that has got my attention in 38yrs . If it was not 4 him I would have been in the cold just like your sorry_ _ _ ! Thanks pastor Grant 4 the help Very Much!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

An Inside Truth.. 12/20/2010

I stayed at the Haven of Mercy for three days. Within those three days I found out what this 'great' place was. To start things off, many members of this Haven of Mercy have this attitude and thieving problem. The dope that is slung through this place is huge problem. The food they get is old and moldy, but not to lack of money, just look at the man who runs the place and his vehicle. The owner is a decietful man who is against anyone who will not jump when he says jump. Another thing is, there is two showers and it is infested with bed bugs. I had to go to the hospital and have it lanced. When I was kicked out of the Haven, it was for no reason at all, which I will explain in a moment. And when I was forced to leave that night, I was not given my prescription medications back. This is not a vendetta, it is a sad truth as to why the Haven of Mercy is not what it seems.. When I went to the Haven of Mercy, I informed them before I was accepted that I did not practice the same beliefs as them, but I would respect and participate in them. They accepted this, but when it came to church time and Grant came in after being out for a day or two, he began to pick at me, and it wasn't religion related. I wore a hat and had a cigarette behind my ear. No, I was not the only one with a hat and cigarette behind my ear, many others were. I let it slide three or four times throughout the service. When he asked me to remove it from my ear, I did and held it in the palm of my hand since I had nothing to hold it in from breaking. This still wasn't good enough. After this service I was called into the office and told that I had to leave, that I was not allowed on the premises of the property, even for a meal. I had been respectful the whole time I was in there, and to this day, I still believe that he was honestly prejudice towards my beliefs at that current time. I was raised in a Christian private school till eighth grade and I know that a man of God does not drive in a fifty thousand dollar car when his people are in need of money and food that is not moldy. So I will finish this off with a simple thought, Karma comes around, and when the truth is truely found, many will be back on the streets to stay because a few people are greedy and blashphemize that they are men of God. I pray for those who have nothing else and let theirselves get backed into that corner and suffer in the filth of the Haven, both physically and mentally. more

Yes, and I found it to be real. 2/24/2009

I was set back when I visted the Haven. I watched the daily motions of the Haven and found several members to honestly care for what was going on and what was taking place in the lives of their fellow men. The director at the time I was visting was overcoming with some situation that and individual was going througth being new to the Haven. I watched while he was stern yet focused upon expressing the importance of substance abuse and the direction that he wanted to provide to this individual. At that time another individual stepped up who lived their and started expressing what he had gone through himself with life and substance abuse; and he expressed what he had learned in the Chapel at the Haven through a man named Grant.\r It was with hearing this that I had to attend the Chapel service. I did attend the Chapel service and found that it is almost nightly! And the power and freedom that is conveyed during those Chapel services brought such a strong conviction of hope and confirrmation of a good work in progress that I can write this in full confidance that this is a place where God's face shines upon. Pros: So very differant Cons: Not what the world desires to give out more

Giving God the Glory! 11/19/2008

11/18/2008 I must respond to sheep in wolves clothing. I Thank God these men have a place to go and attempt to get help. I have been fortunate enough through a ministry to bring boxes of food to the shelter and the men ther were so thankful to have it especially when times were hard. Being a female they helped me unload the food and were respectful of me. As for this Tom you mention Brother we must pray for him and the others they drift into the shelter for we could be entertaining Jesus himself. the souls that come to Christ, is a start to freedom, there is no sinners prayer in the Bible that I read ( kjv ) however its a seed being planted. There is only 1 Lord 1 Faith 1 Baptism and what are we as a city doing are we preaching the truth to these men and women so they can have freedom? There is only one plan of salvation Acts chapter 2. God says in his word that we must seek out our own soul salvation with fear and trembling! So therefore we cannot judge another. We must bind together and pray for the lost and go to people like Tom and preach the TRUTH. God delivered me of much sin and I have been clean 9 yrs. now and Jesus Christ paid a price for my life I owe him everything he is not a respector of persons. I personally know men that have left Haven Missions and are working jobs and putting a roof over there head. Jesus is there after care program not man, Jesus Christ delivers us not man or a preacher. So lets get out there and help instead of complaining! God Bless You Robin Pros: helping people that want to help themselves Cons: we don't do enough to help physically more

sheeps in wolves clothing 9/23/2008

i saw your numbers on your web site and I am glad that 137 were saved and that 85 rededicated however what is your follow up program with these people? just because they were saved doesn't mean much what are you doin gto insure that hey are well educated in the promises of christ? it is to my understanding that you stop with the salvation message and never teach these people what it is and what it means to be free in Christ. So what is the deal with that. remeber that we are acountable for what we do and what we don't do. God Bless \r \r Promis Land\r \r Why is Tom your # 2 in command assisting in the selling of illict substances. remember that we all have that day where we WILL be held accountable by Christ and our Father. is this what you want to be held accountable for,. Pros: roof over head Cons: petafiles more
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