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Harris County Animal Control - 5 Reviews - 612 Canino Rd, Houston, TX - Legislative Bodies Reviews - Phone (281) 999-3191

Harris County Animal Control

612 Canino Rd
Houston, TX 77076
(281) 999-3191
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I wasn't sure what to expect going to an animal control shelter to adopt a puppy but I was very pleasantly surprised at the level of care and cleanliness in this shelter. (I had ...


This is a MAJOR WARNING for anyone who has a beloved family pet put in this shelter, for ANY REASON: Our dog was put there for quarantine purposes-he ""bit"" our neighbor's chi...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/1/2014

To that individual who calls himself texas T.:Please stop using this name.You do not represent Texans' values.Most Texans are dog/ cat loving and if they have a problem they go and talk to their neighbor. By trapping neighbors cats just for fun of it or to hurt (anonymously as you wrote) your neighbors you are the reason why people in a dangerous situation (an aggressive pit bull around a child or an elderly ) have to wait for HCAC's officers arrival. You abuse the HCAC.You should get fine. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/18/2014

Apparently animal control is only needed during business hours. We had a huge raccoon in our apt complex that was really injured screaming and acting crazy. These animals can be very mean and carry rabbies. called 911 HARRIS COUNTY DOES NOT DEAL WITH WILD LIFE I WAS TOLD. GIVEN THIS NUMBER WHICH IS CLOSED. WE HAVE KIDS AND DOGS,CATS IN THIS COMPLEX THIS RACCOON COULD ULTIMATELY ATTACK. WOW WHERE DO MY TAXES GO? more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/18/2013

I am very upset that you can never get hold of these people when you need them. we are having problems w/dumped, lose dogs in our neighborhood who have killed 3 cats that I know of including my sweet cat I have had for \r 11 yrs, just last night. there should be an emergency number to get animal control out here day or night when dogs are loose and attacking. It could have been my little girl, she was outside at the time. PLEASE, WE NEED A WAY TO GET HELP FROM ANIMAL CONTROL ASAP more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/28/2013

Note: There is a leash law in Harris County for dogs AND cats. Don't let your cats run loose, they may trapped by someone like me and sent to Animal Control, held for three days and then euthanized. \r \r I have a major problem in my NW Harris County neighbhorhood with stray cats, or pets that are let out of their homes every day to roam the streets. I have trapped cats in the past and Animal Control comes out and picks them up. They have always been very professional. \r \r This past week, I trapped two cats. I had put one neighbor on notice anonymously some time back - I wrote a nice note, saying their cats are loose, and here is the Harris County law on loose dogs and cats. I called Animal Control, they came to pick up the cat. \r \r Yesterday, five days after they picked up the cat. one of my neighbors came over with a peace offering plant. She said, Animal Control told her that someone at my address trapped a cat and turned it in to Animal Control, she was sorry that her cat has been loose and she hopes we can start off on the right foot as neighbors. I had NO idea Animal Control could give out my address!!! I was hoping cat trapping could be anonymous, as I do not want to start feuds with neighbors - I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to asking my neighbors to follow the law - so I get out of it the coward's way, with an anonymous, nice (I swear, it's nice!) note. \r \r I am very, very angry that Harris County Animal Control gave out my address. What if these people are crazy and retaliate with who-knows-what??? \r \r My review is, they are very good about coming to pick up stray cats once trapped, but beware, they may give out your address as the person who turned the cat in. \r \r I can't comment on any other service they have, but hey, it's a government agency and it is not going to be clean and professional. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/18/2013

The officers are just doing the job....but some people( our neighbors!!!) call and now can send cell photos to them of our animals. Don't let them get your animals....they do come back sick and are never the same!!! more

WARNING for all who have animals here 4/6/2011

This is a MAJOR WARNING for anyone who has a beloved family pet put in this shelter, for ANY REASON: Our dog was put there for quarantine purposes-he ""bit"" our neighbor's child. He had an appt. THAT week for shots/neutering - he'd been displaying territorial/protective behavior recently, though he'd been loving and friendly always. Still is! However, he decided to ""protect"" me from the neighbor, by putting his mouth on his arm, and when I pulled him off(he was on a leash - the boy was in my yard, by the front door), it tore the skin. Due to the fact that he hadn't had his rabies shot - they insisted he be quarantined. I begged to have him do it in my home-because he wasn't vaccinated-but was told I couldn't do that, and they'd vaccinate him at the shelter anyway. I felt terrible for the boy-I still do. I am NOT blaming them in any way. I am blaming the dog went in there a healthy, albeit 'needing neutered for increase in testosterone', loved family pet...he came out with a hacking dry cough, that within days turned to DISTEMPER!! Please people, it is the most EVIL illness I've ever witnessed. It is now 3 wks later - $170 to get him out of shelter(we paid to have him KILLED), $160 at vet for the visit I'd previously scheduled, but they couldn't do the surgery/shots because he was SICK, $220 at emerg vet, $150 in meds, and now $435 to KILL HIM AND HAVE HIS ASHES returned to us. Now I'm asking...WHY don't they separate the dogs??!! I thought he was being QUARANTINED???!!! Yet he caught a deadly communicable disease??!! That calls into question their cleanliness practices and ALL their practices, frankly. The other reviews called that into question as well. SO - this is a warning to anyone who is in similar situation, or lost their dog and finds out that it's in this KILLING ZONE-get them out ASAP!! And somehow, their STUPID policy of payment, regarding lost dogs, NEEDS TO BE CHANGED. A woman lost her dog-they picked it up-she couldn't pay the $500 bill to get him, and had to leave him there. Yet, they're trying to find HOMES for these animals??! Why not at least put her on a payment plan, or something??! It makes no sense - that seems to suggest that they care much more about MONEY then they do the ANIMALS. As does the level of care you can expect out of there. If they're having an outbreak of DISTEMPER in there - it needs to be KNOWN - and it needs ADDRESSED NOW more

Very sick dogs 2/28/2011

If I could go back in time, I would. Adopted a puppy and it had bloody diarrhea within an hour of coming home. Now it's every hour, almost. No way would competent workers not notice that! They have to clean the kennels out, after all. SO disappointed, and I can't get my money back. I should have read the reviews here first. If you look really closely, you realize the building is not sanitary at all!!! We had to give the pup a flea bath immediately - over two dozen dead fleas afterwards. All they'll offer me is a 'replacement' puppy. Why would I want one from that place?! I'll publish whatever happens with the next one, but am heartbroken over this one. more

I am disapointed on this entity. 3/30/2010

I am a productive, tax payer citizen living in a Houston neighborhood with a serious stray dogs problem. Since I moved into this neighborhood in January, I have been calling Animal Control to report all the stray dogs I have seen. I have counted 8 of them in the inmediate vecinity of my home. There are others around the neighborhood as well. These dogs are vicious and some of them have violently barked at me when I happen to be in my front yard. Though I have repeatedly called and beg the animal control people to come and pick up the dogs, the dogs still congregate daily in front of my house. The stench of the dog poop is insoportable. I don't want to be the next biten victim, but unfortunately an animal control rep. told me that dogs are not picked up unless they have bitten someone because they don't have enough people to respond to a lot of the calls. What a shame!! I wish I knew what to do to get rid of this nuisance threat. Pros: They answer the phones Cons: Not enough people to pick up stray dogs. more

Nice work 11/7/2008

I feel that the Animal Contron officers are very proffesional and friendly. My problem was solved when they came out. The only downside is that they look like their from the 70's with those uniforms. Pros: Quick Response Cons: Uniforms more

Very pleasantly surprised 7/27/2008

I wasn't sure what to expect going to an animal control shelter to adopt a puppy but I was very pleasantly surprised at the level of care and cleanliness in this shelter. (I had been to CAPS and SPCA already and had no luck finding a puppy that we thought suited our family. The SPCA shelter was also clean and the staff friendly and helpful. I felt that the level of cleanliness and care at CAPS needed improvement as there were dogs lying in feces and some dogs with dry water bowls.) We saw a couple of the dogs online here at HCAC and decided to go meet them in person. The kennel is clean, the cages/runs are roomy and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Plus our puppy was already spayed, had her shots and was ready to go home with us that day! (The other 2 places we went we would have had to wait to take our new pet home - which is ok if you are getting the right pet for your family but is kind of a let down when you are excited to take your new family member home to meet the rest of the family.) It was overall a very good experience for our family. If you are looking for a new pet I hope you will give them a try. Happy hound hunting! Pros: Friendly staff, cleanliness, animals seemed well cared for, adoption process is simple Cons: Far away for me, this shelter does have to euthanize, so time is of the essence more
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