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Harefield Road - 22 Reviews - 769 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (718) 388-6870

Harefield Road

769 Metropolitan Ave (at nr. Humboldt St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388-6870
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Harefield Road - Brooklyn, NY
Harefield Road - Brooklyn, NY
Harefield Road - Brooklyn, NY
Harefield Road - Brooklyn, NY
Harefield Road - Brooklyn, NY
Harefield Road - Brooklyn, NY
Harefield Road - Brooklyn, NY


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I eat here almost every weekend and can say without hesitance this place is 100% the best. I'm sorry if your check got handed to you before you were done smoozing and taking up ho...


I'd been to this place a few times for just drinks, but not for brunch. Let's just say it is not a good place to spend a Sunday brunch. The server did not check on the table aft...

Horribly negative experience 6/6/2010

After being a Harefield regular for over a year, I can honestly say I wont be returning anytime soon. I have never had such a negative, degrading experience as i had today with their female daytime bartender. The degree of unprofessionalism and outright unprovoked hostility she exhibited was nothing short of awe inspiring. The whole glorious event began when I gave my friend the wrong amount of money to buy 2 drinks, she in turn gave it to Ms. Smileypants Bartender lady without counting it. Five minutes later the bartender in question finds my friend out back and asks her in a very unpleasant and confrontational tone whether or not she was ""planning on settling up with her inside"". The amount of money in dispute? ONE DOLLAR. The confrontation was so apparent that it caught the attention of at least 2 other patrons who commented that her approach might have been a little excessive (actually they said ""bitchy"" but whatever...excessive). My friend promptly went inside and ""settled up"" for ONE DOLLAR plus tip. She also apologized to the bartender who replied with a typically curt ""yeah"". After seeing how upset/offended my friend was upon returning to our table, i decided to go inside to speak to the bartender. Doing my absolute very best to approach the situation in the most polite and non-confrontational way, i asked the bartender if i could speak with her for a second and let her know (again, being extremely polite) that she ""kind of upset my friend a little bit"" and that there ""may have been a better way to approach that situation"". She instantly snapped back at me with the most sarcastic ""Sorry!"" accompanied by an equally sarcastic grin. I was so confused by her response that i hesitated for a split second before responding with ""wait, seriously?"" (because there was no way someone could really be THAT mean for no reason. This is still over ONE single solitary dollar mind you.) She then went into full verbal assault mode telling me that i have no idea what kind of day she had and this and that and that ultimately, she would not apologize. I sensed that she actually enjoyed the confrontation and the opportunity to lash out at a customer, and she really must have because her response was so completely out of line with my initial polite approach, and just well.. completely out of line. Any kind of half-assed 2 second apology would have diffused the situation instantly but she instead chose to berate me and take it to a whole different level that i could have never anticipated. Needless to say I left the bar with my friend in tow, having no intention of ever returning again. Keep in mind this is a bar i go to 3-4 times a week, a bar that i used to love, where i am a familiar enough face that the nighttime bartenders have no qualms teasing me when i order a light beer instead of a ""real beer"", and a bar that i've introduced a good dozen or more people to. Dont get me wrong, I wasn't expecting any kind of award for being a loyal customer or constantly bringing them new business, but to be treated like the absolute biggest piece of crap ever over one measly dollar and acting as the verbal punching bag for their frustrated daytime bartender was not quite what i had in mind either. I've never had such a negative degrading experience at ANY place of business... anywhere... ever in my life. If you absolutely MUST go to Harefield i highly encourage you to only go at night. I however cannot be so forgiving. Pros: nice quiet bar for people over 30 Cons: mentally unstable daytime bartender more

Food Okay - Service Real Bad 5/10/2010

I'd been to this place a few times for just drinks, but not for brunch. Let's just say it is not a good place to spend a Sunday brunch. The server did not check on the table after the food was delivered or ask us if we wanted another drink (which were empty for a long time). She dropped off the check without asking us if we'd like anything else, but we asked her for a drink anyway. She told us we were not allowed to order another drink because they needed our table. There was literally one other group waiting for a table, so it was not a huge line. The owner informed us ""we focus on turnover"" when we asked why were not able to have another drink. I've never run into this situation and I worked in the restaurant industry for quite some time. This place has no customer service. Pros: Food is decent Cons: No Customer Service more

Anyone giving this place 1 stars is an idiot 2/6/2010

I eat here almost every weekend and can say without hesitance this place is 100% the best. I'm sorry if your check got handed to you before you were done smoozing and taking up hours at a table but s#!t happens. And for people to be bickering over those points rather than the restaurants contents itself, realizing they're getting a full brunch meal + beverage + tea or coffee for a flat $12 fee, is beyond words. Grow up, enjoy your meal and quit acting like the world owes you something. This place will always rule in my book. A++ Pros: Everything Cons: Nothing more

LOVE this laid bar, awesome bar 1/25/2010

Just visited this place last night, and I LOVE it. Its cozy, cool, and has great wooden floors, tables, and walls. They played the Doors, that type of music in addition which added to the relaxed, cozy, and dark atmosphere. The only drawback is a slow, buy funny bartendar this particular evening. Id reccomend it for a low key, chill night in williamsburg. Pros: quiet atmosphere, good music, wooden floors Cons: slow bartender more

We were kicked out after a short brunch 10/18/2009

I'll never eat here again - I took my mom here for brunch before she left town, and we ordered immediately after sitting down, and ate quickly. We ordered a second roudn of mimosas, and as soon as they served us they were hovering over our table, asking ""can I take that?"" as we were still finishing, and then once they had taken our plates they said ""you know, you can finish your drinks at the bar"" and basically asked us to leave. Very rude - I will not be going to brunch here again. more

Worst Bar on Planet 8/5/2009

Last night Tuesday August 4th at around 7pm my boyfriend and I entered Harefield Road, a bar in my neighborhood that I have frequented a few times. The bartender was a 5'5 woman with brown curly hair and some arm tatoo's. I ordered a dirty martini which was met with nothing but disdain and disgust by the bartender because it wasn't a ""happy hour drink special."" I didn't care about happy hour and didn't go to the bar because it was happy hour. I politely said no big deal...still want the drink. I also asked her to recommend a drink for my boyfriend, who occasionally drinks and can not tolerate a strong alcohol taste. So basically I told her the following: we want to drink a lot of expensive drinks and we don't care about happy hour. Skies the limit for that bartender who was tending bar to maybe a handful of customers at that point. She rolled her eyes and told me quote, ""Look, my job is to make the drinks you order what you want."" This was said with condescension and impatience. She clearly did not want to serve us and was absolutely put out beyond comprehension to have to use her brain and also her arms to make us two drinks that weren't just a pull from their crappy beer selection. I threw my arms and left. I have been drinking for 20 years and never have walked out of a bar due to a bitchy bartender. Really amazed. There is a first for everything I guess. So my boyfriend walked down to Daddy's which happily served us expensive fruity cocktails until our hears content. We high fived the bartender and tipped heavily and left drunk. Our goal!!! So if you are looking to drink on Metropolitan off of the Grahm L stop don't plan on going to Harefield Road (which is a bar..a full bar) ever..because clearly their business plan is to not serve the alcohol. However, please go to Daddy's which is at 435 Graham Ave a couple of blocks of of the Grahm L stop. They are a full bar and will sell you alcohol. truly amazing event. My recommendation on Harefield Road. If it exploded I wouldn't even notice. Pros: nothing Cons: bartender, service more

If I pretend it's not awesome, will it be easier for me to get a table? 2/16/2009

Awesome brunch spot, awesome bar. I have been going here for several years, and I highly recommend it. The owner and bartenders are friendly and familiar, and brunch is a SERIOUS deal. $12 for a drink and a delicious meal? Unbeatable. Bar is also a great deal as well! I have noticed some negative reviews here, and I can only assume that these reviewers are trying to thin the crowds so they can get a table faster! Pros: Great food, great drinks, great prices! Cons: Now that everyone has figured out how awesome it is, it's a little crowded! more

Very unprofessional owner 12/13/2008

a friend and i went here for brunch today. we left very upset by the way we were treated. the check was dropped while we were in the middle of our meal, without concern for if we were ready for it or might perhaps want something else. then our coffees and waters were taken away before we had a chance to drink them. we gracefully accepted the poor service and tried to finish our bloody marys in peace. but then we were asked to move to another specific table so they could clear ours off. we did, though we didn't much want to. BUT THEN the owner came and asked us to stand up while he moved the position of the table they had moved us to. We literally had 2 sips left of our drink. it could not have been that urgent. when i said we simply wanted to sit and enjoy the last of our drinks he rudely stated that he just wanted to set up his bar. when i said i was sorry for being so inconvenient, he rolled his eyes, sneered, and said he was used to it. I guess that means all of his patrons annoy him. oh and the food was far from edible. i barely touched it. i recommend this place if you want go hungry and to be treated like a foe. Pros: i previously enjoyed coming here for a beer Cons: disrespectful unprofessional owner more

Local feel, very pub like, dark 5/11/2008

Very good place to meet up with friends, extremely low key and unassuming. Great wood interior. more

Great Local 1/28/2008

I know I'm just repeating what the other reviewers have said, but it is the best brunch deal this side of the East River. Good service, good prices on Scotch and great beer selection. It's a nice place to call a local as well as a nice place to show off the neighborhood to out-of-town visitors. more

yes, good Guinness 1/23/2008

Hard to find a decent one sometimes- wrong temp, wrong glassware, wrong technique. Found it here. Slurp. more

@smydbiatch are you sure you're telling the truth? 1/18/2008

First of all, I've never known Harefield to have any specials. Second, I don't think they do phone in orders (I could be wrong on that count). Having enjoyed Harefield for many moons, what you're saying makes it sound like you've never even been in the place.\r \r To everyone else, Harefield is great, but you shouldn't need me to tell you that. Pros: Guinnes - I hear they airlift it in from Ireland! & they serve titos vodka! Cons: 16oz faux imperial pints more

A comfortable spot to hang out in 12/2/2007

I think the person who wrote that last review was clearly sipping from the Creature itself while writing it. I've been to Harefield many times and have always found the atmosphere to be nothing short of warm, welcoming and appreciative. A terrific selection of beer and, for a pub, some decent wine offerings. Plus the space is very well configured, so it never feels crushed and crowded, and beautiful architectural details everywhere. The back garden is a lovely place to get away from it all. The bartenders seem to have great taste in music, too! Pros: The ladies room is clean and has cool automatic paper towel dispensers! Cons: It's a one-seater and there is often a wait more

not so much 11/22/2007

Don't expect to be treated as a regular even tho you've lived next door for 5 years. They truly are not good at this. they have a great selection of booze but but the atmosphere is extremely cold and so are the employees. You get what you get and no help even if you are in danger...not such a great neighborhood. look out for yourself even if the bartender says he has yer back. And the brunch is bad major don't even bother. If yer not waiting an hour for a table you're waiting an hour and a half for your food. Work it out they comp drinks nothing...don't waste your time. Go to Legion across the street. Pros: great selection Cons: not so good bartenders JOHN plus super cold in there more

Fantastic Neighborhood Bar 3/18/2007

This section of Williamsburg was in serious need of a serious bar. The woodwork is just amazing, the beer selection is quite extensive but not pretentious, the pricing on everything is very good/not expensive, the atmosphere is inviting, trendy, relaxing. Great Brooklyn beers at a working-man's price. Cute Williamsburg regulars, good bartenders. Glad its here!! Pros: great place in this section of Williamsburg. Not too more



Best pour in town (an excellent brunch) 11/24/2006

Hands down, the best pour in Brooklyn. Unpretentious and relaxed. An excellent selection of drafts, single malts, and decent wines. On weekends, they have a fantastic brunch (be sure to try the Bloody Mary with Guinness). Nicest pub in town. Pros: Draft and Single Malt Selection Cons: None to speak of more

nice 10/28/2006

Nice selection of single malts at very reasonable prices. The one thing that really annoys me about this place though is the beveled edge of the bar, you can't really lean your elbows on it in any comfortable position. Maybe it's like this on purpose? Like to keep people from falling asleep at the bar or something? Pros: scotch Cons: bar more

awesome brunch 9/18/2006

we went here for brunch this past sunday and it was fabulous. 11 dollars buys you an entree, coffee or tea, and either mimosa or bloody mary. best eggs benedict i've had in a long time. the atmosphere is really cool - a modern versin of an english pub. friendly, down-to-earth wait staff too. we will be coming back! more

My local bar 7/13/2006

I can head to Harefield just about any time. The staff are all friendly, charming, and they knot their stuff. The bar itself is beautifully done. Good selection of beers and bourbons. What else do you need out of life, really? Pros: staff, selection, patrons Cons: none to speak of, really more
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