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Hardcore Tattoo

902 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
(716) 885-8282
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My niece had her tattoo done by Taylor at Hardcore Tattoo and it was awesome so I went to him as well and had mine done. Everyone there was great...some were a little rough but, ...


tracers and scratchers. they might be clean, follow health code regulations, have licenses but where is the talent and skill? \r \r i have seen ""tattoos"" done at this plac...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/21/2013

The worst place ever to get a piercing there. They should get a machine to take credit cards with and when I asked for a price about a piercing I wanted the one guy didn't know what the hell it was. The piercer who pierced me and a few others are rude as ever. \r I had to go to the place where I always and will always get pierced and tattooed from (which is not this but the place I go to for a while and from now is down the street) the girl I saw at my normal spot said that my piercing looked screwed up and whoever pierced me did it wrong. Needless to say I had to get my piercing redone. Luckily they didn't charge me for a screw up from this bad place more

Awesome Tattoos! 6/4/2011

My niece had her tattoo done by Taylor at Hardcore Tattoo and it was awesome so I went to him as well and had mine done. Everyone there was great...some were a little rough but, what do you expect, it's a tattoo parlor lol. Taylor is young but don't let that scare you...he is extremely talented. My profile pic is just a part of the tattoo he did on my foot/ankle...most of it was freehand! Would recommend him to anyone looking to get a tattoo done. more

Fatboy 9/14/2009

Honestly the only one I trust there with my tats is fatboy...he is so good at what he doeas and I recommend him to everyone. With his sarcasm(oddly) made me feel comfortable and the end result(always) is a great job...ill be back soon to get some more work done:) more

Artists? 8/3/2009

tracers and scratchers. they might be clean, follow health code regulations, have licenses but where is the talent and skill? \r \r i have seen ""tattoos"" done at this place. have noticed a lot of scarring, poor colors and new tattoos looking old after healing. no clean lines. Pros: best prices Cons: unskilled artists more

so so what 6/10/2009

So... I started going to Hardcore with my mother after the tattoo place that I went to went out of business (Penatration Ink on Bailey) and she got her tatts there but I wasn't convinced of their artwork. When I went to Penetration I heard that they were affiliated with Hardcore so that's why I wanted to try them and other then the uneccessary gatherings at Penetration my tatts were awesome and I had no problem with my two piercings. However, when I got my first tatt at Hardcore I wasn't satisfied. I got two simple fish on my lower back that looked horrible after it healed. The detail was garbage but that same day my brother got his first tatt there and he loved it! Also I got two piercings there and they are the only two body piercings that I kept. With that being said would I recommend Hardcore? If you know exactly what you want and don't keep changing your idea they aare good for tatts but look at portfolios of the artists there. I was dumb enough to go on with my tatt even after seeing the artist ugly hand drawing of a woman. That was my mistake. I should have went to someone with better skills because all he had to do was trace the pic on my back and he didn't do it right. There isn't really anything wrong with hardcore that wouldn't be wrong at some other place it's just that them being more well known that they get so many people talking about them. Anyway my mom and I will be going back soon and I want another piercing and possibly a tattbut not from thae same artist as before. Pros: easy to get to Cons: art quality more

danny a.k.a fatboy is the best 4/29/2009

danny a.k.a fat boy is the very best he rocks was the only one working 4-29-09. had 1 girl ahead of us then did 7 tattoos after that 3 for my daughter 2 for my wife and my 2 they all look wonderful. and my daughter in-law will be in for hers sometime this week. thank you so very much. we will all be back in soon for more. peggy, lori, and katie Pros: oh so happy more

LOVES IT! 1/16/2009

I went to hardcore when i was 15 years old for my tounge peirced and had ABSOULTLY NO PROBLEM THEN! whent in tooday to get my lip peirced ABSOLUTLY NO PROBLEM NOW! 5 years later the price is still 25$.. good stainless steel jewlery.. i watch the man who did it (sorry i missed your name but u were AMAZING and made me feel sooo comfortable!!!) i watched the man who peirced it clean it clean his hands clean the area of my lip.. talk about how to do the after care. i have no complaints whats so ever. im so tired of hearing all the bad rumors when truth be told, i got my nose done @ cow pok & it got infected.. i am one who cleans all my peircings daily.. even the ones ive had for 5+ years! <3 Pros: Very VERY cheap & VERY VERY FRIENDLY! FELT LIKE I KNEW THEM 4EVER! Cons: Parking.. But hey its friday & in the elm. village so i expect it to be busy! more

best tat place in buffalo 5/23/2008

iv been going 2 harcore 4 a year now since i was 15 i got my bell boutton percied n my tounge n im goin 2 ge tmy nose like 2marro ne ways i have never had a problem wit ne thing there. the people tell exactly how 2 take care of ur things if u dont well den yea it will get infected ne ways i heard it is way better than cow poke i woulndt trust ne where else 2 do my perceings i rly wouldnt. n alot of my friends go there 2 n never once had they hada problem ether n if my stoner frnds can keep there things from infection ne 1 can more

Screw this place 5/18/2008

I was recommended to go to Hardcore Tattoo for my piercing by my friend who had her industrial done there. She said they were cheap, good, and well worth it. Well me being stupid enough to believe her; not being familiar with good and bad piercing parlor's, I decide to go there on my birthday to get my snake bites complete. I had one side of my lip done a year ago at Stylin Tattoo on Harlem Rd, I wasn't to fond of the place but after going to Hardcore I regret not going back to Stylin Tattoo. The guy placed a dot on my lip, I figured it was okay because I saw it from a distance. He pierced my lip, put the ring in my lip, and I looked at it and in sudden horror I realized he pierced it to close to the center of my lip, he pierced it at a different angle than my other one, and that the ring was BIGGER than the one on the other side. Here are the excuses he gave me:\r \r First he tried to say it was my lip that was the problem\r \r 1) ""You're lip isn't symetrical on both sides"" (Yeah no **** after you pierced it wrong it will look like that)\r \r Then he said it was a typical thing for it to first look like that\r \r 2) ""Oh it only looks like that because your lip is swollen"" (Yeah well i'm a month into it and it still looks retarded)\r \r And then my favorite excuse, the blame game\r \r 3) ""You saw the dot and you said 'yeah there'"" (Yes because i'm the one w/ the certificate in peircing and I should be telling you how to do your job)\r \r By the third excuse he was telling me how if I didn't like it he'll do it for free the next time. Yes i'm going to want to waste my damn time letting this mistake heal just so I can go back for you to attempt it a second time and deal w/ the pain of having ANOTHER hole heal on my lip?! This place FAILS as a piercing parlor and should be souly used for cliche tattoo's on their walls. Pros: Cheap Cons: Unprofessional Piercers more

Ok over all 5/7/2008

I must say that I was happy with my tattoo artist at Hardcore, Loius...he was great, but he was always baked! Dude to say they don't do things in there or drink is false. The artist were asking my friends and me for stuff to take. I was happy with the looks of the tattoos I got, in a month span I got 3 (in 2005), well 4 cuz I wanted one covered up...but the coloring didn't seem to stay to good, after a month had to have it touched up again, after a year it was looking older than dirt. I will go find someplace to have them re-colored. The staff was cool, down to earth, come on people its a tattoo place not a church, stuff is going to be happening in there. Pros: Fun night out---- Cons: pricey more

I liked hardcore 4/20/2008

It's funny I've always heard people complain about hardcore and how bad it is and I just laugh!! Ever since I was 16 I've gone there for piercings and NEVER had a problem with any of them!! I paid $25 each for every piercing that I've gotten the only problem I ever had was when I got my one nipple pierced n the guy didn't make it exactly like the other one but it wasn't to noticeable!!! I would recommend them for piercings but I won't goto any tattoo place in buffalo to get a tat hence the reason I'm going out of the city for my first tat!!! Anyways, my best friend just recently got a piercing at hardcore and she loves it!! I agree the people there are very friendly and always answer my question no matter how brutally honest the answer may be!!! more

Infections 3/28/2008

I went there to get a tattoo done about 2 months ago. i went with my friend, and well we were there he decided to get part of his ear pierced. that inside part, i dont know what the piercing is called. anyways, they decided to give him a ""deal"" and gave him the earing and did it and everything for 20 dollars. Well he was getting pierced the piercer dropped a ball in his ear which took about 15 minutes to get out. eventually his ear was pierced and he was satisfied for a while. about 1 and a half weeks later he calls me saying he just got out of the hospital because he woke up with his ear feeling like someone was ripping it off. i know him very well, and i know how he cleans piercings. he tried to take the earing out himself and it wouldnt come out, so he went back to hardcore and they actually told him it was their problem not theirs. he went to the hospital and told him his ear was extremely infected and the infection was close to spreading into his brain. the doctors actually had to cut the piercing out of his ear. he went to cowpok to see what they thought about the situation and they told him that if they charged him 20 dollars they were really losing money because all the supplies cost more than that. and the earing they gave him was a cheap metal and wasnt even made for that part of the ear. he went back to hardcore right after that and asked for his money back and told them what th people at cowpok said. they refused to give him his money back. \r Also, they werent very freindly. and im pretty sure i was way overcharged. i do not recommend Hardcore tattoo. Pros: there clean i guess Cons: rude people, not much piercing knowledge, overpriced. more


Hardcore is awesome. I got 2 tattoos done there and a piercing. Everyone there is friendly and funny. They made me feel real comfortable there. When i had first heard of Hardcore when it was under old management i didnt want to go there and would tell people not to go there. But now i tell everyone to go there. I even go there when my friends go. HARDCORE IS AWESOME.....!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: open late,,,, two thumbs up more

Absolutely love hardcore 2/19/2008

I loved Hardcore I went there and they were very nice and the piervcer was very gentle with my piercing i watched him take the sterile needle out of its package and watched him while he sterilized my ring. I had went to cowpok with my mother and sister to check out prices and see if my sister could get her piercing done but they were very rude and gave alot of attitude. I would definitely choose Hardcore over Cowpok anyday. I can't to go back and get my tattoo done. I absolutely love Hardcore.\r \r P.S. I also heard the rumors surrounding Hardcore before I went which was 5 years ago. Those rumrs were spread before the new owner took over. Pros: The best people I could've asked for to do my piercing. Cons: The horrible rumors going around. more

I love Hardcore 10/18/2007

i love Hardcore tattoo's it is a amazing place and a grate spot to get a tattoo! there clean and friendly there they treat u like your one of there own! service is grate also! ive gotten all 5 of my tattoo's there and plan on going back next week for more! so all you people who say hardcore is a bad place to get a tattoo your wrong! i've been going there since i was 18 and im goin on 21 i wont go anywere else and i wouldnt recemend anyone to go anywere but here also! Pros: friendly enviroment , excelent staff more

UBSURD!! 10/5/2007


the work is just as nice 4 half the price 9/11/2007

My name is Jeff and i've been a customer of Hardcore tattoo for 3 years now...I find it hard to believe that a piercer would look a customer in the face and say they were baked in the middle of a piercing and if he did why would you go through with the piercing or at least say something to a manager.LIKE I SAID i've been a customer there for 3 years and i know that the owner tests there because my friend tried to get a job there.The problem here is all the shops in buffalo try to put bad reviews about hardcore out there because it is the busiest shop in buffalo hands down and i would'nt be surprised if you worked at Cowpok.I found out about hardcore because i wanted 2 tattoos and a piercing i went to madd graffix tattoo and not only did they want to charge me $150.00 for 2 - 5 letter names but, while sitting there a customer had came in and was arguing with the guy in there because the owner was supposed to finish his tattoo but the owner was in rehab and had stiffed the customer 2 times after he had paid $600.00 up front so of course I LEFT... I then went to Cowpok and they not only wanted $125.00 for the 2 tattoos but,also wanted $70.00 for the piercing so I asked the guy if he knew where Hardcore was and that I wanted to shop around,he not only got a really bad additude but he sarcastially told me that he would give me the tattoos for free if I put a brick through Hardcores window(very professional ).I had to see what hardcore was all about then.When i got there everyone was polite and helpful i paid $70.00 for both tattoos and $25.00 for the piercing,since then i've gotten 7 tattoos 2 more piercings and my wife,mother and 5 or 6 friends have all gotten work done there and have NO COMPLAINTS.As for what your talking about i don't know but,my take on my expeirience is people would not be going there if it was'nt up to code and if i owned a shop i'd be threatened by the amount of business they do enough to say the things that other shops say about hardcore Pros: employees treat you like your part of the family.prices are great and so is the work Cons: the things people say are'nt always should try it out for yourself and then judge for yourself more

Best place to get pierced or tattooed 9/10/2007

It was very interesting to read the newest review about Hardcore Tattoo. I have been the owner for 4 years now and it seems as if everyone still thinks this is the old ""dirty"",unexperienced MD Hardcore. When I took over ownership in 2004. I remodeled the shop and purchased all new equipment and fired all the old staff and hired experienced knowledgable piercers and tattoo artists. In the past three years my business has tripled!!!! This really looks like a shop that is dirty and the people are rude. Hardcore does on average 500 piercings a month!! Let me repeat that FIVE HUNDERED piercings a month. We have both a male and female piercer on staff. Both who are completely sober are never get high or baked!. I do random tests!!! . We have all our release forms on file, on the premises to prove it. We also do over 30-40 tattoos a day and have four full time artists on staff. So for all those Cowpok client who like to bash my shop, we obviously must be doing something right. As for previous ownership and ex employees I won't comment. In the future if any one has complaint or question regarding my shop feel free to contact me directly Nikki Hudson 578-6917. Pros: the prices are great $25.00 for piercing including standard 316L surgical stainless steel jewelry, Great Hours open 1pm until 11pm Mon-Sat more

To Nicholeh the owner of Hardcore 9/10/2007

I have not been to Hardcore since to 2003, so I do apologize for my review, I have not been there since you took over ownership and things may have completely changed since then. Perhaps I will give hardcore another chance next time and see all these new changes you have made. Pros: It's cheap, but I suppose the following infection isnt really worth it. Cons: Everything other than the price and location. more

great place for piercings and tattoos 6/30/2007

Ive had some piercings and some tatoo work done there recently and over the past year. The guys are great, very knowledgeable and have a lot of experience in piercings and tattoo work. great pricing especially for piercings which are 25 dollars for any piercings and they use all 100% stainless steel and the piercers are nice and respectful of their clients and even if you come in for questions they are always there to help. Overall i give them 5 out of 5 stars Pros: 2 thumbs up Cons: no cons thumbs up more
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