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Harbor Kids Teeth - Gig Harbor, WA
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My kids LOVE dr. Block and her staff. They make it so fun for them, and going to the dentist is an event - a good one!


Good: The hygienist and assistant were wonderful. Really, really, over the top great. The office is great as well, lots to distract and keep kids busy while there.. Bad: Dr Block ...

Don't send your nervous children here. 10/30/2013

My son had been seeing Dr Block since he was 11 months old(now 5 yrs old) up until last month we loved seeing everyone at Harbor Kids Teeth and he LOVED going to the dentist. He is now TERRIFIED of the dentist! We love all the ladies that work there and the office but last month was the first time he spent more than 2 minutes with Dr Block. He needed two teeth worked on, I was able to go back in the room with him and I'm so glad I did to see what happened. Where is her bedside manner? It seemed like she had no experience talking with kids that are scared. She was able to give him the numbing shot but he didn't want her going back in. She didn't even try, she over books herself so much. Talked to him very harshly, even told him and I quote "since you didn't let me do anything you don't get a toy or popsicle" who says that to a 5 year old when they are so scared and hurt from the shot, she couldn't spare a 5 cent toy?! Hopefully this hasn't scarred my son for life. My tips are if your child shows any sign of nervous/scared/anxiety towards the dentist go see another dentist! And if your child says the dentist is mean, take their word for it!! more

Great dentist for kids 4/15/2013

My kids LOVE dr. Block and her staff. They make it so fun for them, and going to the dentist is an event - a good one! more

Wonderful 5/25/2011

Best Pediatric Dentist!!!I am shocked over the bad comments! I've been taking my two kids to Dr. Block for years. Not only is she amazing but so is her staff! My kids actually get excited to see her. They Dr. and staff are professional, friendly, and very good at what they do. Please do not hesitate to take your children to this fabulous office. more

Horrible Staff & bad service!!! 12/28/2010

After a couple of years at Dr. Lisa Block office I realized I wasn’t sure if I was taking my child into the bank or the dentist!! Horrible biller!! The office is pretty but that’s it folks! The nice office does NOT make up for the lack of good customer service, but the Doctor seems to think it does. The nurses are very aggressive, Lisa only cares for her staff and not the patients or the parents. She’s unavailable regarding any concerns and her receptionist told me “she will NOT return your phone call!” Wow – what a NOT so not smart way to do business! I switched my child over and was told it was $10 for x-rays that my insurance ALREADY paid them for. When I asked what the charge was for she said it was for the x-ray techs time to print them out, interesting – what does her wage cover?? Over all just an unpleasant experience for both my child and myself. more

Extremely Rude and Unfriendly for a Kid Dentist 11/2/2010

Our family is definitely not a fan of Dr. Block. She has a very upscale and polished looking office and gives the appearance of being family friendly. The reality is that she over schedules her calendar, has zero patience for kids who are afraid and is rude and dismissive of the parents. She should not be working with children. While I have never heard anyone complain personally of her technical skills I have never heard of anyone raving about her bedside manner. Her rude and aggressive manner with my daughter caused her to have anxiety regarding dental visits for years. Her staff is also oddly aggressive and just downright offensive. At first I thought my experiences were unique to our family but over the last 15 years I have heard the same story from more families than I can count. Drive across the bridge to someone who really cares about and likes kids. more

Great office 8/24/2010

I'm a dental professional, working in different dental offices every day. I have witnessed Dr. Block and staff interact with their patients and never seen better in 16 years. Also, I know that many out there might not know this but pediatric dentistry is a speciality. A tough specialty. Parents naturally want to protect their children and that involvement can often make things more difficult. Heck Dr. Block is a mom. So if you would like a very well educated, caring, experienced dentist give these guys a call. more

Some good, lots of bad at this office 7/16/2009

Good: The hygienist and assistant were wonderful. Really, really, over the top great. The office is great as well, lots to distract and keep kids busy while there.. Bad: Dr Block was too busy and rude. She looked at my son's teeth for about one minute, declared that there were cavities and they would have to be filled in a surgical setting at the hospital. I received a huge lecture, I was forthcoming with some of the diet issues we're struggling with. She told me to remove juice from the house and never ever let him have under any circumstances. She then told me that I needed to care for his teeth better than I had my own. Completely uncalled for.. Improvements: The other major issue I had was when I was struggling with my children's insurance coverage and there was a lapse. It did take me some time and to establish that they were indeed uninsured, so I cancelled the dental procedures on a Fri prior to the Wed appt. On Mon the receptionist called me and launched into a long and extremely rude lecture about how I'd known for a long time and hadn't called her, and she would not reschedule my children. Again, uncalled for.. Other: My family stuck out in this office like a sore thumb - it is fairly upscale. I feel we were treated as such. This was a terrible experience for my children that I wish had never happened.. more

Not a good dentist and not a good human being either 8/15/2007

When my daughter was a toddler I took her to Dr Block for her first dental visit, on the recommendation of my own dentist. My toddler was a thumb-sucker (not all that unusual at that age). Dr Block told us to stop her from sucking her thumb at all costs, and advised us to "smack her" whenever she started to suck. If my daughter didn't stop thumb sucking, Dr Block told us she would have to have her jaw broken to repair the "damage." We decided the psychological damage of smacking her would be worse, so we switched dentists. My daughter's new dentist told us her crooked teeth were genetic, not from thumb sucking. After orthodontia, which she would have needed anyway, my now 16-year-old daughter has a lovely bite and beautiful teeth. And like most kids she stopped thumb sucking on her own, without us abusing her. There is no call to advise parents to abuse their children. If you love your kids, take them to Dr Eric Kvinsland instead of Dr Block. more

Same situation, different opionion 12/18/2006

When it comes to family care, it's all a matter of who works for you and your family's style. We've had Dr. Block as our pediatric dentist for just over 2 years. Our son had to have two teeth pulled and two capped due to some weak enamel. It cost a few bucks, for sure, but the entire process was explained and we understood the sacrifice we'd need to make. All three of our kids are now patients, and there are flexibilities built into the rules, and the hygienists and Dr. Block understand that kids are kids and they are all different. more

Please don't take your kids to Block Lisa A Ms DMD 10/19/2006

I took my kids here for a couple of years and I was OK with the treatment right at first but they were weird about what parents they would let in the back and what ones were not allowed even if the kids we having the same treatments.The last couple of times I took them they told me I could not go in the back not matter what and I was like I am their mom I am going back there if they are back there, I told them I didn't have to be in the room if they totally objected but that I would be in the back. They finally agreed. Anyway I took my kids to see her and my daughter had an infection in a tooth with a cavity and so the meds were not working when she tried to do the filling so my daughter was in total pain cause she already had started drilling and by that point they asked me to come in the room cause my daughter needed me to help her calm down so they did a temporary filling which fell out over the weekend so we had to go back and do another "Temporary/Permanent" filling until we could schedule for her to come in when they could put her to sleep (2 months later). I now know that she should have been given an antibiotic to get rid of the infection and then they probably could have filled it then, but they didn't instead they gave her Tylenol with Codeine so she could be "comfortable" for the next 2 months. So we finally go in for her appointment and they tell me that I have to pay the balance that my insurance won't cover. They didn't even know what they we going to have to do for sure she said it could be a filling, root canal or have to pull the teeth. My insurance covers 60-90% depending on the proceeder and they told me my uncovered portion for 4 teeth would be like $1,400, due that morning. I told them I don't have that kind of cash laying around so they sent me and my daughter with her infected cavities home until I could come up with the cash so they could take care of her. I tried to give them a substantial down payment and make arrangements to have it paid of within the next 3 months and they said "NO" I took my kids there cause I thought they would be all about the kids and I found out that it was all about the $$$$ instead. DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS HERE!!!! more
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