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Happiness Is Pets

15647 S 94TH Ave
Orland Park, IL 60462
(708) 403-3223
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Happiness Is Pets - Orland Park, IL
Happiness Is Pets - Orland Park, IL
Happiness Is Pets - Orland Park, IL
Happiness Is Pets - Orland Park, IL


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If dog at Hapiness is Pets does not get sold you can obtain it from a shelter - so what is the diference if you are providing a loving home for a dog.....The DOG needs a home as i...


Paid $2500 for a mini golden doodle to find out 2 months later that she is not full bred mini golden doodle.  Has corgi or Dotson in her.  Bought her at the Arlington heights stor...

Happiness is pets 4/1/2017

Paid $2500 for a mini golden doodle to find out 2 months later that she is not full bred mini golden doodle.  Has corgi or Dotson in her.  Bought her at the Arlington heights store, but we know from the website pictures at the time that her siblings were drop off at other Happiness is Pets locations.  She was born on 12/3/2017.  If anyone else that bought a mini golden doodle seen this?  We paid for a mutt !!!  Breeder was ...... (puppy mill). more

Westie Puppy Very Healthy 1/30/2012

If dog at Hapiness is Pets does not get sold you can obtain it from a shelter - so what is the diference if you are providing a loving home for a dog.....The DOG needs a home as it is already living......I have a Westie that I adore, bought at Happiness is Pets. Dates of her puppy shots were provided by the proprietor and partnership with Midwest Vets exists for her shots. No health issues are present at one year old..... Sadly, animals can become ill - Zoo, Aviary and Aquarium unexpectedly lose animals. My heart goes out to persons that bought ill dog, I think this is the minority of purchases...... more

Pet Store Nightmare! 1/4/2012

I would not even give this store a 1 star rating but it would not let me submit this comment unless I gave it something. We purchased a rottweiler puppy from Happiness and one month later it died. We immediately brought to emergency vet and they felt sorry for us so they did a free autopsy. Results: Had a LOT of congenital problems. We asked vet to put in writing because Happiness contract stated that if dog dies and it is congenital we could get money back or another puppy. That is where there contract is a big lie. Vet told us nobody can ever prove it is congenital and, therefore, cannot put it in writing. I would NEVER buy anything from this pet store!! more

Happiness is Pets Sells Puppy Mill Dogs That Have Serious Problems 3/3/2011

I will not even give this place even one star. We purchased a Boston Terrier from this place and found out 10 months after we got him that he has juvenille cataracts and is now almost blind. This is a genetic disorder that can be totally avoided by choosing correct parents. It is a farce that they have their dogs examined and given a clean bill of health when this should have been discovered. The only good thing is that I love my dog, blind and everything and would never want another but it makes me very angry that I found out he came from an Indiana puppy mill and I feel sick about that. I guess it is my fault because I didn't do my research on pet stores and where their dogs come from. Never again and this is why I am writing so others do not make the same mistake. Even if your puppy is healthy, the puppies parents are suffering daily in these puppy mills. more

Don't let the cuteness fool you... 6/13/2010

The puppies look like they are cute and healthy behind the glass, but all the magic happens behind the scenes. What they DON'T tell you is that they feed the dogs several different chemicals in their water (it was yellow) some including an anti-diarrheal potion of some sort of growth reducer. The chemicals they give them are causing illnesses in dogs. The neighbor dog (who was from Happiness is Pets) had to get numerous surgeries on her hip because of the treatment. The other Happiness is pets dog a block or two away has a few conditions as well. The poor dogs are brought from puppy mills across the country where their parents, brothers and sisters have probably never seen broad daylight before. Not to mention they are taken from the mills too early, around 5 weeks. The dogs have no feelings or emotions since they are kept in tiny cages all day long. When we took out a yellow lab puppy, she violently attacked our young children and didn't even let us touch her, all she was concerned about was her chew toys and trying to escape the play pen. The staff can be friendly, but they don't know a thing. They were also pushy because when we took out the dog she kept on asking rudely, "Well....she's a cutie....ya gonna buy her?" When she mentioned that some chew toys were good for dogs, the vet warned us that some pups may choke and die. Not the best choice. Please don't fall for the cute puppy across the glass! PUPPY MILLS SHOULD BE BANNED! more

crock of shit 1/20/2010

I recently purchased a shih tzu puppy from the happiness is pets in crest wood and he is now 7 months, since getting him, he had kennel cough, now he has a severe eye infection and has no vision, his eye is completely white, he will probably need it removed. This is unacceptable and I am filing a law suit with this company. DO NOT BUY FROM PET STORES. FIND A BREEDER!!!!! steve jake kruse I hope you rot in hell!!!! making these poor babies suffer. my baby is in so much pain. I would love to meet you and punch your lights out you pathetic human being !!!!! more

Satisfaction with Lhasa Apso 11/23/2009

I purchased a cute little 3 mos. old Lhasa Apso in March of 1998. We had our little Lhasa for almost 12 yrs and lost her to Cancer. However, I wanted to say I was thoroughly satisfied with purchasing her from Happiness is Pets in Orland and we had a wonderfully friendly, healthy companion for 11 1/2 years. She had the best personality. So when reading about the complaint of Happiness is Pets not using proper breeders, I had to say we are thoroughly satisfied with the pet we brought home and raised. Rosie of Frankfort more

Stay away from this chain. 5/2/2009

Do you research. Many bad reports, buys from puppymills. Ex employees have bad reports. Many dogs comes from Kruse out of Iowa. Do a few searches and you'll be running the other way. more

Please contact me 4/30/2009

To the person who just had a dog die from happiness is pets, please email me at There is action you can take, there are new laws in place. more

Shame on Happiness Is Pets 4/29/2009

Shame on people who make a profit on the suffering of animals. There are so many excellent good animals euthanize in shelters every day. All my animals have come from shelters and have been the most wonderful pets. more

Read all reviews before you think about buying a puppy from this place 4/27/2009

I purchased a bulldog puppy from the orland store. He is dead at 9 months of age due to a heart problem. I read all the reviews on the breeder Steve Kruse shortly after buying my Stanley what a Horrible place, it made me sick to think this is were my puppy came from. I paid $1800 for this wonderful loving dog. This whole thing is horrible, I will NEVER buy a dog from a pet store. Please do your homework before buying a dog from a pet store. I learned my lesson and it broke my heart as well as my young childrens! more

Never Buy a Dog Here 11/2/2008

My Beagle came from this store. She's had numerous problems since puppyhood. I researched here breeder here's what I found out. You can see the whole report on website. Here's a quote from her breeder Les Knust Knust admitted to “putting a bullet” into the head of any dog with “two strikes” against it for not producing enough puppies, because such dogs only “took up space” in his kennel. Does this sound like a reputable breeder to you? Please learn from my mistake DO NOT buy from this store. more

Happiness Is NOT Pets 10/2/2008

Greetings!!! Happiness Is Pets is a puppy store in Illinois that receives their dogs from puppy mills. Personally, I have had two dogs both die under the age of 3 years due to issues that started as a puppy. I decided the only way I could fight it was to spread the word... Visit We are a community that started in August and is growing by the day. Do you have a story to tell? Do you want to show your support? Please stop by and tell us what you think. more

Dogs are from puppy mills 10/1/2008

They get ALL their dogs from puppy mills. There is documentation all over the internet. Do your research, do you really want to support this? They stick metal tubes down the dog's throat to break their vocal cords so they don't bark in the puppy mill kennels. Sick but so true. They also do much more, read and learn. more

Happiness is NOT Pets 8/20/2008

I've had two dogs from this store - one Boxer puppy and one Rottweiler. They both passed away less than 3 years old, both with complications that started during puppy years. Although it looks clean, and the stores look good - DON'T BUY A DOG FROM HAPPINESS IS PETS. They get their dogs from Puppy Mills and it is documented online. Don't believe me? Visit this website... VERY INTERESTING information about Happiness Is Pets. Check it out! more

not good 4/21/2008

we have proof that this store sells puppy mill puppies. you will be sorry. go to a shelter or contact a rescue group instead. save a life. you will be so glad you did! more

Happiness is pets 12/19/2007

This store is not what some may think. I used to work there, and I could tell you right now don’t ever buy a dog from there! They give the dogs anti diarrhea every day even when they don’t need it. None of the dogs get exercise, and not every dog gets sold. If you don’t believe me ask for your self. Don’t flat out ask because I heard my old manager Amanda lie many times. Ask them what kind of medication they are on or ask them to look at the card on the back of the cage. It will tell you that they are on Flagyl, Albon, Panicur, and doxy or chloro. flagyl is an anti diarrhea that is given every day to dog that don’t need it, so it blocks them up. Albon is if they have bloody or runny poop, that is given every day even if they don’t need it. Panicur I can understand that is a dewormer. doxy and chloro they never would tell me exactly what it did. so if you want a get a dog from there its up to you. more

Great establishment (?) sues citizens 1/27/2007

From Beacon News: Pet shop owner sues protesters December 24, 2006 By Khadija Ali staff writer A pet shop owner is filing a lawsuit against a couple after they led a demonstration outside his shop last month. Gary and Therese Davis protested outside the Warrenville Happiness is Pets shop last month, accusing owner Ron Berning of selling unhealthy puppies at his chain of stores. The Davises accuse Berning of selling puppies from "puppy mills," a term that describes kennels where dogs are bred in unhealthy conditions. The Davises and other picketers demonstrated again on a public street at the intersection of Batavia Road and Route 59 Saturday and planned to do so today. About 20 protesters were holding signs that read "Buyer Beware" and "Puppy Mills Breed Misery" at the Saturday demonstration. Berning is filing for defamation, product disparagement and tortious interference with business relation, said Berning's lawyer, Phillip J. Zisook. Berning filed the complaint two weeks ago and the Davises were served with the lawsuit Dec. 19. The Davises have 30 days to respond to the complaint. "It's really a shame that Happiness is Pets is going on an aggressive and defensive approach when Gary and Therese are just using their constitutionally protected right to express their views," said Davis' attorney, Cherie Travis, who was also at the Saturday demonstration. Emily Ward of Warrenville was one of the 20 protesters at the Saturday demonstration who has visited Happiness is Pets' Warrenville location. "We were worried because they (puppies) looked too young at this store," Ward said. Gary Davis said he and his wife are willing to go to court if necessary. "We're going to continue to stand behind our intended statement," Davis said. "We will continue to inform the public about this." Although Berning has filed a complaint against the Davises, he says he does not want to fight with them. In fact, he is willing to discuss the matter with them in person. "I would like to talk to them if there was any amount of reason to this," Berning said. "I'd be happy to show them around my store." Berning says the Davises' allegations are not true because he provides quality services to his customers. "It's not true, it's just their belief that nothing should be bred for a profit," Berning said. Eileen Rives of Naperville has bought two puppies from Happiness is Pets and said when her puppies had kennel cough, Berning paid for the veterinarian bills for two months. "I will always return to Happiness is Pets to purchase a puppy," Rives said. "Our dogs are the best pets we've ever had." For Jamie Campbell of Naperville, her experience was far from satisfying. She went through three puppies in two weeks because she had to exchange them. She had to exchange two puppies and return the last one due to them all being sick or aggressive. Campbell says one of the dogs tried to bite at her face as well. "I don't think I will return to the store, not even for a bag of supplies," Campbell said. Gary Davis would like Berning to discontinue selling live animals and follow a business model that is similar to PetSmart, where pet supplies and adoption days are offered. However, Berning says there is a reason why customers purchase puppies from his stores - selection of breeds. But Gary Davis says buyers should not limit their puppy purchases to pet shops because shelters offer a variety of selections as well. He adds that some people buy puppies from pet shops because they want a certain breed, but buyers should be patient before they purchase a puppy. "I don't know that anybody has to have an impulse purchase right now," Davis said. "Be patient." - Beacon News more

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Happiness is Pets Orland Park 12/24/2006

Yes, I have been there. Puppies come out to "visit" smelling really bad. Puppies are OFTEN TOO young to be away from their mothers. Puppies are cute and over priced. No AKC papers here! They give papers from a non reputable registrar. This company depends on impulse purchases. They receive their puppies from puppymills.. See If you want a healthy puppy..any breed..even the "so called DESIGNER "breeds..go to Shelters are FULL of sweet pedigreed and non pedigreed pups and kittens. Make an informed decision. A pet is a lifelong committment. A member of your family. more

Puppy Love 8/12/2005

What a great establishment! They have all types of dogs available to purchase and all of the animals appear to be in great health and the conditions seem very sterile. The staff was very helpful in picking out the right puppy for our family and they have areas where you can acquaint yourself with the puppy of your choice. more
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