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Hanover Academy Of Dance

6851 York Rd
Hanover, PA 17331
(717) 633-6949
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My daughter has been with this studio for six years. Its absolutely awesome. The teacher/owner is great! The classes are well taught and managed. Every child is treated like a...


she lives in abbottstown behide RUTTERS rt 30 take the abbottstown circle go around like u want to go towards york, it's like 1 mile you'll see her house on the rd behide RUTTERS ...

Strong Dance Teacher 4/18/2010

My daughter has been with this studio for six years. Its absolutely awesome. The teacher/owner is great! The classes are well taught and managed. Every child is treated like a member of the team. She has a small but great facility. She keeps things simple, organized and well informed. The students learn a lot! She is well knowledgeable in every form of dance. You wont find a better teacher in the Hanover area for your child. She is absolutely child. No student teachers here. Every family is treated equal and is cared about. Pros: Great teacher and owner, Organized and professional Cons: n/a more

miss liz 6/28/2008

she lives in abbottstown behide RUTTERS rt 30 take the abbottstown circle go around like u want to go towards york, it's like 1 mile you'll see her house on the rd behide RUTTERS (cute rancher with nice landscaping) hope it helps she owes me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

RE: onthehunt 6/26/2008

Good Luck getting money from her! Join the growing list of people she has screwed. You will not get your money, trust me. Just look in the papers, her name is very common place on writing bad checks. So even if you get a check, it won't be any good. Let us know how it goes! more

learned my lesson 6/24/2008

if anything this has been a learning experience this year, and I learned alot at Mis Lizs studio, I learned that no matter how much you trust someone always get a recept for everything, because the costumes that you ordered may not be the costumes that you got, or you may not get them at all, I also learned that even when you work hard that the adults in charge will think of themselves, and even tho it is supposed to be your school and your recital, it really isnt and you will put in months of work to have it all but ruined so that the adults in charge can get their hair done, and their nails done, and eat mcdonalds food and all the time and get fat, but you will show up at the school and find out you do not have a school anymore, and your recital will be a mess, but the adults in charge will get on stage during recital and dance in the recital and be so embarrasing because they will not even have clothes to cover the flub on their gut, and they are supposed to be the teacher but the dance will look awful because they do not even know the dance themselves, but they will scream at the girls who worked their butts off and look way beter than the teacher who is horrible, and blames a different person of every class of every day for every thing being screwed up, oh and thanks for teaching me that adults can lie and steal and cheat and backstab way worse then any kid ever could, thanks a lot mis liz for an educational yeaer I learned alot Pros: go to this studio and you will never have lots of pesky cash laying around because she will steal it and lie Cons: no annoying audience to cheer you on cuz it sux so bad no one comes oh wait she isnt haveing recitals anymore more

Oh no.....not again..... 6/18/2008

Well here we are a year later and it looks like history is repeating itself for the HAOD. A 2nd eviction in as many years, missing costumes (funny how it is always the supplier's fault), a new venue for recital (due to open bill still owed to New Oxford School by Ms. Spicer) and unpaid teachers, wrongly accused, to rationalize non payment of yet another unpaid debt. Where are all of the supportive parents of the student's that have been shafted for a second year straight? Here's an idea, follow Ms. Spicer, again, to her new location and new studio name (The Hanover Christian Academy of Dance). How repulsive to play the religious card and have the nerve to solicit local business in the area for donations. I hope these donors are aware of the track record of the owners and that the money given will go to pay personal expenses of the Spicers. I guess it is the only hand to play after passing bad checks in gas stations around town. (See the May 20th edition of the York Daily Record) I feel badly for the young girls of the academy that work so hard, the parents that sacrifice to pay for classes only to have to deal with all of the Spicer's annual baggage, Mrs. Hare who started the academy only to have it run into the ground and the creditors all over town that are left waiting for payment that will never come. Unfortunately, some people are just not cut out to own and run a business effectively. Rest in Peace Hanover Academy of Dance and Good Luck to the Christian Dance Academy or whatever your new name is......maybe the third time will be a charm? Pros: Different studio every year Cons: Owner/Directress doesn't have a clue more

Hanover Academy of Dance is GREAT! 8/14/2007

I am a student at the H.A.D. and I just wanted to say that if you are looking for a studio, look no further. We had some issues this year with some parents who wanted to run the show. They think they their kids are the stars of the studio, and think that they should call the shots. Fortunately for all of us kids who only care about learning dance and having fun and not about the limelight, these parents have decided to open another studio elsewhere. They should be ashamed of themselves for starting nasty rumors and outright lying. I'm glad my parents do not teach me those lessons. My parents are raising me to be a decent human being. I have no doubt that the downfall of their new studio will be due their egos. Now that the negative influences are gone, we can now get back to what dance is all about....learning, getting healthy, and having fun. I have had several years of training already with Miss Liz, and she's great! I have seen the new studio and it's much bigger then the old one. I highly recommend the Hanover Academy of Dance! Pros: bigger studio, knowledgeable teachers, fun atmosphere Cons: negativity is gone with the departure of some students and their parents more

excellent dance instruction provided with character, caring teachers, very involved director 8/12/2007

You would be hard pressed to find a better dance studio. There are, unfortunately, some parents out there who did wrong, and in order to shift the blame from themselves, are pointing their fingers at people who did not do anything wong. I feel sorry for the children of these parents. The messages they are getting will follow them for years, and down the road, when the parents take a good long look at where their children have gone, they will then have to take a good long hard look at themselves, and the path they set their children on. If you are looking for a school where your children will learn to dance, to carry themselves like a professional, to learn good sportsmanship, good values, good ethics, then this is the school for you. If you are looking for a school where the parents try to run the school...there is currently on in the area, contact me and I will tell you how to get there. Our new studio is bigger, with new floors, a playroom, kitchen, store, much more. There are activities planned for the children, and a loving staff to care for them. All at VERY reasonable prices. Ask any of my six girls that dance here. Pros: bigger studio, negative influences removed, new floors, now has playroom Cons: none! more

Hanover Academy of Dance is being torpedoed!!! Do not listen to their hate propaganda! 8/12/2007

The original post was NO DOUBT written by one of the parents who caused so much trouble at the Hanover Academy of Dance. They are trying to create negative press to torpedo the Hanover Academy of Dance in order to promote their new studio. These parents are only out for themselves and did a horrible disservice to their children by teaching them that it is ok to steal and lie to get what you want. Money was stolen on more than one occasion by these people that were supposed to be trusted individuals. Miss Elizabeth has poured her heart and soul into teaching "her kids" at the studio. As with all businesses, sometime there is financial strain. This strain is also compacted by people who do not pay their tuition on time, as was the case with many of these parents who left the studio. These parents were given many chances by Miss Liz and given lots of discounts. It is very unfortunate that these parents, many who consider themselves so-called "Christians" do not live their lives during the week as they live it on sunday. more

seeing is believing 8/11/2007

When choosing a studio word of mouth (rumors) you can't help but listen too, however act like an adult, check it, meet the teachers, watch a class, see how recitals have gone.Money , they says "people do crazy things for money" that is so true! The dance studio business, isn't the get rich quick job path, those who choose to make a quick buck or those who try to run it some otherway other than an art form just don't get it. . Most studio owners do it for the love of dance, and with all the business situations going on one looses the art of teaching, and gets comsumed by the business side. Mistakes were probally made and lessons learned, everthing is an learning experience, we fall we get back up again, stronger than before!!!!! The people spreading the negative rumors should have just left quietly, to be so negative and lay some ones financial laundry out, what High school type behavior. What a new student/parent should think about is...... "do I want to send my child where these negative comments are COMING FROM (place of origin) to a place where my child could learn not only dance but cattyness, immature actions, and just plain rude behavior? I think not, does the opposing studio retaliate with rudeness? Be the judge see for yourself, I feel Hanover academy of dance has not shown any cattyness behavior, they must teach more than great dancing there. And a question? If they have a papertrail of unpaid bills, how could they get the new location? It looks pretty amazing to me. I guess it just goes to show, high school, never ends..... Rumors come a dime a doz..... SEEING is BELIVEING!!!!! Please act like adults and look into the studio ( of choice) and watch out for the high school "rumor mill". REMEMBER WE ARE ADULTS and we're all here for our kids, to give them the love of dance, they certainly can't dance well, with all this "adult" distractions. Pros: larger studio, teachers, overall feel more

Wonderful Teachers and Classes 8/9/2007

This studio offers numerous classes in which all are run very well. The instructors really care about their students and teach them terminology along with proper technique. The studio has had some financial difficulty over the last year, but has picked themselves up and has really shown that they can succeed when faced with all obstacles. The owner has done her very best to teach her students to stay focused and work hard to achieve their dreams. I would recommend this studio to others. My child has attended this studio for over 8 years and I love the instruction that my child gets. The little things, in which every new business faces, are the least of my worry. I am more concerned about my child getting a good education than I am for worrying about the owner's problems. Unfortunantely, some people are more worried about things that they dont know about and are falsely making rumors. It is truely sad to see rumors posted on websites. If I were a new student's parent, I would check out this studio and find out the truth. Don't believe everything you Hear!! Pros: Wonderful teaching and classes Cons: Not many, Hoping that owner finds better costume companies to work with this year. more

It was only a matter of time......... 8/6/2007

I'm sad that the parents of the girls didn't listen to me last year. I tried to help by advising them to beware only to have reviews supporting this "studio" try and and cover up the obvious. Mismanagement of funds, passing bad checks at gas stations and car reposessions are all in a days work for the owners of this studio. Who suffers??? The dancers that have no more sutdio due to eviction, and no costumes (again) for recital and the parents who paid dues only to find the doors closed again for failure to pay rent. I'm sure that they will receive a full refund for the costumes that were never ordered and for lessons that were never given. (when pigs fly) Apparently the owners not only pay their due, but they don't pay the employees either. What great, upstanding and models citizens the owner of the defunct Hanover Academy of Dance are. Pros: Minimal Cons: Director/Owner more
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