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Hampton Roads Regional Jail - 10 Reviews - 2690 Elmhurst Ln, Portsmouth, VA - City & County Government Reviews - Phone (757) 488-7500

Hampton Roads Regional Jail

2690 Elmhurst Ln
Portsmouth, VA 23701
(757) 488-7500
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Hampton Roads Regional Jail - Portsmouth, VA
Hampton Roads Regional Jail - Portsmouth, VA
Hampton Roads Regional Jail - Portsmouth, VA
Hampton Roads Regional Jail - Portsmouth, VA
Hampton Roads Regional Jail - Portsmouth, VA
Hampton Roads Regional Jail - Portsmouth, VA


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Hi There! I have a friend from East Europe who spent about 6 (six) months in Hampton Roads Regional Jail without seeing a lawyer, prosecutor or judge. Same person and his inmate...


I have a love one in this place and they are in a detainee status. In the hand book that they are given it states that they have certain right but they really do not. The food is ...

S**** PLACE 9/19/2011

I have a love one in this place and they are in a detainee status. In the hand book that they are given it states that they have certain right but they really do not. The food is always cold and not even fit for a pig. I have tried to find out any information that may help me but to no avail. In respect to a couple of the officers they are nice and helpful in this stressful time, but from what I have heard and read most of them have a power complex. I myself was a prison guard for 3 years and I understand some of the conflicts that take place but I was always fare and followed the rules when it came to matters, but I was always nice and help the inmates and detainees where I could, even if it was something small like just listen to them sometimes or even call someone else that could help more. Guess what they to have supervisor, but like I said most are not willing to remember that even though people are locked up they are still PEOPLE. When it comes to items make sure that what you give them something that fits and not something that will sallow them whole, My love one is having to where a size that is 4 times there size, even though they only where a large and that is for the length. But do you think that they will help out with even getting cloths that fit (NO). This jail is a private one and that also means that they can charge damn near what they want to house people there. There is more but the more i think about it the more madder I get SOMEONE OR SOMEBODY NEED TO REALLY TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT IS GOING ON THERE IN THAT PLACE, at the prison I worked at we were inspected all the time and they even looked at the complaints that were filed no matter if it was taken care of right away they still reviewed it. more


My husband has been trying to have medicine attention for quite some time. He puts in medical requests and they see him whenever they decide. His foot is swollen 3 times normal size and he has a bad tooth. They put him on fluid pills without knowing why his foot is swelling. I know its not a hotel, but they are human beings. Medical attention should be given. Swelling of the feet & legs could be signs of heart trouble, diabetes, blood clots, etc. I would think they would run some type of test to rule these out. If this is not it, they should find out what the problem is. After looking on the wedsit I have noticed there have been wrongful death suits against the jail because of medical reasons. I've called the medical director many times, and nothing is being accomplished! I want answers. Animals can get better treatment that this!! more

HRRJ is a political prison 3/14/2011

Hi There! I have a friend from East Europe who spent about 6 (six) months in Hampton Roads Regional Jail without seeing a lawyer, prosecutor or judge. Same person and his inmate try to make contacts with High Commissioner on Human Rights, the Embassy, US Law Organizations but the telephones written on the information board have been completely fake and useless. In HRRJ he saw Mexican children kept between gangsters, paedophiles, killers, and Muslims. Also, persons with visible mental health problems have been detained. It is more then clear that the US Government doesn't give a pies of excrement about the problem. US Human Rights Declaration doesn't work on US soil, but the US pretenders are very active when they have to defend the human rights abroad. Anyway, from the history we know a perfect lesson; No Empire Last Forever. The Rome Empire's gone, German Empire's gone, USSR Empire's gone. Who is next? For Home Work - Guess Who. He told me that: US is a country created by IMMIGRANTS. There is no Americans in the United States, except INDIANS. US doesn't have language to speak - there is NO american language. US has been established by pirates, criminals, gangsters, paedophiles, Jews and prostitutes. May be he is right!? Have a Nice Day, USA more

Im not fond of ice either. They are tearing my family apart 11/9/2010

I am also struggling with ice, my fiance is being held as ice detained. Hes not recieving any information nor being able to ask anything about his deportation or fighting his case, he doesent know who his case manager is nor his lawyer. I am trying to get some info to see if he can be relaesed but nothing. What telephone service do you guys use to talk to your relatives and friends, I was put through some global international or something but MAN it is expensive. Then the phone half **** work and they still take my money and minutes and we can't even talk. more

hi.. 7/17/2010

umm hi. im not really sure if you will reply havent really tried thiss butt i was wondering if you can please tell me this. is eric christopher mcphee getting out of your hands Thursday the 22nd? if you could please contact me @ shawnatambash@yahoo. thank you have a blessed day (: Pros: :] Cons: ? more

Blame ICE Hampton Roads Jail is Good Place 2/25/2010

I too have a relative in Hampton Roads Regional Jail.they do not have an official website you must call them. They allow you to bring in underware and will give you special exended visits. They are very nice actually, ny relative was sick and they gave him very good medical care. ICE is the bad guys they keep moving him but they finially left him in this jail and he is getting better He tells me jail is not good but that the people there treat him fair and are respectful to him.the jail people told me they only take care of them and that ICE move them and hold them after there trials. ICE is the bad guys i think. The Jail people have always helped me just call them and speak to the head person. more

Inhumane 2/22/2010

Can you imagine yourself locked away with no way to call your family or attorney? To have your family blocked from receiving your calls for weeks on end because your mother had a brother or sister pickup another extension to give you an encouragement. That you had been moved from one jail to another and they do not honor a calling card you had just purchased to contact home? That you had an appointment to see your loved one only to get there and find they had moved them to another location without notice. You cannot check on family members or they on you? Can you imagine the fear of being locked away and no one can check on your well being? That the jail imposes a fee of $3.00 on every call you make to family or attorney. The jail has a monipoly on the telephone services allowed to be used at each location. If rehabilitation is the goal this sort of treatment defeats it. Makes for frustration and anger for those locked inside. Look at the website. Do you see any information regarding contact? How do you set up a calling card? How much does it cost? What about clothing. No money no clothes and no one allowed to bring you even a pair of underware when all you have is one pair. No information on when a hearing will take place for an inmate so that attorneys and family can be present. $4.00 for a pair of underware for someone who has no money and 1 pair...All of these jails needs to be set up for receipt of donations for penniless inmates. Who is the criminal here? Some of these souls have not committed a crime other than coming to this country seeking freedom from oppression. Cons: Communication & Clothing. more

To Mercyiful 4/8/2009

My husband is in Hampton Roads currently. I have tons of information if you need any help. Please email me at candgrl85 at hotmail more

a very worry sister 3/27/2009

This is Mercedes Rodriguez Please I want to know about Eduardo Rodriguez when is his release day or if your going to send him to Mexico and how can I put money in his account so he can eat. because I live in Nevada thank for all the help. Pros: God bless you all more

for leonel amaya 1/6/2008

I want to know informatin about franklin leonel amaya pleace l et me know what going on wjth him.. . i am goin to thank you . i am a friend of him thae realy care about him. you came give me call at 571 -288 -6798 . his brother is very gorry about him to hi also wants to know what goin on with him. his cosin said the hi miss hi a lot an the hi wants to see him again. all his family want see him again. he is a really good person the is not fair for him to be there. your mom is really the she is going to see you soon. he used to work with my boy friend and he said he miss him because he is a relly good friend. that he woudt like to see hi out side again. juan carlos said the he is really happy the you are going to get out of there. we need to know went are you going to go back to honduras so alfredo came call you mom to let her know the you are going to be there so they came go to pick up. we also want to if we came take all the things the you had in here. how many lb. came you came you take. or we came sended to you by mail. the phone the leonel is calling is his brother. he has a cell phone he doesnt have house phone number. but you came call me because my is prepay phone and got no problem him callin at my phone.. i am his cosin girlfriend...came you pleace give thise number so he came call at these number 571-288-6798. we miss you a lot. we want to see you again. if you came give these message to him it will be nice because we the most close to him. he was a really happy person he make frind with everybody..we love him alot. and sad that because we can see him. we dont know is we are going to see him again but is goest to honduras we are going to be happy because his mom is waithing for him. his mom pray every nithg for him to be ok in here. she prefer him to go back to honduras because she see him. he the jomges son. more
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