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Hallo Berlin - 28 Reviews - 626 10th Ave, New York, NY 10036, New York, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 977-1944

Hallo Berlin

626 10th Ave, New York, NY 10036
New York, NY 10036
(212) 977-1944
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Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Hallo Berlin - New York, NY


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The service might not be the best in town but the beer and sausages are. This is not a high end place with super attentive waiters but a simple bar where you come to drink a pint ...


We used to have a true love affair. My last experience was a disaster, obviously something has changed.

miss you 11/11/2010

We used to have a true love affair. My last experience was a disaster, obviously something has changed. more

Good Bye Berlin! 10/28/2010

If there was a way to give this hole less than one star I would where to begin.... first of all there is no beer garden- it's a tiny back porch. The temperature in the restaurant was sweltering and the music was hip hop at club volume. I think that covers the most pleasent part of the evening. Now the food over cooked, over salted and laugably small portions. more

Weird Service Experience, Mediocre Food, Bad Beer Selection 5/20/2010

I went to Hallo Berlin this evening with my fiance, my brother, and his girlfriend. Hallo Berlin is really not so much a beer hall as a German restaurant with mediocre food and a small back patio. We had a strange experience with the service: there were 2 servers assigned to the back patio, but only 1 of them was willing to come to our table. The other server (tall, glasses, bald) went to every table on the back patio except for ours. We had to flag him down just to get a glass of water. When we pointed out the lopsided service, we were told that this server was recently involved in some sort of altercation and was not feeling well. This may be true, but we couldn't help but wonder if it had anything to do with our party being the only one in the restaurant with dark skin. We observed the other tables on the patio receiving much more consistent service from this person, which does not mesh with the explanation we were given. There are other reasons to consider other restaurants in the area before going to Hallo Berlin: Only a portion of the beers on the menu were available (about 6 beers), so you are likely to find a better selection at any of the bars further up on 10th or on 9th avenue. The sausages were good, but it's hard to mess up sausage. The schnitzel was over cooked, tough, and bland. The prices are not any less expensive than the rest of the neighborhood (around $20 for a dinner plate). If you are looking for a real beer hall, you will be disappointed. The restaurant next door looked very nice and we will probably try that place the next time we're in the neighborhood. Pros: Neighborhood has many other bars and restaurants to try. Cons: Mediocre Food, Bad Beer Selection, Poor Service more

Terrible Service, Less Than Mediocre Food/Drink 3/6/2010

TERRIBLE! Just went last night. It was a fine time, but nothing special. The beer was good, the food was mediocre. Surprisingly unhorrendous karaoke. The problem is that we were overcharged (4 steins!), and we did not realize until the next day since we had been busy splitting up the check the night before. My husband called this morning and was unable to get a refund over the phone, despite the fact that we had spent a fair amount of money there the night before. So later, when the manager was in, he trekked back down to Hallo Berlin. The waiter was extremely defensive, the assistant manager was pretty useless, and the manager stood by without helping. In the end, he received a store credit for only 3 of the 4 steins. Although we'd rather not return, I guess we will just on principle. After that, though, never again! Make sure to check your receipt before leaving! Pros: not much Cons: HORRIBLE, deceitful customer service more

Not worth it 12/24/2009

I enjoy good German food but I was disappointed at Hallo Berlin. When I arrived, there was only one other table occupied but I was asked to sit at a very small table with a broken folding chair! The beer selection is good but at $8 for a pint it is as expensive as a hotel bar. I ordered Jaegerschnitzel and it came with spatzle that looked and tasted like spaghetti. The bread was stale. The waiter was inattentive. Overall, a great disappointment. Not recommended. Pros: Good beer although pricey Cons: Food more

Terrible, worst German food I've ever had 6/10/2009

ve had the Hallo Berlin cart which was not bad but Hallo Berlin Express is terrible. The schnitzel was greasy?I order jager schnitzel which should have come with a mushroom gravy and they brought out regular schnitzel. The spaetzle was not like any spaetzle I?ve ever seen, theirs was just some potato they cut up and pan fried. They gave me like a tablespoon of red cabbage, cucumber salad and string beans. Geez, thanks. It took nearly 10 minutes for the waiter to come and visit me after I sat down. Without a doubt the worst German food I?ve ever had. Cons: Greasy, not authentic German. Terrible Service. more

Possibly the worst German food in NYC 5/6/2009

My friend and I had dinner at Hallo Berlin Express yesterday. It was a horrible experience. I ordered the Jaegerschnitzel and my friend the platter with 2 sausages. Those dinner dishes come with the soup of the day. The waiter never asked what soup we wanted, and we had to call him back to our table. We chose the split pea soup. It was made with yellow peas and didn't have a single piece of meat in it. This was not an authentic German split pea soup. The waiter also didn't bring us any spoons and we had to get them ourselves. We weren't even finished with our soups when the main dishes arrived. My Jaegerschnitzel was probably a 3 oz piece of pork pounded to 1/10 of an inch thickness and then breaded. It was very tough. I still don't know what kind of gravy they poured on top. I am German and this was anything but a Jaegersauce. It appeared to be a cheese sauce with little mushroom and a sprinkle of curried ketchup on top. Also, the spaetzle must have been cooked earlier and then fried in a pan. Again, not authentic German. Cons: food, service, price more

Stay away!!! Disgusting (Non-German) Food, terrible service! 1/17/2009

I went to ?Hallo Berlin? for dinner this weekend with a friend. We did not get seated right away because there was no one around. It took a few minutes until someone brought us to a tiny table close to the restrooms, where definitely no one wants to sit. When we tried to move to another table, the waitress made clear that we cannot sit at a table for four persons because they expect a lot of people on a Saturday night, who come in bigger groups (?the table stayed empty all the time we were there). When we ordered ?Curry Wurst?, the waitress gave us a small dry roll, with a small disgusting, inedible sausage and Sauerkraut and red cabbage on top. It was the worst German food that I have ever had in the city. The whole place looks trashy, it is ice cold in there (very uncomfortable when you always start to shake while eating) and not really clean. The food is revolting, not traditionally German, small portions and too expensive (we paid $6 for the so-called Curry Wurst that was smaller than a Hot Dog from the street) and they do not have everything that is on the menu card. I would definitely not recommend this place to anyone, it is a waste of money and time. Cons: food, service, ambience, value more

it is worth the walk 4/7/2008

I guess I chose the right time to show up, i.e. early evening. I loved the rollmops and the salads. Yes, maybe if you want high-end stuff, go somewhere else, but the service was fine and the food was great. Like rollmops for some, it's an acquired taste. Pros: great food, decent prices, great beer Cons: i didn't find any more

Far away from subway, not worth the walk 1/3/2008

Honestly, this place is good, but it is way hyped up and the food is expensive! i'd rather get a bratwurst from a food vendor. more

Comically bad service 7/29/2007

I just wanted to add to the number of reviews that accurately describe the service at Hello Berlin as deplorable. Upon arriving, I wandered through the empty restaurant for a good five minutes before a waitress finally approached me in a accusatory fashion. When my friend arrived, we grabbed some menus from inside after being ignored for another 10-15 minutes. When the waitress finally arrived, she was in turn listless, pushy, and generally unpleasant. The food and beer, while more or less fine, was overpriced and hardly worth the wait. The piece de resistance came when the waitstaff asked us to move inside so they could clean up the outdoor area, under the pretense that inside was somehow preferable. more


6/17/07 Pros: Respectable food Cons: TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!! more

Food and beer that gets the job done. 6/14/2007

Food and beer that gets the job done. more

Food and beer that gets the job done. 6/14/2007

susan Provided by Partner
Food and beer that gets the job done. more

Not bad, but could do better 5/13/2007

Maybe my expectations for this place were a little too high or something because it definitely did not live up to the idea I had in my mind. I've been to lots of German restaurants and beerhalls before, and even though this wasn't too bad, it was probably the worst I've been to so far. I had two excellent types of Bratwurst, but that is as far as the compliments go. When we got there, the only open tables were out on the sidewalk, which was disappointing but I guess it was our fault for not getting there until 9. However, after about 10-15 minutes, we decided to sit and eat at the bar because we were not getting any service out there. I was surprised at how small the beer list actually was as compared to other German bars, but the beer that I got (Hofbrauhaus lager) was good. We tried to order potato pancakes, but were told they were out of them. Somehow they were able to make German potato fries though. I'm still trying to figure out how they were able to make fries out of potatoes, but couldn't shred them and fry them into pancakes as well. How do you not serve potato pancakes at a German restaurant?? We were assured that the fries were just as crispy, but they were definitely not. The complete worst aspect of the night though was the music. When we sat down, I instantly heard ""If You Had My Love"" by Jennifer Lopez, only to be followed by ""Gettin' Jiggy Wit It"" by Will Smith. While I'm not making judgements as to the type of music people listen to, those are the LAST songs I want to hear at a German restaurant. Anyway, this place might be good if you happen to be in the neighborhood anyway, but if you are going there specifically to go to a German restaurant or beergarden, there are definitely better choices in the city. Loreley in the L.E.S. is very good, as well as Nurnberger Bierhaus in Staten Island if you're feeling adventurous. Pros: Good sausage Cons: See review more

You get what you pay for: Cheap German Food in Hell's Kitchen that arrives...that same evening 3/3/2007

A word about the service on a Friday night: perfunctory. Some more words: I do realize outstanding service can make dining out a transporting and memorable experience. But sometimes you just want to eat and you really don't want to hear in exhaustive detail about how lovingly your organic lamb was treated before being slaughtered. Pros: Tastes-like-home-cooking food and great beer Cons: Pretent you're not in Manhattan so you won't expect atmosphere or attentive service more

its all about the beer and sausages 1/3/2007

The service might not be the best in town but the beer and sausages are. This is not a high end place with super attentive waiters but a simple bar where you come to drink a pint or two. If you dont have high expectations about the service but high ones about the quality of food, you'll be satisfied with your visit. Pros: beer selection Cons: service more

Must be Hallo EAST Berlin because the service is about as good as a communist bread line 9/3/2006

The food and beer at this place are ok. I've been there twice. I thought the first time I went, that the horrible service was a fluke, but my last experience today has convinced me to avoid this place. Rude Mexican guys cooking up the sausages and a German waiter/barkeep that could care less if there are customers there, make the dining experience there one of the worst I've had in NYC, and that's saying something. There wasn't a soul at this place, yet no one felt like the only two people dining there were worth any attention. The waiter showed up but promptly walked by us to chat with a friend. Two thumbs down. Avoid this place if you want to dine and avoid this shameful service. more

unacceptable service, good beer 8/19/2006

we tried Hallo Berlin on a Saturday evening and sat outside. The restaurant was empty and the waiter came pretty quickly. We ordered beer and food. There were flies everywhere. The waiter walked away after taking only half the orders and we had to call him back. Then we had to ask about the drink order when one person's beer never appeared. We ordered several dishes that never arrived and so I asked the waitress about it and was told we never ordered it! Seriously doubt I'll go back. Pros: good beer selection Cons: Awful service, flies and a wierd smell more

hallo service? 8/19/2006

We all met up at Hallo Berlin for a friend's birthday. There were about eight of us sitting at the back table. Beer was delicious. Can't go wrong with beer. Oddly, our orders were taken and about half of us got our beers and food and the other half was simply ignored. Eventually we just paid the bill and left without waiting for the other half of our party's order so that we could find somewhere that had service. Hallooooooo. Pros: delicious beer, authentic german food, the promise of the jagerettes in september Cons: rude, inattentive, unconcerned service and flies more
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  • Meat-lovers praise the wursts at this authentic German beer garden, but they serve a variety of traditional fish dishes as well.

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