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Haller Lake Children's Center - 12 Reviews - 13305 1ST Ave NE, Seattle, WA - Child Care Reviews - Phone (206) 363-7122

Haller Lake Children's Center

13305 1ST Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 363-7122
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I totally disagee with all the negative reviews here. I worked with the director for 5 years and found that she was VERY honest and upfront. Everyone that worked there in those 5...


We enjoyed 10 mos of bliss at this daycare and then my daughter transitioned into a new class. We were experiencing many problems with the transition including both of her teache...

Haller Lake Children's Center 2/28/2009

I totally disagee with all the negative reviews here. I worked with the director for 5 years and found that she was VERY honest and upfront. Everyone that worked there in those 5 years truely loved the children, the school, and they all got along well. The staff were treated with respect and with a caring attitude which was reflected into the classrooms. I knew many parents that said the director was more than empathetic when they had a complaint. Everything in the first review is NOT true. This was the best experience for me and I'd definitely work with her again if given the opportunity. more

Beware of HLCC and PKB's Owner! 12/12/2008

I have to agree 100% with all the negative reviews posted here. This owner is so fake and shallow. She lied numerous times to her staff and have asked staff to lie to parents. Staff is overworked, underpaid, and worst of all, unappreciated. I was paid pennies over minimum wage at the time. She didn't care to listen to complaints and didn't give us any budget to buy kids new supplies. She asked us to tell parents to donate it to the classroom so many times that it was embarrassing so I often ended up just buying it with my own money. She pretended to be sweet and caring but her staff and many parents saw right through it. While I was there, several staff members quit, many because they couldn't stand her and how little she cared for the kids and the center. Both her daughters were paid probably double what I was getting even though one of them didn't even do anything there! Also, I was scared to go into the food pantry (not far from the kitchen) downstairs because there was a R A T roaming around. Some kids were aware of this and even had a nickname for it. Many parents left the center angrily for various reasons and those who stayed probably did because of all the efforts of the hard working teachers. Just like many other former staff, I only stayed as long as I did because I loved the kids in my class so much. I know the tuition rates were outrageous, so with the staff getting paid so little and with no money for improving classrooms, one can only wonder where all that extra cash was going to? Trust me, no matter what she tells you, all this owner sees when you walk in the door with your child is $$$! I have never been to their new PKB location, but as long as this woman remains the owner, it doesn't matter where it's located, DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS THERE! PS, her daughter is the "nutritionist" at PKB. Go figure. more

Awesome daycare PKB 9/11/2008

Guys, Haller lake is totally different from PKB.I have never visited haller lake and would have never wished my son there.But in PKB,The teachers are great and they love kids.It is not like they are here for a work but they look forward to it as a passion.I seriously think that we ,as true parents to ourkidds,should not throw dirt on a center just because they did a bad job in their another center.PKB is truly a great playschool and I have seen drastic changes in my kid,who used to always run and play to sit and eat by himself read books ,play good.I think that we should honour the great work they are doing and stop throwing dirt on them.(As HLCC is CLOSED) Pros: Staff,Involvement,Activities Cons: I think that they need a bigger space more

Nickel and Dimed at every turn 6/12/2007

I agree with everyone's review. My child was there 3 yrs ago and I was really happy when I saw that the school had closed. My son went there for 1 year part-time. 2 days a week. The teachers were great but, every time I came to pick him up I had another bill in my cubby. 10 dollars for this fee, 30 dollars for that fee. My favorite was the laundry fee of $30 a year but, what they washed I'm not sure. The final straw came when I added up my son's attended days 7 total that month and then added up the fees plus tuition and it was $1546. I pulled him out that that day. And then the following month I recieved a notice in the mail that I owed $50 for a field trip that took place 2 weeks after he stopped going there. That was a spur of the moment field trip. It's not like we signed up for it before we left. If you decide to go to the new location in Bellevue- I hope you have deep pockets for okay care. Also I recommend that you keep accurate accounting of everything you pay for because the owner is dumb like a fox and will 'accidently' bill 2 to 3 times so she can get extra money. Pros: we did like 1 teacher at the school Cons: Corrupt Owner, Money Grubbing, Doesn't care about the kids more

Keep your kids (and money) far, far away from them 3/6/2007

The owner of this daycare is the ultimate hypocrite. She preaches a lot about personal growth, community, and "children being our world," but is only in the child care business because it means easy money for her, at least as far as her Bellevue daycare is concerned. But she closed the Haller Lake daycare because it wasn't making her the kind of money she was making from her Microsoft clients in Bellevue. She claimed that it would be too expensive to keep Haller Lake open, but what she really meant was there wasn't enough money in it for her. She was charging one of the highest tuition rates in the area, and only paying $2,000 a month in rent. Where was the rest of the money going? It sure wasn't going to the daycare, as I never saw any improvements made or new supplies being bought. In fact, teachers had to beg parents to donate things like batteries and glue, because she refused to purchase anything for them. In the many years that my family spent at this daycare, we saw the owner purchase brand new cars for herself and her daughter, pay a salary for another daughter who did not even work at the daycare, and most recently, purchase a brand new center in Bellevue. All of this, and my child can't even get a bottle of glue for an art project. The only reason we stayed here as long as we did was because of the nurturing and caring teachers. The owner does not even like kids, never remembered their names, or even their genders, in some cases. You would be well advised to keep your family far away from this woman. Go on a tour of her daycare and she'll tell you whatever you want to hear to get you to sign up...but once you do, it's all about getting in your wallet. The other review is right about the Bellevue daycare, too. It's in a strip mall, the playground has a lovely view of 520, and the classrooms are full of mold. Your children deserve better than this, especially for the outrageous rates she charges (you are putting her daughters through college, after all)! Pros: teachers were very involved with the kids Cons: no new toys, filthy building, hypocritical owner more

From A Teachers Perspective.... 3/6/2007

I am a former employee at HLCC and I agree with the two comments before my own. The director there was only about herself and how she could profit off of people. This woman potrayed to be in this business because she deeply cared about children. This is un-true! If this were the case she would have been more involved in the overall well being of the center and not jeopardize these young lives by closing her center early. (Even earlier that she had originally said. First it was June 30th then March 31st then Feb. 28th) The majority of us teachers worked above and beyond our job duties and held that place together while she tended to PKB. I will never forget of staff meeting where she said I quote " The Bellevue center will only benifit Hallerlake!". Help us what? Be out of a job? Not have the boss around? Not allow us to make any purchases anymore? I loved the families and that's why I stayed at HLCC and as far as the boss. Already forgotten! more

The worst thing your children will ever experience 3/5/2007

The woman who ran this center literally ran it into the ground. She argued over every detail of the lease and then lost the chance to negotiate with the church who owned the facility. She did not see children, she saw $$$$. Her employees were constantly overworked, underpaid, and told to lie to the parents about what actually happened during the day. Children were ignored, left to amuse themselves and little learning actually went on. Her new center, Planet Kids Bellevue, is located in a strip mall right next to the freeway yet she presumes to market the center as environmentally friendly. There isn't even a strip of grass for the children to play on, just a fenced in play structure next to the freeway. Think that food is really 100% organic? Ask to see the kitchen over at Planet Kids Bellevue. Pros: Can't think of any, no Cons: corrupt owner, untrained staff more

Horrible experience 3/2/2007

Everything was great at this daycare, UNTIL the owner opened up a new center in Bellevue. Then everything went downhill. The owner/director was NEVER on location, and never responded to phone calls or emails. She had the staff running the center for her, and they did the best they could under the circumstances. However, they seemed extremely unhappy and there was a very high turnover rate that started around the time the "Planet Kids Bellevue" opened up. The center started to suffer horribly--I can't recall any new items ever being purchased for my child's class, despite a fundraiser that promised brand new books for all classrooms. I don't recall ever seeing ANY new books, other than the ones the parents donated. Worst of all was when the center began having issues with their lease, and a big "for lease" sign was posted outside of the center. All of us families were told not to worry and that everything would be fine. We were made to attend a mandatory meeting, where the owner told everyone that she would be renewing the lease and that all was well. Then, a few weeks later, she sent out an email saying the center was closing, and that everyone needed to leave by March. She promised refunds and prorated tuition to the families, but still has not sent refund checks out. So families were not only out of childcare, they were also out of hundreds of dollars. Even after announcing the closing, the owner still could not be bothered with showing up at the center, or answering phone calls or emails. The people who had been running the center for her quit shortly after--I think they were fed up, too. One of the worst parts of the whole ordeal was the owner coming in and taking all of the toys, materials, etc. out of the classrooms and things off the walls, etc. while our children were STILL THERE, and taking everything to her Bellevue center. My child definitely suffered and there was a huge change in his behavior the last few weeks. The owner cares about one thing only- $$! Pros: great teachers Cons: money hungry director who completely misled clients more

The owner of this facility misled 80 families 2/25/2007

When we toured this daycare in the summer of ?06 we asked about a "for lease" sign posted out front and were told that the lease was being negotiated but that all would be well. Our child began in September; the facility was adequate and the teachers were great. At a parent meeting in late December (the first and only time I have ever seen the owner) we were told that there was a verbal agreement in place for a new lease. Two weeks after the meeting, in mid-January, the parents were informed by email that the center was closing at the end of February, giving the families of 80 children less than 2 months to make new arrangements. The owner of Planet Kids Seattle (a.k.a. Haller Lake Children's Center) had opened a second center in Bellevue - Planet Kids Bellevue - last year and I believe decided that keeping the Seattle location open was more trouble than it was worth financially. Which is her right, as a business owner, but she should have been honest with her clients. They were giving tours to prospective parents right up until the announcement of the closure. Caveat emptor. Pros: teachers were wonderful Cons: unethical owner more

Can't really recommend them 12/19/2006

I wasn't so impressed with these folks. First of all, if you're thinking of having them watch your children, have them confirm whether any deposit that you make is or is not refundable. We paid them a $200 deposit to hold a space for our child, and later found out that we could not send our child there. We asked for our deposit back, and they told us that they would not be able to refund our deposit. Perhaps that is reasonable, but nothing we signed or were told or were given ever mentioned that deposits were not refundable. I found it very bothersome that numerous letters to their management and even a letter sent via registered mail to their owner, based out of their facility in Bellevue, regarding our deposit, were never returned. Can't really recommend this place at all, just based on their management's lack of response. Pros: Good ambience, children looked happy and bright, clean facility Cons: Management just came across as not straight forward, didn't return calls, letters etc. more

Family not disenrolled 7/23/2006

I'm the assistant director of Haller Lake Children's Center, now Planet Kids Seattle. The family who posted the previous review was not expelled from our center, and is still a part of our community. We only disenroll children in the most extreme circumstances (persistent and severe behavior problems that cannot be resolved, even after we have exhausted all other resources, including consulting with our Public Health nurse, psychiatrist, etc.) I have worked here for seven years, and during that time I can only remember a handful of disenrollments, all due to very extreme circumstances. When our families have questions, concerns, or problems, we do all we can to hear them, work with them, and ultimately attempt to resolve them. A family at our center would never be disenrolled due to voicing questions or concerns about our program. We deeply value the input and feedback of our families, and are always open to working with them and doing all we can to accommodate them. more

Don't complain because they will kick you out! 7/6/2006

We enjoyed 10 mos of bliss at this daycare and then my daughter transitioned into a new class. We were experiencing many problems with the transition including both of her teachers leaving (as well as some office staff) and I voiced my concerns. She was in the middle of potty training and I was concerned that all the turn over would upset that. We were expelled. Great daycare if you don't have any concerns, otherwise put on your kid gloves and take your chances. Pros: Excellent upstairs teachers, fieldtrips Cons: Turn over in downstairs teachers, reaction to concerns more
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