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Haley Realty Inc.

109 E Fontanero St
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 634-3785
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They are the worst realty I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. They were so rude and unhelpful, and when I had to move they made me feel like I had committed a horrible cr...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/9/2017

ATTENTION ANYONE BEING SCREWED BY A LANDLORD!\r THIS ANSWER WAS SPECIFIC AND REQUESTED BY ANOTHER VICTIM OF A COLORADO SPRINGS LANDLORD. \r \r \r Colorado Statutes â?? Article 12 â?? Tenant and Landlord \r \r PART 1 SECURITY DEPOSITS - WRONGFUL WITHHOLDING \r 38-12-101. Legislative declaration. \r \r The provisions of this part 1 shall be liberally construed to implement the intent of the general assembly to insure the proper administration of security deposits and protect the interests of tenants and landlords. \r \r ANNOTATIONS, INCLUDING SOURCES AND COURT CASES RELATED TO THIS SECTION \r Law reviews. For comment, ""Colorado's Wrongful Withholding of \r \r Security Deposits Act: Three Litigious Shares in an Untested Law"", see \r \r 49 Den. L.J. 453 (1973). For article,\r \r ""The Colorado Security Deposit Act"", - see 50 U. Colo. L. Rev. 29 (1978). \r Purpose. The security deposit act was passed to control the practices of landlords who withhold, without justification, their tenants' damage deposits. Houle v. Adams State College, 190 Colo. 406, 547 P.2d 926 (1976). \r Statute as basis for jurisdiction. See Turner v. Lyon, 189 Colo. 234, 539 P.2d 1241 (1975). \r \r \r 38-12-102. Definitions. \r As used in this part 1, unless the context otherwise requires: \r (1) ""Normal wear and tear"" means that deterioration which occurs, based upon the use for which the rental unit is intended, without negligence, carelessness, accident, or abuse of the premises or equipment or chattels by the tenant or members of his household, or their invitees or guests. \r (2) ""Security deposit"" means any advance or deposit of money, regardless of its denomination, the primary function of which is to secure the performance of a rental agreement for residential premises or any part thereof. \r \r \r Typically, landlords may charge tenants for any cleaning or repairs necessary to restore the rental unit to its condition at the beginning of the tenancy. Landlords may not, however, use the tenant's security deposit to cover the costs of ordinary wear and tear. Here are examples of wear and tear versus damage or excessive filth:\r \r Ordinary Wear and Tear: Landlord's Responsibility\r Damage or Excessive Filth: Tenant's Responsibility\r Curtains faded by the sun OWT\r Cigarette burns in curtains or carpets DEF\r Water-stained linoleum by shower OWT\r Broken tiles in bathroom DEF\r Minor marks on or nicks in wall OWT\r Large marks on or holes in wall DEF\r Dents in the wall where a door handle bumped it OWT\r Door off its hinges DEF\r Moderate dirt or spotting on carpet OWT\r Rips in carpet or urine stains from pets DEF\r A few small tack or nail holes in wall OWT\r Lots of picture holes or gouges in walls that require patching as well as repainting DEF\r A rug worn thin by normal use OWT\r Stains in rug caused by a leaking fish tank DEF\r Worn gaskets on refrigerator doors OWT\r Broken refrigerator shelf OWT\r Faded paint on bedroom wall OWT\r Water damage on wall from hanging plants DEF\r Dark patches of ingrained soil on hardwood floors that have lost their finish and have been worn down to bare wood DEF\r Water stains on wood floors and windowsills caused by windows being left open during rainstorms DEF\r Warped cabinet doors that won't close OWT\r Sticky cabinets and interiors DEF\r Stains on old porcelain fixtures that have lost their protective coating- OWT\r Grime-coated bathtub and toilet DEF\r Moderately dirty mini-blinds OWT\r Missing mini-blinds DEF\r Bathroom mirror beginning to ""de-silver"" (black spots) OWT\r Mirrors caked with lipstick and makeup DEF\r Clothes dryer that delivers cold air because the thermostat has given out OWT\r Dryer that won't turn at all because it's been over-loaded DEF\r Toilet flushes inadequately because mineral deposits have clogged the jets OWT\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/13/2016

I left my apt before my lease they had not posted my rent on time twice and charged 180.00 late fee I had proof they were not late , they then tried to take me to court and added on another 300.00 for attorney fees , our deck the wood was rotting and had mold all over the decks and house the wood was falling off and the nails were sticking out all over we had called several times and nothing happen , they had taken everyone in the house to court for fraudulent late fees , I left because they were horrible people. I called the office at least 15 times left messages they never called back about my issues and MJ the one who rented me the apt would not even get on the phone with me , was hung up on and ignored over and over . I am a single mom of three i have looked online and read 100's of complaints about Haley Reality , they should be ashamed and put out of business . more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/17/2015

This is TRULY the worst company I have ever dealt with but now they will feel my wrath.. They are WORST then the mafia. 200.00 a year for them to do NOTHING at all and if you don't pay you will owe over 1000.00 by the end of the year.. With a lean on YOUR HOME.. They think they are PIMPS.. And then the board of the HOA is not no better a bunch of people with no life trying to run other people's lives.\r Then they have the NERVE to tell Haley to make sure people don't contact them for their bad decision.. So when you contact them they say it is Haley and so you contact Haley and they say it's the board.. DIRTY GAME being played.. Now it's MY TURN... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/8/2012

Run! Worst group of people I've ever dealt with, I,m considering letting my home forclose. HOA nitemare! more

You WILL get burned!!!!! 7/5/2011

They are the worst realty I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. They were so rude and unhelpful, and when I had to move they made me feel like I had committed a horrible crime. I was a perfect tenant, always paid my rent on time, I clean the place up better than when I moved in, did repairs myself, cause any time I would call them they made me feel like I was inconveniencing them. I was told no pets yet the people who lived there before me had ferrets and they stink, the whole place smelled like a dead animal. The people upstairs from me had a dog that barked all day. I guess the ""no pets"" thing didn't apply to them. They kept my security deposit and used it to have the blinds cleaned, which weren't dirty cause I cleaned them, if I had known when I moved in that I could have someone else clean my place and charge someone else for it I would have done that, I was always taught you clean up your own messes. They had furniture hauled away that was there before I moved in and charged ME for it. And a list of other ridiculous expensive that had nothing to do with me. I talked to them about it and was treated VERY rudely. I could go on all day about my experience with them. So if you are thinking of renting from them DON'T! But if you do keep ever piece of documentation, write down every detail about conversations with them and who said what and when, cause they WILL take you for all your worth. NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVER RENT FROM THEM!!!!!!!!! more

Awful to Deal With, Poor Customer Service Skills 4/6/2011

This company manages the HOA for my neighborhood. As a homeowner here I have found them impossible to deal with. They are unresponsive and rude. One of the managers Ann has the worst customer service skills I have encountered in a very long time. Something as simple as a mailing address change seems to be impossible. DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM IF YOU CAN AVOID IT! more

SLUM LORDS 3/14/2011

This is the worst realty company that we have ever had to deal with. We live in a great area, next door to one of their SLUMS. They rent to nothing but drug dealer, domestic violence adicts and people who LOVE loud music. When you call with a complain they DO NOTHING! EVER! We have had the police out to that house 28 times in a 4 month period. The worst part? The deck is falling apart, it either needs to be torn down or painted for goodness sake. The gutters have trees growing in them and the front yard is nothing but weeds. The backyard is DIRT. The house hasn't been painted since 1969. I could go on and on but what good will it do. THIS HOUSE IS OWNED BY A DISTRICT COURT JUDGE AND HE IS THE EX DISTRICT ATTORNEY FOR COLORADO SPRINGS. GREAT HUH? This Judge and Haley make the perfect combination of slum lords. more

Would not reccomend 2/4/2011

I will say that the 2 bedroom townhome I rented is beautiful (I was the first to rent it) I will say their customer service is horrible. But let me start at the beginning. 1) When I moved in the cable was messed up. The ""outlet"" for the cable wire didn't work. I called someone to check it out and they said whoever did the electric didn't know what they were doing. So I had to drill a hole from the crawl space into my living room so I didn't have a wire coming from my closet across the living room. 2) The fence in the backyard is very weak. I say this because the winds here get really harsh sometimes and multiple times pieces of the fence blew off from mine and many others. I still have one piece of the fence missing. 3) They rack up the fees big time. I was late on rent twice but only a day on each. Once was because they didn't receive my money order until a day after it was due because it was the weekend and then they didn't process it until the next day. The second time was purely my fault. I sent it out later than usual (hectic week) but was a day late. The first charge you $50 for being late then a notification fee which is $45. Now this notification is just a letter on your door. When it came to finding out how much I owe they did not send the first notice, or at least I did not receive it and when I called about that they were rude and said its not their fault, yet its not their fault if the mail delays my money being there then they charge me an arm and a leg. 4) They are very rude over the phone, kind of like they hate their job and just want your money. They also transfer you a million times to handle things and this was when I was paying those extra fees! It's worse when you have a complaint. 5) READ YOUR LEASE! They made my husband and I feel pressured so sign the lease quickly and boy do they give you like 6 pages to sign then packets upon packets of info to read. I read through the packets and they don't fit to well with the lease, at least when it came to paying fees ad how much those are. 6) I will be moving out as soon as I can and I have a bad feeling they are going to milk me for every penny they can get out of my deposit. Oh and you have to have the carpets professionally done-that's in the lease-so keep you receipt! more

Terrible Experience 10/10/2009

This was the worse real estate company I have ever dealt with. They promised improvements, took my $, but did not make the repairs that were promised. Furnace operated at less 40% efficiency (per CSU), heating bill was huge. Their workmen entered the home without advance notice more than once (which is against the law unless of an emergency). Moved as soon as I could without breaking their lease. Absolutely terrible experience!! I would not deal with Haley Realty again, even if the rent were free! Cons: unfilled promises, lack of repairs, terrible customer servic more

HORRIBLE HOA! 6/4/2009

I have had the unfortunate experience of being a member of the Haley Realty HOA for 3 years and, if it weren't required by our neighborhood, I would have severed our relationship w/in a week! If you are looking at a neighborhood that uses this company, i would strongly recommend that you GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!! The headache of working with this god awful company isn't worth it! Cons: bad customer service, lack of follow-through, bad, bad bad! more

Slum Lords! 3/1/2009

I rented an apartment through this company and was a good tenant for 1.5 years. I have been waiting patiently to collect my remaining deposit and rent back (which they have taken 60 days to process) while expecting close to $1,000.00 dollars. Not only have they not given me my money back but they say I owe them 350.00 +/-. Be prepared to be swindled and screwed if you sign any agreement with these slum lords. And also be prepared to have nothing fixed or maintained in your rental throughout your lease!! more
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