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Haggerty's Martial Arts Ctr - 10 Reviews - 224 S Sooner Rd, Oklahoma City, OK - Martial Arts & Self Defense Schools Reviews - Phone (405) 733-5555

Haggerty's Martial Arts Ctr

224 S Sooner Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73110
(405) 733-5555
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Although I am neither a staff member nor enrolled student at Haggerty's I do know pretty much what there IS to know about the dojo having trained, and sometimes instructed, there ...


Sad to see the shape of this school, Tom Haggerty barely has anything to do with this business at this point. Rates are reasonable, but you get what you pay for, facilities are d...

REAL KARATE 3/26/2012

Although I am neither a staff member nor enrolled student at Haggerty's I do know pretty much what there IS to know about the dojo having trained, and sometimes instructed, there informally for more than 30 years. \r \r I was priviledged to begin my instruction in classical Okinawan style Karate (the original form of the art) with the same instructor, Ichiro Takahata, who taught Tom Haggerty and have known Tom for about 40 years. \r \r Having obtained my first color belt ranking from Seikichi Toguchi (The Master and Founder of the Shorei-Kan style of Goju-Ryu Okinawan Karate taught at Haggerty's) and continuing the study or the art avidly for decades, I know more than a little about the difference between real and ""not so real"" karate, as does Sensei Haggerty. Contrary to the one negative comment on this site, Tom has EVERYTHING to do with this school, which is his life. \r This is the only place in the Metro where you can learn Karate as it was handed down from the original founders of the martial art in Okinawa. It is not a health spa or fitness club and was not designed to provide ""creature comforts"" to its students. It is, however, clean and serviceable. The floor is fine - I've not gotten any splinters in more than 30 years of training there and there is nothing special about my feet. .\r \r The core group of instructors are all advanced rank black belts in Shorei-Kan Karate and a variety of other martial arts who earned their rank the old fashioned ""long, hard way"", are true experts in their respective styles and respected citizens of their community. \r \r Bullies ""come"" on occasion, but as is also the case with any good dojo, I have always seen them ""go"" as well. The senior instructors at Haggerty's are a great group of decent, dedicated and kindly people who nonetheless do not tolerate inappropriate behaviors from students at any level of training (including black belts) and are more than capable of handling pretty much any bully with little effort. They truly practice Karate-do (literally the ""way"" of Karate) and their other arts as a way of life. Any ""bully black belt"" that comes along does not last and does not represent either the philosophy or the normal practices of the dojo.\r \r Children are not taught with the same sort of discipline that was maintained in classical martial arts schools in the sixties and seventies as aside from other considerations it would likely not be legal to teach kids with the same level of discipline that was utilized back in the day. \r \r However, kids are gradually and carefully introduced into the discipline of the art under the masterful tutelage of Chris Fay who is perhaps the best ""kids instructor"" that I have ever seen in my 40 years of involvement in martial arts. While not a ""sport"" as it is taught at Haggerty's, Karate has some degree of physical risk to children practicing it just as does their participation in school or recreational athletics. That risk is lower in this school than anywhere else I have seen and ""control"" is a lesson that is taught from day 1. \r \r I am not sure what axe the negative commenter has to grind here but can't help but wonder if they might have been invited to leave for some reason or perhaps just don't ""get"" what real martial arts are. \r \r In any event, If you are looking for true REAL karate training, the real stuff - like what you see in the first Karate Kid movie - taught in virtually the same fashion as it was handed down to Tom through a direct lineage from the original founder of Goju Ryu Karate through the founder of Shorei-Kan, then Haggerty's is the only place in the Oklahoma City metro area where you will find such training and is one of the few places left in the U.S. where it exists. more

The family that kicks together, sticks together 11/22/2010

my husband & oldest son, joined Haggerty's school in 2001,partly for physical training ( as I homeschool) and something positive for father & son to do together for ""quality time"". As the years have passed, our brood has grown, & 5 of my 6 children, my husband, & myself are all enrolled in this school. I am proud to say that my husband & oldest son have earned their black belts ( those who saw, know what I am talking about) and the rest of us are at different levels, working toward that great victory. I love this school because it is honestly, & sincerely taught. We are shown proper techniques by instructors who know their stuff & have really earned their title. I was even able to attend while I was expecting my last ""bundle of joy"", until I felt unable.Everyone was soooooo supportive & worked with me , never bullied me or pushed me to do anything I didn't feel like I couldn't do. As I said previously, we have 6 children.... Ages 16yrs to 11 mo , my oldest was 7yrs when he first started, all 4 of my daughters started when they were 4yrs. I believe it has helped teach them discipline, focus, & to have positive courage. I can't wait to enroll my youngest son & return myself!!!!!! more

Great Instruction, Great Style, Real Dedication 10/23/2009

We drive all the way from Norman (32 miles round trip) 3 or more times a week to attend. I have two sons attending since 2007, one of whom has four years in Hung Gar King Fu, We looked all over OKC area and this was BY FAR the best martial arts school. The techniques were taught properly, not sloppy, and the belts are awarded because they are earned not because you pay for rank. People who teach and folks who attend are here for decades. This is a family not just a business. The style is a great mix of hard and soft as well as Ju Jitsu and there is weapons training for the more advanced. Sensai Haggerty and all of the others are not doing this for the money (and most reasonable, by the way) but because they are truly dedicated to passing on their knowledge. Pros: Excellence, Patience, Dedication more

Karate done right 3/9/2009

This place seems like it has been around a long time, and that speaks alot for karate schools...I don't agree with the guy who said it was run down and dirty, true it's old but it's a karate school and when I was there it was clean. The instruction was excellent, there were about four black belts and again they were hard but not malicious in any way. If you want to learn the way it was meant to be taught this is the place. I think our country has taken martial arts and commercialized it the the point of almost worthlessness. This place reminds me of karate I knew in the mid seventies, taught by instructors right off the boat from Japan.. Pros: Everything more

Haggerty?s Martial Arts Center is the best in the State. 9/9/2008

My son and I, are students of Haggerty?s Martial Arts Center and have been over a year. \r I?ve experience positive change in mind, body, soul. Haggerty?s is a exquisite place to learn traditional Karate. It teaches values and self discipline that will enhance anybody life for the better. The Sensei?s there are very distinct in style and character. Each one teaches with passion and impeccable knowledge and skill that you will not find anywhere else. Students of all ranks here are respectful and helpful toward another. That is how it works! So, if you want to learn traditional Karate this is the place to be. Pros: Best instruction ever more

learns REAL karate 8/31/2008

I have been attending Haggerty's MAC since I was 15 years old. Shortly after returning from iraq I obtained my black belt. I am very proud to have earned a black belt from a place that has had such an influence on the martial arts world. Haggerty's Karate is the real deal. It is not a place that is trying to mold its self to keep up with the fads;like MMA. It is a school with traditional values and traditional karate. I am honored to be an instructor at this school. Anybody saying that the black belts at this school are bullies is mistaken. I urge anybody that is contemplating to study karate to check it out. If you're Military, Police officer,we offer one of the most advanced edged weapons programs in exhistance. Haggerty's karate has some of the most experienced instructors around and we are willing to work with anybody. Pros: The vast knowledge of the numerous instructors more

Highly diverse and proficient instructors - Very knowledgeable and friendly. 8/28/2008

I have been a martial artist for more than fifty years and have seen my share of martial arts schools over the years, and I must say that Haggerty's is the REAL DEAL! They have some of the finest instructors to be found ANYWHERE. They are lenient on younger and less experienced students until they find their footing then they wratchet up the disicpline to match the belt grade. Advanced students are very well disciplined and extremely proficient in their martial skills and ways. Many of the instructors there are seasoned martial artists with decades of instructional training and experience. Simply some of the finest, knowledgable and skilled martial artists to be found anywhere in the world. \r \r Haggerty's Martial Arts Center has been at this location since 1975, showing that they have obviously been doing something ""RIGHT"" over the years or else they would have folded up like so many other karate schools have done and continue to do. Their very longevity shows that they are a quality school for any serious aspiring martial art student. \r \r Another important aspect of the school apart from the mainstay traditional Shorikan Goju Ryu Karate, is the diversity of training availiable there, such as edged weapons training (sword & knife). Many law enforcement and military personel have been trained both there on site and at remote locations by their certified BladeMaster Instructors, which include Marines, Seals and other special forces both stateside and in the Middle East. Pros: Excellent Martial Art School - Highly Knowledgeable Instructors. more

Excellent school for beginners and advanced students. 8/27/2008

As a student of Haggerty's Martial Arts Center since 1981 I can say that the training I have received there is top-notch. I have had occasion to study different styles of martial arts at other schools in my travels and am very familiar with dojo ettiquete and difficulty of training. The instructors at Haggerty's are extremely qualified and well behaved. I have never received any injury from any black belt in the school. I also know of no big-headed and rough black belts in the school. I activly study there three to four times per week and can highly recomend this school to anyone, of any level. As for the dojo being old and dirty, I don't need a pretty and polished place to sweat and learn. After studying there for several years I've NEVER gotten a spinter! Nor have I ever heard of anyone else getting one! Sounds like someone needs to go to the Bikini Bootcamp and leave the serious martial arts to others! Pros: Excellent skills and values are taught. more

Aging school, discipline lacking, drop off for troubled kids, black belts who have something to prove 11/6/2007

Sad to see the shape of this school, Tom Haggerty barely has anything to do with this business at this point. Rates are reasonable, but you get what you pay for, facilities are dirty, floor is so bad that you will get splinters in your feet. There is one good instructor here, the rest are bully black belts with no control, and you can get hurt with that type of instruction. The kids classes are made up of kids who lack discipline, and again they do not exercise control which can get someone hurt. Don't want to bash this facility, but I must be honest that this is one that if you are looking to get into martial arts you may be disappointed.\r \r Pros: the style of martial arts is better than most Cons: old facility, ownership not involved anymore, undisciplined black belts that can cause injury more

Blademaster Review 10/9/2005

Haggerty's Martial Arts Center has been in business for over thirty years in the Midwest City area and has some of the finest, most knowledgeable and skilled instructors anywhere to be found. Their prices are very reasonable and affordable. The diveristy of systems taught there over the years make their instructors among the most versitle anywhere to be found. You name it and it has probably been taught there some time or another. Well known martial artists such as Chuck Norris, Bill Wallace, Ted Tebura, Joe Lewis, Tadashi Yamashita, Ed Hart, Leo Gahei, etc.. have held seminars and workshops at Haggerty's MAC. Pros: Excellent, Friendly, Competent more
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