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Habits Forming Seattle - 26 Reviews - 5124 N Highland St, Tacoma, WA - Fitness Reviews - Phone (206) 571-2277
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Habits Forming Seattle

5124 N Highland St
Tacoma, WA 98407
(206) 571-2277
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Habits Forming Seattle - Tacoma, WA


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I started Rochelle's BOOT CAMP last November 2008 and not only has it been inspiring to work with others, it has been the best 30 minute workout for fat loss I have ever had. I wi...


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Fastest Fat Loss with Rochelle's BOOT CAMP!! 3/25/2009

I started Rochelle's BOOT CAMP last November 2008 and not only has it been inspiring to work with others, it has been the best 30 minute workout for fat loss I have ever had. I wish I could do the camp everyday! She has a varied style of workout every session; Plyometrics, Body Weight, Interval Training.....Jump squats are my favorite now! I had a trip to Maui planned in February and wanted to lose weight. I went from a size 8 to a size 6 in 30 days! Woo Hoo! Pros: Effecient & Effective more

Rochelle is a ""total pro"" and will get you in the best shape of your life! 12/15/2008

I have been amazed by Rochelle's expert skill and knowledge on several occasions and was so motivated by her that I became a personal trainer myself. Even with all the training that certificate requires, I still learn something from her every time I see her working with clients or chatting with her in the market. She is a consummate professional, a terrific person, and well worth the investment! more

Praises to Rochelle Gravance 11/19/2008

Rochelle has a gift of guiding clients beyond the boundaries of resistance to the embodiment of their potential. She weaves her knowledge of the physical body and nutrition with powers of articulation that successfully lead clients through the maze of obstacles to the path of well being. It will be to your greatest advantage to experience the endless opportunities Rochelle has to offer. more

Rochelle Knows Her Stuff ! 10/30/2008

I have known Rochelle for almost a year now and although I am not one of her clients, (I live too far away for that), she has been very thoughtful in offering fitness tips and pointers to me. As an example, she gave me some very helpful advice while we were hiking, which will prevent me from injuring myself.\r \r I have been participating in crossfit training, which is very intense. At one of the workout sessions, I injured my knee. It was so stiff and painful, I couldn't walk the following day. I treated the injury with ice, and ibuprofen, but I knew I needed further help. Rochelle reached out to me, and after asking enough questions to fully understand my injury, she came up with a (suggested) treatment plan for me to start the healing process, and get me mobile again.\r Not only did she get me out of pain, I had my mobility back after just ONE session! Along with that treatment, she taught me how I lead myself into that injury in the first place and now I am armed with more information to prevent that from happening again.\r \r I can't thank you enough Rochelle, for getting me mobile and free of pain and also teaching me, so that my fitness goals can still be attained!\r Rochelle's knowledge and skills go far beyond any fitness trainer that I have ever come across.\r \r Deborah\r more

Best Workout for Fat Loss 9/24/2008

I don't have much to lose, but the last fifteen pounds always seem to be the most difficult to shed. Rochelle Gravance taught me INTERVAL TRAINING and BODY WEIGHT excersises and HEALTHY EATING that enabled me to reach my weight loss goal in a very short amount of time! Rochelle taught me that eating healthy and excersise routines are a lifestyle. I have so many YUMMY meals that she shared with me, and I get excited to cook them for my friends and family. Healthy food I am proud to serve my guests and my partner. Working with Habitsfroming got me results FAST!!\r \r Thanks, Bee more

In two words...THE BEST!! 5/21/2008

Rochelle and Habitforming have simply changed my life and my lifestyle. Rochelle's dedication to me as client and to my success have resulted in incredible results. I have a renued outlook on life with more energy, more self esteem then i thought possible when i began working with her a year ago. For all the work i put in Rochelle is working right along side to develop challenging and energizing workouts. She has pushed me to exceed my goals and expectations. If you are looking for results there is no reason to look anywhere else. more

Rochelle is a WOW--incredible 10/11/2007

When I moved to Vashon, my purpose in finding a personal trainer was to maintain the training program that I had developed in Northern California. Rochelle turned out to be much more than an exercise instructor. She is a trainer of the body and of the mind. She has astute observational abilities and is aware of the nuances of every move I make. Her knowledge of the intricate interactions of the muscles, joints, ligaments and skeleton is detailed and practical. She expresses her observations in a concise, non-judgemental way that motivates me to develop the balance, strength and conditioning that I want to achieve. She is also cognizant of the complexity of the relationship between the body and mind and how my thoughts are reflected in the performance of my body. My sessions are varied and are never boring. I am beginning to explore Rochelle's vast knowledge base in nutrition and quality eating for my general health, energy and weight loss. Rochelle is incredible. If you want to change your life and your way of thinking, Rochelle is for you. Elizabeth, M.D. Pros: Astute motivator Cons: There is only one of her. more

Just what I needed. 7/16/2007

I work hard...I work too much. I can come up with every excuse imaginable NOT to work out. I called Rochelle at Habits Forming just to investigate alternatives to the typical Gym scene. It was the most important call pertaining to my health that I have made...Period.\r \r Rochell is very knowledgeable, focused and hard working. She does not come with a boilerplate routine. She creates a customized and ever changing workout that will produce incredible results.\r \r I highly recommend Habits Forming. Eat right and let Rochelle help you towards your goals.\r \r ps. beware of the bag of rice!!!! Pros: Rochell is awesome! Cons: ...there is only One Rochell to go around. more

Excellent integrated strength and balance trainer! 7/16/2007

Since my first trainer was the man who trains Ed Viesturs for his Mt. Everest climbs, my expectations were high. Rochelle not only met those expectations, but even more important, she met my needs and wants: a non-routine workout that didn't include being tied to machines, but that worked all parts of my body. Balance and connection are as important as simply developing muscle groups unconnected with each other. Rochelle treats the entire body, and the entire person as well. Can't recommend her highly enough. more

Rochelle 7/12/2007

Having taken many fitness classes over the years, having a personal trainer was a new experience for me. I felt daunted and intimidated at first but Rochelle put me right at ease. Not only did she give me a simple to understand, personal and very do-able work out plan that I could do at the gym or anywhere for that matter she spent a great deal of time talking to me. She helped me look at my lifestyle and way of interacting with myself in a way I couldn't of figured out with out some professional guidance. Rochelle is both professonal and warm and makes you feel that you can and will accomplish your goals. more

A Gift of Love 2/11/2007

Over a year ago I would not have said a personal trainer was a gift of love.\r \r My three daughters gave me a personal trainer for Christmas 2005 and as I sat and smiled at them, I said thank you, but I was in shock and to tell you the truth a little mad.\r \r I did not want some stranger coming into my home and telling me I'm fat and what I have to do about it. I met with Rochelle and trying to have an open mind decided to give it a go, telling her, I did not know how long she would be around.\r Now I cannot say enough about Rochelle and what she has done for me.\r Five months into my training, I had a mammogram and in telling the technician about my Christmas gift and working out, she came out with two X-Rays. One from 2005 and the one I just had. She said I have to show you something, which scared me. She showed me the two X-Rays side by side. Weight loss yes! It showed up in the X-Rays. 2005 the breast was round as can be, 2006 showed an indentation of a half moon gone.\r This made me excited; Proof was right in front of me that what Rochelle was doing for me was working.\r Even when I feel my workouts are not the greatest she always has a positive attitude about what I did do. When I get off the wrong track on eating she gets me right back on. I have learned a lot about nutrition and what is right for me.\r My whole being has changed. Coming into my home has also been a plus. I would have never gone to a gym with other people around.\r I have lost 35 pounds and more than 30 inches all around. Loss of body fat and gained muscle.\r \r This month I will be 62 and I am looking forward to a future of good health and good (Habits Forming.)\r Grandchild #8 will be born this July 2007 and I plan on being around for her graduation from college.\r \r If Rochelle can do it for me, she can do it for you. Now I understand why she calls it Habits Forming. That is just what I am doing.\r \r My daughters truly did give me a gift of love.\r \r Diane Toberman Pros: works to your schedule, comes to the home more

The gift of 1/20/2007

For Christmas 2005, my sisters and I decided to hire a personal trainer for my Mom. We knew this gift would not be excitedly received and we knew that we had to find just the right situation if we truly wanted her to succeed in losing weight and embracing a healthy lifestyle.\r \r Our Mother truly wanted to change but didn't like being 'forced' into this situation. She graciously gave it a try! I was present at her first meeting with Rochelle and I don't think you could have seen a more resistant client than my Mom. The results have been tremendous and beyond anything I could have hoped for her. She has gained a true understanding of how to be active every day, even in the little things she does. She finally views food as a fuel for her body instead of a comfort in her day and she really understands how to eat to feel physically and mentally good.\r \r The ability to have Rochelle come into her home weekly has many tangible and intangible benefits. She has transformed her body and all the 'numbers' (reduced body fat, increased flexibility/mobility and weight loss) prove it. Visually, she looks the best she has in 2 decades! Her self esteem is soaring and the ability to have a conversation with my Mom about health and fitness is one of the best gifts I have received back from this program. Also by having Rochelle directly in her home, she has learned to see everything in her environment as an opportunity to get active without the stigma and time of going to a gym.\r \r I am so excited about the quality of life Habits Forming has given back to my Mom. Three years ago, I dreaded a trip to Las Vegas with her because of all the walking we would be doing. Now I'm planning to take her white water rafting for my 40th birthday in 3 years. This program has been a gift to the entire family. Our Mother is a role model we can all be proud of!\r \r \r In health,\r Mary Toberman\r Oak Park Heights, MN more

Best Gift to Give Yourself! 8/19/2006

When I started a full-time job as a gardener, I realized I wasn't physically strong enough to do some of the heavy work. I was also tired from it all the time.\r I worked out with Rochelle twice a week for four months, and the results have been amazing! She customizes exercise routines specific to your needs. She stresses correct form, and pays close attention to your alignment during a workout. This helped me to strengthen my left, weaker side, and balance my muscular system.\r \r Rochelle is also very knowledgeable about nutrition. Becoming more aware of the foods I ate and the quality of energy I got from them made it easy to eliminate food that wasn't helping me. My energy and stamina improved right away. After a month, I felt much more comfortable at work, there was a spring in my step (at 55 that's something!) and I was doing exercises I couldn't do at all in the beginning. \r Not that it was easy! Rochelle makes you work. But she also notices every degree of improvement, and makes sure you do, too. She's highly motivational and makes an intense workout fun. I recommend her if you want results! more

Quick Results 4/10/2006

Although I had been faithfully working out 4-5 days a week for many months I had not noticed any weight loss or loss of inches. This was becoming very frustrating since I had never struggled at losing weight before. Rochelle had me change a few things and add a few more to my workout routine and after 3 weeks I am 3 pounds lighter and can see a visible difference! (a 3 pound loss is visible when you are only 5'1"") These changes were simple and easy to make but have definitely made a difference. Pros: Knowledgeable, Personable, Motivating more

Last chance-Great Choice! 3/5/2006

After five years of trying to lose weight and get healthy, giving up and trying again, I was at the end of my rope. Then I found Rochelle. In the three months that we have been working together, I have had more success and felt more successful than in years. Her acceptance of me, of my physical limitations (real and perceived) and her support in helping me overcome them, gave me my first real belief that I could change. And I have! She has educated and encouraged me, helped me to have higher expectations and shown me how to meet them. Rochelle was my last attempt before accepting pain and obesity as my only choice. She has helped me realize that I have many choices and I can choose a healthily life. Thanks to Rochelle, I am succeeding. If I can, anyone can! With Rochelle's help. more

Great experience 1/24/2006

I worked with Rochelle for four weeks while temporarily living in Seattle as my husband received treatment for cancer. My goals were to increase strength and flexibility and to relieve stress. For the first time in my life I saw results from an exercise program. Rochelle is not only knowledgeable and professional, but she also has a caring manner. After we returned home, she called to check in to see how the exercise program she gave me to take home was going, but also to check in about how my husband was doing. This was not only above and beyond the call of duty, but also demonstrates the kind of person Rochelle is. If I lived in Seattle I would continue to work with Rochelle. more

User review by laboranddelivery 8/24/2005

Rochelle has helped me balance and strengthen my muscles following a fall from a ladder last year. I suffered multiple pelvic fractures and spinal compression fractures at the time of my fall and after three months of training feel stronger and less limited in my every day tasks. more

The only trainer you'll ever need 7/27/2005

I'm 76 years old with some health issues. I've been working out with Rochelle for one year now. Five years ago I was active in the garden, walked 3 miles daily and played tennis. All of this ceased three years ago when I developed polymyalgia. I couldn't walk, bend over and had little energy. Since working out with Rochelle, I am now able to play tennis again and pursue outdoor activities. Rochelle has geared all workouts to my personal needs. She has had a tremendous impact on my life. I appreciate her diligence and dedication to my health and goals. I would not hesitate to reccommend her to any level individual who's looking for the best trainer in the Northwest. Pros: Knowledgable, Sincere, Dedicated more

Never Felt Better! 7/26/2005

While working out with Rochelle I have seen results that are truly amazing. In the 2 months I have been seeing her I have consistently lost 1 to 2 pounds a week, have lost many inches and my strength has improved tremendously. Training with Rochelle is a new experience. She is willing to come to you and workout where and when you need her. She keeps me excited about losing weight and slimming down. She is hard working, dedicated to her clients, makes you laugh, listens, and is motivating when needed. Her in depth knowledge of joints, muscles and workings of the body makes you feel confident of her skill as a trainer. I am never bored with the varied routines we do. I have never felt better and would highly recommend her to anyone ready to make a change to live healthy and strong. more

Good Morning 7/22/2005

I've worked with enough personal trainers to know a good one, and Rochelle definitely is good. Rochelle has a great way of encouraging you to work hard, without the annoying rah-rah stuff and without making you feel pressured. She's funny, warm and really cares about her clients. She has extensive knowledge about the body and nutrition. I was very out of shape and she helped me strengthen a weak leg and back considerably. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in strength training and living a healther lifestyle. Pros: Committed, Thoughtful, Experienced more
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  • Vashon-based personal trainer develops individual programs based at home, outdoors or at the gym.

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