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H & M Clothing

840 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 640-0060
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I actually like this store. I have seen it in many other states and i was really excited when it opened up on Michigan Avenue. The store is home to many cool fashions. But you wi...


Not one of my favorite stores...the prices are pretty low but the clothes are okay. The store is also always way too crowded whenever I go here. It takes about 20 minutes to wai...

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Excited to see it here... 5/28/2006

I actually like this store. I have seen it in many other states and i was really excited when it opened up on Michigan Avenue. The store is home to many cool fashions. But you will have to weave through a lot of crowds as other reviewers have already warned you. Don't be scared though, because there are many cool outfits here. They are all priced pretty resonably and they are always running specials throughout the store. more

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Not too great 5/18/2006

Not one of my favorite stores...the prices are pretty low but the clothes are okay. The store is also always way too crowded whenever I go here. It takes about 20 minutes to wait in line to try something on and then another 15 min to wait in line to purchase stuff. Also, even if you find something nice, you might be lucky enough to get it in your size. more

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A mixed bag 5/13/2006

H & M self-advertises as affordable and trendy clothing. This huge H&M store is a bit deceiving, as the first floor is just that-- really, really trendy clothing that borders on "who would EVER think to wear this?" If you're brave enough to venture upstairs, you'll find plenty of more classic pieces for men, women, and children. Prices range from inexpensive to somewhat expensive considering the quality. You can occasionally find a bargain, but for the most part, I think H&M is overrated. more

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I don't like the tees 5/10/2006

I tend to wear more bisuness casual clothing, so H&M really is not the place for me. Their clothing is too trendy looking and it always seems a bit on the easy go side. I have been in here a couple of times to pick up a couple of t-shirts. The t-shirts were really cheap but I think Gap or Old Navy is a better spot to hit up for good t-shirts. The t-shirts here weren't soft enough and they shrunk when I washed them. more

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Sloww Cashiers 5/5/2006

I don't really think there's anything to really rave about at this store. It is a huge store but it is always jam packed. You will for sure need a lot of time if you plan on actually getting shopping done here. The clothes are all jumbled around so you have to actually go through the jumble. Once you find a few things in the jumble, stuff that's not going to be inexpensive or all that nice, you have to stand in an insanely long line. The cashiers don't help the situation any either. They are the slowest cashiers in the world. more

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Great prices! 5/3/2006

This is a great place to stock up on cute trendy play clothes. The quality isn't as good as some of the other more upscale stores but that only makes sense since the prices are less. Still, the clothes are cuter than you'd find at a department store and since they are so reasonably priced you can really stock up. It also really helps when you are buying for a large family. more

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Cheap! 4/18/2006

H &M's clearance racks are unrivaled! This store is the best for finding an outfit for cheap. The quality isn't too bad...the pieces I have bought from there have passed the test of time. I even bought my winter coat there for less then a hundred dollars and it did a great job of keeping me warm this winter. Overall, H&M is a nice alternative to all the overpriced stores lining Michigan Ave. more

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Amazing prices on trendy clothes. 4/16/2006

H&M sells quality, fashionable clothes in very affordable prices. most shirts are around $5-$20 and pants around around $15-$30. Their accessories are very affordable ($5 for a necklace and such). I love shopping here because I feel like I can get a trendy outfit without breaking the bank. I also get a lot of my basics there (tees, tanks, etc) at such cute colors and great prices. Watch the sales, and try the clothes on before leaving! I found that the sizes run small and not uniform throughout all the clothes. more

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It's All Talk 3/16/2006

I remember when this store was coming to Chicago and everyone was talking about how cheap it was. There were huge lines lining up to get in. Once it calmed down a couple weeks later, I went in to figure it out. Some things are low cost, but they are also cheap. You can get a scarf for three dollars, but is it going to keep you warm? Not everything in the store is like that, but a lot of it is. You have to think about the fact that most of these items are so cheap, because they were made so cheap. You might pay more by going somewhere else, but at least your clothes will last longer. This is the perfect place for the person who likes looking trendy, but is constantly getting new clothes. more

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Hit or miss 3/16/2006

This is a pretty big store with lots of clothes to choose from. They range from funky to trendy to completely offbeat. I find that actually a lot of the selections are a little offbeat, which is nice, but sometimes hard to match with clothes I already have. I feel like sometimes I don't like anything here, and sometimes I want a lot of stuff. Usually I end up leaving here with a few new articles of clothing like skirts or shirts, but it's not somewhere I would expect to find a whole new wardrobe. Also, because of the selection and pretty cheap prices, it can get pretty busy which can be frustrating. more

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Trendy Clothing 3/15/2006

I like this store a lot. Its cheaper than a lot of the other stores in the area. Plus, the clothes are trendy and nice. I usually try to hit the sales racks because that is where I find the best deals. And yea, the lines may seem long, but they move pretty fast and the sales people work fast too. Also, check out their outerwear section. They have lots of nice jackets for a good price range. more

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Cheap for Michigan Ave... 3/13/2006

But oh my goodness there's a line out the door all the time. But there's good bargins for people who know how to shop. My sister loves the selection (but then again she's a size 6... ha). The staff is umber friendly and helpful. The line has turned me away a lot though. I really don't like lines. more

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Trendy but Expensive and Cheap 3/12/2006

People always say this place is really cheap. But I don't really see the "cheap" aspect of thie store. most of their clothing is really overpriced, especially since it is made of such low quality materials. I bought a shirt from here for 30 dollars that looked like it was six years old after the first wash. I don't like to pay that sort of money that lasts only through one wash. But if tredny is what you are looking for, then I guess you've got your store.. more

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Cheap Trendy Clothes 3/12/2006

H&M is a great place to go when you want to buy trendy clothes but don't want to spend a lot of money on something you won't be wearing in a few months. Sure, the quality isn't the greatest, but you can't really expect much for the prices. Even so, I still have a few pieces that I bought years ago. It can get a little crazy on the weekends. more

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Clothes 3/7/2006

This is one of my favorite places to shop at in the city. Unlike most of the stores down Michigan Ave, this place is affordable and the clothes are trendy too. I always find something new and trendy when I go here. It's not only for men, either. They have a big store that is three levels and has clothes for men, women, and children. The only downside of this place is that it does get quite crowded on the weekends and also the clothes don't really have a super long life. But they are good for me and I enjoy the trendy and inexpensive aspect of them. more

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yuk! 3/5/2006

I really think that they have poor quality clothing. I've gotten a few tops from this store that basically just unraveled and whithered away. They claimed to have great prices when they first opened, however their they charge 40 and 50 bucks for a for flimsy jacket or skirt. If I am going to pay that much, I want higher quality product!! more

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Good organization, but slightly expensive 1/4/2006

I actually like the grouping of clothing by color--and because this H&M has many levels, everything is much easier to find. As for the prices, you can get a couple of pretty good deals occasionally, but for the quality of the merchandise, I have seen much lower prices. more

h&m 12/31/2005

H&M offers an impressibe amount of clothing and styles at great prices. You can find racks and racks of clothing with styles ranging from classy and trendy to chic just waiting for you to look at them. Prices may often reflect the poor quality of the item, but most essential wardrobe pieces can be found with an amazing price tag. It is recommended that you visit H&M on a weekday due to the amount of business they recieve on weekends, which may cause you to spend half of your visit waiting in line for either a fitting room or the cash register. more

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Sizes? Ha. 11/28/2005

The sizes at H&M are ridiculous. The shirts look nice on the outside but fit funny. The tank tops are made way too small but the sweaters are made way too big. It is also really hard to get the same item in your "size"...and their sizes are in factors of 4. So like 4, 8, 12...If you don't find a 4, chances are, you won't fit an 8. Their clothes are also pretty expensive- especially jeans and sweaters. Forever 21 is so much better. Its a lot cheaper, has more selection and their shirts fit surprisingly well. Its also a few blocks from H&M in the Nordstroms mall. Try that instead. more

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Yes and no 10/7/2005

I've visited H&M in Europe, NY and here... and elsewhere it's far better. Just better selection overall, more unique pieces that H&M became famous for. And yes, better prices. But here, I'm sometimes pleasantly surprised to find some staple pieces [tshirts, fun jewelry] for my wardrobe. It's just really hit and miss unless you tend towards a "younger" look, say teens or early 20s. Prices are hit or miss too, depending on what you're looking for, the sales rack is often the best place to look first. more
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