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H B Towing

5920 Outfall Cir
Sacramento, CA 95828
(916) 388-0000
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I hope you all realize that if you didn't park your car where it didn't belong, you'd have nothing to complain about. So, if you want to make sure your vehicle is not towed, make ...


We all know that HB towing and John grandchamp are crooks. From tax evasion on their lien sales to illegal towing. If you have any information or documentation to prove these alle...

We All Know HB is committing crimes on a regular basis 12/9/2011

We all know that HB towing and John grandchamp are crooks. From tax evasion on their lien sales to illegal towing. If you have any information or documentation to prove these allegations please visit; www HBtowingmakeitstop com more

I think crooks is a little out of line. 3/17/2011

I used to buy cars from Jigger and Bill for years and I can say Jigger's not a crook, Everyone in the towing business sales lien cars without having an auction and everyone reports only a fraction of what they really sold it for EVERYONE! Hell I've spent 4,5 6k at 1 time buying a few cars from them and they always put down I only paid 250.00 NO ONE LIKES PAYING TAXES! I probably spent close to 50k buying there liens and they only payed tax on 2k that doesnt make Jigger a crook. If you really wanna talk about cheating and stealing well your on the right track with Billy, that guy has cheated Jigger out of $$$$$ and Jigger's so dumb he don't know. I bought some real nice rims and tires for $500.00 once and Billy said he was gonna go buy him a new ??? I wouldnt be surprised if billy hasnt pocketed 100k he used to always brag about it he called it his ""benefit package"" why Jiggers doesnt open his eyes is beyond me, I could never work for either one I've seen the way they treat there employess. LIKE crap negro slaves 100 years ago were treated better. I'm surprised he hasnt been sued for making the workplace a hostile environment. HA so go and get him on tax evasion and not holding public auction for there liens and treating you people like sub humans but not the crooks thing. I wonder how his dad volunteers at citrus heights pd and his sons up on felony tax evasion??? ha I do have some killer dirt you can use Ill email you. It will get billy fired asap and jigger in a whole lot of trouble..Ill right im outta here. more

I worked for the crooks. 3/4/2011

Hello, I used to work for hb towing and I'm writing this review so I can warn A) anyone looking for a job. B) existing and future clients. C) anyone who has or still is employed with them join our lawsuit. The owners goes by Jigger which stands for jew-nigg** and hes darn proud of his name, HB Towing has violated 100's of laws from the labor board, osha, eocc, state,federal tax board, CHP, the list goes on. For starters numerous times I went on a call for someone parked in handicapped spot without the plaque hanging from mirror. Numerous times I'd get there and the handicap sign would be in door pocket, seat or somewhere else but visible from outside of car. everytime i was told to get in the car and hide it somewhere so we could tow the car in, Jigger and Bill (jiggers right hand man) thought it was funny when theyd come to pay for it and 90 percent of the time they were elderly barely making it on Social Security. Jigger is so cheap I used to carry my own toilet paper in my truck because he wouldnt buy any. He didn't pay you for holidays, vacation etc.. not to mention state and federal labor laws he breaks, towing in cars stripped by there owmers and up for repossession because he knew the finance comp would come pick them up. selling cars for $thousands of dollars but recording only a couple hundred. changing the date on paperwork so he can get the lien paperwork back to him before the people had a chance to pick it up. But on the other hand jigger gets ripped off by bill he sells cars and doesnt give some or all the money to jigger and pockets it, ( hes pocketed over 30k) adrian an ex employee stole 10k before jigger put 2 and 2 together he even had this hillbilly with no teeth cowboy build 20 year old software for the company and then went around bragging he could cripple jigger by crashing it he even promoted a tow truck driver named josh to manager and he has the skills of a 5 year old. I dont want to give out ALL of our secrets but our lawyer said with all of the proof, documentation and willing witnesses jigger will lose everything and go out of business just in back sales taxes alone that he lied about will hurt him badly..not to mention lose the CHP forever with the dirt we have for them. If you work or have worked there and have info and proof you'd like to share and be a part of our settlement feel free to email me. at..hb.lawsuit@gmail com..lets put this loser out of business and take every penny he has!! more

<3'S HB TOWING! 7/20/2010

I hope you all realize that if you didn't park your car where it didn't belong, you'd have nothing to complain about. So, if you want to make sure your vehicle is not towed, make sure you park in YOUR spot. That's what designated parking spots are for. Don't be a baby and whine about things you could prevent in the first place. The leasing office pays these guys to do their job, and they are doing a damn good job if they can get your car hooked up to a big truck and be out before you even notice. You've seen those big trucks they drive, right? Highly noticable, not very quiet either.. If you really want to get back at them, stop parking illegally! Pros: HARD WORKERS Cons: BAD REPUTATION more

inconsiderate and rude 4/29/2010

My friend had parked in my apartment complex for just a minute to unload. She has a handicap plack, and all the handicap spaces were filled by other cars illegally. more

Unprofessional 4/9/2010

My son borrowed my car and was in the wrong parking spot - his fault. It's registered in my name so I had to deal with trying to get it back. I called and was told that it would be $330 if I picked it up that day (2 hours after they took it), I asked how much if I couldn't get it until the next day, they said 249. I said ok I will be there first thing in the morning. I got my money and went to get the car. When I finally found the place - they hide it- I walked into a small space that was covered with diamond plate, there was a bullet proof window with a slot beneath. A voice from someplace asked me what I wanted. I told them I was there to get my car. he asked for registration, of course it was in the car. after about an hour someone finally said 290. I asked after a few minutes are you talking to me? the voice said yeah who do you think? I asked why it was so much more than they said on the phone, he said 190. to pick it up, 50. to place it on the truck and 50. because it was the next day. I asked when the next day had begun because they had the car for just over 10 hours, he told me it started at 4:55 am. I said I wish you would have told me that on the phone I would have been here at 4;45am he said wouldnt have done any good we don't open till 8. I finally got the car, took inventory and found that a pair of Arnette sunglasses, 140.00 in cash and about 42 CD's were missing. Of course they didn't know where they were and accused me of lying. Now I had to make a police report. Do not go anyplace in the city where these people tow from!!!! I was treated like a criminal and I am not. Cons: hard to find, hard to deal with, rude staff more

Don't do what your not supposed to do! 2/26/2010

After reading several reviews on HB Towing I just had to respond. It seems to me the majority of the complaints are from people who have been towed! Fine, your greivences are heard but did you sit back and think about how you could have prevented this from happening? As adults we have the responsibility to be aware of rules and regulations, regardless. 95% of the time warnings are posted, most people don't take the time to be aware of such postings; we're too busy talking on cell phones(yes! many people still do this even though it is illegal, see it every day!),listening to music, chatting etc. Quit blaming everything and everyone else and take responsibility for yourself. Yes, I have been towed due to my own negligence and not paying attention. Yes, it is costly especially in these times but I guarantee you'll be more aware of private property and other laws once bitten by the tow truck! Pros: Great Service Cons: time more

STAY AWAY 10/1/2009

IF YOU LIVE IN AN APARTMENT COMPLEX IN SACRAMENTO, CHECK YOUR PARKING RULES! IF THE COMPLEX USES HB TOWING, BEWARE OF PARKING IN ANOTHER TENANTS PARKING SPOT FOR EVEN 5 MINUTES, OR PARKING ILLEGALLY ANYWHERE IN SACRAMENTO. PLEASE WATCH OUT BECAUSE YOUR VEHICLE CAN DISAPPEAR IN LESS THEN 5 MINUTES WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE BY HB TOWING! This is a great way to make lots of money. You get legal contracts with owners of private property that grants you access to take their tenants or visitors vehicles( that are of course parked illegaly)without any sort of prior warning to the owner of the vehicle or notice and then charge the poor owner 280 dollars to get their vehicle back. Plus an additional 50 dollars each day after. Sure it is all legal on paper, but this company is morally wrong for doing this by giving NO warning notice on paper on the parked vehicle. Even a 12 hour notice would be nice enough. Sure some say its not H B towings fault, they are only making a living, they are only doing what they are told. I say sure they are but that does not justify the enormous fees they charge for simply towing a car 16 miles and holding it. And doing so while knowing the average American is just trying to get by in these tough economic times. : ( AGAIN ALL I AM ASKING IS TO CHANGE THIS RIDICULOUS POLICY AND JUST PLACE A WARNING STICKER FOR AT LEAST 12 HOURS BEFORE YOU TOW THE VEHICLE UNLESS IT IS A DANGER OR MAJOR OBSTRUCTION TO THE PUBLIC OR TRAFFIC. more

Unbelieveable 3/31/2009

I used to staff a towing company in West Sac so I know how these companys work and some laws around it and I find it very amusing when I read these reviews. First of all.. they cannot tow your cars unless there are signs everywhere, if not you can call the police so anyone that says there are no signs.. well you are not looking hard enough. Second, if you were tagged once wouldnt you never leave your car in a space EVEN FOR 5 MINUTES where you could be towed again? Common sense people! more


HB Towing got me twice, yes twice. First time totally my fault i was in direct violation of complex rules, it sucked but was completely aware that it was a reaction to my violation. But this second one is quit the bizarre story. Pros: THEY PROVIDE JOBS Cons: MORALLY CORRUPTED more


HB Towing calls it legal, but in reality, it is ""Grand Theft Auto"". They troll neighborhoods and tow away vehicles that are supposedly in violation of a parking ordinance. Out-of-towners beware! I found out the hard way. The cost of $235 to bail out a mini van towed by HB Towing is price gouging. Why? According to HB Towing, there was an ordinance which stated that it was illegal to park a commercial vehicle (in other words, has a business name on it) overnight in this particular neighborhood. By the way, there were no warning signs of any such infraction posted on this street. How is an out of towner supposed to know these ordinances, if it is not stated any where in viewing. One such neighborhood to avoid is in Roseville, California, a John Lang Homes community in Highland Park, called Strada. Residents, who happen to have a company vehicle, have to park their cars or trucks across the street at the Target parking lot and walk across a dangerously busy road to get home, just to avoid being towed by the HB Towing vultures. This is what I found out, but only after my van was stolen by HB Towing. The visitors are being victimized; the homeowners are scared and mortified by this towing company. The law isn?t doing anything about it. So who wins? HB Towing does, of course, because they are raking in the money by charging exorbitant fees to get your vehicle back. Is this legalized stealing or grand theft auto? You decide! They are hiding behind the skirts of the hidden laws with an immoral cause. Shame on you HB Towing, as you are taking advantage and causing a lot of grief out there. How do you sleep at night? BAD KARMA, BAD BUSINESS! It explains why there are so many HB Towing locations throughout the Sacramento valley. I suspect there are a lot of folks out there who are being victimized. Time for a class action law suit. Let?s shut them down! In these poor economical times, there is no room for greedy business practices such as this! Pros: They answer the phone. Cons: They take the law into their own hands. more

WORST PLACE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12/21/2008


Business which makes them look bad 10/10/2008

HB Towing is horrible!!! This towing business just makes them look bad, i dont know how they stayed in businness. When my car got towed i ask them why and who called it , they gave me no answer but said ""I dont, but the time was..."", these people are nonsense. They dont give no information, there was a fat guy up front behind a bullet proof window, as people already know and gave me no info, what kind of business is that. I pay them 220 for nothing i did wrong, they gave me no reason why they towed and i still dont know why either. These towing company must go down, F*ck HB Towing they are just money hungry bastards who dont know what to do when they are ask just a simple question and they act like retards who is reading off a card. All i got to say is F*CK HB Towing go to hell Sacramento dont need business like that!!! Pros: having retards working there, they have respect in that... Cons: need to remove retard out, and have real worker there... more

HB towing needs to get shut down 9/28/2008

HB Towing is the MOST corrupt business in Sacramento. we need to shut their business DOWN right away. more


had My Truck Towed away by HB towing. I had parked in a handicap parling spot but my placard had fallen down on the dashboard. I tried to reason with the toe truck driver but he told me to pay $90.00 since my placard was not visible. When i agreed he flat refused to take the $90.00 he initially asked for. instead he told me to come get my truck from the storage yard. & pay all towing charges I called HB towing office and they were not helpful at all. Instead the person i spoke with told me i was hard of hearring and even went to the extend of threatening me. When i reqsted for his managers full name he refused to disclose the information saying it was not necessary. I would Never recommend anyone to ever utilise HB towing Services. They are just a company robbing the people IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. I just wonder if they even follow the approriate laws and are legally doing what they are supposed to. I just hope no one else goes through what i had to with HB towing. HB TOWING DOESNT EVEN QUALIFY FOR A RATING..THEY SERVICES ARE DISCRIMINATING & COMPLETELY UNETHICAL AND BY FAR THE WORST TOWING COMPANY. Cons: LYING AND CHEATING more


Be very careful of this towing company. They remove cars from places that are not even listed in red zones. My complex send information out about it. They dont it to steal money from people. they lie and say it takes an hour to get your car and charge it to you. It takes them 5 to 9 min to take off with your car. Mine was unlocked and not in a red zone. They stole equippment from my car. They refused to tell me were my car was. I had to contact several people to get a address. It took police 6-8 hours to help me pick up my car the next day. they wanted to close before police got there so they can charge for the weekend plus holiday. They are stealing money. I have set up survillance to collect tapes of what they are doing .I will walk down with flyers I will talk to anyone who will listen. I will shut them down. They also recently got a bullet proof only can pay there. I know why. Cause they are stealing and towing cars they have no buisness towing. I have been parking there for 3 years. I took pictures to Iam not in any red zones. These uneducated stupid men wont go get a legal job they have to steal from others because they are not intelligent or educated. It so sick and so sad. I encourage people not to use this service and If you seem them whipping in your parking lot watch what they do record it on video the police are useless. THEY ARE LYING CHEATING AND STEALING FROM PEOPLE IT IS MY PERSON MISSION TO MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT HAPPEN TO OTHER PEOPLE AND THAT THEY ARE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS FOR THE ILLEGAL PRACTICES THEY ARE USING...IAM NOT PAYING TO PUT FOOD ON THEIR KIDS TABLES. ITS TIME THEY LIVED ON THE STREETS WITH OUT A JOB FOR THE ILLEGAL PRACTICES THEY ARE USING ON INNOCENT PEOPLE....LETS TURN THE TABLES AROUND TAKE VIDEO WARN PEOPLE THEY HOPE YOU HAVE NO MONEY TO PAY SO THEY CAN KEEP YOUR CAR AND SELL IT..THEY ARE RUDE DONT ENCOURAGE THEM GO TO A BETTER PLACE OR U WILL BE SORRY Pros: bulletproof counter Cons: Haven my equipment stolen Paying $220 to lying cheating men who can get a real career that lack education more
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