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Gym One INC

3300 W Anderson Ln
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 459-6165
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Gym One INC - Austin, TX


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I have been working out for ten years and have THREE gym memberships at the big chains in Austin. I workout A LOT and get sick of gyms easily, so I like the change of scenery in ...


Not worth the price. Pros: not crowded Cons: age and condition of equipment

Not the best 1/30/2012

If you like to go to the gym and talk and waste your time than this is the gym for you. God forbid if you catch the owner on one of his bad mood days, look out!! But not to worry hes all show and no go. I was asked to leave because there was an issue at the gym and the owner pretty much blamed me,with out any proof!!! It was a pretty crapy thing to do, even though the issue at hand happened to me as well..?? Anyway im better off where i am now, where lifting weights is the only thing that goes on there. "" Surrond yourself with people that make you better"" more

Dirty! Rude staff!?? 8/15/2010

The owner gave me a free week before signing up for a membership. I got some kind of foot fungus in the gentleman's locker-rooms. The carpets were very dirty and it smells like mildew. I approached the owner about this and he got very defensive. Since that time I felt no longer welcome. I am originally from the Austin area and found the people who run this place are very peculiar.? more

Poor experience 10/2/2009

Not worth the price. Pros: not crowded Cons: age and condition of equipment more

Broken equipment taking months to be fixed, rates at more than $40/mo (with tax) 11/19/2008

Was a longtime member from nearly the very beginning but recently moved on to greener pastures. Reasons? New ownership. Came in with a whole slew of promises and made some changes. Some good like adding a coffee bar, etc. But some not so good, like raising the rates-- in my case by more than 25% a month, costing me more than $120 extra each year. Also, a growning frustration with numerous signs posted on equipment ""parts on order"" only to find that no one had actually even looked at the bike, treadmill, etc in question. Then, try to get out of their ""month to month"" contract and see how quickly they get that straight. Take it from someone who was there for years, you'll do yourself a favor by moving somewhere else. Pros: Small, usually not too busy Cons: Broken equipment, pricey, slow to fix problems more

A rare gem of a gym in Austin 9/10/2008

I have been working out for ten years and have THREE gym memberships at the big chains in Austin. I workout A LOT and get sick of gyms easily, so I like the change of scenery in the other gyms. However, since starting at Gym 1 last year I haven't used the large chain memberships at all! I started training with Lonn Koentopp about 8 months ago, and I venture to say he's the BEST trainer in Austin. He's a knowledgeable, back to basics no nonsense trainer and pushes me hard. I've seen more results with him than the three other trainers I've tried over the years and he's much more affordable.\r \r I absolutely love the atmosphere at Gym 1. After only a short time of working out there you feel like one of the family! It's low on gossip but high on cleanliness and positive attitudes. Bruce is a quiet, unpretentious owner who sincerely cares about his gym and his members. Women's locker room is GREAT! They provide lockers and towels, shower and sauna. Music can be somewhat inconsistent..just bring your iPod.\r \r Plenty of cardio equipment, free weights and machines. Even at 5 o'clock you rarely have to wait on anyone. \r \r I just can't say enough good things about it! I'm so happy to have found a gym that feels like home! Pros: Parking, atmosphere, Lonn (my trainer) more

couldnt be any better 3/5/2008

For someone without much gym experience Gym One and the owner Bruce were the PERFECT find. A huge variety of equipment and Bruce is always very willing to show you how to use it corectly. The place is clean, the staff is friendly, the price is right and it never has the meathead vibe of the larger chain gyms I checked out. Go to gym one, talk to bruce and you'll be sold. Cons: cant think of one more

Best gym to keep your focus on you 2/6/2008

Gym One has all the equipment and amenities any gym member could ever need. What makes Gym One truly special is the non-intimidating atmosphere which makes this gym a great place for people to start back into a regular exercise routine. You won't find the muscle-bound guys on steroids grunting and screaming their way through a workout or scantily clad women in spandex looking for their next boyfriend instead of an open treadmill. Everyone's there for one reason - to get back into shape or to keep in shape. What a refreshing change over most gyms I've been to recently.\r more

Austin's own Cheers 12/7/2007

Gym One is a neighborhood gym, ?where everybody knows your name? to quote a famous phrase from the theme song of the TV sitcom, Cheers. And like Cheers, Gym One is a nice friendly place to work out. No matter what type of exercise you desire, it is available and there is a trainer who specializes in it. I find that even when I don't have the desire to exercise, I manage to show up just to see the friendly faces. Of course, then I have to exercise!\r \r If you look hard enough at Gym One, you will find Austin's own personalities of Sam, Woody, Diane, Cliff, Norm, Carly, Fraser and the whole ensemble along with all their foibles and dreams. It's worth a visit, if for no other reason than to see a smile and hear a friendly, ?Hello.? more

Very Good Environment Overall 11/17/2007

This is a nice place to work out, because of it's ""comfortable"" surroundings. However, the music has gone WAY downhill since the old owner sold it, and the new owner seems to voice his dislike for some members pretty openly. That's surprising considering he's trying to build a client base, but whatever. Overall, a good gym with GREAT trainers. Pros: nice facility with awesome trainers Cons: new owner seems to not understand some key business principles more

Only place to go!!! 9/24/2007

My experience at Gym 1 has been the best since my entrance into the fitness industry in 1998. This is a gym that caters to everyone; personal trainer and member alike. Bruce Casas is a hands on owner. You will see him training a client, working on a piece of equipment or joking with one of his highly valued members. Sometimes you even see him talking to the sound system in no uncertain terms but that is only because he wants the very best in music for his gym. He works at it until it is right and that's a tall order when you're satisfying everyone, especially when it comes to music. We're all so picky!!! One of my pet peaves is the way the personal trainers are treated in corporate gyms. You don't get that at Gym 1. Personal trainers are treated with respect and dignity and encouraged to pursue their job as a profession not a sideline. Only the best independent personal trainers in Austin work at Gym 1. Personal Trainers are treated as members and members are treated as real people with real needs. Every morning I walk in I'm happy and as the day progresses I only get happier. The comraderie betwen members and trainers is awesome making it a great place to workout. No snarls, no arguments just a spirit of fun and an attitude of ""let's get 'er done"". In all seriousness if you're considering a place to workout for the long haul that is affordable and friendly Gym 1 is the place for you. Pros: All pros Cons: No cons more

Try a ""real"" gym 9/23/2007

Gym One is definitely a step above the rest.\r It's own unique style sets it in a different category by far.\r A combination of different members as well as fabulous trainers to meet each individual member's needs.\r There is a diverse group of people inside ranging from Seniors to college students, runners, triathletes & everything in between.\r Probably the best part about Gym one is that both the members & trainers are all ""real""...\r If you are looking for an accommodating gym with a neighborhood feel that is still a serious place to get your ""work"" done...this is the place for you...this is a real gym!\r more

Best Gym with the BEST trainers!!! 9/10/2007

Gym One is very laidback and they are all about ""the workout"". There are a ton of personal trainers that train there...I have the best...Jon Speakman!!\r Bruce, the owner is so down to earth and very dedicated. \r You sweat...and feel great about yourself when you leave!!\r \r more

Enjoy your workouts 9/10/2007

Gym One is a great 'neighborhood' gym, although it caters to many more than just the neighbors. In Austin's spirit of health & fitness, Gym One shines in stark contrast to larger, corporately owned gym chains. The atmosphere is casual, friendly, and personal; you're not just a number or 'member', and it's not a meat market. The billing is kept in-house, the owner is usually on-site, and your feedback and suggestions are taken seriously. The locker rooms are clean and well supplied 'Just In Case' you might have forgotten to bring something. Towel service, concessions, and other amenities are also provided.There's only one location, but that maintains the spirit of this gym. ""Do it once, do it right"". \r Several personal trainers can always be found on the floor, more than happy to answer questions and give friendly advice. ""Sales"" is not a department at this gym, it's just a place to get a great workout, and rub elbows with friendly, down-to-Earth people. Pros: friendly, locally owned & run, each person matters, hard-to-find amenities Cons: only one location more

A Gym with Great Spirit 9/4/2007

Fine equipment, soft towels and extended hours of operation do not make a gym ""great."" What does, in my opinion, is the ""spirit"" or ""energy"" of the place, which is a direct result of the collective spirit of the people in the place. At Gym-One, where I train clients, this ""spirit"" begins with the integrity and commitment of the owner, Bruce Casas, who decided Gym-One will be special--friendly, personal and meticulously committed to creating the best possible experience for everyone who calls it home. I am proud to call Gym-One my gym home--proud to be part its' great spirit. Scott McTeer more

A gym that makes it easy to get and stay fit. 9/3/2007

I've trained in more than a dozen neighborhood gyms in Austin since back to Trim and Swim...and can honestly say that Gym One is as good as they get. \r The size is ideal...not too small, not too large. It's never too crowded and the music's never too loud. It's never too hot or too cold. The staff and independent trainers are all friendly, helpful and professional. The locker rooms are clean and user friendly with lots of extras and the dry saunas are a bonus. The vast array of cardio machines, weight machines, free weights and various fitness accessories and apparatus make it easy to get any kind of workout you could want. \r Besides the addition of lots of new equipment this spring and summer, my new favorite thing about Gym One is that the owner believes in keeping the gym open on holidays...except of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas. So if you're looking for a gym that will help make it easy for you to get or stay in shape, check out Gym One. And if you're already a member at some big, unfriendly, dirty, loud gym that you're not using because you hate going so much, consider joining Gym One instead...or even in addition to. You'll get your money's worth by actually using the gym. Pros: clean, friendly, comfortable Cons: short weekend hours more

Best Atmosphere You Could Hope For in a Gym 9/2/2007

You know the way most corporate gyms work: You walk inside and are almost immediately deafened by the blaring music. The people at the front desk either ignore you, or look annoyed that they have to scan your keytag. You wanted to run, but of course there are no available treadmills, so you hop on an elliptical and spend 30 minutes staring at some corporate video channel that actually interrupts the music with commercials. You finally finish and go to take a shower, only to find you've forgotten your towel, so you're forced to dry off with paper towels from the rest room. No wonder we all struggle with losing weight - who wants to spend time in a place like that?!\r \r Well there is a better way, and that better way is found at Gym One. You walk inside, and after a few visits the staff greets you by name. There are always clean towels available and the locker rooms are stocked with amenities in case you forget something. There are tons of independent trainers, so you can find whatever type of workout you want (I highly recommend Elite Form Fitness!), instead of some drone following a corporate template. There's always equipment available and everything is clean.\r \r Stop hating the gym...check out Gym One and you'll never want to leave! Pros: Friendly staff, lots of amenities, very clean Cons: short weekend hours more

This is my new home 8/30/2007

I have been looking for a gym in Austin that is clean, well equipped and has an inviting atmosphere. I found all of those attributes here. As soon as I entered the place, someone behing the front desk smiled at me and asked if I would like to look around. I felt no pressure whatsoever to sign up like one might encounter at a Golds or 24 hour fitness. Gym One is a very comfortable size as well. I am not really into the Mega-sized gyms that seem to keep springing up all over town. I rarely have to wait for a piece of equipment and everything is so clean. Someone seems to always be organizing and sanitizing the equipment when I'm there.They have fresh towels to use at no charge and even mouthwash in the mens locker room! I also love the easy parking and Gym monthly rates. They dont have one of those crazy long term contracts. You can go month to month or even get a day pass. I guess by now, you know I love this place. I'm going to be here a while. Pros: Friendly atmosphere, clean equipment, towl service, great parking more

Best gym in Austin, TX! 8/30/2007

Gym One is the gem of gyms in Austin. It has all the perks of a corporate gym without the attitude of one. First of all, Gym One is locally owned. Secondly, there is no intimidation factor. You'll be greeted with a smile at the front desk by someone who remembers your name. It's a clean gym with plenty of quality equipment and friendly smiles to go around. If you're looking for a cool Austin vibe to work out in without the posers of a corporate meat market, Gym One is the ideal gym. Pros: Parking is never a problem. Huge parking lot. more

Great Locally Owned Gym 6/29/2007

Guys, Gym One is a great local workout facility that avoids the larger ?franchise gyms? we are seeing more of in Austin. Gym One is locally owned where you have great one-on-one contact with staff and fellow members. They carry the most updated exercise equipment, and a great staff is in place to answer any workout questions. \r \r With a great location just off Mopac (Anderson Lane), there are no excuses why you can?t visit either before or after work! And based on the numerous machines available, there is no wait for a particular machine. It?s another great local Austin establishment that we need to see more of versus an oversized/generic gym! \r more

Best Gym to Obtain Professional, Friendly Help to Get in Shape! 6/28/2007

OK Austin frends and's the secret to health and happiness....join GymOne! My New Year's Resolution this year was to get in shape (loose 20-30 pounds, fat and inches) the healthy way (Weight Watchers, a professional trainer, and a friendly local gym for cardio and weights). GymOne has been the place for me to get fit and enjoy getting there!\r \r Bruce (the owner) is a fun and caring customer oriented professional. He is continuoulsy making improvements to the business he is so proud of (facility design changes, ceiling fans, new equipment, immaculate bathrooms.) There's a a good reason why so many excellent, certified trainers (like the one I use..Claudia) are associated with GymOne . It's the perfect place to learn how to use weights, and work towards reaching your health/fitness goals. I've never met so many friendly, helpful people ""in a sweat""!\r \r Happy to report that I 've been enjoying GymOne now for 6 months and I have lost 22 pounds and lots of inches to get into a Size 6-8. Bruce just installed new Treadmills on Monday so I'll be ""pounding the virtual pavement"" to get the last few pounds off, and actually enjoying the journey! Pros: Not too big, involved and customer oriented owner, continuous enhancements Cons: None noticed more
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  • Locally owned gym maintains community environment while providing weight training, cardiovascular exercising and personal trainer instruction among other services.

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