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Gwinnett Ob/Gyn Assoc

1700 Tree Ln Rd Ste 290
Snellville, GA 30078
(770) 972-0330
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I have been a patient at Gwinnett OBGYN for almost eight years. I am now pregnant with my second child and have had nothing but good experiences with this group. I started out yea...


My husband moved to GA and we got pregnant in November of 07' and ended up having a miscarriage. When I went there for my followup after having it my doctor honestly could of care...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/20/2014

It is incredibly irritating that you say you are open at 745, yet when I call at that time your recording is on saying you are closed and that I should \r Call back during normal office hours. If you are open, then someone needs to answer the phone. more

Bad experience time after time 1/27/2012

Start with the phone calls: a 15 minute hold to try and make an appointment. Then an average of 4 hours to get a call returned from the nurse desk. They have an answering system that tells you to call back during normal business hours is turned on 30 minutes early. And then the receptionist was very rude while I was trying to make an appointment. Though the nurse was very nice when she called me back, though it may take a while to get a call back. I've been there 3 times in the last month with wait times from 30 minutes - over an hour. The time it took over an hour after my appointment time to call me back when I got there 10 minutes early was when I was there to do an ultrasound and almost peed my pants because I needed a full bladder to get it done (the instructions were to drink 1 liter of water by and hour before your appointment time) and then had to wait. However, Nurse Practitioners Ms. Freeman and Ms. Sells are very nice and helpful. Though, it has now been 15 days since I had my PAP test, and I STILL don't have my results. Needless to say I am now looking for a new office to go to. Which is unfortunate that the nurse practitioners are so sweet at an office that bad. more

Love my OBGYN! 6/29/2011

I have been a patient at Gwinnett OBGYN for almost eight years. I am now pregnant with my second child and have had nothing but good experiences with this group. I started out years ago seeing Dr. Callaghan who has since moved out of state but soon after started to see the nurse practioner Dorian Freeman. I see her for all routine and problem visits. She is wonderful. Now that I am pregnant you are required to see all the doctors 4 female and 2 male since you will not know who will be on call when you deliver. Dr. Johnson delivered my 1st son. I am now about to deliver my 2nd son with this group and will be happy with any Dr. that happens to be on call that day. This is a great group of Doctors and I have always had pleasant experiences with the office staff. They have also recently got 2 new nurse practitioners who formerly worked as labor and delivery nurses at Eastside. Due to there experiences coming from labor and delivery this has been very comforting during my pregnancy. more

Not Pleased 4/22/2011

I had a hard time changing my OBGYN doctor as I really liked the last doctor I had but, we recently moved and i needed to see someone closer to home. more

Best OB-GYN around! 3/30/2011

My husband and I moved to the area in 2008 and I have been a patient of Gwinnett OBGYN for 3 yrs (2 pregnancies). Going into a practice this large you should know about their practices/policies. If seeing just one doctor during your whole pregnancy is what you want, this is not the practice for you. They required me to see all of the physicians throughout my pregnancy, (this was for my benefit). You never know which doctor will be on call when you go in to labor so it is a good thing you have met all of them at least once. I would much rather have this happen than to see only one doctor my whole pregnancy then he/she be out of town when I go in to labor and have some doctor I have never met before deliver my baby. more

Wonderful doctors and helpful billing dept 3/24/2011

I started going to Gwinnett Obgyn about 4 years ago needing a good gyn due to female issues of ovarian cysts and due to most women I did not have a gyn doctor as going for my annual is not likeable priority on my list. Anyways since I have found Gwinnett Obgyn I have no hesitation is calling for my annuals and other problems I have at times. I am prone to fibroids and cysts on my ovaries and have a lot of pain due to them and the doctors there have been very understanding and I am now on medication that has helped alot. Now my daughter is going there due to heavy and painful menstrual cycles and they have been so wonderful with her as well! I called the billing dept one day to look into a procedure being covered by my ins, an IUD, and they were more than helpful! I definately recommend this office to any woman and your daughters! more

Bad experiance from start...don't recomend to anyone 12/9/2010

I thought the doc. would be more respectful and caring, but it was completely opposite. When I asked questions he answered them in medical terms like i was suppose to understand, and when I asked him to explain, he said ""well... you asked"" and would not explain anything to me. The staff in simply HORRIBLE, they had my due date couple weeks off and every time i went there they would not change it. I lost my insurance and could not get one for a month and one of the nurses told me that if I don't make an appointment immediately and come with a load of money I would have to find another doctor!!! ( is this even legal) I would NOT recommend this place to anyone. They caused me a lot of stress and headaches. There are many other doc. who actualy know how to treat people. more

Just Horrible...3 Strikes and they're OUT! 10/29/2010

I started going to Gwinnett OB/GYN Assoc when I first moved to the area in 2008. My initial experience was ok -it was my annual check-up. I had found them by using CitySearch-at their time, they were listed as being one of the best OBGYNs in the Gwinnett area. Boy, was I mistaken! more

Another bad experience 4/11/2010

I also had a bad experience with this office after having two miscarriages. Following the first miscarriage, I was told to wait two months before beginning to try and become pregnant again. We waited two months, and tried again- and were lucky enough to become pregnant again. Upon returning to Gwinnett OBGYN, I requested some additional monitoring- HCG levels, progesterone levels, and an early ultrasound. They refused. I miscarried for the second time at 9 weeks, shortly after my first OB visit with them. (At that first visit, they refused- again- to give me an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay. Had they done an u/s, they would've seen that fetal development stopped at six weeks and my body had not miscarried yet- that finally came in my 9th week.) I left the office, found a new doctor, and got those additional tests. I don't produce high enough levels of progesterone to sustain a pregnancy without help- with progesterone, extra ultrasounds, and a new doctor, I carried my third pregnancy to term and have a healthy baby now. Had they done a SIMPLE BLOOD TEST, I could very well have avoided another loss. Cons: uncaring, unprofessional, unsupportive of informed patients more

Uncaring... very bad... 3/31/2010

I was using Gwinnett OB-GYN during my first pregnancy and was told I was miscarrying. They did not seem to care or offer any advice or options. Also, when dealing with the staff they seem overworked. EVERYTIME I call to book an appointment I have very long hold times (at least 6 minutes but have had to wait for about 15 before getting an answer. I just switched doctors and am SO glad I did! There are other OB's in the same building (wont name names) that are the exact opposite of GWINNETT OB GYN. My new Ob Gyn is amazing. No long hold times and the doctors are very personable and seem truly concerned with whatever is going on in my pregnancy. Always willing to answer questions, unlike Gwinnett Ob Gyn who made me feel stupid for even asking certain things. Would not suggest this doctor to anyone for any reason. There are MANY other options! Pros: Only that its close to my home , but then again so are MANY Cons: Doctors seem uncaring, staff seems overworked, more

Baddddddddd place 11/1/2009

I'm six months pregnant and I was not feeling good this weekend on friday eve I started getting a horrible rash in my stomach , full of red spots and itching alot... I could not sleep all night on saturday so I got up @ 6;30 and finally call the doctor on call ....He said his name and I told him ""I have red spots all over my belly and I dont know what is it, also they are itching alot....I dont know what to do?""......and his first reaction to my comment was....why are you calling me @ 6;30am, he didnt care what was the problem he was to concern about the time i call, he didnt ask if i had a fever or pain or trouble breathing....he didnt ask me any ohter question....i was so upset i started crying and hang up the phone....I end going to the emergency room .....if this doctors dont want to be bother on weekend or night they need to take this service out Cons: doctor mocik more

Was not impressed for the mst part! 10/3/2009

My husband moved to GA and we got pregnant in November of 07' and ended up having a miscarriage. When I went there for my followup after having it my doctor honestly could of cared less I thought, I wanted to ask him more questions, but said it will be okay you can try for another in a couple of months and left. I was sitting on the table really confused. And honestly really ticked off and wanted to cry. I was so sad about losing the baby first off and had questions to ask and I didn't get time to say anything......... Well we got pregnant again in March of 08' and was seeing all the doctors, which I didn't like. I would like to have 1 doctor to see and that doctor deliver my baby. I'm not use to that where i'm normally from they don't do that. So don't care for that at all. The financial department were rude I thought, we got behind paying for the delivery b/c I had lost my job and the lady was RUDE!!!!! She basically told me if we didn't pay anything that day that they will refuse my services. WHAT THE HECK????? Wouldn't work with us at all. Anyways we moved back to our homestate when I was 7 months and had the BEST treatment from my doctors there. They are much better then this place. All I have to say is that these doctors here need to take more time with their patient and go over things so you understand what is going on especially when it's your 1st pregnancy! more

Very Unprofessional - Worth Negative Star Rating! 7/27/2009

I recently moved to the area and made an appointment to be seen here and was newly pregnant at the time. They scheduled me to see a doctor and have an ultrasound (1.5 hours apart - which should have told me something). Anyways,about a week after making the appointment I was out of state and ended up having a miscarriage and a D&C at another hospital. I returned and called this office to let them know I wouldn't need the ultrasound appointment but still needed to follow up with an OB. The office staff member I talked to told me she had to cancel my appointment and couldn't let me have the appointment I had scheduled b/c it was for an OB patient and I was not an OB patient. She also told me that they couldn't schedule an appointment for me until they saw my medical records confirming the D&C b/c they had to make sure they made the right appointment for me. When I wanted to talk to someone else she transferred me to another staff member who asked me several questions and told me the same information that I couldn't have an appointment with a doctor there until they had my medical records and that I couldn't have that same appointment b/c I wasn't an OB patient. As it was only 4 days after my D&C my hormones were all over the place and I started crying. I was then told I was being irrate with her as I had been with the previous staff member. I asked to speak to the office manager who then preceded to tell me that they had to talk to a doctor to find out what kind of appointment I would need. I proceded to tell her that I didn't appreciate being told I was irrate when I was dumbfounded and upset and that the office staff needs to talk to patients in a more appropriate manner. I also questioned why a group of this size would not know what kind of appointment to schedule for someone who had recently had a D&C and needed to follow up with an MD. I also asked why it was being implied that I either didn't know for sure if I had a D&C or that I would possibly be lying about having one. She of course just replied that they needed to find out what kind of an appointment I would need. She wanted a phone number to call me back at and then wanted to ""get off the phone"" as quick as possible it seemed. I found another OB group to see in the same office building and they were quite willing to schedule me an appointment and even knew how! Imagine that! The MD's at Gwinnett OB-GYN associates need to teach their office staff to be professional, courteous, and polite. Apparently, they also need to teach them that people who have D&C's still need to be seen by an OB medical doctor for a follow up appointment. more

Serious God Complex Issues 6/15/2009

My wife just had our son at Emory Eastside. The hospital is great. Unfortunately, the Gwinnett OBGYN was quite the opposite. First they have a number of Doctor's you are required to see before you can deliver, making it utterly impossible to establish a bond with any doctor in particular. It is overly crowded, so to compensate, they cycle you through sometimes without a ""hello"" or ""how are you?"". It makes you feel like you're just another face in the crowd. They have a list of unneccesary protocol that they make you go through, some of them needing a special appointment. Scheduling appointments is horrendous, because they are so crowded you might have to take a day off work often to even get to an appointment. THE MOST frustrating part of our entire experience with this group is the TOTAL LACK of choice they give you. My wife tested positive for ""Gestational Diabetes"" ( or so they thought). Thereafter, they had an entire regimen of things she was ""required"" to do such as weekly appointments and ""4 times a day sugar checking"". We used our right to refuse the sugar checking and opted to treat the GD nutritionally. My wife would leave crying nearly everytime because of the intimidation and scare tactics they used to try to get her to do this testing. Dr. El Gammal in particular was the rudest and most ""all knowing"" doctor I've ever encountered. When we told her of my wife's decision to forego the finger pricking and insulin, she threw a fit stating ""Honestly, I've never had anyone refuse the treatment. I would just figure that you'd care a little more for your unborn baby's health."" I'm sorry but you just don't say that, even if it's your personal belief. The entire pregnancy we heard things such as ""Your son might be born with Shoulder distotia, or might be stillborn, or could even possibly die, if you don't do this treatment."" And since you had to see a new Dr. every appointment, they would look at your chart and you would have to explain your reasoning for opting out of the treatments EVERY TIME! So, to top it all off, we jump through all of these hoops and my son is born a wonderful 7 lbs. and healthy (unlike the fat broken shoulder baby they were sure we were having.) So my wife never had Gestational Diabetes at all. The glucose testing can't be taken for certain! Pros: We actually liked half of the doctors here. Cons: Misdiagnosing and extremely rude. more

Wonderful 6/5/2009

Love the doctors and the staff. They have made my problems that I have been having my entire life better. They seem to care and have fixed everything with me. They have never seen me before and I was pregnant and told me everything that was wrong with me before they even spoke to me. I love them for that. I love the place and will never go to anyone else. Pros: The best ever more

Nurses 5/19/2009

I live in snellville and it is NOT worth the ride. If you have any standards do not come to gwinnett obgyn. The doctors are okay but not smart enough if you are a high risk pregnancy. Most of the nurses are lazy and are rather illiterate. And all of the night nurses are rude and non sympathetic at all for pain you are having. Do not recommend gwinnett obgyn. We will not come to them for future pregnancies. more

Worth the ride 4/5/2007

I live in Covington, but have made the drive to Snellville to use Gwinnett OB/GYN for all three of my pregnancies. I have also used them for all my yearly check-ups and any other concerns. The doctors are wonderful, the staff is friendly, and you can tell everyone cares. It is definitely worth the drive for me! Pros: The doctors and staff are friendly and caring. Cons: They are in a medical complex with an often packed parking lot. more
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