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Guys and Dolls Hair Salon - 93 Reviews - 935 NE 62nd St., Fort Lauderdale, FL - Hair Salons Reviews - Phone (954) 782-9820

Guys and Dolls Hair Salon

935 NE 62nd St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334
(954) 782-9820
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I recently went to Guys & Dolls (on Cypress Creek near Dixie) within the last two weeks. I really loved my entire experience there. This is the best haircut and haircolor that I ...


I went to Dawn after reading numerous great reviews, boy was that a mistake. I went in for highlights and left with my hair being fried off. It was falling out in clumps when sh...


I recently went to Guys & Dolls (on Cypress Creek near Dixie) within the last two weeks. I really loved my entire experience there. This is the best haircut and haircolor that I have had in a very long time. I was approached and greeted in a very friendly manner. The entire staff were very pleasant and professional. The salon is very attractive, hip, ecclectic and extremely immaculate. Francisco is an excellent haircutter (and so, so hot) and really knew how to handle my curly hair. It looks fantastic each and every day without much effort. He is a star colorist and gave me a beautiful rich shiny haircolor. I will return happily to this salon and hope that I will be a longtime client. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Guys & Dolls!!! more

2 thumbs UP 3/20/2011

I had been researching salons in the South Florida area for about four months and kept going back to Guys & Dolls reviews. let me mention that I have been in Florida for 15 years and have had 2 different hair stylist in that time. I am very loyal and sometimes I tend to stay even when I am not getting the treatment I deserve or the style I want. My mother was a hairstylist and owned her own salon before passing away. I witnessed first hand how a client should be treated and witnessed how the stylist should never be treated by a client. I walked into Guys & Dolls to schedule an appt for the following week after mulling for months over leaving my current stylist. I was greeted by JT who was friendly and seemed impressed that I was respectful on not expecting to get in that day. Which was never my intention. I just wanted to see the salon and make sure it was where I wanted to go. He scheduled me with Francisco. On March 11th I went in for my appt. I had a conversation with everyone in the salon who worked there at some point in time during my visit. EVERYONE was so friendly. Francisco listened to what I wanted. Advised me on which way to go and delivered the "goods". He was so friendly and maticulous. I am definatly going back. The salon is adorable and comfortable. I am a coffee lover and they provide Barny's or you can have wine if you like. As far as price. like everyone at this time I am tight on money. I am paying about the same as my last stylist but getting what I feel is definatly better service. They even sent me an email thanking me and had someone call to followup and make sure I was happy. I would definatly recommend this salon to anyone looking for quality! So glad I found them more

Amazing Service 3/17/2011

I shopped around for a good salon when I first arrived to Florida. Guys and Dolls is that salon. Francisco listens to what I want and does it in the most professional way more

Just a Great Place for Hair - Plain & Simple 3/9/2011

My search for a great colorist and stylist is over!! Dawn is perfect - she listens carefully to what her clients want, but is willing to contribute her professional suggestions. The best thing - every client in there had completely different (but equally beautiful) looks - from edgy, precision cuts w/ unconventional color to more traditional cuts and natural/corrective color (me :)) this place seems to do it all and do it well. Loved, loved, loved Jessie, but the salon as a whole is a friendly professional and peaceful place. I can't wait for my next appointment. Francisco & Jonathan, you guys have a great place, thanks so much. more

If Only I Had Known 3/8/2011

I live in Imperial Point and have been going to the same stylist at the same salon on Commercial for over 10 years and I was getting the same hair style and hair color. I never gave it musch thought because I have had the same job and the same husband and I guess I was just plain old regular me. Everday I drive by Guys & Dolls while going back & forth to work and I never gave it a second thought - just another salon in a corner mall. Well, last week we finally met our new neighbors who bought a house next to ours - they are a great couple who just moved here from Maryland. Our new friends came over for drinks and then we went out to eat. It was pretty much the guys talking together and the gals making girl talk. I couldnt help but notice how great Jen's hair looked and I mentioned to her that I would gladly introduce her to my stylist here in town when she was ready for some hair maintainance. To my surprise she told me that she was fed up with her old hairstylist in Baltimore and that finding a new stylist here in town was her #1 priority after she arrived. As soon as she had her DSL hooked up, she started searching and came across Guys &Dolls - it was all the positive reviews that peaked her interest. She spent an hour reading them all and decided to drive by. She walked in and was greeted by Francisco and because she felt so at ease and she saw what was going on inside, she made an appointment. So here I was thinking she would need a good stylist and little did I know that she had already found one. I liked her hair so much and after 10 years of my old hair style I was so ready to try something new and I did. I made an appointment with Francisco and he gave me a shorter cut that looks so great and is so easy to put together in the morning. My husband couldnt believe it was me - I looked years younger and I felt years younger. Francisco turned me on to some new styling products and I cannot believe that I was ready to introduce my new neighbor to my old hairstylist. How ironic that the new girl in town showed me a thing or two about this hidden jewel of a salon that has been here all along. Also, I have to mention that the prices were very reasonable - I was paying a whole lot more for a whole lot less at my now 'old' salon. Who ever would have thought!!! more

Fried my hair off 3/8/2011

I went to Dawn after reading numerous great reviews, boy was that a mistake. I went in for highlights and left with my hair being fried off. It was falling out in clumps when she brushed it. The color was great, but I left with half the amount of hair and completely damaged. I have been dying my hair for years and not once have I ever experienced something so awful happening to my hair. It is taking for ever for this mistake to grow out, because some of the pieces of my hair were fried off to about and inch short. So sad, considering I used to have long beautiful hair. more

Welcoming, Fun, and Professional 3/3/2011

I travel to the area frequently to support a relative in a nearby health facility; one recent morning, I passed a salon banner on the road which "spoke to me" with its message. Even though I am reluctant to be a salon "walk-in" after previous bad experiences in my life, I had a good feeling the minute I walked through the door here! I was welcomed warmly, given an appointment with Francisco later in the day, and got exactly the haircut and the mental lift that I needed; I left feeling I had found a new salon home... even though I live in another state! I will definitely return and my "hair maintenance" will now be a regular part of my Fort Lauderdale visits. more

Top Salon 2/28/2011

I love going there they treat me like a queen . I had my hair cut and colored by Dawn the best ever. she is very creative. I have an appt. again for the end of march for color, and this is my fourth time going. The place is very interestingley decorated. and then theres Jessie . she is more than helpful as an asst. the entire overall atmosphere in the shop is great signed a happy customer Rosalind Cohen March 3, 2011 more

Bad first impression 2/16/2011

Needing a cut and color ASAP, I was looking through various websites to find a new salon instead of going to my usual spot. When I saw the reviews for Guys and Dolls, I became very excited; there are so many great reviews! I surely can't go wrong here - this place has to be great! Barely able to contain my excitement, I called to make an appointment for the next day. My first call was answered and immediately hung up (I heard the usual salon noise in the background so I knew someone had answered). Ok, I thought, no biggie, I'll just call back again. On the second try a man answered who seemed like I was bothering him by calling. Working in customer service myself, although I was mildly annoyed at the attitude, I knew that bad days can reflect a poor demeanor on the phone. I tried to set an appointment (thinking back on past reviews who claim how "accommodating" they are and their own website which states "walk-in's welcome") and was told no one would have time. Once again, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and figured they must just be too busy for a first-time client. However, after I hung up the phone with Mr. Friendly, I perused their website and saw that there is a way to set an appointment online. Being curious, I decided to see if there were indeed appointments available for the day I requested for the services I wanted to receive. Guess what??? There were! Not just one, but I counted EIGHT available time slots! Now, it could have been that the website isn't updated frequently, or possibly eight other people were on the phone the exact same time as me who took all of these available slots. Could be - not likely - but could be. However, I was pretty fuming mad at this point. Needless to say, however great this salon might be, I will be taking my uncolored and uncut hair elsewhere. more

Best Salon experience EVER!!!! 2/15/2011

I live in South America and was traveling to the US for a short vacation. I was in desperate need for a hair cut and color. I called Guys and dolls and they moved mountains to accomodate me. I LOVE Francisco and I have never been treated so wonderfully in any salon. they made me feel at home, served me wine and were absolutely delightful. I WILL go back and as a person who has had her hair colored for 20 plus years, I have never loved the color more than I do now. All of the staff were great. GO VISIT SOON!!!!! more

If I Could Give 10 Stars I Would 1/18/2011

It is about 3 years since finding Guys & Dolls - it was the sign on the street that caught my eye. It asked "Hate Those Gray Rooots?" I do hate my roots and I wanted them professionally handled. Michel was available and took me immediately to his chair and gave me a 'consultation'. I am not accustomed to such fine treatment and I really enjoyed his personality and attention. I immediately felt like I was in good hands and I have not had a moment of regret since. Like clockwork I am in his chair every 3 weeks for my touch-up. The one thing that is clear & evident at Guys & Dolls is the way everyone gets along and helps each other - at most other salons the stylists have attitude and are divas (sort of like what you see on Tabatha's show) but not there. The staff at G&D is like family to me - God knows I spend more time with them than I do with my so-called relatives AND I ENJOY MY TIME THERE MORE TOO. Everyone is nice and friendly and it is a very comfortable laid-back place. While I am not one who is that internet savvy, I felt compelled to write this review, especially after reading the previous post. While I was not there, I cannot EVER fathom Michel acting pompous or arrogant - he is one of the most caring, generous, humble, gregarious people that I know of - the person described in the other review is not Michel. Michel is one of the most knowledgeable colorists around and if he would ask someone to sit still, then just sit still. Simple. As far as talking about others, this is a hair salon sister and that is what goes on at hair salons - politics is not the topic of discussion. The staff at the salon are courteous and polite and I doubt they would ever speak ill of anyone behind their backs - it sounds like that person had a personality clash with Michel - it can happen - and when it does that is usually a red flag to stop and take a look at one's self closely becasue there is usually something about the other persaon that you see in yourself. Why would someone sit through 3 hours of misery and leave without saying a word? Is that what most normal people do? I do not know becaue I am not a psychologist but if I was unahappy I would have spoke to the manager. Besides the fact that Michel just lived trhough a tragedy if immense proportions in losing a loved one, he was always there for me when I need him. The reasons for these great reviews is that the staff is deserving of them and it just goes to show that you cannot please all the people all the time, so thank you for sharing - it validates the other hundreds of 5-STAR reviews. That is the beauty of this type of forum, so I advise people to take a minute and read them all for yourselves. It is obvious that the other person had a bug up her a** and looked to take it out on Michel. GUYS & DOLLS IS A GREAT SALON FULL OF TALENTED, POLITE PROFESSIONALS WHO WILL SERVE ANYONE - more

If I Could Give it 0 Stars, I Would. 1/17/2011

After reading the overwhelmingly positive reviews about this place, I decided this was where I wanted a gift certificate to as a Christmas gift from a friend who asked what I wanted. I went to Francisco originally. I made the appointment for a haircut/trim and color, not being totally sure that I wanted the color. Francisco was very friendly and entertaining. We ultimately decided just to trim it a little, as he and Michel, the other stylist that was consulted, decided it was better to wait since they weren't sure about the product I told them I used on my hair about 3 wks. plus prior (John Frieda's color glaze, Google it and read details/reviews for yourself). This stuff washes out after not many shampoos.. They didn't want to take the time testing color on my hair since it was 5PM on a Friday..... SO. I made another appt., this time with Michel since he was suggesting colors I was more interested in. HERE IS WHERE MY RATING COMES FROM. When I arrived, we discussed color. We ultimately decided on a mixture that would create a caramel-y brown highlight, and as I stated previously, he was completely aware that I used that glaze (a LONG time ago). Everything was going fine, I was nothing but courteous. Then, when he began putting the color on, I was talking with my fiance and innately turned my head a little. He sternly said to me, "DON'T DO THAT." From there on, the mood completely changed. Every time I barely moved my head to keep the hair hanging in my face from stabbing me in the eye, it was met with a LOUD sigh, eye roll and patronizing shake of the head. It was incredibly awkward and uncomfortable. I had no desire to speak with this man at that point. Unfortunately, it didn't end there. When it came time to rinse, he looked inside the foil and YELLED, "F***!" He then proceeded to blame ME for his mistake, yelling about how this is what happens when clients use "UNPROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS." I have been to COUNTLESS salons for color, and not once have I been asked if I used at-home color or anything, because A LOT of women do. And I haven't had any problems at other salons with the way the color turned out. He continued to say insulting things aloud. He tried explaining to me why it was my fault...he said when I came in the ends of my hair were already lighter and THAT's why it came out so uneven, in addition to the product I used....HE HAD PUT BLEACH ON MY ENDS to lift them since he said they weren't lifting!! The entire THREE HOURS I was there, he walked around talking about me within earshot. My fiance even commented to me that the vibe felt very catty, and rightfully so. I heard stylists gossiping about clients the ENTIRE time. At one point after the debacle, Francisco asked him why he didn't TEST a strip before applying all around my head, to which he responded, "It's 3PM." .............. Michel was extremely pompous, full of unfounded arrogance, insulting and disrespectful the entire appointment. I have NEVER had an experience THIS poor at a salon, and I have had some negative experiences. It was the first time I could not bring myself to leave a tip. I left feeling horrible and it stuck with me all night. Oh, and my highlights are COPPERY *RED*. I now have to go pay someone else to correct this. I also found out that the reason for these great reviews is that the owner asked clients to sit and review the place directly after their appts., in-house. Who would feel comfortable writing a negative review while still in the place?! Pretty smart, I'll give him that....but deceptive. HIGHLY *NOT* RECOMMENDED. WORST experience I have EVER, EVER HAD. more

Ms Red comes from Hollywood, Florida every month 12/19/2010

I love this salon. My stylist has been there for I guess about a year now, her name is Dawn. She is so awesome at color and evey service she provides. I love her to death and would recommend her to anyone she is just excellent. The salon itself is very cool, the people are very friendly the atmosphere is wonderful. They provide everything you could ever need or want and do an excellent job. Please do yourself a favor and visit this salon. Ask for Dawn she is excellent. more

I drive from the Orlando area 12/17/2010

Absolutely the friendliest, cleanest, and all around best salon I have been to. I followed my stylist here when she switched salons and I am so glad! They use quality products, the atmosphere is relaxed and laid back. Everyone is friendly and helpful. It's more like a family atmosphere than a snooty salon. Dawn has been my stylist now for about 6 years and even though I moved to the Orlando area I still travel here every other month to have her color and cut my hair. The retail section of the salon is great too, well stocked and affordable. I actually pay less here than I was in the salon she used to be at. The salon decor has a real retro feel to it with old movie posters and lots of antique-feel furniture. Coffee is always available (Barnie's!)...and cookies too. All the stylists are very nice and helpful. I would recommend to anyone who was looking for a great personal service. There is even a nail technician there also. For AMAZING color...ask for DAWN!!!! more

Wonderful place great services 11/12/2010

This is a great place to get hair services, is beautiful and everyone is so nice and friendly. My 9 year old son decided that he wanted a change and I was a bit worried because his long hair is very thin and straight but he looks adorable with his short hair, Francisco did a wonderful job, so good that I decided to go myself. I would highly recommend this salon to anyone who appreciates excellent quality and awesome costumer service, A+. more

Finally! 10/18/2010

I love this salon! It's so friendly, unpretentious and comfortable. Most importantly, the stylists are so very talented and know what they're doing! I've been in S. Fla. since 1993 and it took me this long to find a hair salon and stylist. I received the best haircut from Franciso since I left NY in 93. Thanks Guys & Dolls for restoring my faith in S. Fla. hair stylists!! See you soon. more

Sherry, Five Star Colorist 10/5/2010

I have followed Sherry for more than 20 years and she has been my friend/hairdresser through thick and thin. Who else in this world would drive to Palm Beach Gardens (more than once) when I was ill and unable to go to her salon, for a much needed tortoising (highlights and lowlights) and cut? Her attention to color is impeccable and my last visit with her at Guys & Dolls was the absolute best results ever, not to mention a perfect cut. I always walk out of there feeling like a new person, with a smile on my face and "walking on air". Sherry's experience, professionalism, and concern are above reproach, and I would reccomend her (and have) to anyone who wants the very best every time. more

A True Artist 9/29/2010

I have been going to Denise for Hair Extensions for 8 years. Before deciding to enhance my "volume" I did my homework. I researched for over a year. The research paid off. Denise is a true artist. Nobody and I mean Nobody has her eye. Her attention to detail makes my hair look perfect everytime. If I didn't brag to everyone about my extensions- NOBODY would ever know. She is also a kind soul who really cares about her clients. She works with your budget and cares about the health of your hair. There is NO one better. She is the best in the country --- Believe me I know - and I have sent many friends to her and everyone thanks me. -- If you are thinking of "FLYING" in for her services it will be well worth the price of a plane ticket -- If you are going to Denise -- You got lucky and found the BEST. more

Denise- my hair guru!!!! 9/27/2010

Denise is absolutely amazing!! I've been going to her for 3 years. She is a perfectionist and extremely knowledgable. She matches the extension color to my highlighted hair PERFECTLY!!!! It looks so natural. I am always complimented on my hair and people can't believe that I wear extensions. Denise is a genius!! She is my hair guru. I've gone everywhere but no one is as good as Denise. She is TOP NOTCH!!!! What a great addition to Guys & Dolls. more

South Florida's Best Hair Dresser 9/26/2010

I've been a customer of "Denise" for a few years now. I would never let anyone else ever touch my hair again after expierencing an appt. with her. After seeing her work, there's no one that could compete. Her results are phenomenal! I get compliments on my extensions everywhere I go and I always suggest them to go to Denise. She can do wonders. more
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  • Guys & Dolls Hair Salon, Fort Lauderdale top-rated hair salon, has an edgy SoHo vibe. We offer haircuts and hair color, highlights, ombre, balayage, and expert color correction. Additionally, we do over 100 Keratin Treatments each month and we are the only salon featuring the Aerovex Healthy Air System to ensure everyone's comfort & safety. When you walk through the door, in addition to being greeted by Dexter, you experience sensory overload and feel the positive energy. Our Master Stylists use only the finest, professional grade hair products: BES & Schwarzkopf hair color, AG, osis, Redkin & Crome to ensure our results and that your hair will shine on for months.

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