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Gulfview Learning Ctr - 10 Reviews - 5398 School Rd, New Port Richey, FL - Child Care Reviews - Phone (727) 817-0515

Gulfview Learning Ctr

5398 School Rd
New Port Richey, FL 34652
(727) 817-0515
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Gulfview Learning Ctr - New Port Richey, FL
Gulfview Learning Ctr - New Port Richey, FL
Gulfview Learning Ctr - New Port Richey, FL
Gulfview Learning Ctr - New Port Richey, FL
Gulfview Learning Ctr - New Port Richey, FL
Gulfview Learning Ctr - New Port Richey, FL
Gulfview Learning Ctr - New Port Richey, FL
Gulfview Learning Ctr - New Port Richey, FL
Gulfview Learning Ctr - New Port Richey, FL


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A clean school with certified teachers! I have to remark on the poor reviews. About the head lice: This school has 150 children on a normal day you have to expect to see lice ...


I witnessed a homeless women in the parking lot out front just sitting there smoking what I believe to be CRACK or PCP out of a glass pipe.. Just kept driving. I should have came ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/9/2013

First off please disregard all comments below, except the parking is hard. This school has awesome teachers and even better owner Mrs. Angela knows every child by name and knows everything about each child. I have three children ages 15 - 3 years of age and have to tell you, I have had private people to large day cares and this is by far the most loving group of people and the education that my son is receiving is wonderful!!! I would recommend this to anyone who asked. more

OH MY GOD 6/16/2010

I witnessed a homeless women in the parking lot out front just sitting there smoking what I believe to be CRACK or PCP out of a glass pipe.. Just kept driving. I should have came here and read these reviews first. Pros: um no Cons: CRACKHEAD IN THE PARKING LOT more

WARNING 6/15/2010

The first thing to notice is the parking and traffic area surrounding the front entrance. Very DANGEROUS for kids and even adults. I have spoke to the young underpaid employee's working for Gulf View Learning Center. The employees that are taking care of your children are harassed and made to feel they don't deserve their wages just to keep labor down and raises at a halt. Cleaning IS done with a high under diluted BLEACH while kids are present. I know of at least two times a member of management has filled out the testing forms needed FOR an employee to have proper child care qualification. Straight up answer key in hand filling them in. How about no background checking on those left in room ALONE for 8 hours a day with your kids. NONE of them passing the proper qualifications. How do you think this affects the quality of care to the kids? The lady that runs the place wears knee high leather boots and most of the time short skirts, while too busy to address any problems of the employees due to the cell phone growing out of her ear. BE AWARE\r Cons: CHILDREN AT RISK more

Why? 4/17/2010

Why did the name change from Cedarview to Gulfview? Did it change owners/management? I went to the school the other day and was very impressed, then I found these reviews and now that my son wants to go there really bad (shouldn't have taken him with me I guess!) I'm reading this and afraid to send him there. For those of you that do not recommend this school, are there any other one's in the area that you do recommend?? I hope to get some answers, thank you in advance. (I put one star because it made me choose a rating) I would have rated it higher until I read these reviews, now I am so confused, and wonder if the way I saw things the other day was all an act. more

Terrible Place. 10/14/2009

My child went to Cedarview which is known as Gulfview Learning Center now. This Daycare is nasty.. the people that work there are two faced and do not care about the children at all. They do not clean the rooms the right way, they only use bleach cause its cheap instead of using the proper cleaning supplies. When you pick your child up they are dirty and have bruises and the teacher tells you they do not know how it happened or that your child just messed themselves even though they have a blistering rash when they go home. The owners are the worse they care more about there personal life and how there child is treated instead of making sure ALL the children are being treated well. I do not recommed this daycare for anyone there are plenty of Daycares in that area that are MUCH better. Pros: No Pros. Cons: Poor Ownership more

The Use Of Illegal Substances 3/26/2009

My child used to go to Cedarview. At first, I loved it there. Everyone seemed really nice. The director and assistant director were always pleasant. But one day, I came to pick my daughter up early from school. I was on my cell phone with a client and as I looked over, I saw a Cedarview employee making an illegal deal in the parking lot of the center. This bothered me, so I addressed the matter to the director and she reassured me that everything would be taken care of. The next day, the girl I saw conducting the deal was gone. 3 Weeks later, she was back. The director even fired one of my son's favorite teachers who was very experienced so that this deal maker could come back to work. When I brought the matter up the director again, she gave me an attitude and told me that I was wrong and that everything is over and done with. After that day, my son started to get mis-treated at school. The director and assistant director didn't do anything about it. They both sit on myspace all day or text on their cell phones. They don't do any work and they love to gossip and go drinking with their underage employees. It's disgusting. If you're not buddy buddy with them, they will treat you and your children like dirt. I even heard a young employee calling the children stupid and telling them to shut the BEEP up. Nice, real nice. This school is a nightmare. AA's at it's finest. Stay clear. I withdrew My son 2 weeks later. Pros: There are no pros about this school Cons: Everything more

Former Employee Agrees with the negatives 3/2/2009

I am a former employee of Cedarview, and have to say that I COMPLETELY 100% agree with the negative comments about this center. First of all, the owners are completely two-faced and only care about the money, not the families OR employees. I have PERSONALLY seen an employee with experience be ""let go"", so that an inexperienced teenager who they will not have to pay as much can take their position. The center has many many things that keep ""hidden"" from parents! In the case of a child being injured, the owners took it into their own hands, and said to tell the parent that something differently happened, which I think it COMPLETELY uncalled for! And as a parent, I would be very upset if this happened to my child! In the three years I worked there I witnessed employees coming and going like crazy, a staff member lose a child numerous times, a child get out the back door, Autistic children being left alone to roam the school, and lots of DIRTY secrets. As far as the toys go, they are purchased from thrift stores and garage sales. Like they do not charge the parents enough for their kids to be there?! Also..the criminal status of the owners family members is not very good...if only the parents knew.... Cons: EVERYTHING HIDDEN FROM PARENTS more

Ignore the poor reviews 11/5/2008

A clean school with certified teachers! I have to remark on the poor reviews. About the head lice: This school has 150 children on a normal day you have to expect to see lice sometimes, and remember head lice comes from the children not the school itself. Children with lice are sent home and cannot return until 24 hours have passed and are free of lice. Just because you heard one teacher tell a child they were being ""sad"" doesn't mean they all do it, they may not even work there anymore. About the pull-ups: Children know when they have a pull-up on or regular underwear. Some children find it easier to just ""go"" in the pull-up because they know they have on a diaper, these children usually do better with wearing underwear. About the jackets: Need to be brought from home PERIOD that's parents fault not the schools. It is also mandatory that children in a daycare go outside twice everyday (weather permitting.) About the parking: Most teachers at Cedarview park out back. Chemicals: children are NEVER around the chemicals. What do you want? Do you want them to not clean anything all day? I have found this school to be the best I have seen in the area. PLUS They have an indoor jungle-gym!!! Pros: indoor jungle-gym, good teachers with experience and training Cons: large (but in ratio) class sizes more

Wonderful 5/29/2008

I completely disagree with the last 2 reviews. To clear things up the children are NOT sent outside in the cold witout a jacket. Also it is the parents responsibility to send their child to daycare properly dressed. The child cant go outside unless wearing sneakers. & not aloud outside in the cold without a jacket. Yes the teachers use bleach to clean but its diluted with water and not used around the children. Also used is mr. clean also diluted with water not used around the children, and when finished cleaners are locked in a high cabinet well out of the childrens reach.There also is a set cleaning list for each room at the end of the day, which is always completed. Potty training issues- every room that is involved with the childrens potty training has a full cabinet of pull ups & wipes. The parent is responsible for supplying the pulls ups and wipes though. If they do run out there is always a backup supply though. Shift changes DO NOT happen, there are set teachers to each room. Although in the case of a staff memeber needing a day off there are other teachers avail. to fill in but this is not a daily thing. As for the staff being inexperienced thats not true. In any child care facility all staff is required to take classes and must have training hours. And at this daycare the staff must also be 18 or older also more than half the staff has 5 plus years experience and yes they are all very nice and care for the children very well. As for the children sharing blankets and mats that isnt true they have their own mat and bring the blackets from home, if the parent doesnt want to send them with a blanket the isnt the staff fault. headlice is also natural in any daycare yes they will be sent home so they dont affect any other child but yet it is not seen on a daily basis maybe 1 or 2 times a month. As for the snacks not being great the children are fed the right nutrition not unhealthy foods. This is a wonderful daycare much better than any other i have seen. more

Ver Poor Service 2/4/2008

Very Poor Service\r -The children are sent outside in the cold to play with no jackets or sweaters\r -The children are constantly getting scrapes and scratches and bruises that go unnoticed\r -The children are not allowed breakfast even if the parents call ahead when stuck in traffic \r -The smell of bleach is so strong and some children have allergies and breathing issues\r -Shift changes occur throughout the day without vital information passed on from one teacher to another\r -Poor parking options in a busy shopping center\r -Potty training issues for a three year old who rides 45 minutes to get there. Center frowns on the use of ""pull ups"" which were designed for potty training.\r Pros: Locked facility need code to enter Cons: Very cold institutional atmosphere more

No good 11/4/2007

Why? \r 1. Terrible parking. The employees take up all of the parking spaces and leave only the fire lane for children to be dropped off, where a police officer sits on random days of the week. If a parent gets out of their vehicle to bring a child into the daycare center they will recieve a parking violation ticket. Suggestions have been made to the daycare and no improvements have been made.\r \r 2. The staff. The teachers while all very ""nice"" are also VERY young and inexperienced. They are hired most likely because they are cheaper labor than someone more qualified.\r \r 3. Cleaning. The cleaning is done with bleach while the children are present which is a dangerous. Bleach is a harmful chemical to asthmatics and other health conditions. \r \r 4. Headlice anyone? Constant headlice cases are documented daily at this facility yet nothing is done to prevent the cases except to send the affected child home. All of the children share blankets and mats.\r \r 5. The snacks aren't great. Where does the money parents pay go when the children are eating a plain soft flour tortila as a snack? It doesn't seem like they are buying new toys because the ones they have are dirty. \r \r 6. Discipline. Very small children are told that they are being ""sad"" when they misbehave. How does this affect them psychologically? Also they have used physical restraint when a child is misbehaving instead of removing that child. Pros: computers Cons: parking, food, cleaning, health conditions more
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