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Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic

1551 Campbell Rd V
Houston, TX 77055
(713) 461-3132
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Mary Belle Glaze DVM is recognized across America as top tier in her specialty...I have referred 100's of clients to her and her opinion and recommendations are indisputable as fa...


My dog's vision is worse now than before I brought her in for eye surgery with Dr. Glaze. So after $2300.00+, it was a 100% unsuccessful surgery. Even though I was told my dog wa...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/1/2015

I have been taking Greyhounds to Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic on and off for at least 10 years. They have always done their best for our Greys. However you must take into account that dogs are individuals as we are; medicine is a practice. We have always been fortunate but sometimes it just does not work out. But their is no where I would take or trust my animal then these people. And I would like to thank them all for their knowledge, care, and love they have shown our Greys for all these years.\r \r Robbie GPA Houston more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/5/2013

It was suggested that I take my dog in to see Dr Herrmann, after she presented with inflammation in both eyes. At first, the staff at GCAEC seemed nice enough. But after 3 visits I was starting to get a little frustrated. My dogs eyes were only slightly better and the Dr. couldn't seem to care less. He barely spoke to me and when I asked a question or try to discuss my dogs condition with him, he would mumble a quick response almost as if I was bothering him. The day after our 3rd visit I let the dog outside to enjoy the nice weather for a while. When she came back in her eyes were more swollen than they had ever been, because this swelling could cause permanent vision loss I called the office right away to see what I could do and try to find out why she was getting worse instead of better(remember this is after 3 weeks in his care and trying 5 medications). The receptionist asked me ""when did I notice this problem"" I said ""well, she has had the problem for about 3 weeks, but I just looked at her and she is remarkably WORSE"" ""she said ""werent you just here?"" I said ""Yes, yesterday, another reason why I am so concerned"" her response was that "" well, you should have called earlier, the Dr is on his way out the door now"" Oh sorry!! I will let my dog know not to get ill after 3 pm on Fridays from now on. I waited an hour and received no call back from the vet. I called again and she put me on hold for 8 minutes. I hung up and called back, when she answered I said I didnt think being on hold for that much time was anyway to treat a client, especially since we knew the office was pretty much closed at this time. She said ""I know, I am sorry, let me........"" click, she puts me on hold for another 3 minutes before I hung up and called another vet! Dr Herrmann called me back 4 hours later and mumbled something about increasing her eye drops and I havent heard anything from them since. On a side note, apparently the condition she has is aggravated by direct sunlight, so I shouldnt have had her outside, which Dr Herrmann failed to ever mention during our 3 weeks of ""treatment"" Unfortunately, there are not many eye doctors for dogs around so your choices are limited, but I would research my other options before going to this one! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/26/2013

Dr. Swanson did an amazing job with my dog, who is like a son to me. Dr. Swanson and staff were very personable and made us feel comfortable. more

Thanks for Great Care 2/29/2012

Murphy has been seeing Dr. Herrmann for over 3 years. He was born deaf so when he started having vision problems we were very concerned. Dr. Herrmann has saved his eyes. We visit every 4 months and his eye pressures are almost perfect. Dr. Herrmann said he is so proud of us and the job we are doing but I am just so glad we found him. Murphy was a rescue dog and besides being deaf he had problems with his right hindleg. He has been with us for 10 years now and we feel so blessed to have him. Thanks Dr. Herrmann and staff for wonderful care. We are so glad you have an office on the Southeast side of town just a mile from our home!!! more

Our Personal Experience with Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic 11/25/2011

Nov. 26, 2011 Let me start by saying, our dogs are just like our kids, we don't just take them to anyone for health problems or regular care. When our miniture Snauzer Regi who is nine years old, came down with diabetis, it wasn't long before he developed cateracs and went blind in both eyes. Our regular vet recommended that we go to Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic and see Dr. Glaze. As a responsible parent, I went to the web and read the reviews some of which were not very re-ashuring. My wife and I made an appointment and met with Dr. Glaze. When we arrived to the clinic, we were greated by the office staff and took a seat. As usual, we were early for our appointment which gave us time to observe for ourselves. Let me say, there were non-stop pet owners coming thru the doors. While we were waiting for our scheduled appointment, we asked several dog owners about thier experiences with the clinic. Not one person had a unkind word to say which helped us put to rest our initial concerns that we had after reading some of the reviews on line. We met on time with Dr. Glaze who then spoke with us regarding our baby's condition. She took time to explain that eye surgery may have very good results or very poor results. She was very honest with us to say that a good result highly depends on the proper post surgery care which if done properly, demands detailed care of the patient. We spent 15-20 minutes just asking questions and getting answers from Dr. Glaze. She was very patientd answered our questions and explained the procedure in great detail. After the Q&A, she examined Regi to see if he was a good canidate for the surgery. Her assistant helped with the handeling of our pet while we stayed in the private exam room and watched. They were very gentle and caring while examining Regi. We could tell that they took great pride in the services that they provide. After the exam, Dr. Glaze told us that Regi had a 75% chance for a successful outcome. We felt that the doc gave us a honest answer and that the risk was well worth taking. We scheduled the surgery and prayed that our Regi would be able to see again. Regi had the surgery and our prayers were answered. He regaind his sight. I can say without reservation, Dr. Glaze and her staff were exceptional. They treated our pet as if it was their own. I truely believe that if you follow the post operative instructions that Dr. Glaze gives you, your chances for a successful outcome will be greatly increased. Thank you Dr. Glaze for giving our Regi his sight back. Ronnie & Linda Chavez - Regi's parents more


My dog's vision is worse now than before I brought her in for eye surgery with Dr. Glaze. So after $2300.00+, it was a 100% unsuccessful surgery. Even though I was told my dog was a prime candidate for cataract surgery. Dr. Glaze should have removed the larger cataract, not the smaller one. Had she done that and it was still unsucessful, she WOULD STILL SEE A LITTLE NOW. I wish to God I never found this place or Dr. Glaze. No follow-up and once they have your money, they don't care. They simply move onto the next client and tell them what a prime candidate for cataract surgery their pet is and collect the money. It's a shame I paid so much for nothing. It's more a shame that my dog is paying for that too. RUN FROM THIS DOCTOR AND THIS PLACE. more

Do Not Use Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic or Dr. Glaze 9/30/2011

Took my dog to Gulf Coast Animal Clinic. I was assured by Dr. Glaze that Remy was a prime candidate for cataract surgery. Perfect candidate, she assured me. Since Remy had cataracts in both eyes, Dr. Glaze removed the smaller one. It would have made sense to remove the big one, not the little one, in the event the surgery on the large cataract was not successful. Dr. Glaze chose the easier one to remove. The surgery was 100% unsuccessful. After $2500.00 +, my dog is in worse shape than when I brought her to Gulf Coast Animal Clinic August 17, 2011. But Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic will not worry. They got my money and are now moving on to tell the next person what a prime candidate their dog is for cataract surgery. I will tell everyone I know and don't know to not use Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic. Do not trust your pet with Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic. My dog's vision is worse than what is was before August 17, 2011. And I paid alot of money for that. It's a shame my dog is paying for that, too more

Love Them!! 2/28/2011

Dr. Hermann and his staff are fantastic! Dr. Hermann saved my chihuahua's eye, and his staff has been so kind! more

Inconsiderate staff 2/4/2011

My pup's eye is swollen to the size of a golf ball. We were at the emergency vet last ngiht, and they said to being her to the opthamologist if it looks any worse. Guess what, it looks worse. So I call Golf Coast and am told they are closing in 15 minutes b/c of the weather! Really? If you made it to the office, the worse is over. Winter advisory is over in 45 minutes. She seemed as though she didn't care until I described my pup's eye Her response was, Oh. (Mind you they don't reopen until Monday.) God forbid, you wait an hour to go home and help an animal in crisis. We were able to make an appointment with EYECARE FOR ANIMALS in Houston on Tomball Parkway. They remained open and take into consideration the animals before wanting to go home and get in bed. ! more

Great Canine Optician 10/12/2010

Fabulous clinic! Dr. Hermann saved my dog's eyesight! He is amazing and so is his Campbell Road staff. more

Saved my bulldogs eye - love the girls at the front desk 2/25/2010

Dr. Swanson is the best, We have an english bulldog that had corneal ulcer that became deep in one day and he grafted it and saved her eye. From the get go the office has been very accomadating from working me that day to comforting me when I was overwhemled and crying in the front office thinking she was going to loose her eye. Thank you Jennifer( Campbell Road) for that. Dr. Swanson even came in at 6:30 am the next morning to do her surgery for us and I am so grateful she is out of pain. I am sure I have irratated him over the past few weeks because I have called a few times thinking something is wrong and he has always answered my questions and made us feel better about the situation. Great clinic will always feel good when my dogs are in their hands. more

Good Vet, CRAPPY Staff 12/1/2009

This is the only place I can take my blind cat to get prescriptions for her medicine. However, the staff really sucks. They won't call you back & they are RUDE from calling on the phone to helping with appointments. I am not sure how the manager there can sleep at night knowing they have such a vile group of people working there to service their clients. Pros: Very well taken care of by Vet Cons: The staff sucks. I absolutely hate dealing with them more

Great Vet Experience 11/5/2009

I took my Boston terrier to my vet for an eye problem and she sent me to Dr. Herrmann. He was professional, caring, and answered all my questions. I had several visits with Dr. Herrmann and 1 with Dr. Swanson. The two doctors rotate between their clinics and I highly recommend them both, they saved my dog's eye! I went to the Gulf Freeway office, it was clean, they ran on time (I love this) and the staff was very friendly. Pros: Professional,caring, on time appointments more

Thank you Mary Glaze and everyone at Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic! 9/20/2009

Dr. Glaze is such a wonderful doctor who really cares about her patients! We brought our little Pekinese Brandi into an emergency clinic, and she waited a long time while we tried to find the hospital that night. She had already gone since we didn't get there for a long time but was willing to come back to help us and Brandi who did eventually lose her eyes,through no fault of any of the doctors. Her eyes just never developed properly. Dr. Glaze was very helpful and she took excellent care of Brandi. . Brandi is just such a happy and very very loved little dog despite being blind. We have worked with her, built her many ramps and she has Chuckie our Lhasa Apso who plays with her.She is our baby and we love her dearly! We are very grateful to Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic for everything they did for us and will never forget! I also would like to express our deepest sympathies to Dr. Glaze for the loss of her beloved pet Wheatie. We totally understand! more

Wonderful Drs, Horrible Staff 2/3/2009

My review is for the Gulf Freeway location. Dr. Herrmann is a great dr and is wonderful with my dog-- very thorough, caring and soft spoken. Answers my questions thoughtfully. Here's the problem... the front desk receptionist is rude, rude, rude!! And when not being rude she has the personality of a wet mop. I have been to the office four times in the past year and it is always the same attitude with me and with everyone that comes in the door. She seems to be waiting for the opportunity to say ""NO"" to any question anyone might be even thinking of asking and seems to be incapable of cracking a smile.... The wet mop personality carries over to the ""assistant"" in the room with Dr Herrmann. She is the person that greets ( i use that term loosely) you and takes you and your animal back to the exam room. No smile, no brief friendly chit chat... just directs you to the room and that's it. I will say that she is ""Ok' with my dog during the exam, good enough to pass as being nice to her but nothing overly sweet, just gets her job ""done"". If they really thought about it, they would realize this: 1. people that take their animals to any kind of ""specialist"" obviously have strong feelings for their animal and are probably very concerned with their well being. 2. the owners are in a vulnerable state--it is a strange feeling to drop your dog off to be ""put under"" and operated on. 3. a smile goes a long way.\r These people need an attitude adjustment, a personality transfusion and a lesson on empathy and compassion. And if they don't like where they work, they should go find a job somewhere else, maybe a high security prison. Pros: Great Doctors Cons: Miserable Office Staff more

Fantastic Veterinary Service!!! 10/22/2008

I just cannot say enough good things about Drs. Herrmann and Swanson. For the last five months, my adorable shih tzu, age 14, has been battling a massive infection inside one of her eyes and both of these veterinarians have gone over and above to help save her eye. From meeting me at 7 am before the office opened to meeting on a Saturday, they definitely showed amazing compassion for their patient. I'm unbelievably grateful. Pros: Fantastic compassionate people Cons: Not a thing more

excellent vets 8/21/2008

The doctors here are wonderful. They helped my little dog keep his dry eye under control for 14 years and are very caring and compassionate with the animals. Pros: Very nice doctors and staff. Cons: No Saturday hours, but this is not unusual for specialists more

Caring staff and Drs. 4/15/2008

I feel my pup (8 years old) is in the best hands. The prices are reasonable as well. The staff is very professional and will work with you in case of an emergancy. Just make sure you tell them it is.\r In my pups case it was becuase it was glaucoma and he was not responding to the medication prescribed at the ER. The Dr was very informative and caring as well. I would definately recommend this clinic. more

great care 2/13/2008

The care was excellent. The doctors really care about each animal that comes to them. The service was very professional and sincere. The staff was friendly and efficient. Appointments were easy to get more
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  • Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic specializes in veterinary ophthalmology. Our goal is to provide professional, compassionate care to restore eyesight, improve vision and alleviate the ocular discomfort of our patients. We offer a comprehensive ophthalmology service with a team of highly dedicated board certified ophthalmologists. Pets can develop many conditions that may require the specialized care of an ophthalmologist, so make sure to trust the experts at Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic.

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