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Gritz Barry F Md

3310 katy freeway ste 310
Houston, TX 77057
(713) 869-7400
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I travel in abundance, and have had to switch doctors every 6-14 weeks for years. ?As a Principal IT Security consultant, I have very little (if any) spare time to deal with every...


I was refered by my therapist to Dr. Gritz (highly recommended). While I have only seen him a couple of times, I have found that it is not easy to reach him by phone when needed. ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/7/2012

Think the ""kooky"" betty boop office decoration and ridiculous outfit bespeaks a ""cool"" psychiatrist who will respect your privacy and civil liberties? Think again. Without disclosure to the patient, if you mention *any* of even the most minor recreational drug use (very occasional marijuana after years of abstinence), it will go in your chart, regardless of if you decline the controlled substances he is pushing. more

One of the few doctors that has my full respect. 5/9/2012

I travel in abundance, and have had to switch doctors every 6-14 weeks for years. ?As a Principal IT Security consultant, I have very little (if any) spare time to deal with every day life. ?When my long term doctor died of unexpected complications during surgery, I needed a qualified doctor with experience in adult A.D.D. to take over my treatment. ?I tasked my?personal assistant with finding the number one doctor in Houston, and after a few weeks of trolling forums, ?and calling doctors offices, she sent me to Dr. Gritz. Addressing some of the comments... If it is your first time to see Dr. Gritz...expect your visit to take longer. ?He will not rush you just to fit in another patient, and (similarly) will not rush another patient to see you on time. ?Future visits are usually on time, and are almost never more than 20-30 minutes over (unless you are late...expect to be sent to the back of the line if you show up 40 minutes after your scheduled appointment). Dr. Gritz is one of the (VERY) few doctors that I've ever seen that listens to what you have to say. ?If medicine is the best fit for you, then he will work with you to find the right type, and dosage. ?If you need another type of therapy, he will help you find the correct path. I know this to be true, and send my friends/family members to see him, because he holds my utmost respect in this field. I'm willing to provide my contact info as a reference if needed. As a side note.... ??If you are severely depressed, and/or suddenly start having suicidal tendencies... ?You should seek an alternate type of care immediately Some of the reviews are clearly being sent by people that have visited the office once, and have either misrepresented their needs, or have very little experience in dealing with the type of care offered by a psychiatrist. ?Nothing happens overnight, and your participation is a requirement to effective treatment. more

What a Joke 4/11/2012

If I could give this rating a ZERO, I would. As referenced to the user below: The woman behind the counter is his mother and she is very rude. I can't believe the people that work here. I had the same experience happen to me. I waited over two hours just to see him when I was scheduled two hours earlier. The thing with Dr. Gritz is he is very disresptful when it comes to other peoples time and money. Dr. Gritz wants you to HONOR his time and if you don't he charges you for it but when it comes to your time you may end up waiting around two hours for a mediocre hyped up Dr. more

Unprofessional office staff 4/11/2012

After reading all of the glowing reviews about Dr. Gritz I absolutely had to recommend him to a family member of mine who is seeking treatment. We first made an appointment a few weeks ago. However despite us arriving on time we were not able to be seen as Dr. Gritz was behind schedule. Due to our own work schedules we couldn't wait the additional hour or two. We understand that things happen so we decided to give it another shot a few weeks later. As of this writing we were supposed to be seen the following day. However I just received a call from a woman in his office who said he's no longer accepting new patients. This to me proves a pattern of unprofessional conduct so I won't be wasting any more of my time with Dr. Gritz or his ""staff"". more

A Refreshing Experience 2/1/2012

I saw Dr. Grits for the very first time today. It is the first time in my life I've had a conversation with a doctor and felt completely at ease and comfortable. No hospital beds, no white labcoats, no conventional bland doctors office decor. He is very warm and welcoming and eager to get to know you and help with your condition. I came out of the appointment feeling like I had been given excellent attention and care and hopeful about my diagnosis and treatment. I am extremely pleased. I loved the staff, they were extremely nice! My grandmother actually called in to update my appointment two weeks prior and the woman at the desk actually remembered my grandmother and told me how nice she was. Another staff member was extremely friendly and even recommended me a nearby restaurant for lunch since I was unfamiliar with the area. more

An Excellent and Caring Psychiatrist 4/19/2011

Dr. Grits has been my phychiatrist for many years. He has helped me thought some very tragic events in my life including the loss of my sister and her two children back in 2004, Had I not had him to help me through that difficult time, I am not quite sure where I would be today. Just knowing that he was there if I needed help was comfort. He is very good at what he does. more

He was my psychiatrist since I was about 13 years old 3/9/2011

He's an excellent psychiatrist. He is very experienced, and he knows what he's doing. If you want someone that will guide you or your kids through the storm, he will be your beacon. more

A very comfortable place with very competent people! 10/18/2010

I am fairly new to Houston, and I was taking some study courses and clearly unable to focus and was frustrated. It had been years since I'd seen a classroom. (I formerly owned and operated hair salons, and thought ADHD to be an aquired skill, working at crazy paces all day). I confronted a gal next to me, and after speaking with this classmate and patient of Dr. Gritz and Christine's, was advised to see them. I was delighted to see the atmosphere to be so relaxing and pleasant. (I know from my businesses the importance of atmosphere and staff.) They did a comprehensive evaluation, and spent a considerable amount of time with me. They offered me options, and immediate follow-ups, and gave me phone numbers to access them at at ANY time. The staff is kind and helpful and the care given is remarkable! I'm extremely pleased. I am now able to conduct the work that I need to do with the ability to focus and concentrate. What a relief! I am thrilled to have found them! more

Worst Experience of my life! 6/25/2010

A pretty horrible experience to say the least - I was given very strong anti psychotic medication after only being seen for about 45 min. I could have gotten any medication I wanted depending on how I tailored my story in my opinion - I was ""diagnosed"" based on my own comments and experiences about life and not established tests that would support my concerns. I think if I would've focused on being depressed I would've been given antidepressants no doubt. I was told that the medication given to me wasn't associated with diabetes which I am at high risk for yet found online that it truly was - with a lawsuit pending over people hurt by it no doubt! The medication I was given made me very suicidal on the first day and I couldn't reach a doctor for over 3 hours at their office. I was also overcharged and had to call to get a refund for the difference of what my insurance reimbursed their office. Stay away!! They just throw pills at you when they barely know you assuming it'll ""fix"" whatever problem you have. If you are seeking psychotic medication to fix you, check online for other ways first if possible - or at least a more recommended doctor! Pros: Nothing - Quick to get you out of the office?! Wait, con! Cons: Uncaring, too busy, unethical, horrible all around! more

I highly recommend Dr. Gritz. 3/9/2009

Dr. Gritz is fabulous-the best shrink I have ever be to. From his initial handshake onward he treats you with dignity, which is so important for those of us with bi-polar or other mental health issues. He patiently works with his clients to find the medications that will work for him. Prescribing psychotropic medications is not easy, and there are times of trial and error. One must be patient. No doctor can crawl inside your brain. Pros: Caring, Kind, Knowledgeable, more

The Best! 1/27/2009

I honestly have no complaints about Dr. Gritz or his staff. I was very comfortable discussing my problems with Dr. Gritz from the beginning and was pleased with his positive and optimistic outlook on issues. He worked diligently with me to find the right medications and dosages without forcing multiple meds on me - I would never classify him as a ""pill-pusher"". Although I have only had to call his cell a couple of times, he either answers right away or calls back within a few minutes (and will keep calling until he reaches you). His receptionist (who happens to be his mother) his very kind and helpful. Although I can see how people may dislike Mark's personality, he simply gets things done quickly without wasting your time with idle talk which is fine. I would highly recommend him to anyone (even if he does have a rather? interesting?sense of style.) more

Excellent Doctor! Kind person! 1/2/2009

This is a great doctor and he cares about this patients. I always enjoy seeing him because he is so upbeat and postiive. He is a perfect psychiatrist. You know someone who was just born to be a psychiatrist. I can't imagine him being anything else. He is such a neat person and just a little quirkly so you don't feel bad telling him about your quirks. Pros: Smart, fun and caring! Cons: none - more

Nice doctor -odd staff 12/10/2008

I was refered by my therapist to Dr. Gritz (highly recommended). While I have only seen him a couple of times, I have found that it is not easy to reach him by phone when needed. I had a bad reaction to a new medication and called his office with a message twice. He never returned my call. The second time I called, an elderly lady on his staff was rather harsh with me and uncaring. I have never had an issue with his office manager, Mark. I do however believe he should put the elderly lady "" out to pasture"" . She obviously does not belong there- ever heard of retirement? Pros: great doc Cons: some staff do not belong more

Dr. Gritz & Staff - GREAT TEAM 9/8/2008

I've been seeing Dr. Gritz for several years, and can't say enough good things about him, and his staff. I actually live near the I-10/TC Jester office, but drive to the Richmond location because I appreciate the service that I recieve there. I have visited the other office, but found it to be a little ""new age-y"" and not as warm and friendly. In this day and age, it's nice to be able to visit with your physician's family, and the office manager having established a successful pet rescue is a refreshing change to the brusque ""wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am"" attitude experienced at some larger medical establishments. Keep up the good work!! Pros: The best! more

Fantastic Doctor! 9/1/2008

I have been to several psychiatrist in the past. I have been seeing Dr. Gritz now for close to a year and he is by far the best. He is very easy to talk to, he is charming and has personality but most importantly, he is great at what he does and is highly experienced in his field. Good doctors are hard to find and I'm glad I found Dr. Gritz. more

Dr. Gritz is Great, Mark is a Little Off-Putting 8/12/2008

I love Dr. Gritz. He is always positive, seems to really care, and - added bonus - will see you at all hours of the day. Even on Saturdays sometimes! I have had some really negative experiences with psychiatrists, so it was so refreshing to find him. I'll never go to another one as long as he stays in Houston. My only complaint is about Mark, his office manager. Though he can be perfectly nice, he is often very abrupt, especially when he's busy. I've gotten used to him and realize that it's nothing personal, but he did make me feel uncomfortable the first two or three times I spoke with him because he seemed rude. I think it may be partially the juxtaposition of Dr. Gritz's sunny disposition with Mark's more dour one. Either way, the overall experience is FAR better than anything you'd get at a regular doctor's office. Pros: Friendly, Caring, Quirky, and convenient hours Cons: Mark is a little rough sometimes. more

The Absolute Best Psychiatrist!!! 6/24/2008

This is a good doctor with a kind heart. He is very busy so you have to wait a while beyond your appt time to see him. He is worth it because he takes time to listen to you and help you with your problems. He is friendly and shares a little about his life so you can get comfortable. He has a unusual sense of style and this makes you like him even more because he has such diverse interests he can make anyone feel better after seeing him. He does not over prescribe but will give you what you need. I can't say enough good things about him. HIs office staff are not always warm and cozy but they do get the job done and since the office is so busy I understand they don't have time to be your friend. I go to see Dr. Gritz not his staff. Pros: Excellent doctor - you receive excellent care! more

Great - Awesome Psychiatrist!!!!! 4/22/2008

This is a doctor who is very easy to talk to about your problems. You can tell he really cares about his patients. Pretty office on I-10 (Heights). I can't imagine liking a psychiatrist more. He is very busy but that is to be expected since he is so good. He calls right back if you call with a problem which is a real plus. He has helped me so much I can't imagine where I would be if I had not found him. Pros: Great doctor - fantastic person! more

Dont be so quick to judge.. You are lucky you found him 4/16/2008

I have been a patient of Dr. Gritz for sometime. Without medication, he always lifts my spirits. I am not sure why someone would post about his mom working there. Guess what, his brother is next door. That tells me his family is pretty damn tight. And the comment about his office manager being gay. Wow. You must have limited exposure to a big city. His name is Mark, and he has been with Dr Gritz since I have been seeing him. And for the record since its an issue, I am not gay. Pros: no question is too embarasssing to ask him Cons: I have bumped into people I know in the waiting room..strange feeling. more

Couldn't Ask For Better 4/16/2008

I have been seeing Dr. Gritz for quite some time now and he is a fantastic psychiatrist, a great person and has chosen a great office manager. Dr. Gritz worked with me to get me on exactly the medication regiment that I need to be on while being kind and understanding about my problems. Yes, there were times that I had unpleasant reactions to medications but, ""I TOLD HIM ABOUT IT"", and we changed to medications that didn't do that. It's not an exact science. Precribing psychiatric medications is, to an extent, a trial and error process. The office is very warm and welcoming unlike the cold, unfriendly doctor offices I've been to in the past. The office manager, Mark, is a wonderful person and Dr. Gritz is extremely fortunate to have him. I have worked in a doctor's office before and I have to tell you, the amount of work he does usually requires a staff of 3 to 4 people. I have never had to wait due to ""personal calls"". The only calls he has taken while I'm there have been from pharmacies or other patients. They may sound personal because he talks to Dr. Gritz's patients like human beings, not just another file. In regards to him being called ""cavalier"" on the phone, if you call him at the office and act like an ass...expect to be treated like one. I made this mistake once during one of my out of medication periods and he was blunt and honest. It wasn't nice or what I wanted to hear but, it was the truth. So I don't hold that against him. So I will continue to see Dr. Gritz for all of my psychiatric needs. Oh and, by the way, unless you have recieved services from Dr. Gritz, you shouldn't post your comments here. So any problems you may have with Dr. Gritz on a personal level, outside of his practice, need to be kept to yourself. Pros: Great psychiatris, great staff, great office Cons: sometimes behind schedule, but everyone is helped more
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