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Gringer & Sons, Inc

29 1st Ave
New York, NY 10003
(631) 513-4474
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10 days ago went to Gringer to look for a new washer and dryer. Dealt with Allan Schuster who was very, very knowledgeable and helpful, especially as our needs were very specific ...


Very irresponsive, do not return phone calls. They misinfomred us three times about delivery schedule. You cannot reach your origional sales perso. If you ever purchase anything f...

Awful Customer Service; Dishonest Practices 11/25/2011

I would avoid doing business with these people if at all possible. This really should be 0 stars, not 1. I purchased a $50 Groupon-type coupon for a small appliance. I called the store and asked if they were in stock and they said yes, we have lots of them. When we go to the store the first thing the sales woman said was that, you know these are not in stock. So I said, Gosh I called and was told they were in stock. Rather than apologize, she said, well, I didn't tell you that. So then I presented the coupon and she said they would not honor it, citing company policy. The coupon had no restrictions, whatsoever. I called the owner several days later, and he apologized profusely and said, please send me the coupon I will send you a check for the cost of the coupon. So I did so, but months and have gone by with no check. Obviously he wanted me to send him the coupon so he could destroy it. Hey, they outsmarted me. These are not honest people. more

They took me for $500 8/9/2011

Called Gringer & Sons to buy a long list of kitchen appliances, since they were convenient and I had heard their service was good. They sent me a quote, which looked fine so I told them I would get back to them once I checked with other retailers. Meantime, their salesman, Marvin, told me they had to do a building survey to make sure the appliances would fit in the building elevator. I said fine, and he asked for my credit card info before doing the survey. I reminded him, " I'm not making a purchase until I shop around," and he said "Of course, we just need to see whether the stove (48") will be big enough for the delivery. If it's not there's no point in talking about any sale." I gave him my CC details, they did the survey and I never heard back. A week went by, still never returned my calls. After reading some reviews here about mysterious credit card charges I checked my card balance and noticed that Gringer had charged by card $500. I finally reached Marvin and he said the $500 was a "deposit" for the survey to make sure I showed up. What?! $500 for an elevator check? I said that was no way to do business and I wanted my money back. I also said I didn't want to buy anything from them. Marvin said the manager would call me back. That was over a week ago. I still haven't heard back despite calling daily. Looks like they took my $500 and won't return my calls. My advice: stay far away, unless you're in the mood to give away $500. more

Great experience start to finish 4/26/2011

10 days ago went to Gringer to look for a new washer and dryer. Dealt with Allan Schuster who was very, very knowledgeable and helpful, especially as our needs were very specific due to space constraints. Wound up purchasing Bosch products that were competitively priced. It was a 3 step process - 1. someone came to disconnect our old machine. 2. Old machine carted away and new units delivered. 3. New units installed. From start to finish it went smoothly. People showed up when they were supposed to and they were friendly and courteous. How often do you get that + a good price in NYC? So far so good with the Bosch although it's only day 1! more

Good Resolution 7/23/2010

Received a call from Gringer&Sons present store manager. He apologized for my experience and together we resolved the situation. He accepted my return and offered to do whatever was necessary to correct any issues I had. This is the kind of service that Gringer&Sons built their reputation on for so many years. I understand that one person can make a mistake as happened to me. But I am happy to say that management corrected this and I feel confident that I will be well serviced in the future. Good for any company that corrects a mistakes and brings customers back. I am impressed. Pros: None Cons: Poor service more

Fabulous Experience! 7/16/2010

I was in a tough spot: I own an apartment in midtown Manhattan, but had just moved to WashDC for work. Kept meaning to replace the A/C units, for my tenants, before the summer rush. Which, of course, I didn't do. I chose to wait until the July temps were hitting 90-degrees. . . then put in the urgent call to Gringer's. Fortunately for me, Luigi, Gringer's ace appliance expert was on the phone to help. Being so far away, I was a bit anxious about trying to buy on the phone, sight unseen. But my anxiousness quickly melted away as I talked talked on the phone with Luigi -- he was professional, courteous, and clearly knew his business well. Luigi quickly figured out what I needed, based on the room measurements I provided. (I had read the how-to guides from Consumer Reports and others on how to buy an A/C, but the hard reality is that Manhattan, famously hot in the summer due to all the concrete, is sort of in its own category...) Luigi explained what I needed, and why, with no hard-sell at any time. This was despite the fact that I called and emailed him no less than a dozen times over a two-week period before making my final decision. (By then, the temps had hit 100-degrees, great...) Luigi was professional and good humored to the end, even when I had to change my order at the last minute due to the fact that I had improperly measured the bedroom area, which in turn impacted the unit size I needed. Luigi said not one word of grousing -- even though the order had already been processed and units shipped from the warehouse. Instead, he just changed the order, with no restocking fees, and that was that. Installation was also a breeze, my tenants told me. Bottom line: I'd do business with Luigi/Gringer's anytime. Great experience all around. . .Thank you, Luigi! Pros: Prompt, courteous service, expert advice Cons: That Gringer's isn't located where I now live -- WashDC more

Gringer & Sons is THE BEST!!! 7/2/2010

Last year I purchased 2 new air conditioners from G&S and was quite pleased with the experience overall. Javier, the salesperson I worked with, was great. Very nice and extremely knowledgeable about all the different choices. The two men who delivered and installed the air conditioners were exemplary as well. Polite, efficient, on time, cleaned everything up perfectly, etc. Then almost exactly 1 year later, mere weeks past the warranty period had ended, one of the units started having some trouble cooling,... during a week of solid 90 degree weather. I was disappointed and thought I'd simply have to buy a new one. I called and explained the situation to the manager, Luigi, who said "this is unacceptable" and resolved to replace the faulty unit immediately at no charge. Wow! He was the absolute nicest person you could ever hope to deal with, too. A true gentleman. I was, and still am, blown away by the incredible customer service I received here. Go with Gringer and Sons and feel safe in the knowledge that they truly care about their customers. You can buy appliances anywhere, but you'll never see this superb level of care and service with any other retailer. I literally could not be more impressed! Pros: 5 star impeccable customer service Cons: no cons whatsoever more

Good advice - nice guys 6/26/2010

I called asking about portable dishwashers, and got good advice, a great price and really quick delivery. I called Gringer again later about air conditioners, and got all sorts of great information on the makes and models that are best. requirements for outlets and electrical capacity in my apartment, and other info that helped me make a decision. These guys are terrific! Pros: Knowledgeable, friendly staff who actually answer the 'phone more

The real Deal 6/17/2010

Gringers took time to explain why I should purchase this machine over that machine… there knowledgeable staff made me feel as if I was the only one in the store…. Buy from Gringers You’ll see what I mean. Pros: Service Cons: It's kinda Far from the Bronx more

Rude, Rude, Rude, Incompetent 6/8/2010

From the Manager: Rude, Incompetent, Ignorant, Condescending and flat out WRONG about the entire order. Anyone looking for an appliance will get much better price and customer service elsewhere. Would not ever use this company again, EVEN IF YOU PAID ME. OY! Pros: None Cons: Rude, Incompetent, Condescending & Unprofessional more

Very Knowedgable - No hard Sell 2/19/2010

Have bought my appliances for my last 3 apts there. this last time, dealtwith luigi. Was very helpful, not pushy and knew what i wanted b4 i did. Good people Pros: No Hard Sell Cons: none more

Sleazy Practices 2/15/2010

After calling and emailing ME to make a deal and agreeing to a competitive price (though whining about it more than is professional) Gringer decided not to honor the deal they made. And this was after they set up an appointment for a site visit but no one showed and I had to take a second day off work to wait for the site visit another day. Once the site visit results provided the OK, I called with my credit card and they said they didn't want to make the sale. They should have told me that in the first place and not wasted my time. When I stated that, they were rude/jerks. I'll never shop there again. Cons: Get it in writing more

pleasant surprise 12/5/2009

We recently bought a Miele dishwasher. We did not like the lowest dish tray because it was not large enough for our larger dishes. (It had a removable portion which made it narrower. The original salesman did not alert us to this.) We had to call a number of times, but finally we reached Allan Schuster, who was willing to exchange the tray to the type we wanted at no additional cost, and helped us to get some additional attachments for an older dishwasher in a second home. It is small things like this that make a big difference in our experience with a company. Pros: made a change at no additional cost more

Excellent Service and Helpful Advice 11/25/2009

In search of a washer and dryer to put in a small closet, I emailed a manager at Gringer, Louis Giogaia. We entered into an email conversation about brands, prices, service, value, and throughout, Mr. Giogaia was candid, helpful, informed and incredibly nice. I was so satisfied with his help that when it came time to order the appliances I didn't hesitate to contact him. What a pleasure it has been dealing with Gringer. This is customer service the way customer service should be. more

Great service even for the little guy 11/20/2009

I went to Gringer in need of stainless appliances that would look great in a VERY open and visible kitchen, but I had a relatively small budget. Long time employee (or co-owner--not sure), Allan, was very helpful in terms of advice and suggestions, and he respected my financial limitations. After I made the order and put down a deposit, I realized I wanted a different size refrigerator (same manufacturer). I called Allan and he made the switch over the phone. Then I realized that I didn't like a the color of the knobs on the stove. I emailed Allan and, he was able to rectify the problem. Then, I decided that the stove I'd ordered was actually too deep -- I wanted one that was more shallow. Once again, I called Allan. He made a suggestion for a different stove in my price range, I checked it out online, and we made the switch -- once again over the phone. After each transaction, a new receipt was promptly mailed to me. The appliances have been delivered and are finally installed. Overall, I was very pleased with Gringer, and particularly with Allan's great service. I needed the the appliances to look great and function well, and at a price that was not only in my budget, but priced well relative to other stores -- with Allan's help, I'd say that I have achieved what I wanted to. If you're in the market for appliances, I'd say that you owe it to yourself to at least check Gringer out. Pros: Great products and service more

oldie but goodie 11/9/2009

I went to every major appliance store in Manhattan and could not find a sales person who knew anything about stoves. They were disinterested and knew nothing about their products. I was complaining to a friend and she asked if I had tried Gringer & Sons. Well, that was a happy day! I am a baker and have specific requirements which they took the time to understand. They never pushed a product or lost patience with the amount of time it took me to decide. I went back 3 times and they were just as helpful and polite as the first time I went. It was one of the most pleasant shopping experiences I've ever had. They also have great senses of humor, which is always a plus with me. They are trustworthy, so it's no surprise that they have been in business for almost a century. Pros: service, knowledge and a great attitude Cons: none more

Greatest appliances Store in NYC 11/9/2009

Gringer offer a great selection of appliances, a really good attention to the public and competitive prices. Also they have one of the best customer services in the industry. For the past 10 years I've been working with Gringer to provide my clients with the best appliances at the best prices. For those reasons I highly recommend them Victoria Benatar ARCHITECT PLLC 220 East 57th St NYC 10022 (212)7550525 Pros: Great Customer service more

Good source for appliances 10/15/2009

I'm a NY designer and when I walked into Gringer & Sons this summer, I'd done my research and I was confident I knew the product numbers I wanted for a stove, frig & dishwasher. I'd called one of the sales reps, Allan Schuster, in advance. He was friendly and ready to help.It turned out the models of some items were no longer available and Allan steered me quickly to the updated versions. I requested customized shelving for a frig and Allan made it happen. I changed my delivery date three times (!) and Allan accommodated me without any hassle. I definitely intend to use this company again for my clients. Pros: friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating Cons: inconvenient location for some NYers more

They're quick to charge your credit card 10/7/2009

I was looking to buy a new washer and dryer to replace my old one. I spoke to them about a particular model that a friend recommended. They had it in stock and said they could have it delivered and installed by the end of the week, but they first recommended that they do a $65 "survey" where they come to the house and take the measurements, etc to be sure it will fit. I agreed to this and it turned out the machines didn't fit in the space, so they recommended another model. I was researching this modeI over the next week or so. In the meantime, I received my cc bill and they had charged it almost $2,000 - for the original machine I was looking at, plus delivery, installation, removal of old machines, and parts. I was outraged! How can they charge me when I didn't even place the order!??? The machines didn't even fit!! That was the whole purpose of the survey - to make sure they would fit BEFORE I ordered them!! I gave them my cc number for the $65 survey ONLY. I called the manager who didn't even apologize - he sounded as if I was bothering him and now this is just more work he has to do. I think this is a highly unethical business practice and will not ever use them again. I wanted to give my business to a local mom-and-pop store, but forget it. I would've been better off going to Sears or Home Depot in the first place. I eventually placed the order with Sears, and everything went smoothly. Plus, they were several hundred dollars cheaper than Gringer for both machines! Pros: Good customer service (while they're taking your money) Cons: Underhanded business tactic-order not placed, but cc charged more

Great Service!! 9/18/2009

We just replaced all our appliances and went to Gringer--who sold us our Gaggenau oven & cooktop 4 years ago. Unfortunately, we had a number of problems with the manufacturer of the refrigerator. We worked through our architect and Louis at Gringer, who was terrific, understanding and even lent us a small refrigerator until the situation was resolved. He returned our calls, responded to our emails and felt our pain! I would trust this business both with their recommendations and their service. If there might have been a problem some time ago, it appears that they are working hard to rectify it. I would unquestionnably recommend them. Pros: They can get anything and they go the distance! more

Can't quite understand the negative reviews ... 7/21/2009

I am mystified by the intensely negative reviews, although of course everybody has a bad day, and of course those injured, or those who perceive injury, are much more likely to review. I purchased a Blomberg clothes washer and had completely professional service, two somewhat strange errors (220AC vs. 110AC; delivery timeliness) were rectified without fuss. Indeed I have used Gringer off and on for 30 years without noticeable difficulty. I went to them without price shopping but, noting some price remarks on these reviews, checked on the web, and found no lower prices, although I know that is not dispositive as to price. Luigi, the manager, has always been completely responsive, even on vacation, and I take it as a >>>very good sign<<< that 1) he has actually replied in this forum and 2) that he did so clearly and forthrightly. I find that rare, and refreshing. So, I have no problem with Gringer, and would do business with them in a second. I don't know how long Luigi has been there, but perhaps reported problems predate his arrival (while typing in this form, I cannot check the dates of the complaints). Christopher Gray NYC Pros: Completely professional service Cons: Two mistakes, both rectified without any problem. more
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