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Greenwell James M - 24 Reviews - 6832 Coit Rd, Plano, TX - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (972) 618-7499

Greenwell James M

6832 Coit Rd
Plano, TX 75023
(972) 618-7499
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Greenwell James M - Plano, TX
Greenwell James M - Plano, TX
Greenwell James M - Plano, TX
Greenwell James M - Plano, TX


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My doggie was hit by a car and severely wounded. I took him to the doctor to see if they could save his life. They were very kind and gentle. They treated his wounds and two broke...


I used to work at Legacy Coit Animal Hospital and I have pros and cons. First off, the staff there, or at least those working when I worked there, truly care about your pet. Th...

A++ Saved Rodney's life!!! 10/17/2013

My doggie was hit by a car and severely wounded. I took him to the doctor to see if they could save his life. They were very kind and gentle. They treated his wounds and two broken bones.They were able to get him back on his feet again and we have been using them since.\r \r They are very patient and answer all of my questions. I highly recommend them to all my friends. more


One star is too much for Dr. Greenwell. When I was a child, my beloved dog Maxi was taken to Dr. Greenwell's clinic (at that time he was working at Legacy Coit Animal Hospital) for a routine flea bath. She was only two years old. A little bit later, my mom called the vet office and they informed her that Dr. Greenwell had chained Maxi to the flea bath and left her unattended. She was nervous being alone and chained up and she ended up strangling herself to death. Dr. Greenwell never apologized and refused to speak to my parents about his gross negligence which resulted in a horrific death of an innocent animal. I am in college now, and was going through Maxi's file with the police report and all the information. I decided to see if Dr. Greenwell is still a vet. It is disturbing that someone can cause the death of a healthy 2 year old dog and be practicing 20 years later. more

Good vet for my hard case 3/3/2011

I originally used a vet in Houston that knew my pet from when he was a puppy. I was very nervous about trying to find a new doctor, much like trying to find a good pediatrician. I asked my neighbors who their pediatrician was and she is a great doctor, so I went back and asked them who their vetrinarian was and they told me to go see Dr Greenwell. Those neighbors are alway correct.\r My pet has had chronic health issues since I adopted him from the Harris county humane society. Dr Greenwell took the extra time to get the chart from Houston and studied them very well. He caught up on where we were at and did not miss a beat with the treatment of my little Max. He had to special order a few medications that he needed and did not charge anything extra.\r He even added a few medicines that I was not aware of that has made a huge difference with his quality of living. I am very happy with the quality of care and the time they took to learn about me and my difficult pet.\r When my neighbors ask more

Very caring and thoughtful 7/2/2010

I tried this place last week for the first time. They were very gentle and took alot of time for me and my pet. My cat is usually very grumpy and they were patient and took the extra time to help us both. I would recommend them to my friends, I will use them again. more

high priced for lies and wrong services 6/15/2010

I visited this vet last week for the first time. One of the first things the vet tech did was to tell me that they had a new medication for heartworm and fleas and ticks combined. He stated that it would cost the same for a year as my old medications cost for a month. This sounded great so I said I wanted some. I told them specifically what shots I wanted and gave them a list from my previous vet with the dates of her last shots and the dates of the current shots due. They then took her in the back room and proceeded to give her a rabies shot that I had not requested and was not due for two more years. They also gave her a fecal parasite screen that I had asked them not to do because she just had one last month at our old vet. They also performed the services I did request. When I questioned the unordered services later when I saw them on the bill, they said it part of their "routine exam" lump fee. I said I did not wish to have services I had not requested and did not want to more

Too expensive, don't care! 6/4/2010

Unfortunately I have been going to this vet for a few years and I have found him to be very expensive so I just priced out his cost for shots and it is 33% higher than an Animal hospital is Frisco (on Preston Road). Also, the last time they shaved my dog they cut her in 5 places and when I asked what happened they said that she had growths and now that they know where they are they will do better. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Try feeling the skin before you shave them, duh! more

Non-Professional and ignorant 3/8/2010

I just bought a 11 week old boxer puppy and decided to take him to this vet WRONG THING TO DO!! the doctor walked in looked at him but not at throughly as i would like and walked out of the room. hey did a fecal test on him and told me that it was coccidia and that he had NO WORMS that was fine the visit suppost to be 74 dollars came out to 150. I was ok with paying that but a little annoyed THEY PROMISED ME HE DID NOT HAVE WORMS. I get up this morning he has worms all over his kennal and himself. I was very upset they could have also treated this with everything else but instead i will have to pay another visit fee and everything and they didnt seem concerned at all when i call just telling me that they hope he gets better. I would not recommend this vet to anyone. more

Cured my dogs perpetual ear problems 3/6/2010

I moved to Plano from Alabama and found dr Greenwell because I lived close by. My Charlene is a Golden that has had ear infections since I had her. The vet is able to take picures of the ears and show me what is happening in there. He took qtips of the ear wax and found out what was going on and now years of those problems are behind us. Yea. Evertime I take her in, they check out the ears to be sure all is still well. more

Great care!! 9/21/2009

I just was looking up their phone number on the computer. I noticed that it seems like only unsatisfied people ever leave reviews. I have been using this doctor for several years. They care about me and my pets. I work in the medical insurance business and I have to say that the cost of medical supplies has increased alot the past few years. I find this doctor to be in line with other vets in the area. I would highly suggest this vet and I have to my friends. more

A very bad place to prepare your dog for moving to another country 8/21/2009

I unfortunately chose Dr. Greenwell to work with me and my pet relocator when I started the long process of exporting my dog to Taiwan back in March of 2009. As far as vets go, that was the worst decision ever. He was unable to work with my pet relocater - his office would not return her calls; would not respond to her emails; would not provide needed documents. And when the relocater had to talk to Dr Greenwell (because the office staff is, to put it kindly, not good), it would always end in a fight. It got so bad that the relocator had to get me to communicate her needs to Dr Greenwell's office! At the time, he convinced me that it was the relocator's fault -- she was the one causing the trouble. Man, was I wrong to trust him. He is a vain, self-important man. Perhaps his vet practice is ok for minor issues, but even then, he'll charge you for things you never approved. So I guess you can say, even on the minor minor things, he is at best unethical. From my experience working with more

Cares for the Animals but its all about the $ 7/13/2009

I used to work at Legacy Coit Animal Hospital and I have pros and cons. First off, the staff there, or at least those working when I worked there, truly care about your pet. The techs are strict on the kennel techs if they do anything wrong with caring for a pet. That being said, I do believe that while Dr. Greenwell is a great man and cares alot about animals, he is money hungry and charges way to much. You can go to any other vet in the area and pay alot less! Its also unlikely he will be there after five. And if you manage to see him, your either a friend or a long term client. I say, if money is not a problem, by all means go there. The staff works hard and their groomer is fantastic. However if you don't want to shell over alot of money, and don't like surprises, go someplace else. They are not providing exceptional service for a higher price. They are providing the same service as other vets, just for more money. So, they care for your animals, but in the end its all about the more

Legacy Coit Animal Hospital overcharges and has hidden fees. Beware. 7/6/2009

Dr. Greenwell is a very nice man, and his staff is very nice. The care has always been good. However, they overchange SO MUCH. They nickel and dime you on every single little item. I took my dogs in for a check up and was quoted one price on the phone. When I went to check out it was more than double the price. I asked why and it was to run a bunch of tests and bloodwork I didn't agree to. I asked them to remove that and was given a hard time, I said NO that is NOT what I agreed to and I will not pay any more than you quoted me on the phone. I called just now to schedule an appt to get my cat spayed. I knew from my previous experiece to find out how much it cost. "$138.25 ma'am, that includes an overnight stay". I said ok, so I'm writing you a check for $138 and there won't be ANY other charges at all? "Well, it's more for bloodwork and tests...." NO. I JUST want her spayed. "Ok ma'am, $138.25" So there are NO other hidden fees at all? Nothing else? "Well, the pain med more

I work here 6/20/2009

and this place sucks. the staff is rude and discourtious. I wouldn't take your pet here unless you have a huge amount of money and your willing to pay for a whole bunch of crap you dont need. I brought my new dog in there to stay for a day and they made there own employee pay for a blood test and fecal when i was the one that read the fecal test. I had to pay 75 bucks when i told them i had no money and they wouldnt even work with there own employee about it. man they should know i dont have money when they aren't paying me crap more

Stay far away! unless you want to finance his kids college education!! 5/21/2009

I used to take my dog here from 1989-1993. It was a respectable place then. I got a new puppy in 2008 and took her there. What a CHANGE. I think the good old doc has gotten greedy - maybe he needs to put his kids through college? He recommends and then overcharges for procedures, tests, medications that your dog does not need. Find an honest vet!!! more

BEWARE!!!!! Unless you have unlimited cash.... 2/18/2009

Dr Greenwell seems to be a nice man. However, I think he drastically overcharges for pharmaceuticals and services. I brought my kitten in because he was not eating and was charged almost $500. I was NOT notified about all the test they were performing beforehand. I waited in a small room while they performed test after test without alerting me as to what they were doing. My kitten was screened for leukemia and AIDS, but he had already had these tests from another vet. Had they told me what they were going to do, I would not have had this $70.07 test! Also, I was charged $26.55 for 10ml (2 teaspoonsful) of metronidazole suspension. You can go to your local pharmacy and have them crush a tablet and put it in suspension for about $5. I was charged $28.08 for TWO ounces of Endosorb. This is basically an antacid. You can buy 4 ounces on the internet for $5.65. I feel very taken advantage of and hope that he changes his way of practicing veterinary medicine. more

Doctor and employees are great 2/14/2009

Dr. Greenwell immediately knew what my pet needed. He ran some blood tests and found out her thyroid had produced too much hormones. We had been using a different veterinary clinic for several years. They would due a good job but they weren't great. My cat had been losing weight and my old vet didn't seem to think it was a big deal. The blood testing saved my pets life. We had our other "well" cat tested and he had some kidney problems that we weren't aware of if we had not run those kidney tests. I learned not to wait until the cat was sick to run tests. more

Looks like $$$$ sign and bad experience 2/2/2009

Every time I will take my dog for grooming they will not take my dogs until they do more check up, blood test and fecal test. I just decided to cancelled the appointment. This is ridiculous, they never tell you on the phone that they need all this before grooming. My dogs has all the shots but they still want to have some work done to make more money. Even Dr Greenwell, I have a bad experience all he does was talk, talk and talk and already cost me $300.00 even my dogs are healthy. Trust me don't go to this place. more

The Staff is Great! 1/12/2009

You can really tell Dr. Greenwell cares about the animals. Before I came to this clinic I had a cat who died at an early age. At that other vet you can feel that something was not right at that place. I walked in to get food, they stare at me, no hi or anything greeting what so ever. When I felt it was right to get another pet, I got a puppy. I knew I didn't want to go back to the other clinic. So I wind up going to this one. The staff, from what I saw, all looked happy to be there. I know it's cheesy. I figure if they are happy, they are probably going to work better. They do whats best for the animal. more

Poor communication, deceptive business practices 11/28/2008

I took my pet in with an ear infection and they performed $3000 worth of UNAUTHORIZED services on a very old pet with a history of health problems, WITHOUT my consent. I tried to pay $1000 and make arrangements to pay the rest and they refused to work with me. The same day, I received a certified letter, stating that I had 10 days to pay the bill IN FULL, or they would euthanize my pet and turn the debt over to a collection agency. I am exploring my legal options. more

No wonder they were voted best pet hospital of Collin County! 8/14/2008

This doctor and his staff really care about me and my pets. They care about my cats and dogs and I feel like they really treat me like they would like to be treated--the Golden Rule!\r I know that I could get cheaper care somewhere else, and I have, I was getting what I was paying for. Good doctors and great staff costs money but it is worth it for caring for my little family members. They always spend plenty of time with me to answer all my concerns. I am an attorney and I know that time is money. I get a great value at this hospital. more
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