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Greenlake Animal Hospital - 13 Reviews - 6857 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle, WA - Animal Hospitals Reviews - Phone (206) 524-6540

Greenlake Animal Hospital

6857 Woodlawn Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 524-6540
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I've been going to Greenlake Animal Hospital for a long time (about 15 years) and I've always had good experiences. It's worth going to see them and since they have multiple veter...


Do I have to give them a star? They deserve 0. I should have written this review years ago. When my kitty was peeing inappropriately, I went in to have her checked out. The vet...

Wan tyour beloved pet to die? Take your pet here. 1/23/2010

Do I have to give them a star? They deserve 0. I should have written this review years ago. When my kitty was peeing inappropriately, I went in to have her checked out. The vet, after spending all of 5 minutes with my cat, prescribed Metacam. He said he didn't know what was causing her to pee outside the litter box, but we should just try the Metacam and go from there. Now, luckily, before I administered the Metacam, I READ THE BOX. The box clearly stated that it should NEVER be given to cats. That it was for dogs only. And luckily, there is such a thing as the Internet these days. I looked it up. And found oodles of info, such as this site: http://www.metacamkill... Basically, after giving your cat Metacam, you have a 1 in 3 chance of either sending them off into acute renal/kidney failure or DEATH. I returned to Greenlake Animal Hospital, thinking the vet was negligent and had made a mistake. But no. Instead, he said, "Oh, well. If your cat's kidneys fail, it's no big deal." No big deal? Being hooked up to a dialysis machine for the rest of its life? And for something that "might" help the inappropriate urination? He was just tossing it out there like it was aspirin to salve a headache. This doctor should have his license revoked. I have never met a more callous or idiotic or negligent vet. I DON'T recommend going there, unless you want to spend thousands on dialysis, surgeries and want your animal's life to be way shorter than normal. Happy ending: my cat naturally stopped her peeing. She did have something small and medically wrong with her (blood in the urine)...And I went to a different vet clinic. And - she's still alive today. more

If you love your pet don't take them here! 6/25/2009

On March 26th my cat was brought into this facility by my partner. He was not feeling well, lethargic, etc and their staff could not figure out what was wrong with him. After a requisite tests they found that he did not drink antifreeze or other poison, nor did an xray show he had a bowel obstruction. NEVER did they check to see what his white blood cell count was to rule out that he had a severe infection. It wasn't until Monday 3 days later that my partner found a lump on my cats rump and upon shaving the area found a bite wound. I won't even mention the lack of response their staff had on that day to my partner when he called asking for help. NEVER did you staff suggest to take my to an Urgent Care facility since you were busy. Consequently, due to their ineptitude in practicing veterinary skills my cat died due to complications of having sepsis. He would have had a much better chance of surviving if the staff would have tested for possible infection due to a cat bite. They knew that he was an indoor/outdoor cat and they could not figure out what else was wrong with him. I have two surviving cats and I will never take them to this facility again. The staff should be re-trained in not only veterinary sciences but in customer service skills. It is because of their unprofessionalism that my cat died a drawn out painful death. Beforewarned! more

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Dr. Mortimer is wonderful... 10/20/2006

I've been going to Greenlake Animal Hospital for a long time (about 15 years) and I've always had good experiences. It's worth going to see them and since they have multiple veterinarians at the office you have a choice as to who you see. Lately I've been specifically asking for Dr. Mortimer as he has helped in some major cases with our pets and I know he's getting to know their personal histories, which I really like. I take both cats and dogs to see them and have yet to find a reason to do otherwise. more

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Some problems 7/24/2006

I think this is in general a good hospital, but I would suggest that you don't use Dr. Richardson there. He's a nice enough man, but he's really really bad when it comes to calling me back with test results, answering questions, etc. etc. One time, after taking my cat in to get her blood pressure tested, I thought I would just wait and see how long it took him to call me back. After a week I couldn't take it anymore and had to call in. I tried this again the next time and he NEVER called me back. It's very frustrating and I ended up leaving for Banfield, the clinic inside the Petsmart. The doctors there are incredibly responsive. more

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Greenlake Animal Hospital 6/29/2006

I have been taking my cats and dogs to this place for years. I wrote a separate review for them before on this space as well. Dr. Jeb Mortimer is really great so you can ask for him directly but I do like all of the vets at this clinic even though I've heard others say that they found a few a bit stiff. Some of it is generational, I think, but it all depends on your comfort level. The vet nursing staff are also really great. I've never had a bad experience with them even though there have been times I've had to be there under stressful and sad circumstances. more

Compassionate & Kind 6/28/2006

My dachshund became seriously ill with what we later found was a terminal autuimmune disorder, attacking her blood. Even though she wasn't exhibiting very clear symptoms - something just wasn't right. The doctor trusted me and ran some tests. At first, not much was showing up, but her condition and they quickly figured out what it was. When it was revealed that she had a blood disease and needed a transfusion, they sent us to a critical care clinic who could give the transfusion. They called them and faxed her records over there and they were waiting for us when we arrived. Our vet called the critical care clinic every single day that week, to check up on my dog. The day we had to euthanize her (which was so very painful beyond words), the vet from Greenlake called us just hours after it happened, and left this really sweet message, offering his condolensces and reassured us that we made the right decisions (tried our best and knew when to cut our losses). We even received a beautiful card, personally signed by him and the staff. Our other dog, a pug, is still their patient and I trust them implicitly. He has had allergy issues with vaccinations and they gave him each shot separately and had him stay with them for the rest of the day(s) without extra charges. I really can't say enough about how wonderful they have been. more

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Reliable service for over 7 years 6/20/2006

I've taken both of my dogs to Green Lake Animal Hospital for more than 7 years. We have had good experience there, although we did need to be persistent when our dog was diagnosed with cancer. (We wanted to be aggressive in its treatment; the doctor thought a wait-and-see approach might be ok, but did refer us to Seattle's only veterinary oncologist. They are certainly very busy, and I have experienced times when I had to wait a long time (45 min) to see the doctor and have had trouble connecting over the phone as I am often not readily available for a call back. One trick for us was to find the right vet and then stick with him. Sounds like some of the other reviewers maybe haven't been so lucky vet-wise and that's unfortunate. more

friendly receptionists, not so friendly doctors 6/20/2006

I've taken my pup there a few times and the front desk people, for the most part, have been very friendly and seem to enjoy what they do. The doctors, at least the two that my dog has seen, do not listen to concerns at all and try to rush you in and out as quick as they can. more

Excellent Medical Care for your Pets 12/28/2005

I have been taking my critters (multiple cats and dogs) here for years and I love them. I have liked and felt confident in every one of their doctors and their staff obviously loves animals and is great with people too. more

Excellent vet care! 11/9/2005

When I lived in Wallingford I found Green Lake Animal Hospital. The service is excellent and they take the time to answer all of my questions. Good reminder service, great follow-up, clean facility, reasonable prices. There's also Cat Clinic of Seattle at 38th and Stone but I've never been there. For emergencies you could go to Emerald City, also on Stone, but be prepared to wait! more

Animal Hospital in Greenlake 8/31/2005

I took my cat into Greenlake Animal Hospital for a small emergency, and I found them to be very helpful, compassionate, and reasonable. Their after-hours service is pretty exceptional; they stay open fairly late and have found some way to accommodate last-minute appointments with relative ease. I had a good experience both with the techs and the vets, and my cat did well, too! more

Dr. Mortimer is a Great and Caring Vet 8/21/2005

I took my two elderly cats to Dr. Mortimer at Greenlake Animal Hospital several times. He was always very knowledgeable and articulated both the tests he was running and the conclusions he drew in a very easy to understand manner. The thing I appreciated most was that, when the time came to euthanize each cat, he was very caring and understanding. He treated both me and my pets with kindness. That, combined with technical skill and knowledge, make him an ideal vet. more

terrific vets/staff! 8/17/2005

ok, it's in Greenlake but it is convenient to Ballard and Fremont. the vets and staff are terrific. they have evening and weekend hours. they've taken great care of my dog for several years. more
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