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Greenfield Veterinary Clinic - 22 Reviews - 5981 S 27th St, Milwaukee, WI - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (414) 282-5230

Greenfield Veterinary Clinic

5981 S 27th St
Milwaukee, WI 53221
(414) 282-5230
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Greenfield Veterinary Clinic - Milwaukee, WI
Greenfield Veterinary Clinic - Milwaukee, WI
Greenfield Veterinary Clinic - Milwaukee, WI
Greenfield Veterinary Clinic - Milwaukee, WI
Greenfield Veterinary Clinic - Milwaukee, WI
Greenfield Veterinary Clinic - Milwaukee, WI
Greenfield Veterinary Clinic - Milwaukee, WI
Greenfield Veterinary Clinic - Milwaukee, WI


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We have been taking our pets to Greenfield Veterinary Clinic for over 20 years and they are the Best !!! Over the years, we have had dogs, cats, a rabbit and guinea pig . The do...


When my dogs were puppies I took them here. At first they were fine going in but after several visits they started to fight me when I would try to take them in the door. I witness...

A GREAT Vet Clinic !!! 6/18/2012

We have been taking our pets to Greenfield Veterinary Clinic for over 20 years and they are the Best !!! Over the years, we have had dogs, cats, a rabbit and guinea pig . The doctors have been wonderful throughout the years and all of our animals have received excellent medical care. The original owner, Dr. Reed, retired several years ago and the current doctors , Dr. Work and Dr. Taylor, are very friendly and professional. We have had many pets spayed / neutered there and the surgeries have always gone well . The staff is very accommodating and goes out of their way to get us in for an appointment if we call at the last minute, which we have done on several occasions. Some good friends of ours had an ACL surgery done on their labrador and it went beautifully, excellent recovery at a reasonable price. We highly recommend Greenfield Veterinary Clinic !!!! more

If you love your pets skip this place!! 11/29/2011

When my dogs were puppies I took them here. At first they were fine going in but after several visits they started to fight me when I would try to take them in the door. I witnessed them dragging one of my dogs down the hall by her leash. When I went to pick them up (same visit) the vet greeted me by calling out "the owner of trouble" he looked at me and said "I'm talking to you" He proceeded to tell me that my dogs were mean and vicious and would hurt someone someday. I proceeded to tell him that whatever he and his staff did to my dogs was their fault because they used to enjoy going to the vet. I pointed out as well that someone in the waiting room was arguing with the receptionist because they had received the wrong medication and the one they received would have been harmful to their pet. The doctor then indicated he was "done with the discussion". I never went back. If you love your pets avoid this place! I now go to Pahle Veterinary dogs are happy, I'm happy and more

Love the place hate doctor work 7/24/2011

So me and my girlfriend recently took our pug whos name is bean into greenfield Veterinary Clinic and sadly the female vet we were seeing had moved down to illinois so we got stuck with seeing Doctor Work. First off I don't know about some of you out there but for me when Doctor Work did not even introduce himself I thought how rude. Secondly the guy has no personality what so ever, did not even ask us questions on how bean was doing or if we experienced any problems with bean since last time we were at the vet, so we were really getting off to a good start with this jerk. And thirdly the guy just took a hold of the dog did not even pet or let our pug even feel comfortable with Dr .Work touching him so half way through the exam bean started to squeel and Dr.Work told us that we were babying him to much and that he needed to toughen up. I am thinking to myself dog's can not talk so how can he tell you it hurts. I proceeded along with my girlfriend and our pug to walk out of the vet more

Exceptional Staff 4/8/2011

Greenfield Vet is a very special and caring group of people who love animals. Dr. Taylor was my vet for 3 years and really helped me get my dog healthy and happy. When I ended up in the hospital and could no longer take care of her Greenfield Vet sheltered her and found a wonderful, loving family for her where she is well taken care of. I was always impressed with their service but this staff went "above and beyond" to help me and my dog. They are concerned and dedicated people. more

Cold, in-compassionate and expensive! Shut the door in my face! 9/10/2010

I took all of my animals (dogs AND cats) to Greenfield from 1993-2001. I stopped going there after having the door shut in my face upon approach (quite literally), after calling to say I was on my way to pick up a life-saving prescription for my cat. (Unable to get the meds, my cat subsequently died). Up until this time, I thought I might have been reading into the callousness of the staff to deeply. There were other incidents in the past where the vet acted coldly toward me just as soon as I showed a money concern (expensive by comparison to other clinics), as if I were wasting his time. Also, he seemed more interested and compassionate when I brought in my dogs (apparently he's not a cat person). I would most definitely NOT recommend Dr. Work. more

I travel 2 hours 9/5/2010

We have followed Dr. Jim Work for over 30 years. He has that "grounded" knowledge with the cutting edge of new medicine. He has saved four of my Golden Retriever lives. His practice is clean, friendly and fairly priced. I send all my friends and family to Dr. Work, no matter where they live. Thank you Dr. Work for all the wonderful care you have given my animals. We think your Awsome!!! more

Dr. Work is AWESOME!! 3/13/2010

I foster dogs thru a rescue group and have brought many of them to see Dr. Work. He has always been incredible with all of them. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Work and his staff. more

Quality care at Greenfield Vet 3/12/2010

I dislike people who make "random" comments about a vet...when they aren't smart enough to read the fine print on a "free exam". Anybody with a brain can read what it is included with a free exam.\r \r I have used the Greenfield Veterinary clinic for over 20 years...between my various pets, lab, akita, sheltie and two cats. \r \r I have found that the care and compassion of this clinic is outstanding...when I had to put my first two dogs to sleep, they were compassionate and helpful. Right now my sheltie is elderly and is requiring a lot of special care...they are bending over backwards to help me in a very difficult time. Is it cheap? No...but then good care never is. If you don't like spending money on your animals...then don't get any. Obviously you are not a pet lover. ...I think Greenfield Vet Clinic, and especially Dr. Work are very caring, and very considerate people. more

Friendly, honest and always available! 9/9/2009

I absolutely love Dr. James Work! We have been bringing our two Labradors there for almost 5 years and his expertise in large breed dogs is second to none. He never charges us for unnecessary medical tests or surgeries and is always open, honest and very friendly each and every time we walk through that door! more

Great Service! 9/4/2009

I've brought my cats to Greenfield Veterinary Clinic for almost 20 years now and have never experienced any problems. Dr. Werk treated both of my cats when they started to fail in later life. He saved the life of one of my cats after diagnosing her with kidney disease. I learned later that a lot of vets would have given up on her because of her age and condition, and he provided services that kept her alive and allowed her to continue a quality life for nearly a year. When the time came, Dr. Werk helped me make the decision to have her put to sleep and was very sympathetic because he also owned several cats. I would definitely recommend Greenfield Vet Service due to their friendly and professional office staff, knowlegable and experienced vets, and superior diagnostic equipment. more

Good Service 6/3/2009

I took my cat Jinx in to get fixed. They were very caring and gentle with him. They explained everything. They did not try to sell me anything that I did not need. The total I was quoted for the surgery and shots over the phone turned out to be cheaper at the time i paid. \r Great service and caring people.... more

Kind and caring 3/12/2009

I brought my cat in to see this vet when he became paralyzed last Christmas. He was 20 years old and I had had him the whole 20 years. I wanted to do everything I could for him. Dr Daniels was the sweetest person, recommended some things and took care of my baby. When it came time to put him to sleep Dr Daniels cried with me. Later I received a hand written note from her expressing her sympathy for our loss. I have since got a dog and have and will continue to bring my animals to her. The staff there is outstanding and as far as a comment above about them testing without telling prices...did you ever think about asking the price before approving the tests??? Communication goes a long way! Pros: always has friendly staff, never have to wait too long for an appointment, caring people more

Very friendly and affordable! 3/2/2009

My fiancee comes from a home that has always had farm cats. I had taken a liking to one of the kittens, but noticed she was very ill, and that a lot of the other kittens had the same infection that she did. I called Greenfield to see if it was possible to give us antibotics for all of the kittens, and not just the one we brought in. When you have farm cats, it's a little too pricy to take 10 cats to the vet. They were very friendly and after seeing the one kitten, they gave us enough medicine for all of the kittens with the same symptoms. They even gave our little kitty some ear medicine and a rabies shot for free since it was our first time there. \r Now that my fiancee and I have our own little house kitten, we will definately go to Greenfield again for all the shots and check up's he needs. The staff is very friendly and they did not charge a large amount at all for anything that they did. \r Wonderful people! Pros: Very friendly staff. Very afforadable. Cons: None that I noticed with my visit. more

They test without telling prices! 11/12/2008

Talk about nickel and dime! We have two dogs and have brought both in for issues ranging from skin conditions to UTIs. While I feel the vets seem to do a good time explaining the root of the problem, the treatment is ridiculous! The vet will perform TONS of VERY expensive tests without giving us any warning of the price or alternatives! I have NEVER left without a bill over $250 PER DOG. My husband was so outraged that he called and tried to cancel a certain unnecessary $100 test (the vet himself said it could wait and was only needed 10% of the time). Then on the phone he was rude and said the test was needed 75% of the time. Well which is it? Finally my husband resorted to saying we couldn't afford it and even then they seemed begrudging about the refund. The desk staff is always great, but it's the hidden charges and mysteries of their pricing that are their downfall. We will be finding a new vet ASAP. We do NOT recommend them! Cons: everything more

excellent vet service! 10/7/2008

i took my cat here for the first time because he was sick. the staff at the front desk was very friendly, and the doctor was great! he explained everything in easy to understand terms, but without making me feel like a 2 year old. we were in the exam room within 5 minutes of our appointment, and finished in less than 30 minutes. in that time the doc was able to examine him, run tests, and figure out possible issues my kitty was having. rather than treat for something he doesn't have, the vet said we'd start with the basics and treat that. we'd go from there. that was music to my ears because i know some of the alternatives would be costly. since this was our first experience at a vet i don't have much to compare to, but i felt the prices were very reasonable...i expected the total cost to be well over what it was! we will be visiting this vet again to update all of my cat's shots. Pros: friendly staff, quick service, fairly close to home, convenient appointment times Cons: exam room seemed very small more

Great Vet 9/16/2008

I have taken my dog to several area vets for his allergies as well at the UW-Madison Vet School. So far this is the only Vet that has been able to actually help my dog. I am grateful. I have spent literally thousands of dollars on helping my dog and am happy to say that not only is he doing great at Greenfield Vet Clinic but the Dr. there is helpful and easy to work with. Pros: Close to home; great staff; Cons: behind schedule a lot more

Kind kitty kare 8/3/2008

My 18 year old cat has been going to Greenfield Vet since she was a kitten. Doctors have changed, but I have never had a bad experience with their care or treatment of my cat.\r \r The one downside is that on Saturday's it is a bit of a zoo! ( pun intended). When I go during the week, I normally don't have much of a wait and there are only a few if any other animals in the waiting area. Last time I went on Saturday, had a longer wait and there were many more animals in the waiting room. I kept her in her carrier. Pros: You get 1% discount which compounds every year up to 15%. Cons: Too busy on Saturday. more

Terrible service at a high price 4/7/2008

The service has deteriorated over the years. One vet left, and our experience has been horrible since. Slow, inattentive service. When my dog is getting surgery, I should have a vet who knows what medications my dog is already on, and a caring environment when things like that are so stressful. Multiple visits for the surgery and aftermath were unacceptable. After six years, my dog will never go back there. more

Money hungry jerks! 11/8/2007

I have taken all my pets, from Guinea pigs to puppies, to Greenfireld Veterinary Clinic, and I am changing my vet care NOW. I thought maybe it was just a farse with how they were, but it kept on happening.\r \r I had to put a guinea pig to sleep. The vet was cold and callused as I was crying my eyes out. It was like I was putting his plans on hold because of it. Then they tried to charge me a higher price than what I was told on the phone previously. I caught them, they fumbled around, and finally located the lower price.\r \r I bought two guinea pigs from the Humane Society a year or so later, and Greenfield Vetranary Clinic was on the Free visit list. Since I was kinda poor, I went there again for the free check-up. Well, they were quick top say they needed a claw clipping, and kinda Wisked them away and ZOOM! They were back. After all was said and done, they charged me $24 for the clipping. I went OFF! Why didn't they tell me that claw clipping wasn't a part of the free check-up procedu more

Friendly Caring People 9/26/2007

My dog and various animals through the years were check out by the vets at Greenfield. The care and service are outstanding. If your animal has a serious problem, the vets will take care of them. My dog was very ill and with their care, returned to good health. more
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  • Greenfield Veterinary Clinic provides small animal wellness, medical and surgical services to the greater Milwaukee area. With more than 38 years of experience, we are a full service hospital that offers in-house lab work, laser surgery, ultrasound, endoscopy, x-ray, dental services and more. Our friendly staff will do everything that they can to make your pet's visit as low stress as possible. Open 6 days a week, there is sure to be a time when you can get your furry friend in for the health care that they need.. Pet wellness exams for dogs,cats,reptiles and small caged pets. Laser Surgery. Complete in house laboratory services. X-ray. Pet dental care. Dog and cat vaccinations

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