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Green Street Social Club - 29 Reviews - 610 Trolley Sq, Salt Lake City, UT - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (801) 532-4200

Green Street Social Club

610 Trolley Sq
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
(801) 532-4200
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I actually have had some good times at the Street of Green. The staff their, I have always found to be incredably nice and welcoming. The bartenders never ignore me and the wait...


I used to go to Green St a lot in my younger (read: first month of 21 lol) days. However, I went there this weekend and realized why I've moved on. The staff are nice, though bar ...

Make sure to wear Ed Hardy or A&F if you want a drink 3/15/2010

I used to go to Green St a lot in my younger (read: first month of 21 lol) days. However, I went there this weekend and realized why I've moved on. The staff are nice, though bar service is sort of slow. The customers were the main drawback for me, guess it wasn't really my "scene". There is little ethnicity, and a lot of Ed Hardy and/or Abercrombie here. And all the men are rude, obnoxious, and very.... um..... I don't even know the word for it, but it's bad. Good place to go if you are young & don't know any better. Otherwise, I'd spend the extra dough to go somewhere with a bit more class. Pros: Cheap drinks Cons: Slow bar service, Rude patrons more

Great Club 2/7/2010

Love this club haha! Pros: Great Service more

I actually had a good time, and no I am not a meathead 7/29/2009

I actually have had some good times at the Street of Green. The staff their, I have always found to be incredably nice and welcoming. The bartenders never ignore me and the waitresses are amazing. I think most of the reviews in here are people who had one bad night or two and decided to just blame the bar. So do yourself a favor go out and forget the crowds and just worry about enjoying yourself. Cause I have found the more you worry about the crowds at the bar, you'll never have fun at any bar. And yes that is a fact! Pros: Great Staff and calm crowds on the right nights. Cons: sometimes can get out of hand more

Green Street is for JOCKDOUCHEBAG$ with TINY DIC$ and COKE HABITS! 3/7/2009

I showed my drivers license to enter the club a bouncer noticed my concealed weapons permit, I was out drinking so I was not armed, and I told him so when he asked. They proceeded to frisk me and my whole party and then refused us service and surrounded our table with a bunch of bouncers... We tried to get our $3 back(they refused) as we left and I complained to the management that a CCW holder is not a criminal, and treating us like criminals because we hold a CCW is stupid... Anyone who wants to start trouble isn't going to bring a weapon permit(that requires an FBI back round check) or would bother talk to the bouncers at the door. They would just start shooting and there is not a thing those pantie waist shrink D steroid-ed up Aholes could do to stop it. This bar is some type of gestapoesque Orwellian crap-hole only fit for those with small dic$, coke habits and herpes. FOCK YOU GREEN-STREET Pros: none Cons: all more

This Bar has a odor to it, especially behind the Bar 3/6/2009

Me and my friends went there the other night to sing karaoke which was great. The crowd is not my scene at all but whatever we were there to sing. The bartender was very nice to me and I didn't experience any bad attitude at all.....Really nice. The thing that was alarming to me was the horrible smell coming behind the bar. I can't quite put my finger on it but it was pungent and smelled like decaying dead farm animals....or something to that extent. I really had to write this review because it was an insanely bad smell and people need to know. Spray some cologne on those limes and cherries or better yet wash the ice bucket....Maybe it was just an off cleaning night or was crazy Pros: good funny people watching, cute bartenders, extra security cause you gonna need it Cons: bad smell, popped collars and greasy hair more

Swayze's Roadhouse crowd, South Beach attitude staff 10/22/2008

You can't have it both way. Either turn the club into the jack@ss heaven with dickslap bartenders (Mint, anyone?), or turn it the Urban Cowboy way. If you care for the crowd mix, then exercise heavy face-control & employ jack@sses as bouncers. If you care for the revenue, then let everyone in. Can't have both: taking everyone in and then treat them like caca. Half of the staff there got some kind of issues as if they're pssed off at something. more

Love GrEeNsTrEeT!! 10/8/2008

I have a membership with Greenstreet and absolutely love to go there. I choose greenstreet over most any other bar on thursdays & fridays. Thursday is absolutely packed since its kareoke night and lots of people are there. You can barely move but i love it!! The bartenders on the bottom floor arent as friendly as the guys on the upper level. Sky is by far the best bartender there :) I have never not met guys there and there is always a huge variety of people there... The club upstairs is always so much fun with the rap music, me and my girl love to shake it!! I always recommend this place to people, i LOVE it!! Pros: Bartenders upstairs, clubbing, dancing, atmosphere & the singles... Cons: security guys arent always that nice & older people around... more

A roll of the dice 9/27/2008

This place tends to oscillate between "okay" and terrible. It probably starts with the ownership or management and trickles down to everyone else. But, the service has never been good. My best night there, the service was bare minimum. The worst--they ignore you or brush you off, give you attitude, etc. This is more than bad service, it affects the vibe of the bar, too. Sometimes it is downright hostile or unfriendly. People forget that we're supposed to be there to have a good time. Maybe it's the regulars...lots of dumb, scuzzy chicks and big guys with massive chips on their shoulders. It's ok if you go with a big group of friends and stick with them. But I'd say it's a bad place to meet new ones. Pros: Good location Cons: Nearly everything else more

staff problems 6/25/2008

Will never go there again. We had a birthday party of 8 that after 2 rounds of drinks, that took forever to arrive (half hour after seating to get 1st drink) an african-American security employee 86'd a member of our party because he remembered having an incedent with him a few years ago. I tried to reason with mangement since we had ordered dinner and everything. They said we were welcome to stay but not our friend. I am 55, a business owner that had our wives with us. As we left peacefully the bouncer prodeeded to tell our friend he would find him on the street and he better watch his back. WTF? Pros: location Cons: staff more

horrible management 3/21/2008

great bar setup. Everyone else is awful. Doormen, waittresses, bartenders and managers are the worst I have ever seen. Understaffed every night. When a waitress does serve you, its usually with a lot of attitude. Security stares you down trying to instigate a fight. I have been going there for a while, and things only get worse. They should fire everyone and start over. If it was well run like every other bar, it would be one of the best. It's a shame that the bar has gone downhill because of the staff. CHANGE OF MANAGEMENT NEEDED!!!! Pros: location Cons: everyone who works there. Must have to fail a personality test to work there more

Attention All Beautiful People....Green Street is the Place for you! 1/24/2008

Green Street is by far the best club I have ever been to! Beautiful people all over the place! Hot men...Hot girls...Lots of liquor...What more could you ask for?! Thursday nights are AMAZING!!! Pros: Hello!!! Hot people everywhere! Cons: To many Haters! more

For a good time. . . STAY AWAY! 1/6/2008

Do not buy more than a one day membership. That is all it will take to realize this is not a club, but a hangout for STERIOD INDUCED, Security wannabe and Bartenders who figure because they control the alcohol they have a right to treat paying customers with total disrespect and attitude. I would not be suprised to see this place closed down or on the 10:00 news with a "Rodney King" type beating of a customer. The "0" tolerance policy is due to the Security staffs inability to handle what should be a normal situation in anyother bar in town. Instead they use their position to escalate the situation all while shouting racial comments and physically provoking the customers. Somewhere in your membership agreement, you give up your rights as a citizen and a human being. "Bartender" when your having a bad day. . . STAY HOME! Nobody deserves your attitude! Thanks for making our daughters 30th birthday a memorable occasion and one we will talk about for many years. . . after you are out of business. more

great place for friends and fun. ecspecially on thursday nights 12/3/2007

Green st has been around longer than most clubs in utah, that has to tell you that the people there know how to run the place, it's a very open club, and has a restruant, 2 pool rooms(billards) various arcade games, a lounge, a cigar room and a dance floor that's available to rent out for company banquets and parties. It also has one of the best looking bar and waitress staff of any club i've visited lately, and i have to give my props to the security team, most of this team is either former military or law enforcement, and the one's who aren't still know how to do the job, so it's a safe place to go, and unless your causing a problem the security gaurds are actually nice and helpfull. Thursday nights are the best time to visit green st, with it being ladies night. Pros: location, staff, and party scene Cons: can have long lines on thursday nights, but that can be a good thing too. more

The Uncaring Social Club 10/15/2007

I have always had a good time through the night, until closing time and then everyone turns into a bunch of rude, insulting, mean people. After leaving 4 messages on the GM's phone and emailing in two complaints and filing a complaint with the DABC for violations, I have had zero response from any connected with The Greenstreet Social club. This place is on my permanent list of places to avoid. Pros: Fun before midnight Cons: They close whenever they want and force you out in violation of DABC regs more

Avoid this place at all costs!! 10/2/2007

Wow!,,,have you ever waited in line at a club and you look inside and it's empty but you wait another half hour and it's still empty...Do you like horrible music that switches in the middle of a good to a bad song and then mixes hip hop and classic rock and roll?..Well if you do, this is the place for you... When you get ID check at this place you get pat down by some hardass like your going into jail or prison for the first time, then when you get in the club the bartenders are rude and there is horrible customer service!!..Rough tough guys and stupid young drunk chicks that are loud and annoying as hell...Avoid this place at all costs especially if your visiting, this is not a classy club at all!!!! Pros: Location Cons: STAFF. CROWD. more

UFC training camp 8/24/2007

Angry young guys and dumb drunk chicks with their breasts hanging out. The last part ain't that bad however this place is not for cool, easy-going types, if you aren't into pushing and shoving ,lame music and drunk young people spilling dirnks on least if you are upstairs by the dance floor. The bar service is horrible, they actually make you stand on line to get into this place... after you are felt up by some think neck short guy they finally let you in (that's if you are white). If you are not white and they have reached their quota of minorities then you will not be let in for whatever reason they can find e.g "your shirt is too long", "your jeans are to baggy", "you look like a foreigner", "we have our fill of negros tonight". Stay away from this place unless you like a good fight. Pros: young drunk girls Cons: dumb drunk girls, angry young men, prefers white only atmosphere more

Bartenders: insulting people with no idea about CUSTOMER SERVICE 7/6/2007

Where in any CUSTOMER SERVICE GUIDE does it ever say that staff have a right to insult and laugh at customers??? I dont know how the staff gets picked out ...because honestly some of them need some hygiene should not be hangin in customer's drinks..but I dont even worry about has a choice...and that is their problem..i just want people to know that there is a chance they might be getting their beverages from staff that have no clue what CUSTOMER SERVICE is!!! that does not mean you dont get a "HELLO..what can i get you?" get very inappropriate comments ..... Pros: ...... Cons: ridiculous bartenders... more

Chill 6/13/2007

Sounds like a place i'd go with my gal pals. Probobly would get pretty trashed and go dancing...smoke a little you know the dril. more

First time going... 5/11/2007

I've always wanted to check it out. People are always talking about going, especially on Thursdays. So, I went last Thursday. It was okay. I spent most of my time on the dance floor. It's pretty roomy, however, the music was a little odd. At first, you'd be dancing to G-Unit..and them it mixes into Beastie Boys. Odd. It was a little dificult to get a drink at the bar. Luckily, there are a few. It wasn't too bad. I'd go again. One suggestion, go with a big group of friends. Pros: parking. dance floor, multiple bars. Cons: line to get in. music. more

Must Read (The Truth) 2/5/2007

This clubs biggest night falls on the odd day of Thursday. Not a bad club once you get in.... this club is very picky about who they let in. So make sure you find your tightest jeans and spandex shirt because anything other than that you will get denied (for guys). It's also watched by a bunch of bouncers with "short mans syndrome" so plan on about a 5'4" guy patting you down and telling you your jeans are to baggy... it's a joke. Also your much more likley to get in with no problem if you have girls with you or the majority of you group your with is white. If you have any other groups of people with a different ethnic background other than white (Black, Polynesian, Mexican..etc) your chances of getting in are slim to none (for guys). Its a pretty nice set up inside but the D.J is TERRIBLE! probably one of the worst DJ's in Utah. Don't plan on dancing very much. He mixes Rap lyrics with 90's heavy metal and he talks way to much as if anyone cares what he has to say. Getting drinks at this club is ridiculous as well. Plan on waiting in line for at least 30 minutes to get your first drink. Also plan on people cutting in front of you and constantly having people run into you. Bar tenders are slow and pathetic. I would highly recommend you just waiting till Friday or Saturday night if you want a true relaxed atmosphere go to Port O' Call, Lumpy's, The Hotel or even Vortex. Don't waste your time, energy and especially money at this club. Pros: Good question?!?!? Cons: Ugly Girls, "Short man Syndrome bouncers", long line, no drinks, crowded with old men more
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  • In Short
    One of the roomiest clubs around town, it has four distinct areas for your mingling pleasure. Shoot some pool in the billiards area; grab a bite in the restaurant or on the patio; check out live music upstairs; or have a brandy and conversation in the den. The dress code keeps things classy and clean, but the denim-and-khakis atmosphere is a bit thick at times. It's a comfortable place to socialize because there are so many options: a good variety of seating choices indoors and out, an extensive beverage menu and a calendar of live music.

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  • Hours:

    Mon-Sat 11:30am-1am Sun 11am-12am
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    Master Card, Visa, Diner's Club, Discover, American Express
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    Central City