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Green Oaks Psychiatric Hsptl

7808 Clodus Fields Dr
Dallas, TX 75251
(972) 991-9504
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it is a great place to stay they are nice to you and have wonderful meals the kid section is very cool and nice to the kids if you or anybody you know need mental help please go t...


HORROR IN DALLAS TEXAS Green Oaks of Medical City in Dallas is abusing patients in their ER. I saw one orderly jump on top of a patient, grab him by the collar and start screami...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/3/2014

This place is horrible. When I arrived in the middle of the night there were two large, whole rooms that were dark with lots of recliner chairs (probably 30 or more people in one room and 12 or more in another) and people lying in them some with blankets over their entire head so noone even knew if they were breathing. I was concerned for them and went closer to some under blankets but the staff stopped me from checking on the safety of conditions there. (I worked in a hospital myself and there was not patient centered care). Many were heavily, heavily medicated and most didn't move/respond. Joint Commission or whichever hospital does the accreditation review there, needs to make an unannounced visit in the middle of the night and take a tour of the entire facility to see everyone sleeping in those chairs. If they don't even have actual beds for everyone how can they really admit people and charge them the way they do?\r \r Even after I was admitted to a unit and slept in a bed, I still saw patients sleeping in recliner chairs). And they would mix ones really bad off with others who weren't on the same unit which makes things worse. They require you take your medication consistently in order to get released. I hardly saw my doctor or talked to him and when I requested to several times it took a few days to even see him for a couple of minutes and he couldn't even tell me when I was going to get out. They provided no real information to my father who was from out of state and worried sick about me. \r \r If all your loved one needs is family support and out patient counseling/help which is what I needed for being a single parent without family support for so long, then please make sure they get what is actually needed rather than an extended stay in a place like this. They didn't even let me off the unit to go to church or to get meals in the cafeteria for about two weeks. They kept me in around 3 weeks. It wasn't what I needed at al and a horrible experience. And when family visits they actually visit on the unit. Your child can't even go inside that place to see you so it's horrible being away from them for an extended time. And me being a single mother make it all the worse. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/6/2013

Really guys? They don't care? If you were as experienced with mental health issues in your life as much as I have had with my Mother, you would have a little consideration and understanding for what the staff and doctors go through; and this is in any mental hospital, not just Green Oaks. They really do care about their patient's well being as I have witnessed it with my Mother, and believe me, she is most likely one of the most severe cases of psychosis there is. Try walking a distance in their shoes before passing judgement. It's not an easy, pleasant field to be in. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/22/2012

When brought in you will be in a room filling out paper work and then if your a adult you will be transferred to PES (Psychiatric Emergency Services) for 24hrs and then placed in a Unit. There are 5 units(p1,p2,etc) If your a adolescent you will go straight to the teen ward. Once your in the ward your vitals will be taken, you will be strip searched and you will be asked a lot of questions from the nurse. After that you just follow the Ward Schedule/ You have like 5 groups a day. It gets boring in the afternoon and especially evening as they don't have anything planned. Food there is Good. WHEN YOU HEAR THAT YOU CAN LEAVE ON YOUR OWN DONT BELIEVE IT ! A doctor HAS to discharge you. If you feel this as an error speak to a patient advocate or ask for your file to be reviewed by a judge. Green Oaks is not a Rehab. Its simply a Stabilization Service. I wasn't cured there of my depression and alcoholism only referred to counselors, rehabs, etc. For 3 Days they billed my Insurance $6,789.34 Timberlawn is a little bit Cheaper but isn't as nice as Green Oaks. more

HORROR IN DALLAS TEXAS Green Oaks of 3/21/2012

HORROR IN DALLAS TEXAS Green Oaks of Medical City in Dallas is abusing patients in their ER. I saw one orderly jump on top of a patient, grab him by the collar and start screaming at him. They were taking patients into the restroom and roughing them up. And they were locking up elderly patients in small cells, covering up their windows and leaving them in there all night without checking on them. You could hear them yelling for help and no one would see what they were yelling for help for. I even witnessed one elderly lady being hit over and over and over again. At night it even gets worse. They are billing the insurance companies and government for beds and putting patients in chairs, once they go into the hospital. Patients are being purposely overdosed to make them appear worse than they really are. Dr. Holiner has patients purposely lie on forms he fills out so he can use shock therapy on them. Shock therapy is big business for them, bringing in super amounts of cash. You get special favors, such as more snacks if you get this procedure done and you are treated a little bit nicer. It's a prison atmosphere and they are billing thousands per day per patient to stay there. Patients are walking around naked. The cold showers are communal and the water barely spurts out. The mattresses and ultra-small pillows are dirty and look prison issued. The rooms are actually made of cinder blocks and they are extremely dirty. The floors are never mopped. And you will get sick the first night you are in a room because they never clean the exhaust vents. Your throat will hurt so bad the next morning and your nose will clog up and stay that way. The smoke room which is walls without a ceiling is right next to the main room of each unit. When its smoke time they pack this room and if the wind is blowing in, the main room fills up with smoke. People with asthma can barely breathe afterwards. Many times there is no water to drink. The nurses are nonresponsive, and the orderlies get upset if you ask for something such as towels to take a shower with. It's only a matter of time before the Feds shut this place down. from Craig Motsenbocker who doesn't care if doctors will be rude to me or not see me anymore because I wrote this. Who wants a doctor anyway that has that kind of morals. I wouldn't trust him or her, would you? more

BEWARE 3/19/2012

Do not and I repeat do not call the police to find your child that is missing then they take them here. My daughter was missing for a few hours we found her, I tried to call the police off but they still showed. Because she was crying & upset & mentioned she wanted to talk to someone & maybe get some medicine for the depression she was having, the officer said he would take her to a hospital for that & that she would get to talk & get meds & be able to then go home. She was under the impression the hospital was not a mental ward but an actual ER! ALL LIES by Rowlett police! When I found out where they were taking her I was shocked she did not need or want that place & I knew it. When I as her mother arrived at Green Oaks, I was told to wait for the officer to talk to me. I waited & he came out & said in 30 min I would get a call from my daughter. First she would see a doctor then call me within 30 min. max. & she could go home with me. I waited for well over 2 hours watching all kinds of crazed nuts coming in with hand cuffs screaming & trying to kick people my daughter was not supposed to be here I kept thinking and saying! I called everyone to start praying for her! This was like a horror movie watching these people. What the hell was that cop thinking? I asked to see her & was told I could not till the next day. I said WAIT my daughter does not belong here I was told she would call me in 30 min & where is my daughter. The nurse then had to wait on another crazy patient & then come talk to me. I was then told to go home as she had to talk to two different doctors before they may consider letting her leave. I got upset & told them this was not where she needed to be. She never said anything about hurting herself! I told them so this makes no sense you cannot hold her that is against the law. Why are you doing this to my daughter? I then waited for another hour & asked the nurses to please allow my daughter to call me you have to allow that. I talked to different cops that brought in other people & they said she was not coming home tonight & I said I just don’t understand why she is here no one will help me. They said they could not do anything. I finally got a call from my daughter oh my gosh she was so scared & crying. She said she was in a room filled with nuts screaming & peeing on them self’s. I could hear it. She said she was stripped & her clothes removed. They kept trying to say her scars from years past were self-inflicted she said & she told them NO they are not, but they wrote these lies. My daughter said she kept asking to leave & being told she would not till much later if at all the next day! We cried together on the phone, I told her I would not leave her & would try my best to get her out of that nut house; she told me she was made to sit in fold out chairs that were dirty all waiting to see a doctor. I told her keep your head up I will get you out somehow, I was so scared for her & if she would get hurt in there. Another nurse told me again I had to leave. Oh my god I am leaving my baby I thought how this can’t be happening! I cried all the way home & then I got a call right before I got home from my daughter crying saying she could leave! The doctor said she was sorry that my daughter did not belong here & would I come get her I said my gosh yes I will be there in 10 min or less. Thank god for the doctor there that night! I was told they never let anyone go like that. She said she was sorry for all the lies & for her being there, I said just let her go please. The doctor said I knew she was not like the rest but the officer had lied & said she had said she was going to drive her car into the lake this was not true! I cannot believe the audacity of an officer to lie & to take someone not acting like a nut to a place like that. How dare you Officer. I got my baby girl & we went home & cried together. Never ever let this happen to your children! more

delete 12/23/2011

delete\r \r \r more


it is a great place to stay they are nice to you and have wonderful meals the kid section is very cool and nice to the kids if you or anybody you know need mental help please go there if it is serous then go to green oaks psychiatric hsptl more

Suicides Only 8/3/2011

Took a family member to try and get help with emotional issues causing drug and alcohol abuse we were told they only treat people who are threatening or attempting to commit suicide. When they take you in you sit in a chair overnight in a room with all the other ""inmates"" for a suicide watch, next day they decide where to send you. She had been there before and didnt want to go. I feel like if she ever has thoughts of taking her own life she wont tell anyone for fear of having to go there again, she will just do it without telling anyone. This is not a psychiatric hospital it is a suicide intervention detention facillity ONLY. only the seriously insane should consider going there for help. more

Beware! Not a place of healing 2/23/2011

This warning is for those who are considering sending their loved ones here. In an institution where professionals have nearly unlimited power over patients’ lives, injustice and abuse become possibilities. It is the patient’s word against the professional’s word, but the patient can be described as ‘unstable’ and therefore discredited. My loved one spent a day here, and it was something out of a horror movie (check the youtube user stealthpicasso for an idea). Among other things, the doctor there described him as unstable and quite likely to hurt himself and others. Because of these recommendations, he could be detained, restrained, possibly medicated, and isolated indefinitely (at least until his insurance ran out – and he had good insurance). Contrast this with what happened next. We spoke to an independent psychiatric doctor, and had him transferred to another hospital. Within a day, all the nurse staff and doctors there approved of him, and he was released the following day. He could have been released the day he arrived, but because of the unprofessional comments (euphemism) that the Green Oaks doctor wrote, the judge could not go forward. If you think Green Oaks is a place of healing, be warned. If my loved one had stayed there, he might have ended up as the Green Oaks doctor initially described him: unstable and likely to hurt himself and others. Be warned. more

Green Oaks is worse than jail. 2/20/2010

Was sent there by an idiot cop that said I was ""distraught"" because of crying after having an argument with my bf. I have exper. county jail before; Green Oaks is worse, they treat their pts. like dogs. They humiliate, manhandle pts. & yell out medication, behavioral, & personal information across the room in front of other patients as if they can’t hear them. Cussing/griping all day long. I felt no better than a dirty cow in a pasture being herded. Don't even THINK about getting out of your chair, you’ll be yelled at! One cried for 12 hrs, ignored and made to sit on a hard bench. Repeatedly told “stop crying!” by a tech, James at a desk 10 ft away. She was refused a chair/blanket because of the crying. Tranquilizers were forced as she screamed. They came out of the room and smugly announced to all, ""Well she got her shots; that’s what she wanted!"" She wasn't even dangerous, just sobbed cause she didn’t have a ph number! One incontinent patient was left soaked for 40 min after being noticed. They don’t hesitate to figure out your insurance info. My bf and mom called from 2am-11am to get me out, until a social worker came and got me out. 3 min to plead your case then your thrown out to the general population for another day. Unbearably cold esp. when forced to stay seated at all times. No mental stimulation whatsoever. Men are supposed to stay on their side but it's like the techs just didn't care anymore. Man came over to my chair w an evil look in his eye. I tried to notify a tech who glanced at me and walked off. I feared for my safety/life at some points. I felt like an annoyance - intimidated to ask for anything. Most painful 10 hrs of my life; jail is better. If your loved one has an emergency for the love of God DO NOT CALL THE POLICE, they will go to this Hell hole. One pt. spilled her cereal, tech came over and threw 2 bathtowels down on the milk & cereal, wiped w his foot & just left it on the floor for hrs! PLEASE avoid this place at ALL costs. Cons: A ridiculously incompetent staff, money hunger, ignorance more
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