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Greatest Bar

262 Friend St (at Across from The Garden)
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 367-0544
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Greatest Bar - Boston, MA
Greatest Bar - Boston, MA
Greatest Bar - Boston, MA
Greatest Bar - Boston, MA
Greatest Bar - Boston, MA
Greatest Bar - Boston, MA
Greatest Bar - Boston, MA
Greatest Bar - Boston, MA
Greatest Bar - Boston, MA
Greatest Bar - Boston, MA
Greatest Bar - Boston, MA
Greatest Bar - Boston, MA


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Great place for a couple beers and food before or after a Garden event. I have gone to Greatest a bunch of times and have never had a compliant. The atmosphere after the games i...


I've been to this bar a handful of times and its always been an "eh" experience...good, but definitely not great, I'm pretty indifferent to it. The bar has a lot of potential, 4 ...

The WORST Bar! 2/6/2011

I don't even want to give this bar one star! This weekend I arrived with a bus of 30 people. We all paid the $10 cover (they made $300 from us walking in!!). I had one drink inside and then went out for a smoke. When we went to go back in the bouncer said I was too drunk. Lets look at the following factors Mr bouncer: 1) its raining 2) there is ice all over your side walk and 3) I'm in heels... I don't think anyone could walk right on that. But I accepted it and went across the street missing my friends birthday. Later I found out the bouncer eventually did that to almost the whole bus. They basically robbed us all for our $10!! They kicked out my brother and said he was too drunk and he DOESN'T EVEN DRINK!! So at the end of the night I tried to use there bathroom because I was waiting for my party and the bouncer rudely told me (a female) to use the ally. I'm surprised this business is still in business! We now refer to to this place as "The Worst Bar" more


RUDE and AWFUL... absolutely go somewhere else... I was treated so rudely by the staff and have never been to a place with such rude people. Terrible service and rude staff. The bouncers are also beyond rude and on a complete power trip, as mentioned by another user on these reviews. More like the worst bar - avoid at all costs. You're better off going to the Harp around the corner. more

Not the greatest bar 6/13/2010

Understaffed, overcrowded...great if you're about 21 but us 29 year olds need a different scene more

A sure bet before or after bruins/celts! 3/10/2010

I have enjoyed all my experiences here - from private functions to grabbing a bite before or after a game. People are always here - it is never dull, or empty! Food is good, but expensive and small in portion size - so just keep that in mind - and if you are looking for a meal eat elsewhere, and drink here. Another plus for the Greatest Bar is if you are meeting people for a game from various locations its the perfect halfway point, grab a drink and head over to the game. Reconnect with old friends at the game - have them join you at the bar after. There is something for everyone, and offers a solid bet when you are out of options and looking for someone to choose a place for you. Pros: easy to find, diversity of floors, great for events Cons: limited food menu more

Great place before events at the Garden 2/25/2010

Great place for a couple beers and food before or after a Garden event. I have gone to Greatest a bunch of times and have never had a compliant. The atmosphere after the games is great as well. Pros: Location more

Lots of Entertainment 5/26/2009

We went to TGB to watch the B's game and it was the best atmosphere I have been in to watch the game besides being inside the garden. The TV's where incredible how you saw every play and even ice flying. The food was great the drinks were cheap the crowd was amazing. It didn't end after the game. The crowd piled in the place and it was the best after party I have been to in a long time every floor had it's on great concept and different crowd it was awesome. I have been there on non games nights and I have to say this place is one of the tops in the city with everything going on all the time......Great Job Pros: Best Place to watch a game,cheap drinks, good dj's Cons: parking on game days more

Love it 4/17/2009

This place is soo fun! I always go my bday, friends bdays and weekends occassionally. There are 4 floors so there is something for everyone and different music on 3 of the 4 floors! It is really fun and its always busy! Theres usually a long line on weekend so get there early and you'll miss the cover as well. Great location because its right across from the garden and its always the place to go after games, concerts, etc. I will always love this place and have great memories here! Pros: 4 floors Cons: long line sometimes.. But get there early and miss cover! more

We try our best!! Its a great night :) 2/8/2009

Hey everyone, well I can alot of disappointed people on here which is unfortunate. The only night that there is a cover is on Saturdays. Its a very big night, fun night, and as we can see a successful night. We apologize for the amount of time some of you have had to spend waiting in line. We try our best to accomodate everyone as fast we can. There is a very strict capacity limit set so we cannot go over that. To save some time and money I suggest people go to bostonviplist and reserve a place on the guestlist. You will not wait in line as long and you will recieve reduced admission which is only 5 dollars per person. Saturday nights are a huge night as mentioned and capacity is reached very early normally by 1030, so the only suggestion I can make is get there early, sign up on the guestlist, and please have a little patience, because I am more then confident when you finally get in, it will be worth the wait... The music format for Saturday Nights is Hip Hop/Top 40/Old Skool/80s and from the past few weeks everyone seems to really enjoy the selection of music played. AS mentioned in other reviews you can hear top 40 at alot of other places, but DJs @ The Greatest can mix and know what they are doing, so its a much better experience then alot of other places you may visit. So please don't let these bad reviews determine if you come check out The Greatest Bar or not. Please just get your names on the list, try to get out early, and please have I said, once you are in you will have a great time :) Pros: Cheap Drinks, good music, crowd there to have a great time!! more

the worst bar ever 2/7/2009

The Greatest = The Lamest Bar!!! Please, waiting outside for 10 minutes to pay $15 @ the door? Seriously this place is slumville & classless. Not worth it!!! The owners should be ashamed of themselves!!! more

there is no "zero star" option 11/17/2008

Reasons not to choose this heinous establishment: *They charge girls $10 and guys $15 to get in...totally sexist and ridiculous *The music was awful and the DJ couldn't mix them well at all. Most of the songs weren't even known songs. Not dancing music, or even just sitting around drinking music. Terrible. *Security(with headphones and walkie talkies) were on major power trips, only concerning themselves with how your hat was worn, which floor you're allowed to be on, and they were all ugly. *The waitresses didn't understand drink orders, had no idea what a vodka tonic was. *It's lame. *while standing outside in the rain some guy walked by and pushed me and the bouncer just let it happen. (ps, I'm a girl) Don't come here. Save your money. I'd rather go to Fusion5 in Foxboro. more

STAY AWAY 9/21/2008

Why the hell is there a cover to get into this place? There's nothing special about it. People get dressed up to go to this dump and no one cares. Overall everyone is rude here and the drinks are over-priced with awful service. The bouncers do their job of being jerks and meatheads. The only reason I was there was for a bday party which turned out to be an awful decision. My buddy got thrown out for trying to stand near his friends while some random guy was in between being a creep. I spoke to the owner Jeff about it who is a cool guy who happened to be outside at the time. He's a legit guy who recognizes that he has some "bad apples" on his staff. He offered us a VIP treatment next time we come, who knows if he was honest. Either way, stay away from this dump. Go to The Harp or Sullivan's. Pros: Location Cons: Cover, Service, Prices, Crowded more

Great Friday Night! 7/28/2008

My friends and I went to the bar after hearing great things about there Friday night as it is the place to be. The line was down the street and the crowd was all dressed to impress which means a lot to me. We waited in line for about 15 min then got in and I was amazed at the crowd being a little older than I heard. The bar was asking for two back up id's at the door which seemed to scare a lot of kids in the line. We got in and the 1st floor was busy but not packed and a lot of girls dancing to a dj spinning mash-ups(That is was certain Dj's do for the last post). We went to the 3rd floor and the DJ was playing old school hip hop which was up beat and fun but the floor was packed! Not for me...So I went to the 4th floor and was amazed that this floor was in the building. The floor was high end and the crwod was a great looking. The music was a great mix no mash up's just good music.....The only negative was it was hard to get a drink because it was busy which actually most likely made me stay pretty sober....The bartenders I would say are the best looking I have seen in the city hands down as we ended up sitting at the bar in amazement...Greatest Bar was a great place to be on this Friday night..... Pros: bartenders,crowd,atmosphere Cons: some floors busy and hard to get a drink more

Not so Greatest Bar (good potential, Terrible DJ) 7/20/2008

I've been to this bar a handful of times and its always been an "eh" experience...good, but definitely not great, I'm pretty indifferent to it. The bar has a lot of potential, 4 floors, average prices, plenty of room, etc. I went there this past Saturday (July 19th 2008) for a friends birthday. I was anticipating a great time since the bar is usually pretty good for that type of event (it never gets too crowded). The DJ on the other hand.... sucked He would play a song for 30 seconds, then jump to a new song. I'm not exaggerating either. It was literally 30 seconds per song. My friends and I were joking that he probably had his laptop open to iTunes and was playing the free previews from the iTunes store. Every once in a while he would "scratch" the song, but not in a good way. He would arbitrarily scratch a song in a random place just for the sake of doing it. I'm a pretty terrible dancer as it is... but having to switch gears every 30 seconds to dance to a new beat was too much. By about 2 hours I couldn't take it any more and I went down to his booth. I asked him (politely I might add) if he could play a song if not to completion, then for at least more than 30 seconds... he gives me the "no-go" sign (waving his hand under his chin, across his neck) and goes back to "DJing". So I respond... "well its really hard to dance to this music..." He turns to me... and I quote "I'm not a f'ing jukebox bro..." I've been to enough bars/clubs that you need to make the transitions between the songs smooth, and maybe not DJ like an A.D.D. kid with an ipod. Its really too bad because the bar had some great potential. There was even $2 beer and well-drink specials... definitely the potential for a memorable night, even the bouncers/bar tenders weren't tools like at most places I purposefully included the date, because I'm sure (at least I hope) they change up the DJ every once in a while and maybe this night was just a fluke more

Really is The Greatest Bar 5/6/2008

Best place in Boston. Every time I've been to this place I've always had a good time. The drinks are cheap and the service is fast and everyone who works their is really nice. The food's actually really good too. The owner's even interact with the customer's and that's something that doesn't happen in most bars or clubs. Crowds always pretty good looking, a lot of college kids that like to have a good time and theirs usually something going on every night. I wouldn't go any where else in Boston, this place has it all. Pros: Fun good looking crowd, cheap drinks, great service more

love the lay out, hate the bartenders. 3/7/2008

the bud select is good for the $3. BUT seriously the bartenders are very, very amature and really rude. I tip $3 per 3 (beer) drink round and im never known next time around.. i ordered 2 shots of quervo teq. and their bottle was MT. so he says want patron? i said ok sure but pour it at the price of the quarvo i ordered(reasonable i thought). he said no. little does he know if he did that i would've tipped him huge. instead i waited for the bar-back to bring the original request. it was about 5 min. which is about an hr in "at bar time" with $ in hand. latest venture was friday, 3-7-08 nothing crazy' average croud. i have HS friends that are current bouncer staff there. they agree with me that the bartenders on the 1st floor su*k others are fine (.oh and btw no cores light or miller lite..) i'll still go but the cons are tenders su*k and need to learn how to treat the customer. drinks are pricy, PRO'S are girls are hot, system is crisp with good bump good music. more

Everybody Has to check out this place! 3 for 3! 2/22/2008

I have been to many bars in the city but I have to say this place has figured it out! I have gone there three times and each time It was for a different event. The first was to watch a Red Sox game, second was for a holiday party, and the third was last Saturday Night! Starting with the watching a sox game. I went there because I heard about the huge HD TV. I couldn't get tickets for the game so I went there and the atmosphere was great. Food was a 10! You have to try the Pizza and the steak tips! Waitress I had was very nice and friendly(good looking too). She also explained why it is the Greatest Bar. The reason suprised why it was called that because it is the celebration of the greatest things in Boston(sports,music,entertainment, and politcis). Wow! That is cool were my words! Second time was as a holiday party and the decorations were great and the staff made you feel like you were part of the family. Again, The food was great!!! Last Saturday Night! I read articles here from somebody that made this place sound scary at night. My opinion changed real quick! While I was waiting in line I nice guy I think it was the owner came out to be nice and let everybody know that they were at capacity and they would try to get us in as soon as they could. The door guys were very respectful which made me wonder about ta couple of the postings either competition or someone that was thrown out causing problemsor drunk). The DJ was great and the crowd was very upbeat and fun, Then I went up to the fourth floor and the crowd was very good looking and a little more professional looking. The floor looked like an abe & Louis without the linen. It was a great night and seemed to be run very well for a nightclub/bar. I will be back real soon! Please look for upcoming massages from me at other places!!! I have decided to party a lot more!!! Pros: Food, prices, atmoshpere, DJ, good looking crowd Cons: parking hard on game nights more

Good times at the Greatest Bar 9/9/2007

I checked out the Greatest Bar this past Friday night and it was awesome. Great crowd, great music, and great service. Ive heard that it was a good time on Saturday nights as well. Ive been before Garden events and Id say its definitely the place to be! Its like 4 bars in one, guaranteed good times. I would highly recommend checking it out. Pros: very accomodating, sickest HD TV in Boston, professional athlete sightings more

the greatest bar 9/1/2007

THis place is horrendous. The security guards/bouncers, whatever you call them are rude, ignorant, incompitent people who clearly have power issues. Food here is awful, straight out of the freezer and then to the mocrowave. Drinks are overpriced, don't bother with this place. And I would also like to add that some of the negative reviews have been removed from this site. HMMMMM............. interesting. Pros: location Cons: bad food, rude staff, overpriced drinks more

the greatest bar 7/30/2007

I didn't even want to give it one star. WORST security staff I've ever seen. Seen several fights happen here that were not handled properly..DON't BOTHER with this place. These people have no class! Pros: none Cons: rude, unproffesional staff, overpriced more

Horrible Service 12/10/2006

This place may have the worst bartenders out of any bar in Boston. They can't make a drink and treat people poorly. Don't waste your time. more
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  • Named "Boston's Best Sports Bar" by Sporting News Magazine, The Greatest Bar is located directly across the street from the TD Garden, home of the Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins & Boston Blazers. We are also home to Boston's largest 14' HDTV. The Greatest Bar is home to some of Boston's Best DJ's and live music entertainment. With four levels of entertainment and three bars to choose from, we provide something for everyone. We are one of Boston's most entertaining nightlife destinations! We also service private events ranging from 20 to 500 people. At The Greatest Bar, we are committed to being the best hosts for our customers private events needs. Whether you're looking to throw a corporate function, birthday party, Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party, or a fundraiser, we will meet and exceed all your expectations to appropriately accommodate your party!

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