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Greater Buffalo Veterinary Svc

4949 Main St
Amherst, NY 14226
(716) 839-4043
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It must come down to the particular vet on duty. Ours was Rita Gritzmacher. She was honest but sensitive at a difficult time for us. There was no attempt to push any costly tests ...


I wish Zero stars was an option! I brought my cat Sammy here because he was crying out in pain when I would pick him up. This was on a Monday. After bloodwork and $323.00 I was to...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/25/2013

Let me begin by saying my beautiful 1 year old Malshi puppy is dead after being treated at this ""Clinic""!!! It has taken me months (since last Sept.) to be able to sit down and write this review. Because of the horrible care and lack of compassion that my puppy received I would never bring any pet of mine there again nor would I recommend this place to anyone I know! Their main concern is to get your money and get your pet out of there. My puppy had surgery there for a stone in his bladder which we were led to believe was not life threatening. By all their reports he was doing fine however the day we were to pick him up they recommended leaving him overnight for IV pain medication knowing we could not pick him up until the following afternoon. When we picked him up the only person that talked to us was an office manager who seemed to have no medical knowledge and could not answer any questions except to give us another huge bill. It is ludicrous to operate on an animal and not have the decency to release him without a trained veterinary person to discuss his condition or tell you what to expect. If a trained veterinary person met with us to discuss our puppy's condition or told us what to watch for we would have brought him to our regular vet to be checked out after bringing him home. Our puppy could barely walk when we picked him up. We brought him home and he seemed to deteriorate rapidly through the evening until we were forced to call them and we were told to bring him back in (a 45 minute drive away). We were horrified to hear that he was having Gran Mal seizures (he never had a seizure before ever) and they wanted to keep him overnight to try to stop the seizures. First thing the next morning we went back to find out that our beautiful little puppy was essentially brain-dead and that we had to put him to sleep. I truly hope anyone who loves their pet thinks twice before considering bringing them to this ""facility""!! more

If you love your pet don't risk their life here! 4/14/2012

I wish Zero stars was an option! I brought my cat Sammy here because he was crying out in pain when I would pick him up. This was on a Monday. After bloodwork and $323.00 I was told that he most likely had a bladder infection and was sent home with antibiotics. Although the Dr. Even admitted at the time that the pain the animal was experiencing was much more than she would expect with the slightly elevated white blood cell count ( Basically she was doubting her own diagnosis!) By Thursday it was apparent that Sammy was not improving, in fact I had to bring him back as I noticed a terrible red/purple rash on his lower abdomen and he was having trouble walking. At this time the Dr. gave my cat subcutaneous fluids and a shot of an anti inflammatory. I was to Watch him overnight and if hendid not improve that I should see my own vet in the AM. Wel let me tell you he was much worse the next day and when my own vet saw him he was in very bad shape! He was being treated for a bladder infection when in fact he had traumatic injury to his right hind leg and subsequently had developed vasculitis that was cutting off his blood supply to that leg. My question is how does a veterinarian miss this?? These are 2 totally different situations? By the way my second visit there cost me 4 hrs and $458.00, bringing my total for this totally incorrect treatment to almost $800 dollars. more

Rip Off and Poor Service - Suffering for Nothing 9/6/2011

I wish there was a rating lower than 1 star. One year old chihuhua (7 lbs) at 2 motrin (total 400 mg). Called them. They said give 1 tesp. peroxide to induce vomiting. Did that, she did not vomit. So they said bring her in, that they needed to get the ibuprophen out of her. We took her in. They induced vomiting. They gave her stomach medication. They gave her fluids. They billed me an ubelievable $400. Then, after that, the assistant told me that the dog was never in danger, I should not worry, she would have had to eat 1000 mg. to have a reaction or damage! What they did essentially was upset my dog, put her through vomiting, treated her unnecessarily and billed me outrageously- I could have stayed home and gave her something to eat to buffer her stomach. They should be closed down doing this to people. The receptionist was as dumb as a box of hair, the staff seemed beaten and ripping people off for unneccessary pet care is sick. There is a special place in hell for them. more

Horrible service! 8/24/2011

Last july our 8 year old cat Jam suddenly collapsed and we were forced to take him for emergency care. When we brought him in, he was panting, but he was consious, and aware of what was going on around him. The receptionist took him from us and took him in back. We sat for about 45 min..finally the vet comes out and says he's critical, and not doing well at all. At this point instead of letting me see him, she says he needs to have blood work done and it'll cost $200...fine, do it, this is my baby. After another 45 agonizing minutes, they finally call us back. The vet tech is explaining his blood work. According to them, his heart, liver and kidneys were all failing. As I'm hysterical by now, i asked if he was suffering and she said yes. At this point, the vet rushes in and very coldly says 'Yeah he's not doing you wanna see him?"" She says he was in an oxygen tent, my question is why would you take him out to blood work. She's grilling me about his health and I said up to an hour ago he was fine. He was playing, at dinner...than suddenly collapsed. We thought he had a seizure. I was basically forced to put my cat down, and they rushed me out after. I couldn't even say a proper goodbye. As we're leaving there's the receptionist ""that'll be 567.00"" with a smile on her face. On top of that it took over 3 weeks to get his ashes back. I will never take my cats there again, and I do not recommend them to anybody. They were cold and uncaring, all about the money. more

A good experience on a sad occasion 5/7/2011

It must come down to the particular vet on duty. Ours was Rita Gritzmacher. She was honest but sensitive at a difficult time for us. There was no attempt to push any costly tests or other procedures. She explained that our dog had lived a long life and given his symptoms, was most likely dying from heart failure. Our dog was in pain, so the decision to put him down was not hard to make, though of course we were sad and emotional. Dr. Gritzmacher explained everything carefully, and gave us several choices of how to proceed. She offered us the opportunity of being there at the end, but we chose not to. One thing Dr. Gritzmacher said seemed particularly sensitive: ""We'll be there for you."" She wanted us to know that she would act on our behalf. I liked the way she seemed sympathetic but professional. We had some added questions, and Dr. Gritzmacher patiently answered them. I should also mention that the receptionist was very nice, and also sympathetic. It's never cheap to get emergency vet service, but the price was not extraordinary. Based on this limited experience, I would recommend this place. more

DO NOT GO HERE 9/6/2009

I took my cat here because she developed loose stool in a short period of time and was dehydrated. The doctor I saw was Dr. Spence. Not only did he blame me for what was happening to my cat, he gave me false information and told me my cat would likely not survive. This is a 4 year old cat up to date on all of her shots. I explained to him the issue at hand, and as soon as he heard I had adopted a kitten from the SPCA a month prior he said my cat had distemper even though all the tests came back negative and her last distemper vaccine was 14 months ago. He said that meant she was 2 months overdue so it was my fault for not getting her a booster shot. The next morning I spoke to my vet who said distemper shots are good for 3 years and there is absolutely no chance my cat could have distemper. Spence had me thinking all of my cats were going to get it and die. Furthermore my vet said if there was even a chance she had that, which there wasn't, she would NOT die from it because she was being treated and she was a healthy adult previously vaccinated cat. He seemed to want it to be that. I transferred my cat to the OP Emergency Clinic because of his rude and cocky attitude and there they treated me and my cat with kindness and respect and she got better a few days later. Do not go here. The vets do not even know basic information. Cons: the place is a con more

Deplorable--Don't Go Here 5/11/2009

David Spence I believe was the name of the vet I worked with. I thought all vets were the same and incredibly nice and I'm hoping this review finds other people who feel the same to let them know it is not true. I took my pet in for emergency care on an evening, and the inappropriate, incorrect, and unprofessional assumptions the vet made about me were just deplorable. I am pursuing my Doctorate degree and had people coming over for an end-of-semester get-together, and I looked at the person who came with me and said I didn't know what to do since people were coming to the house and no one was there. I had already been at the vets for 1 hr. The vet felt the need to ""lecture"" me about the importance of my sick pet, and proceeded to tell me that my social life should take a back seat to her. I was already paying $91 for him to look at her--my pet was already my priority however I did not have the phone number to my friends to call them and let them know the situation. I just didn't know what to do because I needed to be there for my pet. Little did he know that I don't have a social life due to the nature of my program and this was the first time since 10 months ago that I was getting together with them. He further did not know that I took in a mom cat and her 5 babies over the summer, got the babies spayed and neutered on my own finances (that I don't have seeing as though I am a college student) and found them good homes since all of the no-kill shelters were over booked for the summer. Pets are always a priority to me but based on his assumptions from my appearance and age he made these inaccurate assumptions about me. He then proceeds to ask what the relationship was between me and the concerned person that came with me. He was wondering if we were dating, living together, brother and sister, in an attempt to ""assess the situation."" That was NONE of his business. I was so appauld that I took my cat to another vet the next day. I had to put my cat to sleep, no thanks to him, and I did NOT appreciate anything this doctor did for me. I would suggest if you have a pet that appears to be sick but you are unsure and you are utterly concerned, take them to the Orchard Park Vet on Orchard Park Road rather than this place. I will never go back here. Handling the loss of my pet was hard enough--the undue stress this vet added to the situation was completely uncalled for and simply deplorable. more

Concerned more about money than my beloved dog 7/30/2008

I brought my Rott, Alex, in the middle of the night to this vet only because this was the first emergency vet I could find and Alex appeared to be in pain. The dr. on duty was not only cold and unfeeling, but after everything she said to me she added, ""okay?"", which quickly became annoying while I was learning that my dog would most likely have to be put to sleep. She explained that he had bloat, which was something I had never heard of before. After telling me what was the matter with Alex, she jumped right into the finances and told me not only did I have to pay immediately, but they would take the time to go through the process of finding out if the money was in the bank , which it was, prior to Alex being taken care of. She confirmed that not only was he in pain, he was in excruciating pain, yet she just kept going on and on about the money she needed while Alex lay in the back. She told me he was already in shock, his main organs and circulation were already shutting down, yet the subject of money, money, money, never ended nor did her constant ""okay?"" after each sentence. Not knowing what to do, I made a phone call to my sister to ask what I should do (I was hysterical and going into shock myself) and was told it would be best to put Alex to sleep after I told her that that dr. said even after an operation it would probably keep happening to him. It has been a little over a month now and my heart is still broken, the pain of losing him is constant, and I feel that I made the wrong decision, but I cannot reverse that now, he is gone. I would think that a vet dr. would have a little more compassion and try to work with pet owners financially instead of money being the primary concern when a beloved member of a family has their very life at risk. I do not recommend going here if you truly love your pet. more

Emergency Ripoff!! 5/5/2008

I took my cat to this emergency clinic for what I suspected was a urinary tract infection. Since I had other male cats, he had all the symptoms. I suggested this to the vet tech and the vet. They wouldn't give him an antibiotic, just a fluid and a pain killer. I was told to take him to my own vet in the morning. They did not treat the problem at hand, and he cried all night long. I was charged alot of money for this service. I had to take him to my own vet the next morning(and take off from work). She gave him the antibiotic that he did indeed need, and within 24 hrs., he was back to his normal self. It cost me 2 vet bills and time. If they treated the symptoms, he would have been better and it wouldn't have cost me double the amount. They ignored my pleas for justice, since I felt the bill wasn't fair and didn't treat the problem at hand. Pros: Available immediately Cons: Did not treat the problem, and was very expensive! more

Incredible emergency services and customer service! 12/27/2006

If your pet needs the very best care and you need an understanding, compassionate staff to help you during your pets time of need, this is the veterinary clinic for you! I found Christine to be professional, more
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