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Grand Asia Market - 10 Reviews - 1253 Buck Jones Rd, Raleigh, NC - Furniture Reviews - Phone (919) 468-2988

Grand Asia Market

1253 Buck Jones Rd
Raleigh, NC 27606
(919) 468-2988
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Grand Asia Market - Raleigh, NC
Grand Asia Market - Raleigh, NC
Grand Asia Market - Raleigh, NC
Grand Asia Market - Raleigh, NC


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I'm rating the grocery store and bakery with a 5 but avoid the nasty restaurant. You'll find most of the traditional grocery vegetables plus dozens of others used in Asian cookin...


I was shopping there last Friday and wanted an extra plastic bag to double bag my food. As I was reaching to get one extra bag, the store manager (a fat lady, wearing glasses and ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/8/2013

It's amazing the amount of petty complaints from people. But thanks to those that posted some real good information about what is sold and pricing. And no, Rema1, we are not all a bunch of redneck idiots. You, on the other hand, are a snob. more

I'm rating the grocery store and bakery 5/26/2012

I'm rating the grocery store and bakery with a 5 but avoid the nasty restaurant. You'll find most of the traditional grocery vegetables plus dozens of others used in Asian cooking, and the quality is better and the prices are much lower. Fish market is super fresh, including some live options, and the prices are great. The meat market is also a good deal with a good selection plus some unusual items, too, and unique Asian cutting styles. Asian sauces, like soy and anything you can image, cost a fraction of the regular stores. The bakery? Oh man! Everything from sweets to the entree steamed buns and they're all excellent. But I remind you, the restaurant Joy Luck Club inside of Grand Asia seems tempting but should be avoided. more

Wonderful 7/22/2011

I agree with the other reviewer that if you don't like this place it's because you're not really looking for anything different. And personally this market probably has so many negative southern hicks in the store daily that it's not worth caring about them or making a big fuss. I went here a few times and there's a TON of different and wonderful products - all well stocked and while the store smells strongly of seafood that's not a drawback. I'm going again in a few days this time in particular for some of their bubble tea and bbq pork buns that I've had before. I haven't tried much else of their food but I can tell it's all pretty delicious from the smells around the bakery and restaurant. Basically be respectful and you'll get some respect in return. It's not like any super market is without faults and the complaints on here are very minor at best so don't let it discourage you at all. This place is nice so get over yourselves. more

Great for something different 3/15/2009

I spent some time in Hong Kong; and being in this store on a weekend brings me right back - it's a full immersion experience. Yeah, it's hard to find folks who speak english - that's part of the adventure my friend. Yes, it has a distinct smell - part of the package! It's the kind of place you can walk down an isle and not recognize a single item. Some of the English translations are hilarious - saw one package of frozen something that proclaimed ""Vegetarian Swallow B4lls!"" Love it! I got the best sushi rice ever, some real brewed soy sauce, ponzu sauce and tons of fresh produce. Will absolutely go back. Pros: Exciting options Cons: No clue what some of them are more

Rude and Stingy Lady Manager 2/15/2009

I was shopping there last Friday and wanted an extra plastic bag to double bag my food. As I was reaching to get one extra bag, the store manager (a fat lady, wearing glasses and speaks with authority) grabbed my hand, took away the plastic bag from me and yelled ""what are you doing?"". I was shocked and honestly was frightened by her attitude and demanding voice. I told her very politely that I wanted to double bag my food and what she said next was absolutely ridiculous ""NO, YOU CAN'T"" Pros: Good Variety of Asian food Cons: Customer Service needs improvement more

brave to open store in southern city 1/11/2009

I commend it for serving the ethnic population there and for those who are open-minded, eclectic, progressive or are interested in sampling other cultures. Actually, it's definitely not the best or the most interesting but carolinians are boring, mostly stuck in their ways people and that's why this is the most ""exciting"" ethnic store around. LOL There are some amazing ethic grocers that put whole foods and the highest tech shopping centers to shame. It is a ""shame"" because of southern or narrow-minded mentalities a store such as this is the most interesting thing around for ethnic minorities in the area! You know after reading the reviews which were mostly negative, I decided to check it out. Well, it's one of the best asian grocers around the area. it's well stocked and clean with a nice variety of choices. It's nothing like markets in la, ny or houston but for a still mentally backward and bigoted state as nc is, it's a progression. I have always been disappointed and dissatisfied living in north carolina because there is an underlying prejudice that is still a very southern mentality even for those who have migrated to the city. it's tiring and aggravating. just by these reviews i realize why i disliked nc so much. arrogant locals who think their city is more than what it is and they themselves as well. it's a laugh! that is why international markets like h-mart do not open up there. the state and it's locals are not ready for it. Comparing the electic, progressive viewpoints of even chicagoans when i reviewed the h-mart in niles, illinois reviews versus this one brought it all back home to me. god, I have to move back there because my company is sending me back to north carolina again for a year but it's the most depressing, boring, unvibrant, unimaginative, conservative, psuedo-sophisticated metropolitan city in the fact it's really not progressive at all but at it's foundation still has a southern stick up it's @ss! oh I want to spank them. more

Great store with lots of variety! 3/26/2008

This is a great store to get a variety of asian / foreign foods. As for those who had a negative experience, unfortunately this store was not built under the normal grocery store cookie cutter ways. \r \r If you are not happy b/c they do not do cash back, speak english, etc - don't be surprise. I'm glad they operate how they are, the store reminds me of a more old fashion asian grocery store. \r \r Even with all the inconveniences that people have complained below, I know tons of people would drive all the way out here just to go grocery shopping. Why? B/c they provide what we need - the foreign food products. We don't go there for the great customer service. We just know what we want. Unfortunately the store is really made for us, and not quite visitors who are curious or not sure what they are looking for. \r \r If you need something specific, maybe you should bring an english speaking chinese person with you to translate. For those that have never stepped in the store, if you are looking for a regular grocery store that sells hard to find spices/food, this is not your store. This is an asian/chinese grocery store that displays a lot of our cultural ways. So don't get all up in a tizzy when you can't find your way around it or if things operate differently. You're in a local ASIAN grocery store, not Harris Teeter. Pros: Great variety of choices, good prices, easy parking. Cons: too far and there's only one store around town. more

Ripoff!!! 3/26/2008

As a recent transplant from the San Francisco area, I can?t tell you how happy I was to see this store. However, during my first visit my happiness turned to frustration and anger. \r \r I went to your store today with the thought of having lunch and a quick look around. Noticing that the cafe only takes cash, I decided to see if I might buy something ? thinking I could get cash back from the debit-card purchase, then grab a bite. After settling on a sake set for four, I got in line to pay for the item. \r \r Imagine my frustration when I was told, ?sorry, no cash back?. \r \r Not only am I out the 18 bucks I used to pay for the sake set, I couldn?t even have lunch ? which was the reason I was there in the first place. \r \r If they had simply posted a sign to the effect ?no cash back?, at least I would have known up front that my plan to buy an item, then have lunch? would not work. \r \r If they had posted such a sign, I?d have no reason to write to you as I am doing. \r \r Well, at least they sold the sake set. \r \r Even the flea market takes plastic. \r \r Making matters much much worse is the phone-baloney ""your opinions"" link / page they have on the web site. When I saw that page, I thought they might care a bit about customer service, so I related the above story... then clicked ""enter"". \r \r Guess what?! That page is BOGUS and returns an error message. Having tried again and again to get the page to execute, I am convinced they don't actually want customer feedback and don't care about customer service. Typical...\r \r Whereas before they would have had a long-standing and oft-visited customer in me and my family, now they have a single visited customer who feels ripped off for having bought anything, and will never visit that store again. \r \r I recommend everyone likewise avoid this place like the plague. more

Cruelest place in the triangle 3/2/2008

They have live soft shelled turtles in red mesh bags, like onion bags. There should be a boycott on this place until they stop this cruelty. Also turtles are loaded with bacteria, so I wouldn't feel safe eating anything that came from this place. What an embarassment to Cary's Asian community. Pros: lot of variety Cons: dirty, live animals kept in terrible condition more

An overwhelmingly amazing place! 11/1/2007

This place is AMAZING, a real treasure of the triangle. Aside from an astonishing produce, grocery, and frozen food selection from all over Asia, their meat and seafood departments are the best I've yet seen in the area. Extremely fresh, and very inexpensive. For fish (much of it live), shrimp, lobster, and all manners of other seafood, the freshness and low price cannot be beat. Even if you have no interest in Asian food, this is the place to go for all beef, pork and seafood needs.\r \r And then there is the hot buffet and dim sum. And the tasty dessert case. And may I recommend the taro smoothie. (Although personally I prefer it without the ""pearls"", which are actually little tapioca globs at the bottom.)\r \r And if you ARE into Asian food, they seem to cover the whole continent. They are not just focused on Chinese or Korean or oriental products.\r \r True, there is very little English spoken there. But just going there is quite an experience. And the prices and quality are astounding.\r \r HIGHLY recommended!! Pros: Great prices, overwhelming selection, fresh meat and seafood Cons: Difficult to communicate more

Anyone speak English? 4/20/2007

I called and no one there could talk to me because they didn't speak English! I wanted to ask if they carried a specific meat product. I transfered the the meat department, and the man on the other end of the phone hung up on me because he didn't understamd me because he didn't speak English. more
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