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Grand Concourse - 25 Reviews - 100 W Station Square Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1183, Pittsburgh, PA - Seafood Restaurants Reviews - Phone (412) 261-1717

Grand Concourse

100 W Station Square Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1183
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 261-1717
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Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse - Pittsburgh, PA


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By far the best Sunday brunch - from the prime rib, shrimp cocktail or fresh made omlet to the apple dumplings, bananas foster, pecan rolls, or fresh donuts - I can't begin to tel...


Brunch ok but nothing special that you could not get anywhere else for a quarter of the price! shrimp was like rubber numerous times could not find a plate at the buffet.also you ...

wow...really disappointed 3/27/2011

Have never done a review before...had been to Grand Concourse many times, many years ago and stopped going...brunches were ehh and food would be cold by the time you made it back to the table. Private parties were in a nice setting, but painfully slow service prevailed. We were looking to take out-or-town guests for dinner and an incline ride, so we decided to try it again. It should have been an indication to make a hasty exit as they were not at all crowded on a Saturday evening fordinner. Appetizers arrived pretty quickly. Ha, our table was so slanted that the soup bowls (full of lukewarm soup) slid towards three of the guests. The waiter indicated that people always complained about a couple of those type tables...""they're really old"". Lots of other tables were available. Also, they were out of the brussetta appetizer..hmmm? They were also out of the ""jumbo"" shrimp, but the waiter didn't mention that. Instead, he served our shrimp cocktails which had shrimp that were so small that the cook must have added an extra one to compensate (the shrimp was tasty, though). Meals, however, took over an hour...we watched as the tables around us were served. The waiter brought the child's meal out last, after everyone else's. Burger was hot, but the ribeye steak was lukewarm and mashed potatoes side dish were actually cool...sent it back to be reheated. Lots of apologies and manager stopped by to offer desserts (prior to our getting the steak back) By the time the steak arrived back to the table, others were finished (notably, our guests did not eat more than a few bites of their meals) The steak had not been was warm this time; however, there was so much gristle that it was not eaten. Manager stopped by again saying that she had a rough day, and she guessed that we would not be interested in coffee. Full plates (including the special fish) were cleared without comment. We sent one of our party ahead to get the car As we were leaving, the manager asked if the server took anything off of our bill (which arrived handwritten and miscalculated with no adjustment) . It was 10 minutes more to wait by the time we made it to the valet. If the manager whad wanted to make an adjustment, she should have taken care of it, although, to be truthful, it wouldn't have made the meal or the experience any better other than to acknowledge with more than words that they had done such a poor job. We had asked the server for his recommendations when we ordered....if that was the best that they had, they can keep it. To be fair, our adult son enjoyed his meal and got a good laugh about soup almost in his lap. There are just too many other restaurants in Pgh to ever walk in here again...even for a drink (a quarter of a glass full of wine ?). Don't waste your time or money. They obviously have a lot of issues to overcome....still an amazingly beautiful site....should improve quality of everything to do it justice. more

okay sunday brunch nothing great 5/11/2010

Brunch ok but nothing special that you could not get anywhere else for a quarter of the price! shrimp was like rubber numerous times could not find a plate at the buffet.also you have to peel your own shrimp not a big deal but this is suppose to be 4 stars. lettuce tuff and mushrooms look like stem s and piece out of a can! Pros: Great building oyster spiced right Cons: not a 4 star!!! food okay shrimp like rubber more

Best Sunday Brunch!!! 12/1/2009

By far the best Sunday brunch - from the prime rib, shrimp cocktail or fresh made omlet to the apple dumplings, bananas foster, pecan rolls, or fresh donuts - I can't begin to tell you what the best part of this buffet is.....even the most finnicky eater is sure to find a favorite. The only thing that may make it better would be over easy eggs or eggs benedict (they only have scrambled or omlets) but as full as I am when I leave, I know I really didn't miss it! Even the kiddie table with french toast sticks, chicken finger & Swedish Fish is sure to please! The price is very reasonable for all you get & the service has always been excellent. It has become a Steeler Sunday Tradition with us ~ a pre-game MUST! Pros: melt in your mouth Prime Rib Cons: no made to order eggs more

Grand concourse 11/17/2009

i might go there with a girl named demi but i really don't know how good there food is because i had never ate there before and i will go there adventually more

The most elegant restauarant in the City 9/2/2009

I love this restaurant. We recently had our rehearsal dinner here, and it was fabulous!!! Order the seafood....anything....and you won't be disappointed. My only complaint is that the drink prices were a little high....but who should be drinking much the night before their wedding anyway? Ha Ha .... We loved the restaurant, and recommend it highly for a nice romantic atmoshphere. Loved the piano music too :) Pros: Great Atmoshphere Great Food more

LOVE The Brunch 7/18/2009

On a very recent Sunday, I visited the Grand Concourse with a large group for the Brunch. I'd been there in... more

LOVE The Brunch 7/18/2009

Kim Provided by Partner
On a very recent Sunday, I visited the Grand Concourse with a large group for the Brunch. I'd been there in the past, but only in celebration of a... more

HIGHLY Recommended!!!! 8/24/2008

Bar None - my experience at the Grand Concourse last night was beyond imagination!!! I learned about the Grand Concourse during an expose featured on The Food Network. Immediately, I made plans to treat my in-laws and wife for a joing Anniversary/Birthday celebration. The fanfare, pomp and circumstance - were deserved. Each of the six in our party walked away in amazement - convinced we had just had the best dining experience of our lives!!! Yes, the food is pricey - but the experience is well worth the costs. We were warmly greeted; seated immediately in a view overlooking the Allegheny River; and treated to impecabble service. The appetizers (Brie and Shrimp Cocktail) were amazing. The main course (King Crab legs) were extraordinary and hearty. Even my Dad - who preferred a steak over fresh fish - was thoroughly impressed!! The finale' - an impeccable dessert of banana creme brulee' and coffee. The meal, the ambience, the service - all worthy of the extraordinary price!!! We are sure to return for the famed brunch in the future. Pros: Service; ambience; views; and incredibly fresh fish!! Cons: PRICE!!! more

To TerryGy 5/1/2008

Have not eaten there in a while, but when I did the brunch was great. To TerryGy, wait staff at any restaurant get paid 2.83 an hour before tips( and taxes). Maybe the restaurant should double there price for brunch and pay their servers 8 dollars and hour. Just a thought and I am not trying to be mean but someone has to compensate a server It either has to be added into the price of the entree or buffet or it has to come from tips. Who do you think sets up a buffut cleans up afterward etc... etc... I am by the way not a former employee or server. more

easter brunch fantastic 3/27/2008

Had an unbelievable great easter buffet. Server explained in detail where all the delicious food was located and recommended the bananas foster station as well as the donuts (which where made fresh in a donut machine!) Loved it and would recommend it! Had heard great things about the sunday Brunch and was blown away by prompt seating, food and service. Went ahead and booked for Mom's day. Love this place, there is nothing like it. more

Great Menu for Lunch 3/27/2008

Went to the Gandy Dancer on Saturday with my wife. Lunch was great, server was attentive but no way intrusive. Take you family there. Surprisingly affordable. more

an Easter brunch disappointment 3/25/2008

First let me say that the hot food at the Easter Sunday brunch was delicious. However, the carved prime rib was fatty, and unless you like your meat extremely rare it was a little too undone for my tastes. The cold salad was very good. The advertised ""pasta bar"" seemed to be non-existent since none of the servers seemed to be able to find it. The desserts were pedestrian at best. For the atmosphere and price of the buffet something more than pre-packaged cookies would have been appreciated. more

who trained the staff??? 3/24/2008

Let me say that I hope to forewarn any prospective customer NOT to dine at this restaurant if you are seeking semi-quality food at a semi-fair price. If anything could have topped off the hidden extra 3% gratuity (listed as a buffet charge), in ADDITION to the already added 17%, it was the managers attitude. I had to request twice to speak to a manager to question why these charges were placed on my bill. I finally had a gentleman (and yes I am trying to be kind here) approach our table. After I explained to him that it is unfortunate that a restaurant chooses to set out to deceive their patrons by adding an EXTRA 3% onto the bill while listing it as a buffet charge. I also explained to him that I found it almost ""unfair"" to charge a customer 17% gratuity (oh yes, plus the 3%), when the service was less than acceptable. Considering that this is a buffet, our server was strictly there to provide our beverages (as she summoned the busboy to clear our dishes while she walked away from our table without picking up a plate). Our waitress forgot one round of drinks (only 2 were ordered) and the other round was brought 15 minutes after they were ordered. I asked what happened to our beverages and she simply said...""Oops, I forgot"". This validated the 20% tip that was put on my bill? I refused to pay the gratuity and documented my charge slip accordingly. After no satisfaction from the manager that approached our table (he never did give us his name), he told our party of 8, that we were the only patrons that complained that day out of a ""full house"". Sadly enough that this persons lack of professionalism was demonstrated at our expense, he then went on to laugh with our server as he told her how he treated us and said ""They won't be back"" . 4 other patrons approached us outside and told us they overheard our conversation with him and his ignorance towards us. They said they would never consider going back to this establishment and would recommend for others to do the same. Pros: You can walk across the street to the Sheraton instead... Cons: Bring the in-laws for a sure fire way for them not to visit you again more

your experience will be great! 3/2/2008

Known for its expansive raw bar, this stylish seafood spot is consistently packed with couples who look grateful that the babysitter didn't cancel. The drinks are generous, the prices are passable, and the fish is impeccably fresh. While the food is not a great quality, it is still good quality, decent service, and a great view. Share an appetizer, entree, fish dish, etc; your experience will be great. However, the hosts are always not friendly, and some servers come across a bit arrogant or simply have no clue what was going on. The window side tables are the best because of the striking view and quieter ambience. Some complain that the portions are too small; however, I think they are used to large (and not proper) portions. Enjoy the Grand Concourse, we did. Pros: seafood, ambience Cons: service more

Excellent Brunch - and Dinner! 9/8/2007

I've been to the Grand Concourse a number of times with my family, and nearly without exception, the experience has been wonderful. Aside from the gorgeous building, The Grand Concourse features excellent food, especially during their Sunday Brunch. While crowded, the restaurant is still lovely, and somehow the noise doesn't seem that bad. Pros: The ambience, the food Cons: loud! more

Beautiful building, but that is all you will get. 7/24/2007

My husband and I spent one night in Pittsburgh and were blown away by the town. We walked from our hotel to the Grand Concourse. We did have reservations for dinner but still had to wait ten minutes for a table to open up. Our waiter immediately came to our table and he seemed very helpful. When we ordered our entrees the waiter asked whether we would like the house or caeser salad. My husband and I both assumed it came with our meals by the way he asked. When we got our bill, there were two $8 charges for the salads. We received our food in a decent amount of time considering how full the restaurant was. My cioppini was horendous. There were crab legs on the top, but I was never brought anything to open them with. Since our waiter did not return to inquire about our food, I was left trying to break them open with my fork. The mussels in my soup were so bad that after having one, I placed the rest on the bread plate and felt sick for the rest of the evening. 30 minutes after finishing our meal and spending a considerable time staring down the waiter, he finally came back to give us our bill. That was the last time we saw him. I attempted to get the attention of a manager in the area but he seemed as skilled as our waiter in ignoring people. I finally went to the hostess stand and asked for a manager, I complained about the service and the charges for the salad. He took the salad off and told me he had no idea what the problem was because our waiter was very good. I cannot remember having this horific of a dinner in quite some time. Please heed my warning and steer clear of this place. Pros: Beautiful Building Cons: The service, the food, the noise, the atmosphere, etc. more

Perfect for Sunday Brunch 11/21/2006

The Grand Concourse in perfect for Sunday brunch. Yes, it is a little expensive, but the selection, atmosphere, and food quality is worth it! I have never seen so many options on a buffet - from simple to exquisite. We highly recommend it!! Pros: Great food and numerous selections more

Nice atmosphere, but very chaotic! 10/15/2006

The hostess staff is incompetent three out of three times they managed to make a mistake on our reservations!!! It is quite embarrassing when you invite 10+ people to brunch/Thanksgiving Dinner and you are told that there is a problem with your table a 45 minute wait or your seating is at the top of the 3 or 4 flights of steps (and you have elderly people/kids with you they do have an elevator, but you need a key, that they wont give you). The bad thing is that you cant get a straight answer out of them you cant tell who is really in charge!?! The aggravation in the seating can ruin your brunch/dinner I think the Grande Concourse needs some competitors in town to help get their act together. The building is absolutely beautiful, food is good for a buffet (omelets are great). Make sure to go to the Gandy Dancer to get donuts they have a most interesting donut machine and the donuts are a real treat!!! It is very chaotic/crowded there so you need to take into consideration who is going with you (would be difficult for the elderly or somebody who is handicapped). The wait staff is good and attentive. But, I would suggest that if you have a large party, you somehow get to somebody in management to reassure you that there wont be a problem!!! I understand that things do happen but Im losing my patience. Pros: Great atmosphere! Cons: Long wait, with a reservation! more

Wonderful service and excellent seafood! 2/22/2006

I brought my girlfriend here for dinner for the first time on a recent Saturday evening. We were bowled over right from the outset by our very friendly and polite waiter. The seafood dishes were among the best I've ever eaten. All in all, this was one of our most pleasant dining experiences here in Pittsburgh. Tip: for a quiet, romantic evening, request to be seated at a window table in the River Room, which is right beside the train tracks and the river. Pros: Excellent service, Great seafood, Good parking more

Not condusive to romance 1/21/2006

Loud, overpriced and underserviced, the Grand Concourse certainly doesn't deserve to be called romantic. The rooms are too big and the noise level to high to be considerated intimate. Service was sluggish and haphazard. The food arrived at our table cold and management took issue with the fact we complained about it. It was a very bad choice for our anniversary dinner. Definitely won't make this mistake again. Pros: Pretty Cons: Slow, Overpriced, Overcrowded more
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  • The Scene
    The old P&LE Railroad station provides a stunning backdrop for this seafood house in the popular Station Square area of the South Side. The Grand Concourse's main dining room,...

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